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I have now been transferred to Stevenage, Aston Ward, lister hospital, corys mill lane, stevenage, SG1 4AB - no notification or anything, no word on getting rehoused - I have never come across such a big bunch of clowns in all my life.  housing lady was supposed to talk to me.. that was 4 days ago, bank card went missing out of the staff safe at swift, miraculously appeared on leaving and they said it was there the whole time.  Completely totally traumatised by the prison treatment of the NHS.  need a passport and I need it NOW.

ps: hello spain by the way, i take it ./..  best friends with the monsters that are tim burton, glen mexted, rihanna and beastly animal friends

Just spent the longest time on record talking to a doctor who now believes that I have PTSD and has apologised for the incomprehensible shit that has happened to me.  Quite a change.

nevertheless - please send help.  I am traumatised to buggery and my life has been destroyed as a result of other people... and corruption.

Hello Russia, funny.. but not..  to think my own government and the UK is more 'fantastically corrupt' than the country that is sposed to be the most corrupted in the world.  innit.

Re: ENQ1-2793631553


Michelle Johnstone c/- Swift Ward

Kingfisher Court

Kingslea Green

Harper Lane




Dear Caroline,

Thank you for your recent letter, am emailing correspondence in relation to my complaint, my contact details are by phone: 07952473872 or direct line: 01923 633788.

I was sectioned again on 13th July, the doctor has since taken me off section and i have not been informed of much else, i have also been advised to go ahead with tribunal however as a result of being taken off section there are no legal grounds to have a tribunal. In relation to misdiagnosis/wrongdoing of govt & thier agencies and being extremely traumatised by the section and treatment recieved by the section in January of which CQC has said they have had no correspondence from myself.

There is no internet access here - i have asked a user nicely if I can use thier internet otherwise communication has been cut off etc.

Previous section, copy is located at: and twitter (ghosted): mishkajacksonz1

I am informing of you of events prior to the section in January 2016.

My D/O/B: 30/05/1974, shelley is short for Michelle which I was called when I was younger

Brother D/O/B: 1/12/1972 Russell Warren Johnstone (neil), date of death: 24/6/1990

* abused as kids, in foster care etc etc, chucked out of home at age 13 (the book called a child called it is similar to the abuse suffered by the hands of our mother)

* Russell adopted name of our dad (neil) due to abuse etc

*our father (neil) name is not on my birth certificate as our mother left him before i was born which caused an awful lot of resentment and were told regularly she shouldve had an abortion when she had the chance

* we were both in foster care & stayed with various families, i went to a town called Ohai & Nightcaps before moving back in with our mother about 3/4 months before Russell was murdered (who was in Dunedin, NZ) as she said "if you come back live with me I can go back on benefits).

* russell was in Dunedin where he was beaten to death by skinheads at 88 Dundas Street, Dunedin, NZ, 1990 (premeditated murder) the murder was convicted  (george charles trounson) of murder and the maximum sentence was 10 years at the time.

* i went to dunedin following my brothers murder to find out what happened and i was also chucked out of home again and classified as an orphan by the state of NZ.  the skinheads used to break in where i was staying and threatened to kill me and also 6 of them attacked me, pinned me up against a wall etc and a whole bunch of other nasty stuff.

*at the time of the trial there was also a massacre (a movie called out of the blue is about that massacre, of which i have not seen as i have no need to watch it), and also during the murder trial i got a flat in Ravensbourne which is a few miles out of dunedin and about in inbetween of dunedin and aramoana where the massacre took place, also during the trial my uncle peter came to stay with me as hotel accommodation was expensive and i woke up to being molested, i am a deep sleeper and had it not for my flatmate who walked in who woke me up and found my uncle.. My flatmate wrote a letter to his mother about what he walked in on which i found. State of shock, i didnt know what to say to him and vice versa. 5 years ago i got called fucked in the head by my uncle peter whom relayed it back to me via facebook - in front of everyone, "fucked in the head and full of shit" for being molested during my brothers murder trial. At the time of the murder i was not allowed to show any emotion as that is contempt of court and i was removed from court as i was pissing off the guy that murdered my brother - i didnt scream, shout or talk (my brother called me his twin), as well as the  defence  looking for any excuses to get the murderer off a murder conviction.  there was no form of trauma counselling, i was expected to be normal and carry on with daily life as if nothing happened, after the murder when i was at our mothers i went back to school the next day, which was short lived and never went back - which was when i was chucked out of home again thus went to dunedin.

* trial finished in february 1991.

*cousin brendon takitimu who was with me at the wake, was found hanging in the family garage approx 2 years later.

*after all the turmoil/ being rejected by my family and learning about the circumstances/abandonment and grotesque treatment of my brother by those of where he was in dunedin (age of death 17), i lied about my age and got a job selling a cleaner on a door to door basis which enabled me to travel NZ extensively and over to Australia and eventually moved to Auckland, NZ.

