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My name is Michelle Johnstone, I am 41 years old, originally from New Zealand, been living in the UK for about 20 years.  I got married in NZ to the ex husband in 1995, had our daughter Shivon in NZ and moved to the UK in 1995.  The divorce started around the time Princess Diana died.  It is/was a very emotionally psychologically abusive relationship/divorce full to the brim of emotional blackmail, constant put downs, continuous interference etc.  I had custody and he got visiting/weekends however it didn’t work out that way because he felt he could pick and choose what weekends he had her and if I needed a babysitter – I had to give him six months notice.  If he found out I had plans a particular weekend he would conveniently suddenly be busy. And when he would take me to court (which was often) because apparently I’d refused to let him see her that would be my fault of course.   It is/was near impossible to have any kind of relationship in my life with the ex husband and his family around due to the constant nit picking and degrading of myself. 

 I met the ex husband while selling a cleaning product in New Zealand, he knew that my brother was murdered and my cousin committed suicide and I don’t really have that much contact (practically none at all) with the family in New Zealand since I left NZ, he knew that my brother and I were in foster care as kids and our mother is a very nasty evil woman.   We travelled around a bit, went up to Scotland, visit Johnstone Castle, do a little bit of sightseeing etc as I originally came to the UK on a one year working visa and it was running out which is when we went to NZ, originally to settle, lasted a year before we were back in the UK and the divorce started.   In court, he would always use the ‘her mother was abusive etc’ against me in order to score points.  He revelled in the fact that I never had any opportunity as it’s always been stifled or sabotaged and his revengeful nature became apparent when I was studying for a degree in psychology.  Over the 9/10 years full of constant put downs etc told I’m a bad parent, being constantly judged as a parent, being constantly judged because my parent was incredibly emotionally & violently abusive etc.  If I ever asked for help I would be a bad parent and incapable of looking after her.  

I was working in the nightclub in Hemel Hempstead, Shivon must’ve been about three or four, the divorce had started, the ex husband was moved out.  My appendix ruptured.  I phoned the ex husband as it was an emergency as I had to go in for an operation, it was very difficult trying to get the ex husband to look after his daughter.  Had the operation, he brought Shivon in for about 5 minutes and was very hostile.  Couldn’t do a whole lot as I’d just had an operation and was made to feel guilty because my appendix ruptured.   I checked out, went home and the ex husband dropped Shivon off.  I couldn’t carry her up the stairs and there was no one to help me so I phoned the ex husband who came and got her and scolded me for being a bad parent because I couldn’t carry her up the stairs.  A few years later, I’m studying for my degree in psychology, Shivon is at school, it’s an online course – the next door neighbour is telling me to fuck off back to my own country every 5 seconds, racial/physical abuse.  Lasted about 6 months, reported to the police, police said... Asbo.  (Currently according to the police there is no record of this/these incidents).  I said to the ex husband that I felt I needed to go to NZ for a break, hadn’t been ‘home’ for ages and asked him if he could help pay for Shimon’s ticket, he said no.  Everything seemed fine until I got served and had to surrender our passports to court due to child abduction.  He tried to have me arrested for kidnapping not out of fear he would never see his daughter again but purely out of scheming conniving spite.  He had bought her a phone, there is/was absolutely nothing stopping him from seeing her whenever he liked.  He wanted names, addresses, places where we were going to be – he knew full well that I hadn’t seen any family in years and won’t be staying in the same place for a whole month.   I got permission from the court, went to NZ for a month, got back to the UK, had to go back to court to prove that I was back in the country with Shivon.  Destroyed the whole trip.  Of course I hadn’t been back to NZ in quite a few years, went to Christchurch, some people were talking about my brother and when I said yes I’m his sister - they just stop and don’t say anything, change the subject.  Although it was nice to be back in NZ it seemed like a constant slap in the face, in the UK there’s the ex husband being totally vile and in NZ there’s murder and a whole bunch of other stuff that is even more totally vile, any opportunity of any kind of ‘break’ was sabotaged.   More to the point that I couldn’t complete my degree due to the constant threat of court action, constant psychological and emotional abuse and constant interference. 

