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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

     It was the beginning of the end where Fiona is concerned.  There have been numerous points in my life where I have thought to myself ‘I’m too old for this bullshit’.  This was one of them.  Russell being murdered feels like being stuck with a sentence.  It’s awkward when meeting new people because I don’t tell them.  I’ve found if I do their opinion changes and they don’t know how to react with traumatic situations of what they’re being told about.
     This is the conversation with Fiona (mainly) on Facebook with spelling errors included.  Cut and pasted.  Bearing in mind I hadn’t spoken to Fiona in years and I dare say no ‘friend’ would suffer from amnesia in such a way, nor let it slide so willingly or generally be as twisted as Fiona:

Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 6:48pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone joined the group Mad Dog Casting Members.

Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 7:03pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone and Shivon Johnstone are now friends.

Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 11:39am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) How the hell are ya?? Gr8 that your back on facebook!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 9:31am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) How did ya mission go?? Any luck??

Monday, November 9, 2009 at 1:45am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Thats cool :) Happy 4 you eh. Any idea when you will visiting or returning to NZ?? Miss ya gal. Haven’t our girls grown up...Lana was going to be Jamiee Lee & you liked the name Candace I think. Is that right?

Monday, November 16, 2009 at 11:03am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Why is he crying on ya doorstep?? Maybe he’s in luv with you :) ??

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 11:04am UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Looking for adopted son of Russell Warren Neill, DOB: 01/12/1972, adopted boy in Dunedin, NZ, 1990, year of your dads death. You have an Aunty and a Niece! COME FIND ME! Happy Chrissy & New Year 2009 x

Saturday, December 5, 2009 at 12:34pm UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey, I think I MAY know who is mother is, her sister & I went to High School together, haven’t talked to her for years though. 1st name is Leah. You want me to do some detective work??

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 7:33am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Happy Xmas & Merry New Year, May all your dreams come true XX

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 11:02am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Ha low from a freezing day in dunners. Weve had hail today & "they who talk alot" call this summer>LOL!! How you doing??

Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 12:12pm UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey girlee, Hows ya day going? You want me to send over front page of ODT? You keeping well?

Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 10:20am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) Hows things over there today? Whats your address so I can send this odt? If its any consulation weve had crap weather too :( One day may be stinking hot next its hailing. Have you been on the Astromandir website? Really interesting & so accurate.

Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 12:21pm UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey, Girlee, Howz it going?? How did the Eastenders thing go? We get it over here so would be gr8 to see you on it. Weve still got another 2 weeks of school holidays left, weather been bit better. Had a gr8 day yesterday {13th} got to bed about 4ish. Thanks for your good wishes. ODT article in my bag ready 2 post to you, just been slack..Sorry!!

Friday, January 15, 2010 at 4:36am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) I sent you that article today...finally. Let me know your thoughts. XX

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 9:48am UTC
Michelle Johnstone posted something via mobile.
I just got the otago daily times - Stonehenge looks wicked, thanks Fiona- I'd forgotten how big the newspaper is, lol- I'm also loving the stamp, year of the tiger.. Def must be my year :-) x. Flashbacks of mitre 10 ads & warehouse ads on the other side lol

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 10:19am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) Has that dam letter arrived yet?? Its not coming from Mars {or is it } lol.

Monday, February 8, 2010 at 9:03am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.

Friday, May 21, 2010 at 12:46pm UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Your so gr8 lol, love waking up to your comments :) Hey...when we going to get together?? {u dirty minded pricks who misread that...,shell & I are effin gr8 m8s...& not that kinda m8 m8} lol, cos its way over due eh

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 7:59am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline. Hiya, Think I might meet you in China in 2012...Meet a Feng Shui master & "Find Myself" XX Im sure we’ll have a blast just like the old days..Oh the memories. We were so young & not so innocent lol.

Sunday, August 22, 2010 at 10:33am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey, tried to send e-mail but too much too say, can we chat online??

