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Some kind of order

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freaked out yet?

maybe that was a bit blunt. 

you would think the guardian was looking for a reason to forgive him.




and then the rest of it if your brain isn't fried.

it's much easier to look at the pictures because when a victim is going through hell, one shouldn't expect the victim to make too much sense.  The crux of it is I am owed 24 years of compensation.  They found it funny (rape, abuse, murder, massacre - it's incredibly hilarious apparently) they copied it, took the piss out of it, then laugh it off, it's no big deal, call it a 'conspiracy'.


YOU!! White slave!

it's only fair they get banned

who is suzanne rectum?


what a hero.

what heroes they are

what's this all about then?

what compensation?

this is what I got so far.

Chain of events:

Prior to 1990:  New Zealand
Russell (brother) and myself same dad allan ernest james neill, mother: anne patricia john stone
Russell was born in Queenstown, I was born in Invercargill.  Our dad was already married so she left unbeknown to her that she was pregnant with me which caused years of resentment.  To the point of getting whipped with the jug cord, beaten, being told that she ‘should’ve gotten rid of us when she had the chance’, and apparently our nana said “she should’ve got an abortion”.  Apparently back in them days it was a cardinal offence to have kids outside of marriage of which we were told of pretty much everyday.  Many years of both psychological abuse, child molestation etc. 
Russell was thrown out of the ‘family’ home when he was 13, his stuff was packed into a black bin liner and thrown out like garbage because there was a packet of ciggerettes in his draw.  He went into care.
When I turned 13, same thing happened, apparently I was old enough to fend for myself and was put into foster care, shifting from one family to the next.  Russell and myself were separated however still kept in touch via letters .
In 1990 Russell was living in Dunedin and attracted the attention of skinheads, he wanted to go home to Anne’s (mother) but she wouldn’t let him in the house, at the same time Anne said to me “If you come back home I can go on benefit”.   It’s not the nicest, however I left care and went back to Invercargill to live with Anne at the same time it was the year of my school exams.
Three months later Russell was murdered in Dunedin by skinheads.  I think it was two or three days afterwards Anne said to me “these kind of things either make you closer or tear you apart.. you have to leave”.  There was no sign of emotion, I had to pack my stuff and leave the house.  I was 16.
At the hospital when they switched off my brothers life support machine she commented “looks like he’s got AIDS”.
I went to Dunedin.  I was living in Dunedin while the murder trial was in process.  I was asked to leave the court room by security because I was distressing the murderer because I looked too much like my brother.  So I had to sit outside on the stairs.  There was no help/support around, no victim care/support etc, just fill a bunch of forms out for my dead brothers nephew and thats it.  During my time in Dunedin and not long after my brother was murdered, they kept breaking in to the premises of which I was staying,  from memory there were 6 of them that had me pinned up against the wall ripping my clothes off.  I couldn’t breathe.  At that point a woman walked in and started shouting “RAPIST” and she was beaten within an inch of her life. They shaved another ‘friends’ hair off.  I went back to Invercargill for a couple of days then went back to Dunedin, according to a ‘friend’ who had her hair shaved off they raped her but made it interesting... with bottles, carrots etc.   Happily talking about it two days later like it’s no big thing and turning into “they are just big boys”.  I moved to Ravensborne which is a little bit out of Dunedin – during which time the murder trial is still in process.  At that time I agreed for one of my uncles to stay with me as the cost of hotels etc, the next morning I woke up to being molested and my flatmate walked in on it.  It was my flatmate that woke me up.  A few days later I found a letter that he wrote to his mother about it, I think he might’ve meant for me to find it, I replied on it.  Not long after that – there was a massacre.  Aramoana.

I got a job which involved travel and left.  I was 17.


meanwhile, mega and his hired lizard squad disrupt the online gamers and Putin cancels christmas (apparently in Russia it's on the 7th December)

nobody can trust bruce willis .. it's his fault 


It's John Key

He denied it.. therefore it's true

bleet bleet bleet...

so professional

it was a good ad

obviously not anymore

I wonder how long they can go on ignoring the 'problem' with planes

so fucking unlucky


... and that's not all.

journalists... who needs 'em



yes boris, the relationship britain has with china is like harry potter and cho chang.. lol

it kind've sums her up really.. quite appropriate message for the world

I spoke to a young soldier in Afghanistan yesterday via weblink on an ipad... I chucked him a poppy through the screen.

silly city link person.. just get over it already.