My brother’s murder:  the fact how he came to be where he was, the fact that I got turfed out of the house pretty much the day after not long moving back in with my mother after I’d been in foster care. The day after I went to school –never went back after that.  I went to Dunedin (NZ) after he was murdered (I was 16, he was 17) my brother was the victim of skinheads (Nazi’s, skinheads – same thing).  During my time in Dunedin these skinheads pinned me up against wall and began to rip my clothes off, about 6 of them, another woman walked in and screamed “RAPIST” and they threw her to the ground and began to kick her and beat her until her face was almost unrecognisable – I lost the power of speech.  They would break in to where I was staying.  I later moved to Ravensborne – not far out of Dunedin and the trial was on , it was a premeditated murder and the person that murdered my brother (George Trounson) got ten years for murder (used a stair banister at 88 Dundas Street, Dunedin, 1990) which was the maximum sentence at the time, however there are/were other people involved.  At court I wasn’t allowed in because I was ‘distressing’ the person that murdered my brother because I looked too much like him so had to sit on the stairs outside.  During this time there was no support for me at all, nothing.  My uncle peter stayed at mine at Ravensbourne whilst the trial was on and I woke up to being sexually molested, I only woke up because my flatmate walked in.  My flatmate wrote a letter to his mother which I found and it said “I’ve never walked in to an uncle and a niece in the same bed” or something.  He didn’t know what to say to me – and I really didn’t know what to say to him, state of shock.  Of course it’d be my fault and with being midway through a murder trial while the defence is busy looking for reasons for the accused to be using self defence and the upbringing of my brother and total animosity and resentment  from our mother over the years and why he was where he was etc.  Of course to everyone else – it’s like nothing happened at all.
 That same year there was a massacre in Aramoana.  All of a sudden surrounded by death.   It seemed to be no big deal for them as they were wearing “I survived Aramoana” tshirts two days later, even though Aramoana isn’t actually in Dunedin – it’s further out passed Ravensbourne and a whole town in 15 or so people.  After that I got a job selling a cleaning product on a door to door basis and that took me travelling all over New Zealand and that’s also how I came to meet the ex husband.  I was 17 when I got the door to door sales job.  Again, there was no support of any kind by way of victim support/trauma counselling etc and I was expected just to get over it, if I cried I was a crybaby/wimp and told to toughen up etc so being away travelling was very beneficial for me. 
I started to write about my experiences – which again was beneficial for me and it turned into a book like biography, then a victim impact statement and then appears to be a free for all for a whole bunch of billionaire peados while they take pleasure in shafting myself as well as other politicians, health professionals etc etc

Until – my facebook got hacked into, leveson/media victim, identity theft victim and being used as political banter as well as getting the piss taken out of me –both while I was an extra and other employment – and constant victim bashing, shafting.   During this time I was also trying to put together some kind of victim impact statement for the parole board to keep Trounson in prison – in NZ, as I hadn’t planned on staying in the UK for the rest of my life.  That got hijacked and plagiarised.
I am currently completely traumatised.   PTSD.  It takes me so long to stop shaking.
I have not had any explanation or compensation for the injustices I have faced, Politicians etc, the justice minister in New Zealand playing media games and effectively deleted me and have not had any response from them other than abuse and appears to pass me off as just being ‘anti establishment’ and not real.  The responses I have had are mainly abuse and being spat at, tsss’d at etc  totally totally evil. 
The local MP Mike Penning, minister of criminal injuries & policing etc likes to pretend I am not real
The Police psychiatrist whom sectioned me at the police station when I was arrested fabricated what she wrote, I did not mention anything about planes falling out of the sky, or whether there’s a competition for the best clairvoyant in the world or who found maddie.   Also very disturbingly suggested that I am lying about my life.  In which case – she is lying because I can look through what she wrote and totally confirm – never said that – never said that – never said that – what I did say was I am legally entitled to compensation so –where is mine.
I saw the ex mother in law at Sainsbury’s, I went up to her I confronted her I touched her elbow, I said to her “Do you understand the unnecessary stress you and you’re family have put me through for the past 20 years”,  she shrugs it off, “No no” she says “I’ll have you arrested for assault”.
I was arrested at my house, the police officers literally pounced on me, handcuffed me, squeezes the cuffs tighter to give himself a little power trip, the bruising took two weeks to even subside.  On the way to the police station in the police vehicle they start talking about star wars, movies, Bradley cooper – fine.  Get to the police station, the police officer waves his arm around “She’s saying some outlandish things” he says.  Really.  I’ve been arrested for suspicion of assault that never happened, it never happened, there’s no evidence cos it never happened – let me go.  Even if there was evidence, it’s a caution.  For the police psychiatrist to suddenly imply my life is a fabrication just from suspicion of assault that never happened is truly remarkable and deeply disturbing. 

