Monday, 23 February 2015


only clever people can understand this.

because stupid people like to be spoon fed

.. I think they call it "art" .. educational, documentarative, scientifical stuff.  

I've already been quarantined so... 'beneficial to the public'  ... justice for all... it's lies

If that's the treatment I got - don't like your chances too much on the current sex abuse case where they have a new zealand judge. but then again - savilles victims were all paranoid schizophrenic lunatics as well.. or dead ... or in a mental home - but no matter it's just someone John Key might've invited round for tea.. probably.   But not the other one that ended up in Brazil or something.  With the parole boards help.

a slideshow would be much better

I just...

bllllaaaahhh of fer fuck sayyyyykkkkaaahhh

have they asked to have it removed then I take it?
why - that would breach my human rights of freedom of speech wouldn't it?

then again - one should never assume, if they have a problem with it - I'm sure they would tell me. via email and text or letter because - it's not like they don't know where to find me.  

how do they treat the victims of serious crime?

like a hostage.  or a criminal.
or.. kind've like a metaphor for rape.

like this

sooo... if you are a victim of abuse/rape/murders or massacres or whatever - it's no big deal, it is the 'thing' to do to laugh it off, call it a conspiracy, pretend it isn't real and 'blacklist' you.  Isolate you and call you a lunatic.  Even then if that doesn't work they'll kill you off in real life as well as in the movies.  Like saville - cowell - cliffords - they all knew - nobody said anything - even when he was molested dead bodies at the morgue.   

funny ... "pretend it isn't real".  rofl.

haha ... hahahaha... LIVE... Endoscopy central

the little yellow alien has a crush on him .. little gay alien

lolz.. not alot happens in NZ - they love rapists, murderers and massachists so they'll fit in nicely

he so did.

nothing back - just the normal fuck off sentence.. then when you get back - fuck off over there.. and when you get back from there - fuck off again.

what do I think of the mongrel mob....  showponies... that run funny.

There was a truce in Syria.  I think the world missed it.

because it was too retarded and funny. And prefer to think - it's not real.

gooooddddd morning vietNAMMMMM

On your radio station today the western front still thinks victims of serious crime are paranoid dillusional nut jobs that actually SHOULD be burnt alive in cages.

Dunno 'bout you buuuutttt ... I think there's something really wrong with that

different subject.. astromander... what do I think of a website called 'astromander'.... 

this'd be classed as scientifical astro astrological coincidence


lol.  peace is spam.  and meetings..., are really boring, they just regurgitate the same shight.. over and over and over ... again.   

haha ... hahahaha

who is going to help the white christians... Pussy Riot and christian landmark.  rofl.

it's fair enough.  and shagged is a better word.

the next time someone gets burnt alive in a cage - remember to clap and cheer - like you do - already.


.. as opposed to..

eastenders are funny - you like them at first.. but then ... you learn to hate them.

more propoganda ... I'll believe it - when I see it.

he could always work with George Trounson ... or

Darren McGrath

there's loads of charities around.

Movember is a bit naff.  what with women bashers n all

Did you know... harry potter likes my birds.  why thank you harry.

(he did tell me... in real life)

completely understandable


I think sensible sentencing and white ribbon are both 'charities' as well.

giving george trounson the best possible rehab there is

Jihaddy Rehab - was your idea

Celebrity 'culture' .... jokes innit.

he's going to find Jihaddy John - and give him a pay rise, a free house, free rehab, free booze, a book deal ... and a movie deal and also a knighthood if he choose to accept it.  Because - he's famous. And that's all that matters. 

they were all just dillusional paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theorists that were fucked in the head and full of shit - and they were also just anti-establishment and security risks.

He's famous.  That's all that matters.

Make a good movie though.

I think the brits went down the supermassive black hole a couple of years back

madonna just wanted to visit.

