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£50 million.  sounds like adequate compensation.

that's 'spam' .. apparently.  before twitter locked it for 'spamming'.. does that man twitter is just as evil and corrupt. yip.  I am a shining example of how they treat victims of extremism ... like shit.  and it's not like.. they don't know.  or did anything to prevent anything but rather prefer it doesn't exist.

permanent denial as to how evil they really are.

victims.. such nuisances.. so bad.. just bad bad bad bad baddddaahhh for PR 

owe me millions in compensation... bound to be way more than £50 with all these gambling gazillionaires in the room.

I wonder what they think they 'shafted'

You've completely totally destroyed my life and have absolutely no fucking remorse and the country is completely fucked in the head.  I have never known so much fucking evil in allllllllll my fucking life - and interfering cunts that meddle, claim innocence but are as guilty as fuck.   To deny me victim compensation is against my human rights .   not really a good move.. considering terrorists, UN, some wimpy 'counter extremism' .. you treat the victims of extremely extreme violent crime like shit and even worse play mind games with them, tell people it isn't real, so they laugh even more.  It's more than disgusting.   Then .. here in Apsley Lock.. where allegedly I don't fucking exist, doctors laugh if you tell them anything... walking around 'tssss'.. I'm not the one with serious mental problems if you think it's so funny - you had to nick it, kill the victims sister and claim it as your own .. 'idea' ... it's not an 'idea'.. its real life.  which no one can handle or accept that it's actually very real and very very painfully true.


Worldwide sensible sentencing trust - is invalid.

lying bunch of tits.

noooo ... didn't hear anything.. first I've heard of it.  Yeah sure.

Table of contents. ..  (jesus.  Exactly)

this sums it up nicely tho:

funny shit.

Even the police don't know whats against the law - and what isn't.

manchester united ... aren't they nazi's?

what's with the ponytail?  

9/11 lord of the ringsish memorial

"everyone dies.. no one gets out alive".  (I didn't say that)

dayyyyvvv . 

my feeeeeett.  sons of bitches.

while you were sleeping

ohai.  the canadian bible people that talk gibberish.. gossela.

... who?


1. chapter 1 

based on real life events, leading up to having your life plaguerised and deleted... because....

... means the government deleted me.. because otherwise - I'd have an explanation and compensation 
have a lie detector test - yip. 

.... speak english.

What then

Do you fucking THINK I can read your mind or something.

shivvyxo ... alternative blogga version

When the email shot for a makeup party landed in my inbox I just knew it would be nothing like Ann Summers, I couldn't contain my excitement - I immediately rsvp'd and jotted the date, place and time down on a piece of loose leaf paper that unfortunately later fell out of my bag and blew away in the wind - but - fear not - I remembered where it was going to be... at debenhams.

The way the beauty section is organised could be likened to sweets at a supermarket counter - you know you have enough already but for some strange reason - you need more and these products are definately ones that you couldn't live without.   Like the underarm tuck cream and the goose neck lift cream.. considering I'm only 19, one can't be too complacent with wrinkles or hairy lips and chins.  They need to be banished.  I ask the lady - why would I need these products?  She explains to me - prevention is always the key.  My mum needs these products more than I do and my dad, well.. he needs pollyfilla.. or some kind of concrete mix that isn't as risque as botox as he doesn't want to portray himself as being too girly.  Festish for womens clothes etc... not something that you really want to advertise in the world of marketing or PR.  I'm sure a snake venom face cream would be sufficient for him .. for now .. well at least for a few months before he looks like a retarded wrinkly grave digger

The section that caught my beady magpie eye was the 'city' section,  I caught sight of the target and swooped in for full view, touch and smell.  I know it goes on my face - but... what does it smell like?  Right at that moment the condor began circling me, sizing me up, calculating on how she was going to persuade me to buy, she complimented me on my chin and cheekbone structure ... works for me.

I left debenhams a happy girly with my £3 climax cream (it's carmex.. but it sounds so similar and it does wonderful things to my lips, miracle stuff)

Thank you debenhams for a great evening filled with little dinky canopies (asparagus spears and seared tuna are still the best little nibblers) and fizzy cocktails with umbrellas - it's a night - I'll never forget.  For the rest of my life.


haha... hahaha.

Victims of serious crime are entitled to:

criminal injuries compensation, victim support, victim compensation

where the fuck is mine?

that's not even taking plaguerism, copyright, illegally spying, employment tribunal - into account.
or the UN.

well yeah.. because the UN.. don't exist.

I don't know who watches it - I mean - who writes shit like that and gets paid for it.  They're not bothered - if they're watching it at least they're a fan - but ... make sure - you dowload that shight for free.

weelllllll ... it's fair enough isn't it.

Scribblers.  Funny. Should see the social worker who lives a few doors down, she will say that you're a fucked in the head full of shit crackhead .. England's finest example of a social worker - not entirely sure what exactly they do,    Just as effective as the criminal justice system - not entirely sure what they do either.  Have you been the victim of abuse, gang rape, murder etc etc ... or - just or average run of the mill standard alcoholic - where there's blame there's a claim.