So not only did they put me in a place that is detrimental to my health rather than a criminal investigation- they appear to of taken it to the next level of totally totally evil whereby calling the victim (me) delusional psychotic.   I’m not sure what research they did to come to this conclusion because they did not get that information from me.  I certainly wouldn’t say something totally childish as “Putin and Obama flew over the star wars set”.  What they did get is – where the fuck is my compensation.

They have totally destroyed my life and purposely set out to sabotage it.  Totally totally evil.


All that from getting arrested for suspicion of assault that never happened and the police talking about Bradley cooper movies.  Where o where the fuck is my compensation.  his is what delusional pain looks like courtesy of the NHS and everything you say to them is considered delusional - including extreme pain.  Can hardly walk as my hips are incredibly sore, also have no phone/cash etc completely stranded.

totally totally TOTALLY evil

where oh where is my compensation

So they discarded my victim impact statement over in New Zealand, the communications that I have received from them are appalling and I have had no explanation or compensation for the horrendous treatment I have received.  Bearing in mind when I was asked which is worse “we’re gunna kill it or that’s so gay” which was at the George Lucas building while working on an ad as I was an extra.  Therefore – so much easier to take the piss out of it would seem.  Also prior to that I studied paranormal while on the psychology course and had also questioned whether ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ is in fact not just an illusion having had the predictive dream of my brother’s death and seeing ‘optical illusions’, what some might call ‘chakras’ or ‘auras’.  One was yellow and one was purple.  The George Lucas building is really the starting point of being used as banter and almost like the invisible sister in dirty politics.  And coincidence would have it that David Cameron and Ed Miliband appear to be having a media propaganda campaign involving clairvoyants and Ed Miliband being the worst clairvoyant in the world.  At that time – they’d chucked my victim impact statement in the bin and again I’m in the UK still, haven’t left the country in relation to identity theft.

Rough outline:  from about 2011/2012

Joined Facebook: mad hatter tree(reminds me of alice in wonderland politics)/pirates/john carter of mars/
 Contact with NZ – lots of pictures of carnage and my suffering apparently being a joke.  Facebook got hacked, kingis (family that used to live in nightcaps) – ac/dc, old foster parents in ohai (last family I was with before returning back to my mother and shortly after Russell was murdered and the recurring dream).  Canada religious bible people spoke in tongue, drew a picture of a lighthouse and gifted me white bible – that was stolen with all other photos that I had including letters from my brother.  My suitcase got robbed in Invercargill, NZ – and the only thing that went missing were my photos etc. 
Facebook people: not very many, daryl shuttleworth & ngara niha from school, couple of others that I had met through work, steve, sasha.  Steve is a body double.
John carter of mars just pointed at actor and had lightbulb moment of suddenly recognising him from rocknrolla movie and green screens.  Took a photo of my feet, sneakily because – you’re not allowed to.  I was an alien
Pirates – murdered Johnny depp with my eyes, didn’t mean to 
Richie Mccaw – picture of ball,
Fiona –facebook conversation; china, fung shui, Stonehenge.  Fiona I met in Dunedin just after Russell was murdered, she was there the night I was attacked and the other girl got beaten to an inch of her life.  They shaved Fiona’s hair off.  After I was attacked I went away for a couple of days and when I got back to Dunedin Fiona had said that she was gang raped and they used bottles, carrots etc and also said they were just big boys seemingly passing it off as something ‘normal’. She came to my ex husbands wedding at the Rose Gardens in Invercargill in 1995. The last time I seen Fiona was probably around 1998/99, I took Shivon back to Invercargill from the UK when Shivon was 3 for a month. 
New York – 9/11, trade tower, conspiracy with the number 7 building, clouds, signs
Christchurch earthquake/Segovia castle Spain/red cross/spastic about brothers killer and as much as they love themselves no one did anything or said anything to keep the guy that murdered my brother in prison. Not getting any response at all, however appear to use the date of my birthday and my brother’s death to have a silent by very loud jibe

Twitter:  British airways ad, royal wedding,
Katie price/her dream to interview rapists/mass murderers etc.
Boy that burnt the poppy in Kent
Calum best /tattoo/marketing issues/George best ball/