Sunday, September 5, 2010 at 11:42am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hiya :) Quake was 7.5 in ChCh, then scaled downed to 7.1, Damage was awful from what I’ve seen :( <3 a="" dunners="" in="" just="" nbsp="" o:p="" rumble="">

Monday, September 20, 2010 at 4:38am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) Hope they’ve given you some decent pain relief for ya foot, Rest Up!! Weve been watching the Jeremy Kyle show & Jerry said how can Michelle live over there with "that lot" (English) most the people on the show are total retards...Just his opinion...Hope the sun is shining & your ,laxing out xx

Friday, October 1, 2010 at 1:59pm UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) Have u heard the new song from "pretty reckless"< called u make me wanna die... so good i <3 o:p="">

Monday, October 25, 2010 at 9:38pm UTC+01
Darlene Johnstone wrote on your timeline.
I’m good, but I might have 2 send you a long email telling ya what shit I have been through lol. How have you been?

Thursday, October 28, 2010 at 9:15am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hope all goes according to plan at Botox clinic. Let me know how it goes. Just PLZ don’t go to extremes like Priscilla Presley.

Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 12:26am UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone was tagged in Shivon Johnstone's status.
my mums like a bloody teenager. Michelle Johnstone - turn it down, it's been playing for four hours straight.

Monday, November 22, 2010 at 7:02am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Had a dream with you & Shivon in it last night, You & her were on a shopping spree & both bought some brown cowboy boots with wheels on them, like the roller sneakers & ya,s were skating around the shops :)

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 11:21am UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
O how I love planes :-D I'm going to Madrid

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 4:32pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
captains log: 16.31 hrs: met granny rocker today, laughed that much I nearly went flying off the treadmill

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 4:41pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
captains log: 16:38 hrs: dammit, secret covert operation to become invisible parent hasn't worked.. been called in to mingle with the masses tomorrow.. must remember to put stroppy face on

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 9:06pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Don't have sex - you will get pregnant - and die

Monday, January 10, 2011 at 10:17pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Yup - I'm obsessed- temper trap sweet disposition , up there with pink floyd learning to fly

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 5:51pm UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
captains log: 17:49 hrs successfully fled mass lecture society with package in tow, stopped at local supermarket en route home and unwittingly copied a guys deep voice when he said 'thank you', I replied 'your welcome' .. mass hysterics at the till to the point of crying

Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 4:40am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Most of lifes problems start with MEN...menopause, mental anxiety etc...Coincidence I think not

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 7:23am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
So how was ya holiday luvlee?? Theres an auction over here online & the winner gets a date with Mr Richie McCaw.

Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 7:31am UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Vroom vroom

Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 10:28am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
This is a hug (((hug))) from outta the blue, too let you know im thinking of you & even though ive got nothing to say, You know i thought of you today :)

Friday, April 8, 2011 at 6:52am UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey, How u doing on the other side of the planet?? Keeping well i hope.

Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 12:49pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
I'm 'in' NYC!! Noooo yawwwkk

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 12:14pm UTC+01
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :) How are ya chook? Hope your keeping well & looking after yourself. Bloody cold over here :( Lana got her 1st tattoo & it looks amazing.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 8:10pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Fiona! I DO NOT want to talk about the fucking past! K

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 8:30pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
victim information manager says "I thought you might find this interesting, cheers" Fe Miller - how could you not fuckin tell me?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 9:19pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone shared a link.
Kirsty Robertson Nigel Trounson? wtf is he? George Trounson murdered my brother - I'm not in the fkn best of moods so if you are related/married to a fkn skinhead - please vacate the premises

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 9:47pm UTC+01
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
IT GETS FUCKIN WORSE!! "I went to primary school with the Trounson boys in Alexandra and then to high school with THE GIRL THAT HARBOURED HIM PRIOR TO GOING BACK TO JAIL" - HOW THE FUCK AM I SPOSED TO STAY FUCKIN SANE?

Monday, December 19, 2011 at 7:45pm UTC
Pamela Johnstone wrote on your timeline.
hay how r ya?bn alotta years haha :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 at 11:29am UTC
Fe Miller wrote on your timeline.
Hey :g Had a vivid dream last night, you came back too Kiwiland for a holiday, Any thoughts in that direction??

