Tuesday, 10 February 2015

lookathat... they know already.



Think the worst - then triple it.  And even then it doesn't even come close to just how fucking evil these bastards are - including Nazi Britain.  Took them about 2 minutes.. just what are they trying to 'prevent' exactly?  Anyone like sport & gambling?

hello peoples... and noo ziland... WHERE THE FUCK IS MY COMPENSATION?

... and what do they say ... it's just 'anti-establishment'... JOKES.

"SSSsshhhh it's a conspiracy"

more cunts...

evil pieces of shit.

looks like another 'conspiracy'


it's true - they don't give a shit.  Refer to "Fiona" and "Roastbusters"

They'll even call it a 'conspiracy' afterwards.  

And if you get abused or targeted by a peadophile - well you're obviously fucked in the head innit.

And if you don't get raped - just pretend you have because it's every womans fantasy - like Fiona's.

And if your next of kin gets murdered - apparently it's good for a laugh

And if there's a massacre - make a t shirt and sell it online.

And if you complain - it's just a 'conspiracy' and 'anti-establishment'

And if you ask for help - you will get told to fuck off, you're a dillusional paranoid schizophrenic that doesn't fit in to 'society norm' and gets worked up about the smallest things.

How ever is she going to break it to them - they're all just ... fucked in the head and full of shit.

And if you go to the police after you get physically and racially abused by a neighbour .. don't worry - the Hemel Hempstead police will delete the records.  

Just like the New Zealand police, the corrections department, the governor general, etc etc

It'd be just like - you never existed.

Helen Clark agrees.

she should stay grounded - like ... foreverrrr

... and another retarded piece of SCUM

Why is a statue so important all of a sudden?  Still - if it makes george cloonies mrs' ego explode - good for them

They could always chop down the Jesus in Brazil - just to make it fair.  And blow up stonehenge while they're at it.

it really is - enough to make someone want to throw up.

50 shades of sturgeon  LOLZ

and in case you're all missing it - again ... 



reminds me of a 50 cent song.. back to the basics break it all the way all the way daoowwnnn

slo mooooo even

you can do that all on your own you evil pieces of shit.

someone has done that already... this is what happened.

it's christchurch cathedral.. pile of rubble I think now

stat yooooo sis


... they call it a 'tiki tour'  or australians call it 'going bush'

"... yessss... but I have a lovely pair of coconuts"  says merkel

found any more snakes in the all blacks dressing room?

they're like silence of the lambs aren't they.

that's fair enough isn't it

they had a banging christmas by the looks of it

"It was so much fun" .. they say.  Plenty to celebrate.

I got asked how my christmas was actually - on Frankenstein.  Can't remember if it was before or after I got asked how often I masterbate.

then the 'theres a dead body there - show some emotion' .. that was some crime programme.  

"ssshhhhh it's a conspiracy"


show some fucking emotion.

evil pieces of shit.

it's like trade me - only people in New Zealand can register.

they need a brain dead 'think tank' to say what everyone knows already... duh.

how often does he masterbate?
how much is his house worth?
How much rent does he pay?

fascinating.  If you're a turnip.


hello peoples

hello more peoples

have you all been 'quarantined' as well?

hello peoples peoples

I find it hard to believe that you've all been 'quarantined'

hello more peoples

if yah really wanna know how they treat victims of serious crime - I'm that poor I have no shoes and I have manky feet

ahhhh help me help me my hairs stuck on the spaceship

hello peoples


it's just a tree


what a pathetic creature

nooooo johnny - you can't wear a dead bird on your head.

read it on sickipedia somewhere


I think it might be a whole lot easier for him to "fuck off back to his own country" ... "cuntree" as the aussies spell it

rofl... (PR stunt)

.. "have a crack" .. fucking evil bastards.

he could always "have a crack" ... or "shirtfont" him

definately looks like a piece of shit to me.

and more ... pieces of shit

more pieces of shit...

more cunts... and more cunts.. and more cunts

and more cunts

reminds me of this job I had once.  working for 'superfood'.. got the sack by text message.

propper funny innit.

that was after Shendish Manor - where they thought it would be funny to ask me - if I'd killed anyone.


according to Hemel Hempstead Job Centre - Shendish Manor is one of Hemel's best employers


evil pieces of fucking SHIT.