.. and that's not all they do.


I need to get me some of this.. because otherwise.. I'll never be pretty

what do I think of Ukip?  Not much.

did he really



beejeeezuz. haha.  so fucked.


evil bastrds.

no problem with calling the victims paranoid dellusional schizophrenics tho.   no problem with that at all.  Something about steven spielberg... ?  Ring any fucking bells.

rofl.. of course. 


evil lying fucking sons of bitches



a bit like 'ghost stats' and 'ghost ships'

they're not going to tell you the truth are they, that would mean they would have to be honest and even if they did tell you - you wouldn't believe that they could be so fucking evil anyway hence - the victims get called conspiracy theorists, fucked in the head, lunatic, bunny boiler, paranoid schizophrenic, etc etc.  Victim compensation.  Where the fuck is mine.

Evil woman

What does she supposedly do for a living?

Turns out - it's the complete opposite.


what's with the hat?


.. why.. it's fucked already

only has like two followers or something, helen clark, judith collins and someone else I forget

... no big deal


well... thery are an irrelevant bunch of people

no point in keeping it is there

better to be found at the bottom of the ocean than not at all

i still got that wristband.

haha .. that's so funny

especially this one.. sounds like a Disney movie:

.. I have watches.. but I never wear them
I don't like anything on my wrists.

how evil is that.  how much was it worth I wonder.

someone tell the towie cast the ebolan band has arrived

The Ebolan World Tour by chang chang or something

... nothing ever happens in New Zealand


he said to me, if he ever wrote a song, it'd be like phil collins. "with a gap in it"

.. surely they don't expect anything different.

haha.. how am I a "risk".. exactly.


MP of Hemel Hempstead.  England.

When I was working at Shendish Manor - they thought it would be funny to ask if I had killed anyone - and no, don't have a problem with that.  Apparently - Shendish Manor is one of Hemel Hempstead's best employers.  My car got stolen,  I had a letter from the council that read "you have been terminated" and got an eviction letter.  These 'people' are FUCKING CUNTS.

And the neighbour, for 6 months I was subject to verbal and physical abuse "Fuck off back to your own country".. I had to keep tedious records, it was reported, ASBO.  The police "have no record of it".

EVIL sons of bitches.


how much did he bet I wonder?

rofl... yeah whatevs

I think he's a bit of a cockmuncher myself.

how often do I masterbate?

.. that's just what I got asked

Oh lookathat.. it's a tardis.

... rofl.

and this the racist cunt that told me to fuck off back to my own country etc, nearly sent me flying.  But that's okay, it's not racist because I'm white - according to Hemel Hempstead Police.  Nevermind the abuse - we don't mind that.  His son used my daughters head as target practise with the soccor ball.

obviously the st georges cross.  Is a racist symbol
And an emblem of the 'crusade'.

How do you solve a problem like a flag?


Get a new one.

like hitlers.

or NZ

"Are you Christian?"  takes on a whole new meaning.

Just like "What is the name of Mohammeds Mother?"

rofl.  since when did anyone give a fuck.

it's a 'conspiracy'

it's evil and abhorrent.

no.. because it's funny.. and a 'conspiracy'

Get Luckski

in times like these.. what would Danny Boyle do?


interesting choice of tshirt Calum



this is interesting.

haha haaaa that's so funny.  I'm in stitches.

thank you.

"it's nothing to be concerned about.. it's no big deal" says Helen Clark .. "It's just a conspiracy" she says. This is New Zealands culture: and this is the rest of the world taking the piss - including australia - . Don't even mention the death penalty - daily mail.. the hacking club. the australians are just as evil. how many 'coincidences' did they 'think' they could get away with? a bit like what clarkson did to argentina. laugh about it. then expect nothing will happen as a repercussion .. or 'Karma' perhaps. jeeeezuz they are fkn evil sons of btchs. coming soon.. special special Jihad rehab .. I think it might be provided by Helen Clark & John Key's government agencies in New Zealand - they provide the best rehab around.

it's a case of the disappearing tweets sherlock

they are fucking evil BASTARDS.