Danny boyle – trance.  Winston Churchill picture,
Leveson/Angelina jolie/Judith Collins/brad pitt/Helen Clark/UN/Harry Potter movie/Seth Macfarlane put my tweet in his speech at Harvard/monuments men movie – being an extra while being used and it being funny because no one says anything.
Breivjick/dark shadows/steve – asked him if he knew any good lawyers, he says no he did continue to say ‘sounds like it’d make a good movie though’.   Slightly difficult as I had already written a book type thing based on my experiences etc up to that point

Extra: Minnie driver i give it a year – peado pete/
The sun newspaper: mckulken, beckham, scherzinger.  Gordon smart, scotland
Daily mail:  front page breivik, at asda, mars landing, Scotland twinned with mars
Kim dotcom: legal woes, copyright, piracy, german, absolutely hated by those for ‘nicking their stuff’
Meanwhile still writing my victim impact statement – of what it’s like to be a victim of extremism, and media victim because while Dotcom is all for better movies etc etc, what he failed to grasp is – is in fact real.  Rather than someone else and decided to copy it in order to ‘get a movie out of me’
So Kim Dotcom likes mars bars and galaxies and hiding in swans.  Someone also killed his swan however since his political circus of the ‘peoples party’ and hiding in swans etc, generally poking fun at being surveilled and having loads of money, family, celebrity friends, yachts, nice mansion in NZ who knows, his giraffe might not be safe.
James Bond movie/skyfall/working as an extra.  The night before still not getting a response at all, blacklisted. But appears in picture form in NZ media as John Key (prime minister) and Judith Collins (justice minister) have effigy of the their severed heads and a guillotine.  The night before working as an extra on skyfall, I put so much energy /effort into my victim impact statement/bio over the past 20 odd years to have it literally being torn to pieces, being called all the names under the sun, laughed, joked and mocked – and used and abused and being taken advantage of, I literally collapsed, I fell asleep and it was if I was hit by a freight train, it was like I had died.  The strain/stress/heinous discrimination was overwhelming.  My eye was in fact incredibly bloodshot and very weepy the next day.  My colleague thought it was a bad case of conjunctivitis however professional opinion said that there was nothing wrong with it.  John Key then claims to have had an ‘out of body’ experience.
Mr Selfridge – makeup lady says about deceased people “they just all turn into grains of sand”, makeup lady that worked on john carter of mars ushers her not to say anything, meanwhile over in New Zealand and on twitter the journalist that covered my brothers murderers parole is antagonising with ‘ssshhh it’s a conspiracy’.   Still no explanation/response or compensation for the inhumane treatment I have been forced to endure via cybercrime and identity theft and political banter.
Red 2, seen steve, gave steve a hug as I’d slagged him off behind his back and felt bad about it but then – don’t know why because he doesn’t know any good lawyers and probably wants to get a movie out of me because – they all work in the movie industry.  It would be logical to be thinking about movies whilst working within the movie/entertainment industry and there are those who would quite happily shaft anyone for a movie.  Again, no one says anything.   Except appear to take advantage of myself in the media.