... has he been 'quarantined'?

.... I know ... funny innit

wonder what was in the box

maybe a toilet.

haha... hahaha

they don't have any.  Morals.  That is.

have they been 'quarantined' too?

tourist industry marketing going great too
they have "esquala madrid" .. or something in 'emel

full of hemmeroids.

.. and it's on a street called 'horselers' .. haha

nevermind.  it's funny isn't it.
I think the standard rule is - if they ignore them they might go away eventually, sssshhhh it's a conspiracy - the problem will solve itself.

when is she going to tell all the victims they're paranoid dillusional schizophrenics who are fucked in the head and full of shit.  Jesus - happened years ago - should just get over it already.  

fascinating already - what has her own marriage got do with anything?

"do you know anything?" "No, I don't know anything" 

"Do you know anything?"  "No, I don't know anything"

"I know I know but ssshhhh it's a conspiracy, neither confirm or deny, I totally don't recall"

Hello Hong Kong... do you know anything?

Probably not.

there's a facebook country page... reminds me of this a bit

the enemy has entered the room


annnnnddd that's not all.


must be april fools.  Again.  Rofl.
haha... hahahaha


Slimey muhhfarrkin CUNT = Ricky Gervais.

I still don't think it's real enough for them.



1fm trance - is a really good radio station

It has funny ads even

Lies.  It's just 'extreme PR'.  Say anything to get attention.

haven't watched the tele for months.

still are.  


there is no justice

It's a 'conspiracy' and you are 'spam', a 'security risk', 'anti-establishment', a paranoid dellusional schizophrenic, fucked in the head, full of shit, 'making up stories', etc etc etc

oh .. and 'difficult' which is obviously your fault for being 'fucked in the head'.

... rofl..

wow.. he sounds really protective

quite impressive

At least she knows who belongs to who

Is that classed as being 'difficult' .  Don't be difficult woman!!

A tourist company - licensed to thrill

John Key is the tourist minister of NZ .. maybe he can get some tips from them.

wonder if they'll have a 'grieving widow' theme - like they did in that movie Lone Survivor.

.. that would make the US Marines & Navy Seals the most evilist wanky nasty arseholes on the face of the earth.  by the way.   Along with the actors and directors.  "they only know if you tell them" - otherwise we'll get away with it just being a 'conspiracy'.. and 'anti-establishment'.



hello peoples

.. can I laugh now?  Or save it for later?

so.. this is fucked before it even begins:


I would comment - but.. I'm not allowed.  I've been "quarantined" and I don't exist.. apparently

but.. I wonder what a Bangladeshy Maritian DJ would sound like

it'd be great marketing & PR for Helen Clark - or send in Emma Watson on her broomstick.

nevermind.  Sounds like a good movie tho.  Tomb Raiders.

... yes but aren't Japan aethiests? so they'll just turn into 'grains of sand' anyway.

oooh look... it's that cocksucker hamish


they're all cunts.  they just can't help it.

that is so clever.   I need to buy that 'hacking for dummies' book.

almost sounds biblical

wellll... my brother and I - aren't Jewish.  And if he isn't relevant and I'm not relevant - neither are they.

hello peroooo


I can never work out what 'grave human rights abuses' ... actually is.  No one replies.

the butler did it.

hello you pieces of shit.


It's either the tourism industry ... or something a bit more... can't think of a word.





naawwww biddidums .. aren't they precious.  Simon Cowell would agree.  They're obviously being difficult and are fucked in the head - they don't talk a whole lot of sense neither.  It's all gibberish mumbo jumbo.

they don't mind.  If they get caught - just call it 'anti-establishment', call the victim a loony, a paranoid schizophrenic, a nut job.  

Any other victims they'd like to delete and take the piss out of?

Funny - they can't even find George Trounson .. what are the chances of finding Jihaddy John? - he's probably just a conspiracy as well.