Where theres' blame... there's a claim.

they are all:

dillusional paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theorists
nutjobs, loonies, stalkers. bunny boilers, anti-establishment, security risks, fucked in the head and full of shit and they must be dreaming it. .. also a junkie and a crackhead and an attention seeker

- Never a victim.

with all that wrong with them - they decide to ignore them but choose to take the piss out of them instead.


he's famous - that's all that matters.

so funny isn't it.

and JJ is entitled to the best rehab ... in the world.  Thanks to sensible sentencing trust.

those new zealand retards are at it again.  It was super ted.

another conspiracy theory to munch on

rofl.  I would comment - but - I'm not allowed.  Been banned.  from all media outlets.
Have no idea why.  Crapmosphere. sheek.

Sides... marie claire is way better.  I nearly broke the table when I excitedly asked "are yah gunna air brush me" ... he forgave me for that ... I think.

haha... hahahaha

why? Is there something medically wrong with him?


they get worked up over the silliest things

it's no big deal

just more 'propoganda' and another 'conspiracy' theory.


shake rattle n roll.  hilarious.

looks like he has a pot belly

sold... to the man talking to himself


maybe they might change the record now ... to pixie lott ... on repeat ... one verse... for six hours or something stupid...but change the lyrics slightly... it's a smallpox world .. after.. all

he so does.  look like damien omen.

might be just a 'one-off' 'thing'

green hat man

he has 'issues'.

and that's what they call victims of serious crime as well.

what happens when the government tries to 'cure' them like they do George Trounson - by giving them all the support that they require....

"don't give a cunting fuck - that's what" says John Key "we have the best rehab in the world" 

"don't mind her - she's just fucked in the head"

be like ... #shirtfront

remember that time I was an extra on I give it a year - that very same day I was told I was fucked in the head .. and full of shit ... and peado pete - is an endeering character who everyone loves

strange choice of outfit.

although - peado pete is actually real.

and the catering people - think that's funny.

Just like if you say to someone "you know that lizard off monsters inc - you look like him" .. but say it with a smile and they don't know they're being insulted.  It's really funny.


so everyone that uses the internet are terrorists - if they do anything wrong (the govt that is) - that'll be your fault and you will be terminated.  Logical. 

follows the 'degrade and destroy' rules.  Extreme PR and 'artists for freedom' campaigns protocol

dead men - tell no tales.  ROFL.

all she needs is a kitten to eat.  toasted kittentella.

nooooo ... neverrrrrrr


the truth is...;


a well rehearsed extreme PR stunt

her ex did used to be a director

evil sons of bitches.

so funny ... I'm in stitches

I'm sure catering would find that hilarious

washed down with a nice glass of chianti.

never watched it - but - was anyone stupid enough to expect anything different from them?

Of course it's hilarious - massacres are good for PR - victims... are not.  simples.

follow the western protocol - massacres are good for PR.. victims - are not.

He look so jolly, a real happy chappy

the virgin bit.. is really funny.. I can see the funny side of that.. yip

twitter is really only for famous people to congratulate other famous people etc and for marketing and PR ... and for people ... that talk to themselves.

wonder what was in the book.  also.. seems to be a running 'theme'.

... it's just like Scotland won the world cup.

wonder how the auchwitz lock-in party went, who supplied the booze

he is jewish I think.  Funny.

and madonna ... is just sad now

reminds me of that time one of the runners said "We'll make a spielberg out of you"

the holocaust is just a conspiracy after all then

jokes.  where the fuck is mine.

he stole the idea from obama and friends ... like nelson mandela's memorial skit
it's been done already - I don't think anyone's told them.

... hahaha .... hahahaha... hahahahahaha

reminds me of this .. a bit

yes I know - I'm soooo poor - I'm having snickers for breakfast, lunch and tea

yeah... look at that drawing.

"Artists for freedom".. jokes innit.

Apparently the jews don't mind - I fucking DO.