Coming to you LIVE from Hemel Hempstead, home of the United Kindom's justice minister.

come to think of it.. Hemel Hempstead.. let the rest of england down - if england is still considered a country.. it's not really ... it's just a little island.  can't complain about the justice system ever again Neither can New Zealand actually.  Life after death.. haha .. you're not allowed.  It's not like I can afford to sue.  Is it.

 ..... I gave steve a hug.  I hugged him on purpose.  He was a little shocked I think.  Must've been what he read maybe.  "Make a good movie" .. it so would .. wouldn't it.  Steve,

national pride..  / london pride.. funny

I wouldn't say to someone "I really like your forehead" .. again..  rofl.

last weekend.. I made a bench using no nails.  Took me all day.. and I was completely shattered.

hahaha... hahahaha... how sad.

you think white people get treated better... wow.

... england.. doesn't give a shit about england.  england.. doesn't exist.

think i might dress up in a burka .. the full cozzy with the head gear and everything... then I might be able to get a house, a car, criminal injuries compensation, victim compensation, sue the government etc and it wouldn't be racism .. it'd be discrimination.  Plus - I'd be able to using public funding to pay the lawyer.

remember when brejivk was on the front page - it's not racist or anything - it's just because he's your average run of the mill new zealand alcoholic that got bored with a gun.. on an island.  the building was unrelated.. he just looked at it and it blew up.

honkey donkey johnkey's legacy.

I am unsure who Pedram is... but.. he's quite sexy.. I definately know who paltridge is. 

media relations.  How funny

refer to emails betweeen myself and the governor generals office in New Zealand.  You'd never guess what they did.  ... Too funny.

haha ... hahaha ... too funny, oh these kids says some funny things these days.

they don't give a cunty fuck.. take reece witherspoon, kate beckinsale and pretty much all the women that play real life victim roles - they're cunts.  cara whatsherface is even funnier.  It's funny to them. The lady at the job centre says... "you should get into acting"... "shendish manor are one of our best employers".  You need to have killed/murdered someone in order to work there then.

they get paid to pretend

because... my fathers surname isn't on my birth certificate - too funny.

too funny.  one of the kids sean.. was on bgt.. works at shendish manor funnily enough... too funny

they learn their skills out of a text book at acting school.  Not real life.  In real life - you're not allowed to talk about anything - they treat you like a leper.

you'll be fine - as long as you don't talk about anything.. ever.  Just pretend - like nothing happened.


haha... made history with that tattoo me thinks

knights templar.  funny stuff.

toooo funny

too funny.. too funny.. too funny

... three way handshake.. certainly sounds like a shapeshifting lizard alien

it's just too funny because my brother wasn't/isn't jewish.

. he's from christian .. and he's from britain.

they used call me shelley .. well.. that was my uncles fault.. and then on the first day of school Russell interupts "her name is Shelley, that's her name" .. stuck with it..

Knights Templar.. too funny.

haha ... haha ..  howz greenpeace

why don't they change the name slightly ... to 'got a good blowfielding'.. or he got adobowalified by the adabowlaier .. or even - have a good veneballing.. or whatever his name is.  

Is that movie Lovely bones actually real - or just super funny?

haha.. jokes.  Nothing about his dead nephew though - too funny.  the useless uncle - also goes by the name of Joe.

it's very arty farty.  And factual.

nawww... bless 'em.

they got offended because someone said "fuck".

too funny.

harry ... goes by the name of daniel.  Likes birds.  How strange.

thats my #heffer shot

that's my #wench shot



probably something like ... he likes sardines and bananas together in a bun and he was really mean to a dwarf or something really trivial

tooo funny, britain  - doesn't exist.  

aren't they precious

.. maybe people will forget... people are so silly aren't they

could always shave your head in support of it ... for charity of course.

once you have one sudden death - all the other sudden deaths are just the norm.  And if she says something you don't like - just tell her - she doesn't exist.  Problem solved.  

too funny

"Talk to me like you would a normal person".  Heath Ledger.

(conversation between a random person and a 'principle'.. not allowed to talk to 'principles' .. principles are the main actors and randomers are just general dogs bodies.. dime a dozen)'.

saw them at glastonbury.. good song.  Charlene Spiteri's man grab thing comes a close second

what the fuck is anzac

maybe they can visit in spirit

it's not like it's real life or anything

they call it murrickaahhh .. zippylips murrickaaahhh

"I shall use my influence" ... shounds like something out of a movie

bag daddy

Captain Mulberry

I dropped my phone.  broke it.  Leave them parcel people a card ... you may ring but.. the answer in advance is.. you will get your parcel soon ish bro, churrr innit.  part is coming in the post.  Royal Fail.  they take aaaayyyygggesssssss

hahaha ... too funny

.. they call it ... goare .. as in .. there was blood everywhere

they are fucking CUNTS.

must be just another imaginary victim - that doesn't exist

... I dunno what your gripe is.

best talk to frank


never heard of her... but she looks like Cher .. sonny probably is burning in the firey pits of hell - won't be too long before she joins him.  At least now - there's another Cher to take her place.  She might write a song about pizzas .. rename her band to the pizza underground anchovies

these kids do the funniest things these days
I'm sure a warning will be enough .. and a five dollah fine

the evidence ... of the terror plot

yeeeaaaahhhh fuck the world ..  I'm pretty sure that's a terrerrrr plot.  someone arrest that skank.

jimmy saville anyone?