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 10:44am UTC
Michelle Johnstone updated her status.
Is going to the Premiere of John Carter tomoz ;-D

November 25, 2012

Fe Miller : Hey, How are ya?? I was browsing through the midweek & found something that may or may not interest you....Anyway Ive sent it over & you can do with what ever ya want, Hope it doesn,t hit a nerve or anything cos thats in no way my intention.

Michelle Johnstone: hey xx yeah not too bad, what's that then.. nothing shocks me anymore x
Fe Miller :Its about a Johnstone history thing, I didn,t read the whole thing but thought of you immediately & shoved it in an envelope Was posted last friday after my mammogram {fuck that hurt} so should arrive any day now, How you been any-way?.
Fe Miller: Glad too hear your ok, Your garden must be looking amazing. Love the pics of you dressed up in Victorian gear, Really proud of you, So whats the new occupation?? I get the mind blank thing ALL the time, can remember songs of the 80s easily but everything being tested. Jerry reckons Im pill fucked but i think i, would be worse without them & if i wasn,t crook i wouldn,t need the 176 dam pills a week excluding my angina spray & $900 Humira shot every fortnight....Any-who Its great being a nana havn,t babysat Sativa Rosalee Deans yet but looking forward too it :) Shes exactly like Lana was, chubby cheeks & blue eyes, Just love her too bits. Hows your girl? NZ gone mental over the hobbit, not my cup of tea. Unsure re Tall Poppy Syndrome :/
Fe Miller: I didn,t realise there was a feud, Its 12;25am over here & Im waiting on jerry too get back from the pub, he said he was going down for 1 handle about 4ish so i cooked tea, made looie cake, did the dishes bla bla he came home quite pissed asked for some money, gave him the last 5 i had as he said he was going too enter a pool/darts comp & havn,t seen him since :/ Its doing my head in, why can,t he just say...Im going too the pub for 8 hours too drown my sorrows....GRRRR

Thats meant too be lollie cake lol

Maybe he,s met someone else again he hasn,t got his wedding ring fixed since we moved, The pub would be shut by now probably so may have gone for drinks some where else....Lucky for some eh...Meanwhile Im here door is unlocked so could get donked on the head or stabbed anytime {happened recently dunedin} if i lock the door jerry might take that the wrong way...he hasn,t got a key so have too stay awake till he gets home. Hows your week been??
Fe Miller: jeez, thats heavy shit :? Hows things over there? Getting colder eh, I hope we get a decent summer but hey its dunedin. How old is shivon now?
Michelle Johnstone: just a thought - why would you put something about getting stabbed and having the door unlocked fiona? are you missing the whole skinhead thing? Mind you it probably could happen since you married one of them

it's called Stockholm syndrome

November 30, 2012

Fe Miller: Im one fucked up woman, thats for dam sure...Thank gawd my kids are all normal

Fe Miller: Jerry was across the road at the time, but yeah definitely have that stockholm syndrome....{just googled it} Bizarre, ya learn something every day.

December 1, 2012:

Michelle Johnstone: watch the rugby x

Fe Miller: Will be, Not on here till tomorrow :( So its a good game eh

Michelle Johnstone: yah.. sooooo much better than the freakin hobbits.. there are sexier things that come out of new zealand yah know.

Fe Miller: Yeah, Hobbits shobbits i ca,t be bothered with any of it, Waiting on results....Health going down hill fast, Husband drinking any chance he can get :? Just wanna scream....This isn,t how I planned my life at the ripe old age of 16...I had a plan....model for a bit, get a job, car, travel, go too rock a guy who would ask me 2 marry him in the most romantic/original way...........Nope got a ring chucked at me with the words here ya......FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!

Fe Miller: How did andy propose too you??

Michelle Johnstone: oh farrkk - how shittty is this - the rugby isn't even on the fucking tele! It's on fucking sky. yay. oh fucking yay. I'm so oooo ooooo not impressed. I wanna watch it - maybe there's a link or something - free stream or something. I know chick..,. Thelma & Louise - bring it onnnnnnn

Fe Miller: can you watch it & your local??

