Friday, 17 March 2017


My brother (Russell) and I suffered years of horrific violent abuse throughout our turbulent childhoods.  We were beaten and whipped with jug cords as well as get verbally abused and degraded on a regular basis.  Our lives were separated from the ‘family’ and we were isolated as well as socially excluded due to the never ending abuse.  We were both placed in foster care and discarded when we were 13 years of age.
     Russell was 17 when he was beaten to death by George Charles Trounson and was living amongst skinheads in Dunedin (New Zealand) in 1990.  I was 16 at the time of his death.  After Russell was murdered I went to Dunedin and was victim of gang rape and other vile crimes.  During the murder trial, there was a massacre in Aramoana.  It made me question death and what happens when someone dies.  It also made me question the meaning of life.  I was very young when the bulk of the carnage occurred.  I had been abandoned and had no option but to face insurmountable levels of extreme trauma on my own.
     I got a sales job when I was 17.  It involved travel so it removed me from all the drama and carnage.  I travelled all over New Zealand, went to Australia and then back to New Zealand.  I travelled New Zealand extensively.  I met Andy (who was British and was in New Zealand for a working holiday) while I was working in the sales job.    I went to the UK with Andy on a years working visa and then headed back to New Zealand where our daughter, Shivon, was born.  While we were living in New Zealand I was faced with unwanted memories so Andy and I decided to relocate to Hemel Hempstead, England.
     The divorce began in 1997.  A custody battle ensued and I found myself having to defend myself in court for what someone else had done to me.  Knowledge of my abuse was used against me in court.  He had even attempted to have me arrested for kidnapping – not because he genuinely thought that I was fleeing the country with our daughter - but purely for revenge.  At the same time I was studying for my degree in psychology and I was victim of racially aggravated abuse, intimidation and bullying from neighbours.  The ex family’s goal was seemingly to cause as much disruption to our lives as possible by using underhanded tactics driven by bitterness. 
     I was homeless with a child in a foreign country.   Shivon and I were stunted from living our lives.  There would be constant interference and meddling from the ex family.  When Shivon turned 16, I was faced with an obscene reminder of my past (over in New Zealand) as well as revenge from the ex family in Hemel Hempstead (England) and the relationship between my daughter and myself came to blows.
     I had an eBay business as well as entered competitions and went to a few celebrity parties.  I also worked as an extra in the tv/film industry and have appeared in magazines.   However there are now ‘professionals’ that have accused me of lying about my life and the many adventures that I have had. 

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