It's the funniest thing in britain..... "why did no one say anything" - yeah well they did - but just got told that shagging dead bodies isn't nothing to worry about and they're just over reacting... then... an email shot was sent out saying that the whistleblower is just a paranoid dillusional schizophrenic ... that doesn't exist.

why did no one say anything - because it's too much fun taking the piss.

where the fuck is my compensation... CUNTS.

movember - is for women bashers.

think paris might be a bit of a security risk

spot the difference... can you.. circle the difference and send it into BBC to win a prize

i got the idea from billy t james' hat making competition

(you have to watch it to appreciate it)

"Why don't you just fuck off" ... gimme my fucking compensation and I will.

Mike Pennning and his land of fucktarded hemmeroids.

one ball

should work for yodel .. or herpes... or get a job stacking shelves or something.  

..... see everything is absolutely marvellous... super.  Splendid.  waaayyyyy over the other side of the world.   race relations.  haha ... tourists... bookaface.  bookaface. 

that's my comment there.. i keep forgetting my user name.  always the one password though.

crime.  too funny.  ed the crackhead should talk to the social services woman next door.. I'm guessing the response will be he's fucked in the head.  Is there a cure for being fucked in the head Ed.  Yes he says.. more crack.  (It's all in the eyes)

For sale.  Britain. 60p or nearest offer.

community service should be an adequate sensible sentence.  june 26.  funny.  I was that off my face I got the dates back to front.  Don't remember too much of it. 24/6/1990 ... not 26/4/1990.  

too funny.  Isn't it ... yessss... "we work for Trounson"  Department of Corrections NZ. 

English are absolute fucking CUNTS and NZ - I would kill too many people.

yes but... why are you so angry?

why so serious?  shit like that - is soooo funnneeeeeee

I wasn't in england then.  Something about miners.. and council tenants right to buy - then council tax

I only learnt about window tax a few months back

pavement tax .. there probably is already

how is peado pete - did anyone invite him to thiers for lunch

"be the best peado you can be pete"

I always thought he was a chef

... and american - not a new zealander.

too funny.  they're all just paranoid schizophrenic lunatics aren't they.  
Good job they're not all running round with meatcleavers.

looks like ddaaayyyyyyyyvvvvvv

it's a slight improvement - altho I bet his eyes change when he starts walking.  

Acid Ed.

the other guy always looks so depressed

I wonder if he ever thought about having his ears pinned back or chopped off

too funny

not ageing too well is she really

I think one is a foreign rocket scientist ... and the other is a speed freak 

... when they say 'free' - it really isn't. 

ooh look - real life peado pete .. old west.. interesting

that's some funny shit right thurrr.  aaahhhh I remember the looks on their faces... ahhhh your fucked in the head and full of shit

"there's a dead body there - show some emotion"

bummerrrr.  he shot the tele.  I remember that bit.. and the statue in the tree

It's the news guy!!

king julien-ski

bring me my nuts on a silver platter.

too funny

they hope to be the best rapist in the world .... ?

fair enough

who ate all the pies who ate all the pies.. YOU fat bastard YOU fat bastard YOU ate all the pies

st george was foreign.  haha too funny... why doesn't he just fuck off back to his own country.  (it's not racist cos he's white)

he goes round painting all the stripes on the zebras.. gets paid 60p an hour.. well jell.  very skilled.

zebras are like donkeys.. very temperamental.. they don't like standing still for too long.. there's a lot of zebra whispering.  While the zebras are drying his other job is stacking shelves at asda.

it takes an awful lot of skill to learn how to use the tote machine at the TAB as it does drinking a jug of lion red without burping

evil son of a bitch.  Even looks like a cunt.  101 ways to fuck the world.

look at my feet ... sunniva bitch.  es.

her hands do look much better.  juviderm fillers

nobody has told her have they ... the UN don't exist but the paycheck does

who the hell is George?

daily mail really like that picture for some strange reason

the one with the justice minister judith collins  .. well that's trophy worthy.

funny how people stuff like that - never happens to white people.

no shoes .  my feeeeeet.  son.of.a.beetch.

too funny.

well actually, the detectives pulled me up at the petrol station, weren't concerned about anything other missing records from Hemel Hempstead police station regarding verbal/physical abuse etc  from the neighbour who apparently got an asbo - no records!! wow!  amazing.  Just told the lady who reported it - nothing to worry about - it's just anti-establishment.  they already know.  

so when you see someone get beaten to a pulp or raped or whatever - remember to take a selfie and put it on the internet.  It's the right thing to do according to everyone that didn't say a fucking thing.

I wonder if they have bikes in automatic.. never been able to get it past second gear

roooaaadddd trip

nothing happened - just mucking about, didn't know who they were - highlight of my evening

back at the boat at the Monaco grand prix - was a completely different story

"You only like famous people ... oh you're an extra (eyeball roll)..."
"Ohhh nooo .. we don't mind that, they do it all the time" - says a WOMAN.

Get the FUCK OUT of our room and take your little fat naked body with you.  