.. and so.. if my brother and I - aren't 'relevant'.. neither are they.

rofl.  Wonder if it's haunted.  wonder if they 'sensed any spirits in the room'.  Neil Finn would probably know.  Maybe someone should ask him.

why would a foreign government be interested in what an 'outsider' says.  I have an inkling as to why the world hates america and finds them annoying - like ... anne hathaway annoying.  John Key doesn't mind, Obama doesn't mind, Cameron doesn't mind and abbott sure as hell don't.  Not sure about merkel - I think she likes to think the holocaust was in fact just a conspiracy ... still.

snakes on a plane muhhhfukkkassshhzzzz

they look like the three muskateers .. minus the rumour man it's like a worzel gummidge reunion

it wouldn't take alot ... just one suicider at every station

... just pretend it isn't real.  As you do.

wonder how that new zealand judge is going with the westminster sex abuse case - has she told them that they're all fucked in the head schizophrenics yet?


didn't see anything 'extreme' .. it's not like base jumping or anything is it.

Skyfall.  Jihaddy Style.

playstation ... or sega.. or wii .. or nintendo

be like that gerard butler movie

there's a market for everything and there's no such thing as 'bad PR'

mine is a mash up of that call of duty and leorna .. mass effect - I dunno who would copy thier 'teckers' though.. have to ask simon cowell or lizzie cundy .. or calum best.. 

(by the way.. if I'm 'evil' etc.. these guys are saints)

... rofl

and they deserve everything they get.

It's like when someone walks across the road without looking, has the headphones on - you stop.. for them... and then they blame you for not stopping quick enough

... or.. eat a kitten - you know it's wrong but it's the kittens fault.. for being too delicious.

or.. you have a dream - and you get the blame for that.

yeah ... he's probably right

it was his mothers fault

haha ... hahaha

... he might get lucky

they're not bothered .. 

but at least it's something to tweet about.. innit.

haha.. you're all skaroooooddddahhhh

.. or shagged.

never been to stewart island.

pansy poofter haka.. rofl.. rofl ...

... and I'm 'fucked in the head'.. haha

... I'm thinking cocaine or something... it dilates the eyes .. and makes the jaw stick out a bit

he was only allowed to talk about it because he be black
racism - only applies to black people

... looks like mass carnage

the british victim support advice is:

you look like a lunatic, he must be schizophrenic etc etc
 then the police will smile and say "I dunno what your gripe is"
or... go fuck yourself.  

It changes you - and it also changes other people around you.

for the rest of his life

even better... be an extra on a crime drama while a smiling AD says .. "there's a dead body there - show some emotion" .. or ask him ... how often he masterbates.  Should get a reaction.  Or some kind of feedback.  Be good for a laugh.  or a bet.

funny isn't it.

.. nope.

where the fuck is mine then.

anything to plug a movie these days ... even though - it's not even real.



wonder if it was real enough for him... or just a dream.

maybe - there is no missing plane and they're just really fucked in the head

No point in the poofter pansy haka is there

that'd be like... telling this guy he never had a girlfriend.. and she was never murdered.. and he should get a job... in acting.

Making a coffin, probably has an in house cinema with a revolving penis .. at the rear.  Taking it from behind and another mounted conveniently on the inside of the lid for extra pleasure. Laho.  or something -means someone that can take two dicks at the same time or something... he's a pro - you can tell by his smile and the look in his eyes.  Die hard.  and smiling.

nnuueerrrmmmmmm ... splat .. 

the world would be a better place if they just all gassed themselves

whats hitler got to do with anything.

rofl.  key lies all the time... but this is the best sentence ever...

like this.. 

this was quite funny

haven't watched anything in ages - but - i'd be tempted to watch it... if it was real.

be like something out of a movie - but not.

Monuments men was such a shit movie - and I've not even seen it.

what's in a name ... like klapakoffaklpoppa .. it's a bit like  that eastenders one.. poloppadoppalus.. or harrison harrison... or ... cunt. .. or Kai.

where the fuck is mine.

that's because all the victims are paranoid dillusional schizophrenic fucked in the head full of shit junkie crackhead security risks who are just 'anti-establishment'.

extreme PR.

it's official.  england doesn't give a shit about england. It's someone elses problem.
they know they're CUNTS and deserve a 'good trouncing'

Stewart Island - is on the MAP shadbolt - it's on the map!! 
There's no such thing as bad PR.