So I’m still writing my victim impact statement,  still not getting any feedback, famous friends etc still playing media wars with tshirts, signs and not saying anything whilst working as an extra.
Not seen the movie about the massacre in Aramoana called Out of the blue, of course it affects me greatly because obviously it’s at the time when I’m somehow dealing with my own brothers murder and being gang related and presented as students in court rather than skinheads/nazi’s and being young and vulnerable at 16 years of age while attempting to come to terms with the enormous amount of violence, abuse, and death – on my own – is horrendous in itself.   I don’t remember too much of 1990, I can remember bits and pleased not to have certain bits stuck in my mind, when I was writing the victim impact statement and going back in my mind to that time is incredibly raw and obviously not having any response is relative to psychological torture and a complete and total abuse of my human rights by way of taking advantage of myself not only as a victim but – copying my blog, deleting me and making everything about themselves in order to ‘get a movie’ and/or revenge for the losses the Hollywood execs have made due to piracy/plagiarism (which is ironic) and also a bet the billionaires had amongst themselves in silicon valley – great friends with Rupert Murdoch etc.  And also being used/taken advantage of because of experiments/research they like to inflict on clairvoyants – just to see – if you really are clairvoyant of course. 
So - I’m still writing my victim impact statement and I included Mandela.  In relation to race relations, legacies etc also including the theme of the aurora, universe, space, sic if.  At Mandela’s memorial there is a ‘schizophrenic deaf interpreter’, Presidents & Prime Ministers taking selfies, really bad speeches including the words ‘lights out’ and President Putin did not attend or partake in the shenanigans.
I have also covered health ledger by way of explaining the ‘crusade vs jihad’ – and one of the victims from the Norway massacre has a picture of heath ledger, abbey road, arsenal and twilight actors in the room she was in (in the background).  Another victim from the Norway massacre has a tattoo on her wrist.  At the trial of the Norway massacre another victim threw a random shoe across the room which is a coincidence because as I was talking to steve on the set of pirates (asked for a lawyer and tried to explain a little bit about my life), I asked him he had ever read the book a child called it – mine’s kinda like that – and then we threw random shoes across a court room scene. 
I also included symbols, statues, a little bit of history into the background of Nazi’s, quantum physics, astrobiology, hitlers quest for the holy grail, culture, pictures, Einstein, Elvis Presley, princess Diana and other assorted information in relation to life after death, the death penalty, the criminal justice system and a horse called Phar Lap.
I also included Greenpeace/rainbow warrior/nuclear testing riots Tahiti.
I also included tourism, flags, Robert the Bruce and history into the Johnstone clan in Scotland and the famous feud with the Maxwell clan and the connection with William Wallace & Knights Templar
My victim impact statement is more like a movie – but not. 

The treatment I have received is beyond inhumane.

(some kind of order .. its pretty much a dumping ground that whaleoil stalks the fuck out of and john key etc.. pretend the don't know and call me.. victim of extremism, media etc.. a paranoid schizophrenic nut job, spam, a conspiracy theorist, a witch, a troll, a security risk. etc etc etc.  where the FUCK is my compensation Cameron and dirty politics)

twitter:  mishkajacksonz1   - feel free to share your thoughts.  (currently 'locked' for spamming, however it has probably got alot to do with the "offender friendly" UN campaign.  Love murderers, massachists, rapists, abusers all that.. hate victims.   complete pains in the arses.  (Being a victim of extremism and being treated the way that I have is the equivalent of being burnt alive.. called all the names under the sun.. plus a whole load of other human rights violations and breaking international law - rather than facing up to what they've done and compensating me for that - which is a legal right.  They "terminate the victim" instead.  "Nothing you have ever done exists and we have never met, for legal reasons" ... it's to protect people like jimmy saville, max clifford, simon cowell etc etc, john key, judith collins - so they get to keep their jobs and reputations 'in tact'.

£50 million.  sounds like adequate compensation.

that's 'spam' .. apparently.  before twitter locked it for 'spamming'.. does that man twitter is just as evil and corrupt. yip.  I am a shining example of how they treat victims of extremism ... like shit.  and it's not like.. they don't know.  or did anything to prevent anything but rather prefer it doesn't exist.

permanent denial as to how evil they really are.

victims.. such nuisances.. so bad.. just bad bad bad bad baddddaahhh for PR 

owe me millions in compensation... bound to be way more than £50 with all these gambling gazillionaires in the room.

I wonder what they think they 'shafted'

You've completely totally destroyed my life and have absolutely no fucking remorse and the country is completely fucked in the head.  I have never known so much fucking evil in allllllllll my fucking life - and interfering cunts that meddle, claim innocence but are as guilty as fuck.   To deny me victim compensation is against my human rights .   not really a good move.. considering terrorists, UN, some wimpy 'counter extremism' .. you treat the victims of extremely extreme violent crime like shit and even worse play mind games with them, tell people it isn't real, so they laugh even more.  It's more than disgusting.   Then .. here in Apsley Lock.. where allegedly I don't fucking exist, doctors laugh if you tell them anything... walking around 'tssss'.. I'm not the one with serious mental problems if you think it's so funny - you had to nick it, kill the victims sister and claim it as your own .. 'idea' ... it's not an 'idea'.. its real life.  which no one can handle or accept that it's actually very real and very very painfully true.


carry on with your "offender friendly" campaign. Because you sure as hell don't like the victims, I can't think why.. maybe it's because you're that ghastly vile, too evil for words - you wouldn't want anyone to know would you.

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