"get a good trouncing"... it's kinda like the new zealand version of "get a good adebolajo -ing and adebowle - ing." 

if you have bothered to read it - from the beginning.  Apparently the british police say this is nothing to be concerned about - it is just anti-establishment... what?

anti-islam marches  but... no anti-nazi marches... go figure.

Nothing is a crime.

super funny danny... super funny.

1 Whitehall.
I hope he never makes another movie again.

if you were spying on the Uk and the west in general and how they treat foreign nationals. would anyone be so deluded as to ever trust the west or the EU ever again? ... probably not. It is difficult to most people to comprehend and understand tho.. which is unfortunate - not for me - but for you. ... "If anything were to happen to me in a foreign country - it would be an international problem" , it's a shame my own government doesn't think like that.

rofl  and rofl

"quarantine" rofl.  

deserve to be sworn at.
evil bastards.

completely normal behaviour:
that's why he's mayor




white people - don't give a fuck.

fucking evil bastards.

I think he might like birds n stuff


and here I was thinking that I was talking to myself... go figure


depends on what kind of key .. rofl.

Be like a Pandora's Box .. a bit


you really think they'd be honest with you?  Or capable of doing the right thing?


I think it has something to do with a ring, a toilet and the Nazi's at Asda doing a commercial

Just like the Nelson Mandela schizophrenic deaf interpreter .. he does ads now too.

poor nazi mark

then .. there's the Bruce Willis joke.  Ohh look - what's that white bird doing on Red II 

In NewZealand, Nazi's get all the best care in the world.  The government works for "them".. well, that's not what the corrections department said, they said that they "Work for Trounson".

Who the FUCK murdered WHO?

"Aaahhh there's too many muhfukkan snakes on dis muhfukkan plane".

it's fair enough

the west do it ... allll the time. And it's "funny" .. and a "conspiracy"  .. and "anti-establishment"

I can't think of a relevant hash tag campaign though.

maybe ... #nuke'em


rofl.  Good luck with that.

Must be April Fools Day

and if they do - it's for the best isn't it.


lol .. dear o dear.

haha.. hahahaha

hellooo Ireland


... world tour ... it's like a souvineer but some of the countries don't leave any tracks

fkn evil bastards.

jewish are irrelevant .. innit.

it's rushhannn

rofl.. you need compensation for that... and I'd be asking the west in general, particularly Australia.

rofl.. must be April Fools... again.


I would've thought that was obvious.


might me the dark shide.

I don't think you can laugh at terrrrists the same as you can victims.  Dunno.. Just a guess.

lol.. no records!! lol . happens .. all the time.

annnnnd Mike Penning ... what does he do ... again? because no one in Hemel Hempstead knows who he is - not even the Police.

should I laugh now?  

or call it a 'conspiracy' and call the victims schizophrenic later 

// did they really..

poor them.

better to be found at the bottom of the ocean - than not at all.

I used to like Kean ooooo - turns out.. just another cunt

going to the cuntyfucktards festival.

reminds me .. I have to do the gardening

rofl.  must be the heforshe thing they keep going on about

looks like John Key and his fat friend whale oil got bored ... again

collaborating with eminem... again.

.. liar

Lizard squad in dizguyzzz

I had a CV once... there's not much point in having anything on it.

They gets awards for that kind of thing

Must've taken quite an effort.

You could get a Nobel Prize for that.

Why did I just think of Leo dicaprio instead ... weird. 

I think maybe Leo decap needs to buy me an island.

Rumours rumours.. I liked Danny.. until that happened:

not this time danny.  I touched him with my luck.

and this:

real funny.  Innit.


the cigar man.  If anyone actually listens to him about 'shit like that'.. then - they're obviously fucked in the head ... innit.

and you would know this because....

... they pressed the 'delete' button.

yip.. that's kind've how I remember him.. minus the cigar.

fucking evil bastards.

I think they must be on drugs or something.

His name is Christian - and he's from Britain.

and another - fucking evil bastard

chillaxxx ricky - it's just a 'conspiracy'.

aaahhh loook there's yoooo joey - there's yoooooo
I thought he didn't like the ginger look .. rofl.

such a poser

show pony ... lolz

thought that was Reece witherspoon for a second

Never be an extra if you've been a victim of serious crime

Never be an extra - if you expect to be treated better than shit.

well deserved.