Michelle Johnstone: they do soccer in one and the other one is a kind of like that cafe off friends but with old people - plus the other thing is I wouldn't like to sit and try and watch the game and then have some drip ask me if I was local and try and start a "so where do you come from" questions - it'd be the most irritating thing ever

Fe Miller: I bet, Must you must have a full english accent by now, I noticed it 13 years they reckon say sound kiwi?? Jerrys in a crap mood again...I swear Im not feeling loved...I read magazines & watch tv bla bla...And people in love don,t interact like we do...nothing is worth feeling this bad ;(

Michelle Johnstone: I like to think of as "posh english".. altho they laughed at me when I said that. well - hasn't he got something medically wrong with him - I dunno - did you ever get counselling after the rape?

Fe Miller: Its all2 much 4 much 4 my olld bfain.................

see u in2016

Michelle Johnstone: whats happening in 2016?

Michelle Johnstone: there's even a kidnapping party.. y'know blindfold 'em, tie them to a chair & fuck 'em - you didn't tell me if you got counselling for the rape chick or - were you lying to me?

Fe Miller: I had councelling for years with Jill Carodoc Davies, she was good but this time of year brings it all back.

Its now the 1-1-2013 & I must apologise for that crap, we went too our local & I got really hammered {obviously} I don,t even remember us chatting last night, god knows whats happening in 2016 :/ But the rape happened in december 1990 then that scumbag rob stole my docs when i went too the drs with mum, jerry said he remembers him taking them up 2 them & trying too sell them.
Michelle Johnstone: IT'S 20FIRTEEEN. apologise for what? i can't remember names
Fe Miller: That all sounds bloody awful, what are the indian police doing about it?? Mass Carnage would be a understatement, I totally understand your worrying about your child, I always do & always will & now about Sativa. I didn,t press charges against those wankers out of plain fear, but karma will sort them out 1 way or another I heard one of them got stabbed in the balls HaHa Ha ha!!!!
Fe Miller: Whats the world coming too?? Jim Morrison had it right years ago when he wrote "People are Strange" chat later after a cuppa

Michelle Johnstone: People didn't give a shit back then - what'd yah think that's like now man . See - when people say "what's the world coming to " "it's a fucked up world we live in" generally means its an excuse not to give a fuck because you did nothing to prevent the sick fucks fucking over someone else

Fe Miller: Its totally fucked, Sad really no-one seems too give a shit,

Michelle Johnstone: Includes you init - you got gang raped - you did nothing to prevent that from happening to other people .

Fe Miller: your right & ive got no excuse except they put fear in me & 2 this day I get chills if i see any shaved men, jerrys got a good crop of hair now, Thank gawd.

Michelle Johnstone: don't bullshit otherwise you wouldve never married one in the first place or fucked one voluntarily. Whatever reason its fucking strange you've had no inclination to help other women who've been through the same thing. Or protested.

Michelle Johnstone: with most victims there's an innate need to let other victims know that they're not on thier own. Not a little snitch for other skinheads fiona.

Fe Miller: Have i said or done something 2 upset you? Why are you bringing that awful time so many years later?

Michelle Johnstone: work it out. and actually - as a matter of factly - you've been bringing it up for years so yah know shrugs shoulders, when the shitteth hitteth the fanneth - you did nothing but watched, you keep going on about your husband when you know I fucking hate them. and to top it off there's something in you that fucking likes bringing up the past but let other people deal with it - why would you send me something about the johnstones - on my brothers birthday? why would you disguise the fact that you know trounsons mrs and didn't say nothing when she harboured him? you can't say you didn't know.

that kinda makes you a traitor and just as bad as a rapist

Ever wondered why I don't like anything on my wrists? for years it's been a non-stop 'remember this, remember that' - fucking hardly. they shaved your hair off, they beat the other women black and blue and proabably wouldve killed her too. And you think everything is normal. You didn't see a need to protest to get the scum off the streets. Along with underage prostitution. I mean - for fuck sake - I can't believe you didn't do anything. And I'm guessing you go on about it to me cos noone would believe you. It's also fucking strange the only opportunity I had to shout I was stomped down by the whole of nz. Says alot for NZ.