Just like the holocaust.

It's more like a fucktard festival.

... haha

there's a fatwa on mars you know.

s'all good - cos I've been already.



chances are ... they won't survive


66.  6.  is he the anti christ or something?

haha... hahaha

well.. that would be a 'conspiracy theory'.  wouldn't it.

how is the whole copyright case going I wonder.

It's not like they're 'preventing ' anything - it's just there for 'entertainment' purposes.

just like roastbusters

the gang rape group

if you say gangrapegroup really fast 3 times - it could sound entertaining and almost like a respectable occupation.  Could even get a degree for that.

rofl.  sounds like gets worked up over the smallest of things.


did he see into the future or is it based on common sense?

which nobody has
there's nothing 'sensible' about 'sensible sentencing'.

... who ... and who?

might want to tell her yourself.  Personally.
 .. reminds me of that billy dove a bit .. mixed with a bit of game of thrones

...so what has NZ achieved?  apart from being fucking evil bastards.. and what has the UK achieved apart from being fucking evil bastards and what has hollywood/america achieved... by being fucking evil bastards.  Moreover - what has the UN achieved by being SCUM.  Fuck all I should think.

Murder is soooo funny innit.  It's so entertaining - it's better if you don't say anything - don't do anything.  just watch and enjoy the entertainment.

If you ignore them for long enough - they might just go away and the problem will solve itself.

or - if they do get arrested they'll get the best rehab in town... send them to NZ.. all the peados go to NZ .. like that guy that found a dead body in his swimming pool.

That's not before telling the widow of the headless man "I dunno what your gripe is".

they is all just ... headless chickens on old Macdonalds farm


and?  australians love serial killers.  Take Chopper Read for example.

that must mean it's good news then

freaky fact of the day...

"you know that jeremy kyle.. you look like him"
pwoppa jokes innit.

the day after I got the sack by text message.
can't even remember what the programme was called.

they had a cage in the pub tho.

and something about britney spears shaving her hair off

extremism.  rofl.


horse tranquilisers.  lolz.

reminds me of ant & dec.  and some woman that asked me if I'd been drinking... so funny.  As far as I know, I'm not sure whether Ketamine is injectable - I've never tried it.  Whether people refer to that as a 'crackhead' and a 'junkie' I'm not quite sure.  Or it's just probably being a little bit 'precious'.  That might need to talk to Frank.  Unfortunately, I think he's dead ... too.

so what did the police say this time?

"don't mind her.. that's just 'anti-establishment'?

... I think they're better off staying 'fucked in the head' 

pwoppa jokes innit.

massacres are good for marketing & PR

Victims ... are bad.

it's just all propaganda isn't it really

cameron ... has no lips.. haha... think he might have to grow a moustache

.. who? 

.. it's just a standard reaction ... to everything.

"Don't make them que in the snow to get paid £50 for les mis" ... "nahhh go fuck yourself"
"hwo 'bout raising awareness for mental health" ... "nahhh go fuck yourself"
"the justice system needs changing" ... "nahhhh go fuck yourself"
"well... my brother was murdered.. and other stuff"... ""nahhhh go fuck yourself"

get the drift..

therapy.  the best vibrator money can money.  diamond encrusted.

"I love serial killers, I'd really love to sit down and get inside their head.. oohhh - Ebolahh party... "
reaction might be...  "Go fuck yourself".  Get inside Ebola today.  rofl

I think its the other way round

"ssshhhh it's a conspiracy".

old man looks like he's interrupted acid ed's parade.

Come to England!  They don't give a fuck about anything!
(other than their ego's .. obviously.. )

the only thing you have to watch out for is - you help them but when you ask for help they will tell you to go fuck yourself - and when they ask you for help again (which they will because obviously they are better than you and expect you to say 'how high' when they tell you to jump - and you are merely just a piece of shit who is basically like a maid or a cleaner or an extra ... like a 'free' servant almost... some bottom of the pile occupation that you deserve and should be grateful for.. haven't figured out why) - if you say no - you will be a piece of scum that will be told to fuck off back to their own country.  Rectify this situation by having half a dozen kids ... to different dads .. or .. in laymans terms ... just breed ... they call it "spawning".