Mens Health Magazine.

nice watch.  Looks Expensive.

blame NZ.

does it really take a genius to point out... well say.. what kind of fucking IDIOTS frack right on a fault line? 

noooo zeallllnaddddd - land of the long white don't give a shit

there are other red dresses

I'm owed millions.  Pay up.
100% Pure retarded.

... just to be sure it actually does do what it says on the tin... not like it has a chain reaction or anything.

he's quite hot

maybe if they called them a 'club' 

you don't expect them to give a shit... do you?

... "there's a dead body over some emotion" ... yip. I did. thanks.  

(some crime programme.. I forget what it's called - real life crime is just tooooooo funny)

be enough to pay a childminder.. charges these days are reddick.  Prescriptions - well he's a doctor so he doesn't have to pay for those.

I wonder what hair dye she uses.

too funny.  I'm in stitches.


I'm on a swan muhfukkkaaahhzzzz.  yeah - fuck the world.

canterbury certainly has 'issues'.

teeeeennnaaa turrrnerrrrr

I have a fat buddha in my lounge.  Got it in India.  Reminds me of the bus driver

namwhen yoko .. or something

... only because he thinks he's better than everyone else .. I liked him.. krishnan.. the news guy

... so.. we save the murderers and give them all the support in the world and make the victims disappear ... well.. because it's no good for statistics, marketing, PR, race relations etc etc .. and my paycheck is worth so much more.  Logical NZ.

nooo zeaaalllndddd ... land of the long white don't give a shit.

I'm sure it must've been a very pleasant experience for him.  congratulations.

sensible sentencing.  life after death.  fucking hilarious. innit.

the death penalty.  Sharia Law

because obviously... "sensible sentencing" is irrelevant and western laws are proven NOT to work and quite clearly the whole 'system' is fucked.  but.. who's to blame - it certainly isn't me.  I didn't kill anyone.

and maybe they can give brejivik some really good counselling - and a free drink, courtesy of the UN.

sounds biblical.  Must be fucked in the head.

#shirtfront teckkers

it's not like they didn't know

but - they have to change - because you said so

you get a little leaflet with a skull and crossbones on it.  They tell you.   They get warned.

someone put 87 on there by accident.  


he's huge

bet everyone who looks at that is relieved it's someone elses problem

no one thinks anything about it.  It's no big deal.

I would've thought that was obvious - if the men have gone through the grooming process only to be told that they can't fuck the kids - that would be against their human rights. 

its absolutely fucking amazing what they call 'security risks' these days


very arty farty

because they're irrelevant - just like everything else.

but it's always great for marketing.  I can't remember off hand what it says on the gates of Auschwitz

stop fracking then - because what they are doing - is essentially sentencing them to death without the use of weapons.

If we poke it - will it get angry... not too sure - frack it and find out.

rofl.. that shit is waaaayyyyyy funny.

she fucking needs hanging.  Like the rest of them.

how much did he get paid for that .. more than £50 probably

too funny

haha... too funny.  too late - both have been done already.... by themselves because even england hates england.  Dunno how they're going to 'improve' anything - anytime soon.

"Maybe if they just ignore everything - the problem will just sort it outself out"  advice for ISIS.

why?  how the divorce going?  have any miscarriages you'd like to blame anyone for?  Have a good rape lately?  Or - are you facing any kidnapping charges?  And how is the snot green bag?  It was very expensive - primark 50p.  It was all I could afford - vonny says you loved it.  It would've been nice to say thank you though.

donation to the earthquake fund.  Lots of grains of sand.

I get that - when I suddenly remember something .. like names

"not this time danny, I have touched him with my luck" ... 

"mark strong" ... "who?" ..looking looking. "Rock n Rolla!" .. I really liked the microphone bit

help help my hairs stuck on the spaceship!

my feet.  sons of bitches.

... back in Hemel Hempstead ...

I made an artistic installation.. kind've like one tree hill .. very proud of it.


Never liked doctor who.. it's the music - soon as came on I switched it off.. ajockalypse .. boris should go back to watching harry potter.  stop and think... hindsight and foresight.  Not hindsight and foreskin.  Farage looks so much better when he hasn't got his mouth wide open - ready to chuck golf balls into it.. like they do at the circus.

mwahahaha  mwahahahaha 

the davinci code is one of those movies that you have to watch half a dozen times to understand it - which is why... I've never watched it

no idea.. probably because it's a conspiracy and it got 'terminated' and replaced with something else. and it's also a security risk.  Who the hell is George.  lol.  

don't deserve to fucking breathe.

i like your pic... yeah nahh don't akshully.  


the start.  

random pictures ... it's just a tree










They all knew but didn't do a fuckin thing - apart from laugh. *(and copy it of course).
Makes them just as bad as rapists, murderers and child killers.

All for PR and marketing of course.

 I think she likes to *think* that she is:

"Public shouldn't lose confidence in the Justice System"  what pills has Judith Collins been taking?


Behind the camera

or in front of it








prophecies are normally in advance





and "no one gets out alive" - Ricky Gervais

and "they just turn into grains of sand"  Mr Selfridge



It's a fucking shame - no one gives a shit innit

they can always talk to frank


rofl.  'unseen' .. ha ahaha ha ha la de dah fairy spies.  schizophrenic gay spies.  rofl. the unseen, how is he going to pay them, if they're unseen. rofl.

isis was to chicken shit to go to hell

No explanation given

Never got back.


didn't do a fucking thing


answer - yip.  Tragic.

