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scream as much as you like - no one gives a shit.

you can get abused both sexually and mentally as a child - don't give a fuck
you can get raped, all kinds of rape - don't give a fuck
you can beat old women up in their homes - don't give a fuck
you can commit suicide - don't give a fuck
you can get murdered - don't give a fuck
there can be a massacre - don't give a fuck
you can extract eyes from horses and eat swans - don't give a fuck
you can hack into someones facebook - don't give a fuck
you can nick a victims blog and make jokes about it - don't give a fuck
you can be racist - don't give a fuck
you can be in a foreign country with no home and a child to raise on your own - don't give a fuck
you can be bullied to fuck - don't give a fuck

No one said anything.

Just laughed and made jokes.

Nothing is a crime.

There is no such thing as support

There is no such thing as compensation
(because obviously - it totally fucks your life.. but again that's funny)

There is no such thing as justice

There is no such thing as humanity

Is New Zealand a fit country to be on the UN Security Council?  No.

my selfie.  It's my feet.

scream as much as you like - no one gives a shit.

I just like the pictures.

he looks a little like MiB with his sunnies on   lol

I have a new follower.

Not that I mind - but it's the same story but much... much worse.  Thought they would've learnt the lesson the first time around.

Incredibly funny.  No one is allowed to comment.

The new England Flag

the new australia flag

the new NZ flag

A stick - lolz

No it isn't because - they don't give a fuck about anything.

(well.. apart from taking the piss and no inkling of guilt.  Victim blaming or just pure fucking evil?)

Human rights no longer apply.
There is no justice.
There is no humanity.
There is no peace
There is no 'closure'

And they celebrate it every year.

The new world map.

half hate the english.  rofl
might be a conspiracy

LOL that didn't take very long

Victims of traumatic events

Sometimes after such a traumatic experience victims find it difficult to discuss or even talk to another person and are often very reluctant to ask for help due to the fact that there is no help around, just a psychologist asking 'how do you feel about that' then questioning your motives for feeling that way.  Cognitive therapy with extremely violent events isn't always practical because the basis of cognitive therapy is 'it's how you deal with it' whereby the blame gets lumbered with the victim which defeats the purpose of therapy as well as the whole point of Justice.  The victim is quite often left thinking it's their fault they got raped etc.  You are not allowed to blame anyone else for the injustices you have suffered at the hands of other people, whether it be rapists, child abusers or terrorists.  

In court, you are not allowed to show emotion and when there comes a time that that pent up anger has to go some place - just make sure no one reads it.   

write it down - throw it away.

Then again - even if they did read it, they don't give a fuck anyway. 

If they decide to share the last thing any 'human' should do - is laugh at them

As a victim - you have no right to talk, in fact you have no rights at all.

I'm sure I could get some therapy for that - and a manicure even.  and a car (because it got stolen) and a sports massage as well.  And a lot less unnecessary added stress bought about by other people who found it funny.  They are *FUCKING CUNTS*.

that is because it is so much easier to make a joke about it rather than deal with it - and that kind of stuff *only* happens.. to other people.

woman gets attacked - nobody does anything, apart from tape it.

You could always call her a lunatic.  The victim that is.  She probably deserved it.

I think this is what they call 'abhorrent behaviour'.

They have to laugh at something.

change of wording slightly


slight change of wording to put everything into perspective:

Never got a reply back.  Tumbleweed.

From: Jim Brown
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 9:57 AM
Subject: Your story
I hope you don't mind me responding to your last e-mail because I guess you may not wish to continue a dialogue, but I'll leave it up to you to decide one way or the other.
It's quite clear to me that you continue to feel the pain of your brothers loss and in particular how it happened. I don't think there is anything at all unusual in that and each of us who has suffered loss must find a way of dealing with it so that it does not become incapacitating and prevents us 'moving on'. I'm particularly struck by your desire to return home and 'lay your brother to rest'. This strikes me as a very natural thing to want to do, and almost certainly a good idea I think, but I wonder if you wouldn't mind saying exactly what you mean by it?
Michelle I hope you won't mind me asking if anyone has ever offered you counselling or if you have ever considered it? Wearing my professional hat and coming into contact with someone relating a similar scenario as yours, I would certainly be suggesting that some form of counselling would be appropriate and if undertaken skilfully, almost certainly be beneficial.
In a sense there are two issues that you are grappling with and they are inter-connected. Firstly the coming to terms with the loss of your brother which involves all the quite natural and normal emotions to do with grieving, but secondly the intense anger at the injustice you feel towards the way the perpetrator continues to be dealt with by the criminal justice system. This second aspect has broadened out into your anger over the treatment of other offenders generally and particularly how those who commit murder are dealt with. I guess it was these latter points that brought you to my blog in the first place and I could indeed have a long and involved discussion with you about the whole topic. But I wouldn't want to do that and being completely honest with you I don't think it would help you right at this moment. I feel you need someone to talk to about what happened all those years ago. You need the time and space to explore it all with someone skilfull enough to take you through what will inevitably be a very painful, but ultimately cathartic process. You've made a brilliant start by writing much of it down - writing can be very therapeutic indeed, as I have found. But I've also had counselling arranged through my GP at a certain point in my life when I found pent up anger meant I simply couldn't cope anymore. 
I hope this suggestion might be helpful to you and it is certainly not meant in any way to be patronising, but made in good faith.