Send all the peados to NZ (they do anyway ... barrymore)


that can only be a good thing, I wonder if the doctor advised any of them to carry a bomb or a meat cleaver.

... so who is.. suzanne rectum living in otago?

pieces of shit.


mustabeen Karma.

kinda wondering what mars has got to do with ender benders.
Stopped watching it when I got stuck in the middle of a cat fight between tanya and sharon.

completely missed it.  It's irrelevant.


she probably did look better with the skinhead look.  "Get the skinhead look" ... brilliant for marketing and PR.

the west are evil bastards - that don't deserve to breathe.

by the way I found in the toilet -  No one claimed it. 


blame john key - he eats cats then blames the cat for being too delicious

they don't need any more reasons to know that the west are evil vulgar abhorrent sons of bitches.


funny stuff

is he.. wearing a sheep?  looks like a sheep.  I don't like hats.  actually.

rofl.  what is fgs?


no idea .  try changing her name.

or making this 'acceptable' 

they must be fucked in the head.. or something.

should I laugh now or later?

rofl ... taking the piss..

"Accept western values"...  rofl.

so key is so desperate to have 'Iraq' on his CV.  Shot themselves in the foot before they even got out of the cage.

think tracy watkins is the last 'warblogger' ... jokes.

what are ... 'western values' ..  by example.


more lies..

scream as much as you like - no one gives a shit.

that's what the oscar trophies *should* look like.. from now on in
once on the mantlepiece .. "I fucked the world, sucked so many dicks, kissed sooo many arses.. just gimme ... one more line"

where's joseph at


circus' .. n stuff

nicole sherzinger/engris aglasearse,  vs wild ones  rofl.

it's my lava lamp.

he reminds me of ricky gervais a bit.... the interviewer guy

wonder what kind of monuments they have in Jordan

wonder if the wife knows.. widow.. rather

.... in there somewhere.. linkety link space ship crashes are very good for PR

rofl. ... 

noooo ./... neverrrrrr

a bit of new zealand history....

it's bollocks - they don't give a fuck, laugh at the real victims, take the piss out of them and then call it a 'conspiracy' afterwards .. because it's probably not good for PR.

but - good for a bet.

and it's also bollocks because - they don't have one.

fair enough

can't imagine why.

might just be a tactile manoeuvre - like a ring around britain
like a lord of the rings scenario

all hostages are 'security risks', 'spam' and suffer from paranoid dillusional schizophrenia so it's probably for the best they get burnt alive.   innit.

at least it was good for something.


Everything else - is irrelevant.

hello united states of america... must be fucking good at sucking cock by now.  It'd be like an art form to you.  Thumbs up if you're chilleee willeeeee.

she could probably lock herself in a cage and set herself on fire... in protest.. might make a difference.


if they enjoy doing what they're doing - let them get on with it - no one should have a problem with it.

I'm sure it was a big bang.

fucking evil sons of bitches.

lord of the rings.


If I ever had a dad.... you know - no one would take the fucking piss.

right now....

countries - that don't give a fuck about anything.

funny isn't it.

victim support - where the fuck is mine?
victim compensation - where the fuck is mine?

dear hemel hempstead police.. it's your job to investigate... isnt' it?

... maybe in another 10 years - they'll be able to work out what 2 + 3 equals

I wonder who gives a cunty fuck about mars

... new song.,..

"we are.. the three best friends.. in the whole wide world.. three best friends.. in the whole wide world"


canada is a bit of a late comer ... like a thrush cream

I wonder who could be up in NZ - at 4 in the morning. 

haha .. funny
maybe john travolta might be able to help them

... it is rather problematical when people don't respond.

or turn it into a joke and a circus.

I wonder what happens next.

maybe this.

or maybe.. they'll do the right thing and give me an explanation - and compensation - of which - I'm fucking entitled to.


I don't know alot about Mongolia - seems like a horsey place though

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