Fe Miller: I had no idea it arrived on your brothers birthday as don,t know when that is, Whose trounsens mrs??

Fe Miller: I felt you & I had a close enough friendship that I could confide in you about how we somehow got through that time. Do mean Jodi?? I’ve only met the woman once at a party last year, and she was married with a kid on the way & it wasn’t too George

     The conversation ended there.  Enter the year 2013 with a view of it being more relaxing and back to what it original was before I found out about Trounson and my brother’s murder getting turned into some kind of political debate.  The Justice Minister of New Zealand (at the time), Judith Collins, blocked me on twitter as did Helen Clark.  Helen Clark was vying to be the next Secretary General of the United Nations (UN).  I was also working as an extra and going through the motions of everyday life.
     When Fiona started talk of getting stabbed etc then asks why the person is bringing something up that Fiona herself started going on about as well as developing selective amnesia and even so much as calling Trounson by his first name of ‘George’, as if she knew him personally – was just totally nasty.
     After I read the last sentence I erased Fiona from my friends list on Facebook.  There was another piss taker on Facebook called ‘Booboo Lloyd’.  She kept going on about her own abuse and it might as well of been the end of the world for her but took the piss out of me in a very demeaning manner by saying “You’re lovely Michelle but you just get worked up too much.”  Booboo Lloyd was friends with a guy called Paddy Monaghan, a boxer, there is a movie about his life called ‘The Rough Diamond’.  The movie highlights Paddy Monaghan’s friendship with Muhammad Ali.
     Over on twitter it was the same kind of abuse from one of ‘Chopper’ Read’s ‘friends’.  Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read was an Australian criminal who also had a movie made about his life simply called ‘Chopper’.  The role of ‘Chopper’ was played by Eric Bana.  “You’re talking to yourself luv”, he says. 
     Facebook is nasty, so I quit Facebook.  Shivon still wanted to be a makeup artist; she’d given herself a makeover in the style of ‘The Joker’ and experimented with Mexican skull face makeup.  It was when she came back from her dad’s when she realised that I had eaten her Cadburys Creme egg that she’d left on the keyboard of the computer.  She stormed into my bedroom screeching “You ate my egg!” while staring me right down into the ground for a few minutes of nostril flaring tantrum city action - then stormed off.  I thought ‘it’s just an egg’.  The way she stropped out was OTT and enough was enough.  The argument soon escalated and it resulted in me slapping her.  She ran into the bathroom, locked the door and phoned her father.  Her father shortly arrived as well as the Police and Shivon went to her dads - they also dognapped Dutch.
     Twitter is different as you don’t get a reply and it says on the ‘tweet activity’ that less than 50 people actually see my tweets.  The feedback I get is non-existent, abuse or people just taking the piss.  According to John Key twitter users are all ‘bottom feeders’ and ‘trolls’.  John Key is also quoted as saying “No dirt sticks to the Beehive” (Vance, 2014).
     Shivon had gone to her dad’s.  I was still working as an extra however my eBay got hacked which resulted in me losing the eBay business.  I was looking for a ‘normal’ job by the time ‘Eastenders’ came along.  I was to be sat in between Sharon and Tanya bickering and giving each other that ‘I’m gunna kill you’ pre-cat-fight look on ‘Eastenders’.
     Realising that because of my background; i.e. having an extremely violent past prior to moving to England, also a vindictive ex-husband and ex-family, also the trouble with Hollywood - well it’s a sure fire way not to get any more work in the industry again.
     I’d worked as an extra on ‘Eastenders’ a couple of times.  One thing that is annoying is the parking.  The set itself is in Elstree Studios (Borehamwood) which is also where ‘Holby City’ is/was filmed.  I played the part of a nurse at the hospital while the hospital had an outbreak of legionnaire’s disease.
     Up to this point - the Rugby World Cup was over, I’d worked on the movie ‘Trance’ as an extra (there was a French guy on the set of ‘Trance’ who was slightly ‘antsy’.  There was also an extra who looked liked the mechanical head in the movie ‘Total Recall’ where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mechanical head malfunctioned when he arrived on Mars).  I’d met Danny Boyle, Richie McCaw, James McAvoy and I inadvertently murdered Johnny Depp with my eyes spontaneously.  As well as met a few more individuals who all have/had careers in the public/media domain.
     Danny Boyle directed the Olympic Opening Ceremony, followed by the Sochi Olympics where one of the rings malfunctioned.  There was a photograph of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a type of backstage ‘greenroom’ watching the opening ceremony of Sochi when one of the Olympic rings malfunctioned; he was holding what appears to be a ring box.  The speculation of an engagement in the media followed.
     I’d also done a couple of Asda Ads.  The first Asda ad I remember because Breivik had committed mass murder in Norway and the masochist was plastered all over the front pages.  The Asda ad wasn’t long after I’d been on ‘Dark Shadows’ where I’d spoken to one of the runners about the massacre in Norway.  Steve was standing in for Johnny Depp (Tim Burton movie).  The next Asda I did I found a phone in the toilet – it went unclaimed.
     Meanwhile, over in New Zealand, it appeared to be full of ‘Hitler’s’ and ‘Hobsters’.  Ranging from John Key and his sadistic cabinet of so-called ministers and of course Sir Peter Jackson is from New Zealand - he pretty much owns New Zealand.
     I hadn’t returned to New Zealand since the whole kidnapping thing.  However there was someone who used my email address and made up the name ‘Suzanne Rectum, 39 and living in Otago’, which is cybercrime and identity theft.  Meanwhile back in the UK - I put one post on the forum of expat website and got permanently banned as I was considered to be ‘illiterate spam’.  I was just getting blocked and ‘trolled’.
Hamish McNeilly sent out a tweet (after he’d blocked me):
Hamish McNeilly (@southernscoop) October 29 tweet: Dunedin reached peak celebrity yesterday; Lorde, Daniel Craig, Michael Fassbender, Rachel Weisz, Dougal Stevenson and Olly Ohlson