(or should it just be deleted.. like the rest of noo ziland.. probly)

surprised there is any 'culture' left 

I read somewhere that 'in order to destroy a man, take away his culture'

shame about the planes.

rofl.  it's obvious - she's a 'security risk'
knows nothing about screen sizes 

arrest that woman and chuck her in the slammer

boredom.  and it's bollocks.

it's like a - whose got the biggest dick competition... like they do in mens gyms and changing rooms & showers n stuff like that .. obviously,  One pilot.. only has one testicle.

random fact




reality.. lol

haha... that should be funny to watch

you're going to help with the terrrists Assad... okay... his name is christian - and he's from britain.

they're just a different kind of evil.  Worse than ISIS in fact.

lolz.  ... must be every mans fantasy ... mega bendy bed partner

cushy day.  went on the flying fox... went to the park.. sat in the pub for a bit... did some walking... did some pretending to talk stuff.. my favourite was definately the flying fox and the merrygo round

Good for him - I'm sure he had a great time
Keep up the good work.

maybe he'll like a good trouncing next time.  Just for fun.

super funny. (it's 'satire'.. sarcasm .. I call it)

I dunno.. looks like he's just got back from a mighty good time

should've gone for the self defense option.. she had a fly on her neck and IT WAS COMING STRAIGHT FOR ME!!  Provocation.  Get community service and a £50 fine.

haha ... hahahaha

obviously he's a fucked in the head loony paranoid dillusional schizophrenic.. with a few new fillings .. obviously.


ttteeee yooonnnnn ... haha

sounds like she's going to have a number one album out soon then.

jokes - it's not as bad as simon cowell and what the rest of them do already, even when you spray 88 on to jewish headstones - he wasn't frogmarched out of the country.  They forgave him for that.  Plus being called fucked in the head and full of shit etc etc.  And if that's the case - the whole of Hollywood needs to resign and hang themselves.

Even when the police say "I dunno what your gripe is" 
The parole board "We work for Trounson"

how much did he win?

dunnoo ... looks like a security risk to me...

give karma.. a wee push .. haha... hahaha...

.. no one likes tourists anymore either by the looks of it

totally irrelevant

sometimes.. daily mail is worse than the isle at sainsburies where you can never find anything because they keep changing everything .

liz hurley wurley burley  



rofl.  whatevs

Did the person that walk in on a famous guy having sex with a corpse not think there must be something really wrong with that.  Mustabeen 'normal' and a bit of a joke to them .. way back then even.

it was 13.

the case of the missing book.

the case of the missing picture of the royal albatross

it is in fact .. a real life bird

.. that he drew

2020.. casting agency.   with dodgy fees.

and my manky feet .. are still manky because - I'm so poor I can't afford a manicure .. hey.. wow.. that rhymes.

.. or it might've been 11, or 12 .. can't be too sure because.. it's missing.. very mysteriously it just vanished .. but it did kind've look a bit like daryl shuttleworth ... a bit.

... sister.  The only one.

wasn't his 'friend' either.

I hate stairs. 

shazammmm  ... carry on having sex with dead bodies .. enjoy!!


looks a bit blind

davinyls is a good song... tho it's better if it was the real thing .. hey ho.. can't have everything .. hey.. that rhymes!!

dude.. where's my fucking car!

how to demonstrate... a flying fox..  Wonder what the punch line for Norway is going to be ... bang bang probably.

whatevs ... evil fucking cunts.

who won?

haha.  next time she locks herself in the toilet.. nobody say anything.  just... give her an ashtray and step away ... quickly.  

something kinda oo .. oo oo  ... JOKES

(who knows if she's writing songs for j-lo .. )

jo wrote that.. she says something about having a good night and stairs.. funnily enough - it's the only one I like.  (I'm sure that was that basil brushes favourite line) Royalties.  I think she's poor and homeless now.  because they robbed her.  obviously.   How yooo going to saayyyyveee your country cheryl?  ha ha .. hahahaha  - with an accent no one can understand.   Even Ant and Dec, dunno how they going to do it but the guy with the red hat and star looked warm.. and entertained.


shame, I'm sure they'll find other campaigns


the rumour was ... if you look at him he'll have you chucked off set.


haha .. I dare him to go on germy kyle and get a lie detector test.