*whilst employed and via work i met myhusband Andy Hawgood who came over to NZ on a working holiday, we went to the UK for a year, went back to NZ for less than a year, got married in the Queens Park Rose Gardens in Invercargill, NZ, had our baby Shivon in Invercargill in May 1995, moved to the UK in September 1995.

*andy and i began divorce proceedings around the time when Diana was killed in a car accident (rough timeline), throughout the past 20 years it has been nothing but psychological/emotional abuse, i never explained to the ex family the full extent of the carnage back in 1990, and moreover throughout the divorce the fact that our mother was abusive was used against me during the lengthly custody battles and family courts etc.  i had custody however being labelled as an abusive/bad/incapable parent all throughout the duration of parenthood right up to when she turned 16 and i was in the process of writing a victim impact statement in order to keep the guy that murdered my brother in prison over in NZ.  no empathy or anything, nothing like that.

An example: my appendix ruptured, had to go in for an operation - was labelled as a bad parent, i discharged myself from hospital only couldn't carry my daughter up the stairs due to having an operation and again labelled as a bad parent/incapable, i was made to feel guilty because my appendix ruptured.

- when shivon was 10, i was doing my degree in psychology, i also had the neighbour telling me to fuck off back to my own country for 6 months solid as well as racial/physical abuse of which i had to keep records for the police (there is no record of these incidents however the police told me at the time he would get an asbo), i also felt like I needed a break and wanted to go home - so i asked andy if he could help pay for shivons ticket, he said no, hed not long bought her a phone so there was no issue of prevention of contact, quite the opposite (if i wanted a break, i had to give him 6 months notice), instead 2 days before we were due to fly out to NZ i was served and he tried to have me arrested for kidnapping.  went to court got permission, went to nz, came back to uk, had to back to court to prove i was back in the country and afterwards he tried to take me back to court to claim court costs because he 'lost'.

*when shivon turned 16, at the time of writing/attempting to write my victim impact statement, having never had the opportunity to express how my brothers death and the other carnage affected me and my life - my daughter threw away a book which my brother scribbled in when we were kids as well as chucking away a picture of a bird that he drew which i had kept with me for years.  it was on one night that i ate her cadburys chocolate creme egg, she didnt like it, she had a strop, i had a strop and resulted in me slapping her and she phoned her dad, the police came and got her as well as her father and i have had very little contact since, i have said sorry however there is only so many times one can say sorry before it no longer means anything, and no accountability on the hawgoods side at all for meddling/interfering and making life a total misery. The ex family found the situation amusing and hilarious.

*at the same time of writing the victim impact statement i had an online business on ebay as well as being an extra for tv/film industry.  i phoned my local GP who came to my house as i was distraught and i said to him that i am having trouble coping with writing my victim impact statement, he asked if i was suicidal, i said no, he then suggested that i was a crackhead.  the doctor did not prescribe me any medication or refer me to a counsellor or anything like that, it was very demeaning & belittling.

My computer/ebay got hacked, lost my ebay as a result, as well as identity theft, plaguerism of my victim impact statement and on social media getting used/abused/blocked/deleted by the people whose job it is to give a shit, every avenue of help was exhausted and the proverbial door is slammed in my face every time. (right up to the present day), i got told to get a normal job, also was said 'there are other ways of making someone leave' so I got a normal job at Shendish manor in hemel hempstead working in the bar in the golf dept.  the bar manager pulled me to the side and asked me if I'd murdered anyone - as a joke - so i quit, i told the job centre and complained, did not get a return email and the lady at the job centre said that shendish manor are one of thier best employers and also said i should get into acting.  all they do is laugh and pass it off as banter or talk it down as if its no big deal while the police call myself delusional amongst other things.

Meanwhile on social media, i am still ghosted/hacked etc and being in the tv/film industry they seemed to use this as an excuse to imply my life is a fabrication, also because i wrote about it (which was very therapeutic for me), because i said that i dreamt about my brothers death before it happened and it happened - they have taken this and used it against me.  when shivon was removed by her father & police from the family home, she kidnapped the dog who i havent seen since, she also phoned the next day and stated that she wanted to spend 3 days at mine and 4 days at her dads, i refused as i can no longer have any anger around me.

By this stage of leaving tv/film extra work, internet being hacked and added trauma of past events and new trauma of ex family interfering & meddling, i am now a media victim, a BBC victim, a hacking victim and political victim, also having my victim impact statement hijacked and plaguerised and also being used/abused/exploited by both UK/NZ goverments and thier agencies, of which correspondence has been kept.