  (Jim is a victim liason officer in the UK.., i think.  Or maybe he isn't, maybe he's another Jim.. who knows)

No virus found in this message.
Checked by AVG -
Version: 10.0.1410 / Virus Database: 1520/3897 - Release Date: 09/14/11

I was intending to change the plaque, go back to the place that only knows how to destroy people's lives - have a bit of peace.  There is none.  Counselling costs money - so do plane trips.  And no one replied.

They find it funny and this is the result.  



How do they?  When they choose to ignore them.

standard practise

Therapy.  Jokes.

Requires compensation .


what 'mistake' is that then?  

something something spirit in the room.  lol.

It's kinda funny when it's put together like this:

that was nice of them - keeping the memory alive like that

I think they nicked the idea off seth macfarlane

So I got talking about love & relationships over a glass of wine, sometimes I dunno which is worse, not having one or being stuck in a relationship that you don't want to be in - or the feeling of being trapped and suffocated.  Meeting new people is great however it is always a debate on whether to tell them as apparently - it scares them so you find yourself accommodating them and when they tell you "you should just stop going on about it", "move on", "get over it", "you've got problems", "you've got issues", "you need help" .. you're this that and the next thing - everything BUT - I didn't do this. Someone else did this and how is it my fault.   When touching on the issue of abuse, rape, murder etc - people will always look to blame the victim first with answers like the above or "you're better off on your own".   Well, either way - you're fucked.  If you don't tell them and you happen to end up in court defending yourself because of what someone else did to you because you didn't tell your ex-husband everything because you didn't want to sabotage your chances of having a family of your own, only for the bits that I did tell him to be used against me in a long drawn out custody battle and unfortunately when you are on you're own - it's an easy target.  All down to statistics of course.  And then if you do tell them then your'e fucked in the head and absolutely fucking crazy and they run a mile anyway - or it's an opportunity to take the piss.  Excuse me yes it was fucking full on and it's not like the ex-husband didn't know I was having trouble coping, he waited... and waited.. until the house exploded.  She's 19 now.  She's a big girl.  He's a grown man and her father.  I said to the ex-husband "can you talk to her please".. his response was "she shouldn't have to deal with it", so she came home and I started talking about NZ etc and her response was "It's not relevant to me".  Of course, it soured relations and then there was a big bust up over an easter egg because I ate it.  The police came and got her.  So.. damned if you do damned if you don't.  It's like being stuck with a sentence.  You're not allowed to have any emotion, you're not allowed to have fun, you're not allowed to do anything and you are not allowed to talk about it because it's you with the problems... now listen to mine type thing. Okay then.  What happens if *I* say "Get over it" - it's the biggest crime of the century.
All I know is I'd rather wake up in the morning  to someone that I feel is like an extension of me compared to waking up thinking "What the fuck was I thinking".

"Why don't you go on a dating website".. haha  hahahaha must be fucking joking.  Apart from a few killers on there:

Houston - *YOU* have problems.

If I did have a 'dating' profile it'd probably have something like: beam me up scotty, likes pretend sword fights with sabers and sound affects, it would be helpful if the candidate knew about cars and cambelts and also the geographical location of the g-spot, also with a bit of cash handy - it's been said that cash is very helpful  for lubrication purposes.  Unfortunately I'm all out of cash so unable to buy the candidate a ferrari but rather a pair of socks,  the candidate would not mind this at all because the candidate has everything already apart from a woman and has the ability to read minds every now and again.  supa luvva boi with caveman tendencies... but no back hair.  

different subject:

looks like he's stoned or something

The other thing is - the chances of any relationship surviving the onslaught of such trauma is very slim, although I haven't attended a parole hearing in person it is horrendous, pointless and an absolute waste of time.  The only one whose life will be massacred is your own and that would be of course - entirely your own fault.  

and why wasn't it

it defeats the purpose of everything that they are apparently trying to achieve because they would rather you didn't exist in order to achieve their goal.

good for her - she is obviously more important than myself or anything else for that matter 

this is a polite way of saying "I know you're there but I don't give a fuck about you because you are a nuisance"

In laymans terms - that means, they don't give a fuck about anything

neither does ebola funnily enough

scream as much as you like - no one gives a shit

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