Nothing.  They are irrelevant.
Look a bit shifty.

fly over a war zone without permission or identification and you probly will get shot at.

but - HA HA... HAHAHAHHA . nazi death trains - rofl.


says Key, the shapeshifting lizard alien

they say that - but they don't mean it.

Of course:

of course nobody knew.


hasn't there been a couple of problems with planes in Malaysia?


Max Clifford's marketing strategy "We downplayed it the best we could, just laugh it off - it'll go away"


my computer is a guru


It's a bit like that time I asked someone if they knew any good lawyers
"Do you know any good lawyers"
"No can't help you, I don't know any lawyers"


by 'help' she just means delete them.

I can pronounce it so much better now


spose she had to make it relevant to something
.. innit

she doesn't like horses too much then

I was a little bit .. drunk


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Hiya :) Quake was 7.5 in ChCh, then scaled downed to 7.1, Damage was awful from what ive seen :( <3 a="" all="" bit="" but="" dunners="" goes="" how="" in="" more.="" nothing="" o:p="" of="" out="" rumble="" the="" to="" u="" victims.="">

Monday, September 20, 2010 at 4:38am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) Hope theyve given you some decent pain relief for ya foot, Rest Up!! Weve been watching the Jeremy Kyle show & Jerry said how can Michelle live over there with "that lot" (English) most the people on the show are total retards...Just his opinion...Hope the sun is shining & your ,laxing out xx

Friday, October 1, 2010 at 1:59pm UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) Have u heard the new song from "pretty reckless"< called u make me wanna die... so good i <3 all="" amp="" foot="" good.="" hope="" it="" o:p="" u="" xx="" ya="">

Monday, October 25, 2010 at 9:38pm UTC+01
Darlene Johnstone wrote on your timeline.
Im good, but i might have 2 send you a long email telling ya what shit i have been through lol. How have you been?

Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 9:15am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hope all goes according to plan at Botox clinic. Let me know how it goes. Just PLZ don,t go to extremes like Priscilla Presley.

Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 12:26am UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone was tagged in Shivon Johnstone's status.
my mums like a bloody teenager. Michelle Johnstone - turn it down, it's been playing for four hours straight.

Monday, November 22, 2010 at 7:02am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Had a dream with you & Shivon in it last night, You & her were on a shopping spree & both bought some brown cowboy boots with wheels on them, like the roller sneakers & ya,s were skating around the shops :)

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 11:21am UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
O how I love planes :-D I'm going to Madrid

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 4:32pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
captains log: 16.31 hrs: met granny rocker today, laughed that much I nearly went flying off the treadmill

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 4:41pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
captains log: 16:38 hrs: dammit, secret covert operation to become invisible parent hasn't worked.. been called in to mingle with the masses tomorrow.. must remember to put stroppy face on

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 9:06pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Don't have sex - you will get pregnant - and die

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 10:17pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Yup - I'm obsessed- temper trap sweet disposition , up there with pink floyd learning to fly

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 5:51pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
captains log: 17:49 hrs successfully fled mass lecture society with package in tow, stopped at local supermarket en route home and unwittingly copied a guys deep voice when he said 'thank you', I replied 'your welcome' .. mass hysterics at the till to the point of crying

Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 4:40am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Most of lifes problems start with MEN...menapause, mental anxiety etc...coincedence i think not

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 7:23am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
So how was ya holiday luvlee?? Theres an auction over here online & the winner gets a date with Mr Richie McCaw.

Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 7:31am UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Vroom vroom

Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 10:28am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
This is a hug (((hug))) from outta the blue, too let you know im thinking of you & even though ive got nothing to say, You know i thought of you today :)

Friday, April 8, 2011 at 6:52am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey, How u doing on the other side of the planet?? Keeping well i hope.

Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 12:49pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
I'm 'in' NYC!! Noooo yawwwkk

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 12:14pm UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) How are ya chook? Hope your keeping well & looking after yourself. Bloody cold over here :( Lana got her 1st tattoo & it looks amazing.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 8:10pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Fiona! I DO NOT want to talk about the fucking past! K

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 8:30pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
victim information manager says "I thought you might find this interesting, cheers" Fe Miller - how could you not fuckin tell me?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 9:19pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone shared a link.
Kirsty Robertson Nigel Trounson? wtf is he? George Trounson murdered my brother - I'm not in the fkn best of moods so if you are related/married to a fkn skinhead - please vacate the premises

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 9:47pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
IT GETS FUCKIN WORSE!! "I went to primary school with the trounson boys in alexandra and then to high school with THE GIRL THAT HARBOURED HIM PRIOR TO GOING BACK TO JAIL" - HOW THE FUCK AM I SPOSED TO STAY FUCKIN SANE?

Monday, December 19, 2011 at 7:45pm UTC
Pamela Johnstone wrote on your timeline.
hay how r ya?bn alotta years haha :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 11:29am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :g Had a vivid dream last night, you came back too Kiwiland for a holiday, Any thoughts in that direction??