I'll give him a fiver for it.  Can't afford much else cos I'm poor. and I don't have anything.

will someone please ask the hacking club what 'flying buttresses' are or is.  thanks.

10,000 times worse.

.. dead loss .. what a name.

who knows.. maybe he might sense a 'spirit' in the room.. or something.

that means - don't bother reporting anything or keeping records of anything  - because they don't. The police being lawful is just a conspiracy and 'anti-establishment'.

jokes.. I'm sure there's a big brother joke in there somewhere

he never needed a wip.

haha.  He is "above the law" .. stupid people.

best don't - they don't keep a record of anything
and everything is just 'anti-establishment'

No one likes horses anymore I don't think



what is a koobaleebra

must be something on the lens

he's got moooooobeeeezzz

that's showbidness

planes disappearing ... accidental.


you could always nick another plane.

fucking evil bastards.

plane ... not found.

I still don't think it was real enough for them.


is that where the hague is ... where elmer fudd works

it's not real enough for them - maybe it would be better to storm the BBC with some fake guns and exploding blood bullets. It'd be well funny. Just like Comic Relief. - following the footsteps of the south african deaf interpretor - he'll probably get a job making tele ads. churrrrr. yeah bro. innit.


think daily mail has forgotten to take their meds... 'nice' guys.. hahaha... scum sucking fucking cunts more like


they don't mind that - there'll always be another dead body double to take the dead body's place



and brain dead britains relationship with china is like harry potter and cho chang.  Didn't she get dumped and killed off?


think she might be a bit of a schizophrenic - if you think you're a schizophrenic - get a second opinion - visit your dentist.

I fucking hate beards.  You fucking evil bastards.


I think the daily mail might be a bunch of dillusional paranoid schizophrenics and Britain is just very retarded.

and then they shat on him again.

Big Red .. Homecoming.




UK - well, they're Nazi's.

Same thing with Burt - they all took the piss out of him and then only liked him because he won something.

he just knew

and he'd be right.

They couldn't save a watermelon - even if they tried.

Brain dead Britain.

ever ridden something that fast, the tears roll out sideways.


... does anyone like sport and gambling?


Monuments Men was shit.

it's a really good radio station


bunch of fucking fucktarded evil fucking scum sucking pieces of shit.

death by dismemberment is a much better option.

thuck as batshut innit 

he talks with a lisp - it's really funny.

how many planes would you like with that?  one or two?

pass it on to yah nazi friends.

shooooorrrrr you will - and you make sure you inform John of all the support and rehabilitation he is entitled to in order to reintegrate in him back into the community.

... it's all about the brand .. rofls (Hollywood does exactly the same so does the UN as a matter of fact 

neeeuurrrrmmmm da plane da plane

- Merkel did it.

bring that movie to life.  innit.  Because maybe - it's not real enough for them.

ohhh helllooo thurrrr

ohh helllooo thurrrr

interesting freaky fact of the day

dum dum dummmm and theeeezz are the days of our lives... dum dum dummmm

edinburrrrr burrr burrr burrrr

lol.. yeah she's like a really good actress isn't she.. in something like.. I dunno.. roastbusters

dunno who's the "Rape a tourist" campaign credit goes to

she be like ... medusa

lols.. haven't seen it

but I did do my marilyn monroe impression running out at the door with smoke eyes n stuff... aaaahhhhhh we're all gunna die ... aahhhh baddies are coming ... ahhhhh...  I'm sure it made a lasting impression.

Run around to the side of the building ... for a smoko... before the baddies coming runing back again... in reverse this time.. backwards... just to make it interesting.

... says the hacking club

... oo.. a mystery...

WE FOUND MADDY!  WOOOO #casesolved

was it 5 months ... or 10 months... ooo mystery

I didn't do the crimewatch maddy reconstruction for the BBC - and I didn't watch it either - there's no need.  Evil pieces of shit.

aaahhhh here it is... the new zealand star trek/star wars troll

yip - I can see the funny side.  thanks.

I have no idea where they got that idea from... 

..., fascinating.

I don't know why ... they'll just ask you how often you masterbate

nawww looook it's Mr and Mrs Jewish Nazi

think he might be turning 88 on his birthday this year

what a splendid idea... at least they'll know what kind of treatment to expect.

they're all paranoid dillusional fucked in the head schizophrenics... innit.

... I think she might be on drugs or something:

rofl.  does that include Katy Perry?