I've always pronounced it as fuckit .. or pharrr kittt , or whaka it ... also pronounced fuckit

ha .. didn't make it to askit .. ass kot .. or ascot then.  he could probably catch the bus or something..  or hire a bike

jokes.. what 'british values' .. would she be talking about?

.. can't think of any.

milly dowler got a good blowfielding.  Innit.

yeahhhh come on overrrr - there's loads of rooooom .. 

they'll get a better deal when they're illegal in comparison to those who aren't.. such as myself.. for example.  Come with backup.  Bring your whole family just to make sure every room is full.

I don't recall my little shweety daughter ever saying "Hey ho".  Sweety darling.

it's very 'rock n rolla' esque

... looks like Katie Price ... she'll probably sue

it's easy to see the resemblance

zzzhrrooom ... scroll alllll the way... down to the bottom..

I'm sure he could put a small fire extinguisher on the left wheel bracket and a small motor on the back and paint flames up the side.  I'm guessing norway wouldn't like the bang bang jokes... no? he could get a job as a cleaner, or be an extra.. or get a job stacking shelves .. or change channels maybe.. just change the channel is the easiest option - it's not like he's broke because of the BBC or anything

fucking evil bastards.  stick yah crimewatch right up your fucking arse.

celebrity endorsements didn't work then

"I got so angry.. I threw a chair across the room" ... really.  fascinating.

they're loaded.  they have a charity which pays for their house and living expenses etc, a book deal, probably a movie deal and a celebrity following - it's not like they can't afford it.  And they like suing people for lots of money.  Sometimes crime pays.  dunnit.

i always thought it was a kit kat

... like... you're all skaroooooddddahhhh

... he's still alive!! hey wow!  I know this old club... in hemel.. used to be called ethos.. it was mine

.. then I left.. and it went bust

socks... hide and seek.. because his package isn't that big.  For the avoidance of doubt - I think he needs to prove it.  nicked josephs job.  

think they're having a bout of paranoid dillusional schizophrenia.

hahaha... hahaha 

I can't take selfies ... the 'concentrating on taking a selfie' look

I left the key... under the mat


"Where yah from" ..... "Bangladesh"

... i know right

looks like it's standing upright to me.. dunno what your gripe is


that's got to be on the same level as john key's 'out of body experience'.

cunts cunts cunts

... there's probably a copyright law on that somewhere 

that can only mean ... another book and another movie



think they're just being a bit paranoid.

haha... hahaha ... in that case ....

... it's yesterdays news... get over it and forget about it already.  Get a life.

... true statement.


probably just a bit tired.

... maybe her career

rita whore - aahhh .. lolz

lolz .. there's other tv stations .. it's no big deal

maybe they can "murder him with their eyes" or something
those kids these days... they like having a laugh don't they

can't be too sure .. but I think .. that's a thrush ... can you still get thrush when you don't have any organs?

haha ... they all should be grounded .. like ... foreverrrrrr

he's one evil fucking bastard.. one of many

probly do a seth and make it come back to life

lol.. raj in India

.. I say to him.. if they take anymore photos of me I'm going to start charging..  why are they staring? ... because of my freckles apparently ... actually, it was on that flying fox we were sitting in the park (lunch break... after the flying fox... that's not a train...) and this wee girl couldn't stopped staring she was walking past.. a fascinated look nothing malicious.  she must've been about 2 or 3

no direction... no good...

don't hold your breath you bunch of retarded plonkers

yesterday... hello peoples ...

haha... funny stuff ... even if it isn't real.

extreme PR .. £1,000 a day ... wow.. what an earner

Extreme PR .. there's a movie coming out .