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 10:44am UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Is going to the Premiere of John Carter tomoz ;-D

November 25, 2012

Fe Miller : Hey, How are ya?? I was browsing through the midweek & found something that may or may not interest you....Anyway Ive sent it over & you can do with what ever ya want, Hope it doesn,t hit a nerve or anything cos thats in no way my intention.

Michelle Johnstone: hey xx yeah not too bad, what's that then.. nothing shocks me anymore x
Fe Miller :Its about a Johnstone history thing, I didn,t read the whole thing but thought of you immediately & shoved it in an envelope Was posted last friday after my mammogram {fuck that hurt} so should arrive any day now, How you been any-way?.
Fe Miller: Glad too hear your ok, Your garden must be looking amazing. Love the pics of you dressed up in Victorian gear, Really proud of you, So whats the new occupation?? I get the mind blank thing ALL the time, can remember songs of the 80s easily but everything being tested. Jerry reckons Im pill fucked but i think i, would be worse without them & if i wasn,t crook i wouldn,t need the 176 dam pills a week excluding my angina spray & $900 Humira shot every fortnight....Any-who Its great being a nana havn,t babysat Sativa Rosalee Deans yet but looking forward too it :) Shes exactly like Lana was, chubby cheeks & blue eyes, Just love her too bits. Hows your girl? NZ gone mental over the hobbit, not my cup of tea. Unsure re Tall Poppy Syndrome :/
Fe Miller: I didn,t realise there was a feud, Its 12;25am over here & Im waiting on jerry too get back from the pub, he said he was going down for 1 handle about 4ish so i cooked tea, made looie cake, did the dishes bla bla he came home quite pissed asked for some money, gave him the last 5 i had as he said he was going too enter a pool/darts comp & havn,t seen him since :/ Its doing my head in, why can,t he just say...Im going too the pub for 8 hours too drown my sorrows....GRRRR

Thats meant too be lollie cake lol

Maybe he,s met someone else again he hasn,t got his wedding ring fixed since we moved, The pub would be shut by now probably so may have gone for drinks some where else....Lucky for some eh...Meanwhile Im here door is unlocked so could get donked on the head or stabbed anytime {happened recently dunedin} if i lock the door jerry might take that the wrong way...he hasn,t got a key so have too stay awake till he gets home. Hows your week been??
Fe Miller: jeez, thats heavy shit :? Hows things over there? Getting colder eh, I hope we get a decent summer but hey its dunedin. How old is shivon now?
Michelle Johnstone: just a thought - why would you put something about getting stabbed and having the door unlocked fiona? are you missing the whole skinhead thing? Mind you it probably could happen since you married one of them
it's called Stockholm syndrome

November 30, 2012
Fe Miller: Im one fucked up woman, thats for dam sure...Thank gawd my kids are all normal

Fe Miller: Jerry was across the road at the time, but yeah definitely have that stockholm syndrome....{just googled it} Bizarre, ya learn something every day.

December 1, 2012:

Michelle Johnstone: watch the rugby x

Fe Miller: Will be, Not on here till tomorrow :( So its a good game eh

Michelle Johnstone: yah.. sooooo much better than the freakin hobbits.. there are sexier things that come out of new zealand yah know.

Fe Miller: Yeah, Hobbits shobbits i ca,t be bothered with any of it, Waiting on results....Health going down hill fast, Husband drinking any chance he can get :? Just wanna scream....This isn,t how I planned my life at the ripe old age of 16...I had a plan....model for a bit, get a job, car, travel, go too rock a guy who would ask me 2 marry him in the most romantic/original way...........Nope got a ring chucked at me with the words here ya......FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!

Fe Miller: How did andy propose too you??

Michelle Johnstone: oh farrkk - how shittty is this - the rugby isn't even on the fucking tele! It's on fucking sky. yay. oh fucking yay. I'm so oooo ooooo not impressed. I wanna watch it - maybe there's a link or something - free stream or something. I know chick..,. Thelma & Louise - bring it onnnnnnn

Fe Miller: can you watch it & your local??

Michelle Johnstone: they do soccer in one and the other one is a kind of like that cafe off friends but with old people - plus the other thing is I wouldn't like to sit and try and watch the game and then have some drip ask me if I was local and try and start a "so where do you come from" questions - it'd be the most irritating thing ever

Fe Miller: I bet, Must you must have a full english accent by now, I noticed it 13 years they reckon say sound kiwi?? Jerrys in a crap mood again...I swear Im not feeling loved...I read magazines & watch tv bla bla...And people in love don,t interact like we do...nothing is worth feeling this bad ;(

Michelle Johnstone: I like to think of as "posh english".. altho they laughed at me when I said that. well - hasn't he got something medically wrong with him - I dunno - did you ever get counselling after the rape?

Fe Miller: Its all2 much 4 much 4 my olld bfain.................

see u in2016

Michelle Johnstone: whats happening in 2016?

Michelle Johnstone: there's even a kidnapping party.. y'know blindfold 'em, tie them to a chair & fuck 'em - you didn't tell me if you got counselling for the rape chick or - were you lying to me?

Fe Miller: I had councelling for years with Jill Carodoc Davies, she was good but this time of year brings it all back.