My extra work, first movie was john carter of mars (disney), then pirates of the carribean, dark shadows, trance with danny boyle, james macavoy, bond skyfall, eastenders, holby city, ricky gervaismet steven spielberg on the set of his movie the name of the movie i cant remember right up to Frankenstein with daniel radcliffe and james macavoy.  i have also met and mingled with calum best, richie mccaw, & simon cowells gaggle of groupies in social circumstances, also janet jackson and ken livingston.  i was also picked to do a clairol perfect 10 hair dye campaign with marie claire magazine, in this particular campaign it says 'michelle johnstone from london' they have taken this and used it as an excuse to imply i am not who i say i am nor experienced the extreme trauma that i have experienced thus leading to me getting used/abused/exploited and passing it off as just a bit of 'banter' etc.  social media manipulation is where some tweets viewable and others are not etc so what you see is a victim having the piss taken out of her and me the victim swearing my head off.

Also over in NZ there is a man called kim dotcom whom is wanted by america for copyright/piracy charges, so they moan and groan when famous people get robbed by joe bloggs however if its reversed and the rob the victim such as myself it is classed as - just a bit of banter and call the victim delusional etc, as well as sadistic revenge. (kept snapshots of everything).  the communication i have recieved is mainly abuse, and media game playing and taking advantage of a victim of extreme violence for jokes, bets etc.  i also did a study on brejivik (norway massacre) however those in the tv/film/entertainment industry as well as politicians have been passing off real as fake and fake is real and create scandals to hide scandals etc etc, i also did alot of research into the johnstone clan, the crusade vs the jihad. Thus formulating a counter to extremism.

Over in NZ there is also Helen Clark who is currently wanting to be the UN Secretary General and as it haplens victims of extremism  (especially white single women such as myself) are incredibly bad for marketing & PR. So they block/delete, partake in extreme victim shafting in order for the victim to disappear, commit suicide or get labelled a loony.

The beginning of the hacking/copy/block/delete/use/abuse/exploit for bets, games, banter started with the sun newspaper and the daily mail newspaper  (murdoch and friends), a reporter called gordon smart went up to scotland and dirty politics began while exploiting myself- thus a mock independence referendum for scotland. (with ref to the movie braveheart and the history of the johnstone clan, the connection with robert the bruce and the battle of bannockburn)

I was asked while working as an extra on a tv ad at the george lucas building - which is worse, we're gunna kill it or saying thats so gay - and ed milibands worst clairvoyant in the world campaign by the tories.

A clairvoyant is not something i discuss with anyone including police psychiatrists.  upon arrest (for suspicion of assault of the ex mother in law called margaret - no assault took place - i was not allowed a lawyer.

Meanwhile in UK, my local MP, mike penning is in charge of criminal injuries compensation, minister of police, online child protection and reports to the home office, then theresa may whom now as it happens PM.  dirty politics is sooooo much more than just dirty politics.

So... In january i was at sainsburys and i seen my ex mother in law and said to her 'do you understand the unnecessary stress you and your family have put me through for the past 20 years', she shrugged it off and said she would have me arrested for assault, i mightve touched her elbow nothing more. Nothing to do with planes falling out of the sky etc etc, that just tells me theyve known about it for the past 5 years and laughed it off as just a bit of banter, there was absolutely no remorse, no empathy and no accountability at all - from anyone.

I was at my house (then 6 millwrights walk hemel hempstead) when 4 police officers arrested me, i was literally pounced on, handcuffed me and drove me to Hatfield police station. The bruising from the cuffs took 2 weeks before it even began to subside, i did not resist arrest and they squeezed the cuffs tighter on purpose.  on the way to the police station the officers start talking about movies, bradley cooper american sniper and star wars, i requested a lawyer - did not get one, the psychiatrist said 'i dont think so'.  the police officer upon 'check in', proceeded to say 'shes saying some really outlandish things' whilst waving his arm around thus i got sectioned (see section in january).  and my 'delusional pain' of hips & knees etc (

At albany lodge i was asked to leave the womens television room so the male nurse could pray to allah, i also asked them to google my brothers murderer as i had a psychiatrist insisting my life is a fabrication, nurse abi was in the office, googled it, looked at me, looking at the computer and laughing. At the end of the section i was extremely traumatised i was unable to talk to anyone for 6 months, when there was a knock at the door my whole body trembles uncontrollably.  i have ptsd, not paranoid schizophrenic, delusional, psychotic psychosis with lack of insight and thought disorder.  i have since been evicted and my situation/circumstances are much worse thanks to nhs lack of insight, lack of empathy, police cant be bothered just call victim delusional etc etc.

The section from january is at and my twitter is at mishkajacksonz1

Hope to hear from you soon


Michelle johnstone

(ps: i currently have no valid ID and have been told i dont exist - as a 'joke')

o, because the government hates Russia - and western governments quarantines victims of seriously off the grid totally evil victims of crime - such - as myself, it seems twitter and facebook only allow selected social media posts to the public.  Not that that breaks any international laws and violates every human right that I have known to man.

mishakjacksonz1 on twitter - mishka... means small mouse apparently.

Then there is of course a whole bunch of other people who encourage and endorse extreme victim shafting, and people whom don't mind shafting the victim because they think they're getting something out of it etc etc

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