... careful.. there might be some kind of copyright law on that - or.. he might 'do a clint' and start talking to his imaginary friend

this case should be pwoppa jokes innit

ablett-kerr - there's only so many time you can say 'cunt' and 'evil' before it no longer means anything - but she is one fucking evil demon.

 fucking evil sons of bitches.

would that be Helen Clark on the phone to someone .. perhaps?

don't think they give a shit - because .  they don't.

Still - it's good for a laugh isn't it.

lolz. annnnnddd he would know

... luton town ... it's what they call it in Jamaica

haha... hahahahahha

careful... they might give you an Asbo

it's no different to what the west does.

quite symbolic really.  Helen Clark would agree - she'd get popcorn.

be like watching a different version of  A million ways to die in the west

and this is mine

anyone wanna bet?

fucking evil pieces of shit.

does anyone like sports & gambling? And 'conspiracy'.. and 'ghost stats' I'm not sure how you can un-murder someone .. but murdering the sister is easy.. quarantined by the UN .. JOKES.. no such thing as 'bad PR'  ... a stunning lack of response. stunning. Just like NZ's UN Security Council Seat 'win'.  "Dark Arts"

it's probably because they are.



where the fuck is mine.


and the rest.


I watched the news last night.. first time in a while.. fits of giggles when they said "they veered off course.. by accident" ... reminds me of a penguin that did that.  Rofl.

"British values" .. they don't have any.
It's a 'conspiracy'.

hello peoples

I'm not allowed to comment - cos I've been banned

wasn't he in Noo zilland a coupla days ago.. being Frank and blunt?

Noo zillanndd ... land of the long white don't give a shit

'must pay a price'


Where the fuck - is my compensation you fucking evil bastards.

how 'bout some noo zilland culture clikety

Movemberrrr - teaching that bitch a lesson since 1924.

"Where is your God?" ... if that's a christmas present - I wonder what the birthday present will be.  


it does actually look like her.. in real life. 

Movemberrrr - teaching that bitch a lesson since 1924

one ugggaleeeee piece of shit.

bummmerrrr ... have to call James Hobble now - or maybe James Hobbit.

along with his gambling friends

simon hitler hobbit cowell.  Wonder what he'll get for his 88th birthday.



Mishka Jackson

it's the jackson curse.. I'm sure

I'm guessing it's his "Gone Baby Gone" impression.

evil pieces of shit.

you don't got no counter-punch 

it's 'spam' apparently .. and been 'quarantined'

it was a special ball.

danny boyle.

Charlie and the abuse factory.. sounds kinda funny 

Did John Key tell everyone what was so special .. cos I must've missed it and I'm still waiting for that 'something special' or at least be told what it is.. maybe he discovered it during his 'out of body experience'.

.. british standards...   "you get worked up really easily and you don't fit into society norm" ....if you think you're a schizophrenic - get a second opinion - go see your dentist.  Australia is a fucking disgrace.  The west in general - is a fucking disgrace.  What talent has britain got?  Apart from a british kid spraying 88 on to a bunch of jewish headstones in Auckland.  For a laugh.

I'm sure they thought it was funny

I'm on a swan muhfukkahhhssss

"wowzer" he's really fucked in the head innit, should go find his friends  and make more comedy movies about peado pete. 

lolz - I don't think it's real enough for them

"You've been Punked!!"
"Was it real enough?" asks the journo

they could probably write a song about it

called "grain of sand"

enter... the cunt brigade

.... I think it was white british people that did that

haha ... hahahaha

they wouldn't like Fiona then .. or the UN.. or Hollywood... or George Trounson.
 there's yooooo Fiona - there's yoooooo

taking the piss...

I'm poor - I don't have anything


.. it's probably just the sun.. or son.. depending on how you look at it

... russian spies... veered off course.. a bit ...

mishka ... I like it

johnno... stat yoo bro ... churrrrr

It's funny how they decide to selectively ignore the issues and call it spam, 'conspiracy', 'anti-establishment', etc etc ... and then attempt to 'make a difference' when all they do is trash it even more.  I think he might be talking to himself as it happens.  How long can they lie until the lie becomes that big it explodes?

It's like worzel gummidge attempting to sell shower gel


The UN is ISIS.  explains alot.


no change there then.

tooo funny.

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