Its now the 1-1-2013 & I must apologise for that crap, we went too our local & I got really hammered {obviously} I don,t even remember us chatting last night, god knows whats happening in 2016 :/ But the rape happened in december 1990 then that scumbag rob stole my docs when i went too the drs with mum, jerry said he remembers him taking them up 2 them & trying too sell them.
Michelle Johnstone: IT'S 20FIRTEEEN. apologise for what? i can't remember names
Fe Miller: That all sounds bloody awful, what are the indian police doing about it?? Mass Carnage would be a understatement, I totally understand your worrying about your child, I always do & always will & now about Sativa. I didn,t press charges against those wankers out of plain fear, but karma will sort them out 1 way or another I heard one of them got stabbed in the balls HaHa Ha ha!!!!
Fe Miller: Whats the world coming too?? Jim Morrison had it right years ago when he wrote "People are Strange" chat later after a cuppa

Michelle Johnstone: People didn't give a shit back then - what'd yah think that's like now man . See - when people say "what's the world coming to " "it's a fucked up world we live in" generally means its an excuse not to give a fuck because you did nothing to prevent the sick fucks fucking over someone else

Fe Miller: Its totally fucked, Sad really no-one seems too give a shit,

Michelle Johnstone: Includes you init - you got gang raped - you did nothing to prevent that from happening to other people .

Fe Miller: your right & ive got no excuse except they put fear in me & 2 this day I get chills if i see any shaved men, jerrys got a good crop of hair now, Thank gawd.

Michelle Johnstone: don't bullshit otherwise you wouldve never married one in the first place or fucked one voluntarily. Whatever reason its fucking strange you've had no inclination to help other women who've been through the same thing. Or protested.

Michelle Johnstone: with most victims there's an innate need to let other victims know that they're not on thier own. Not a little snitch for other skinheads fiona.

Fe Miller: Have i said or done something 2 upset you? Why are you bringing that awful time so many years later?

Michelle Johnstone: work it out. and actually - as a matter of factly - you've been bringing it up for years so yah know shrugs shoulders, when the shitteth hitteth the fanneth - you did nothing but watched, you keep going on about your husband when you know I fucking hate them. and to top it off there's something in you that fucking likes bringing up the past but let other people deal with it - why would you send me something about the johnstones - on my brothers birthday? why would you disguise the fact that you know trounsons mrs and didn't say nothing when she harboured him? you can't say you didn't know.

that kinda makes you a traitor and just as bad as a rapist

Ever wondered why I don't like anything on my wrists? for years it's been a non-stop 'remember this, remember that' - fucking hardly. they shaved your hair off, they beat the other women black and blue and proabably wouldve killed her too. And you think everything is normal. You didn't see a need to protest to get the scum off the streets. Along with underage prostitution. I mean - for fuck sake - I can't believe you didn't do anything. And I'm guessing you go on about it to me cos noone would believe you. It's also fucking strange the only opportunity I had to shout I was stomped down by the whole of nz. Says alot for NZ.

Fe Miller: I had no idea it arrived on your brothers birthday as don,t know when that is, Whose trounsens mrs??

Fe Miller: I felt you & I had a close enough friendship that I could confide in you about how we somehow got through that time. Do mean Jodi?? Ive only met the woman once at a party last year, And she was married with a kid on the way & it wasn,t too george


Fiona was there when they had me pinned up against a wall ripping off my clothes.  The woman that screamed 'rapist' got beaten to a pulp.  They shaved Fiona's hair off and she decided to go back a few days later when I was out of town - when I got back she told me she was raped - with bottles, carrots and whatever else they could find.  She lied.  "They are just big boys" she said.

I'm intrigued.

I wonder what that could be.

who writes shit like that?  what on earth is she on about?

looks like a random tardis.

Oh it isss it *IS* a random tardis.

bystander effect

It's irrelevant.  It's just a rock

it's slightly odd - think I might use it

Something about a sinking ship.  

rofl. I told them, they need an exorcist.

difficult flight path these days

rofl.  not your average PR pic. different.

unidentified guest. rofl.


Application for recall

Under section 60(2) of the Parole Act 2002


Katrina Casey
General Manager


George Charles TROUNSON

Hearing:                                            14 July 2011
                                                           At (Withheld) Facility

Members of the Board:                   Judge J Macdonald (Panel Convenor)
                                                           Mr R Lewis
                                                           Ms J Donaldson

Counsel:                                           (Withheld)

Supporters:                                      (Withheld)

In Attendance:                                  (Withheld)


1.            This is an application to recall Mr Trounson to prison.  He was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder on 26 February 1991.  There have been previous releases on parole and previous recalls to prison. 

2.            Mr Trounson was last released on parole on 8 September 2010.  This was subject to the statutory conditions and a number of special conditions, including one that prohibited him from possessing or consuming alcohol.  This condition applied for the rest of his life.  

3.            On 28 May 2011 Mr Trounson attended a wedding.  In subsequent discussions with his Probation Officer he denied consuming any alcohol at the wedding.  However, information came to light indicating to the contrary.  Mr Trounson accepts that he had lied to his probation officer and there is now no dispute with the description of what took place at the wedding, as set out in paragraphs 13 and 14 of his probation officer’s affidavit filed in support of the recall application. 