innit.  I wonder if he liked Dunedin.

hahaha... taking the piss .. the leather jodpurs and the spatula was bad enough.
Hello Mr Airport officer.. turns out... I was right about a few things.

ahhh haaa haaaa - I just remembered!  Naked butt guy running out of the doors of luton airport .. haha.. was it luton.. or maybe stanstead


I thought he said.. he doesn't use stunt doubles..  he'll be saying he's scared of flying next

he puts gopro cameras in their bedrooms ... that's kinda creepy ... no actually that *IS* creepy

skybrawl.. such a good name for a movie

... and that's not all

has anyone ever got a letter from the Dacorum Borough Council ... stating "you have been terminated"?  Is that normal?

mishka ... I like it.

... anyone see... where this is heading?

I take it... all these countries that remain silent - don't give a shit either

... tomato andy .. that's kinda funny.

(it's a joke that only people that have managed to decipher this.. will probably laugh at.. bit of a control freak) .. next one ... Von Dutch .. rofls

pahahaha ... 'values' ... hahahaha .. that's all.. hugh

... nothing is a crime.

I didn't know Diana liked Italian food ... interesting stuff.  

Is he Jewish?  that'd be even funnier

napalm would work

funny stuff


looks like the monsters ball a bit

... here's one - you don't fucking deserve to breathe

i remember them .. good band - go see your doctor who will in turn tell you to fuck off nicely


pakistan hasn't said anything - therefore - doesn't have a problem with it

A courtesy email to the Roman Baths in Welwyn Garden City ... and to the extras

(the extras .. that no one gives a shit about.. obviously.. the gay guys friend is mates with ray winstone.. apparently - that drinks alot and loves rapists)

I reckon.. it must've been an in and out job.. don't think there's any diamonds in there though

... this is a robbery... now fuck off ... now it be like .. dooooood... where's my fucking car

.. where the fuck is mine.

they do not give a fuck - who they fuck

... maybe they can get feed the world.  JOKES

funny isn't it.  Just a conspiracy tho.  And... 'anti-establishment'  Dear Gemma.. you never had a sister - and she was never raped & murdered - you're just a paranoid dillusional schizophrenic and I dunno what your gripe is

... just a 'normal' conversation ...

for england.

.. dave... is the octopus off the penguin movie .. not cameron

.. it's just 'anti-establishment'

they probably don't exist.  And when you don't exist - nothing happens

.. but will it make £60 an hour tho.  101 things to do with spam.

my old school teacher

he looks at me and says.. I know

I cant' breathe.

I was sat on the stairs.

.. you can talk about anything else.. other than the movie.. yeah yeah.. whatevs.. this is michelles crank impression - look at the fucking state of my eye

that's about the size of it 

cunts.. that don't give a fuck.

.. serious allegations.. yeah I'd take a lie detector test.  I'm not hiding anything.

why the fuck - would I lie.

Asda.  I don't shop there.

In fact - I dare Jeremy Kyle to get in touch.   It would be too funny.  


I think it was Russia that says.. "behaviour like that from a Royal family is unnacceptable and we would like an explanation.  ... I can see the funny side.  Must be like her birthday present or something.   

woooo ..... to woo.  go woo.  some women.. put that on the end of every sentence... going to the shop... woo.  going for a walk... woo, something whatevers... woo.  He's not real.  He's a conspiracy... woo.

I would vote.. but I'm not allowed.  Because apparently - I don't exist.  I'm pretty sure - that's against the law.

haven't seen red 2 either.  but I'm sure - it was written beautifully.  bruce willis is kinda creepy.


he kind've looks like stitch .. depends on how much one has been drinking though

.. random question to ask .. would you rather have a phone or a wife.   Depends if they were alive or not.  It's not like they don't know where to find me.  Mishka jacksonzz... naughty girly. 

Friends ... invite friends over for drunk gran turismo... although my definition could be wrong.. what with the whole... "got a good trouncing" .. thing.

know any good lawyers? ... no

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