4.            At the wedding, and unbeknown to Mr Trounson, he was observed by a Corrections’ Officer who happened to be acting as a barman.  The Corrections’ Officer saw Mr Trounson standing with a beer in his hand at the front of the venue.  He observed that Mr Trounson carried on drinking to the point where he was visibly intoxicated.  At some later point a shift in the mood of the party was noted, which was undoubtedly linked to the amount of alcohol consumed by those present, and consequently a decision was made to shut down the bar.  Mr Trounson was present throughout that time. 

5.            That is the incident that has triggered the present recall application.  It is on the grounds that Mr Trounson has breached his release conditions by consuming alcohol and that he poses an undue risk to the safety of the community.

6.            The Board notes that Mr Trounson was also subject to a further special condition, imposed on 22 February 2011, which required him to take Antabuse medication as prescribed by his medical practitioner, and in accordance with any directions given by his Probation Officer.  We mention that because in the course of the hearing Mr Trounson admitted that he had stopped taking Antabuse some four months ago – that would have been in March.  He did so because of some terribly adverse reaction to something he had eaten at a restaurant.  Significantly, however, he did not disclose this to his Probation Officer and it is another example of being less than frank with her. 

7.            In assessing the significance of this drinking episode at the wedding we are obliged to take into account an earlier but very recent application to recall him to prison.  An interim recall order was made in December 2010 on precisely the same ground – a breach of the condition not to consume alcohol.  Admittedly the Board, when it dealt with the application on 13 January 2011, decided not to grant a final order but it made several comments which would have indicated to Mr Trounson that he was close to being recalled.  It would also have indicated to him that any repetition could lead to the opposite result.

8.            Returning to the present application, an interim recall order was made on 2 June 2011.  At the hearing this afternoon Mr Trounson, who is represented by Mr Cameron, accepts that by consuming alcohol at the wedding he has breached one of his parole conditions.  The issue for us is whether it justifies his recall to prison.

9.            Mr Cameron submits that a recall is not justified as Mr Trounson does not pose an undue risk to the community.  The incident happened at a time of stress for Mr Trounson.  It did not lead to any other offending.  He has complied with his other conditions of parole over many years.  He has employment and accommodation.  The Board was therefore invited to treat this incident as another lapse, but one that does not require recall.

10.         From the applicant’s viewpoint the major concern is over how it can properly manage this ongoing difficulty of Mr Trounson deciding to consume alcohol.  Alcohol consumption increases his risk of re-offending, and even though it was a long time ago it was a significant contributing factor in the murder. 
11.         In considering the application the starting point is that Mr Trounson has breached his special condition not to possess or consume alcohol.  That is not disputed.  As to whether it justifies his recall we are satisfied that it does for several reasons.

12.         First, this latest breach needs to be viewed in the light of the previous recall application that was dealt with on 13 January 2011.  As mentioned before Mr Trounson should have been under no illusions as to what might happen if he breached this condition again. The Board had assumed at that time that Mr Trousnson had learnt a valuable lesson and there would be no repetition.   Second, while it was a single breach, it was preceded by Mr Trounson’s decision to stop taking Antabuse some four months ago.  Undoubtedly he should have disclosed this to his probation officer.  He also should have realised that in doing so it would have placed him at greater risk of breaching the condition about not consuming alcohol.  His failure to recognise that is of concern.  Third, in deciding to attend a wedding he knew that alcohol would be present and again he has placed himself in a risky situation.  He has consumed alcohol and from the description it must have been in some quantity.  Subsequently he has lied to his probation officer about that.  He also placed himself in a position of potential risk after the mood of the function had changed by remaining there in the presence of a number of other persons who are affected by alcohol.  Again it reflects a failure to recognise situations that place him at risk.   

13.         Furthermore the Board is of the view that until he is able to stop consuming alcohol, and it is unclear what can be done to make him comply, he remains an undue risk to the safety of the community.  And, although it was a long time ago Mr Trounson acknowledged that alcohol had played a significant part in the murder.  That cannot be overlooked. 

14.         The Board is satisfied that both grounds for recall have been established.  Mr Trounson is recalled to prison but will be seen again by the Board in November.

Judge J Macdonald
Panel Convenor


·       You may apply for a review of the Board’s decision under section 67(1).  The only grounds under which you may make an application for review are that the Board, in making its decision:

a)   Failed to comply with procedures in the Parole Act 2002; or
b)   Made an error of law; or
c)   Failed to comply with Board policy resulting in unfairness to the offender; or
d)   Based its decision on erroneous or irrelevant information that was material to the decision reached; or
e)   Acted without jurisdiction.

·       To apply for a review you must write to the Board within 28 days of its decision stating which of the above ground(s) you consider to be relevant in your case and giving reasons why you believe that ground(s) applies.

·       Reviews are considered on the papers only.  There is no hearing in respect of your Review Application.

this guy has one too

just like it's so much easier to call them loonies

I did.  and the price for that is loneliness apparently.
And I got called all the names under the fucking sun






because... it's just funny



fucking the world.

Nothing is a crime

thanks for your message

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