     I’d not long been an extra on ‘Skyfall’ and around the same time that I collapsed; John Key supposedly had an ‘out of body experience’ and was pictured with the US Air Force before he embarked to Antarctica.  I collapsed shortly before I was an extra on ‘James Bond Skyfall’.  The psychological torture of not getting a response other than abuse was reaching levels of insanity.  The day after I’d collapsed I woke up with an incredibly blood shot eye that according to a work colleague looked like a really bad case of conjunctivitis.  I looked Daniel Craig right in the eyes, so it really was one extreme to the other.
     I had communication from a group called ‘Sensible Sentencing’.  Apparently their aim is to improve the treatment of victims and/or implement harsher penalties for offenders.
 “Hi Michelle
Thanks for emailing us, we will make sure he is added to our offender data base but I have also cc this to Debbie Marlow who is trying to improve treatment of victims..... I think this letter from Corrections to you is appalling and they should be taken to task.
Debbie will contact you to see if you agree with her taking this up on your behalf.
Regards, Garth McVicar, Sensible Sentencing Trust”

On the Sensible Sentencing website it reads:
“The blog by a relative of the victim is extremely informative and gives a great deal more background to this offender’s history.  Warning – some fairly harsh language contained therein, as author is absolutely furious with the injustices her family have suffered and perfectly understandably so!”

     I didn’t hear anything back after that as they had let Trounson out and my victim impact statement was proverbially chucked in the bin.  If someone expressed reservations about returning ‘home’ because of a convicted criminal it would fall on deaf ears - it makes no difference to the Parole Board whatsoever and their apparent lack of any human emotion is astounding.
     On 30 May it was announced that Trounson had been on the run for months.  They decided to announce it to the public on my birthday which seemed like a slap in the face.  In the New Zealand Herald, Hamish McNeilly (2013) writes:
A convicted murderer remains on the run from police
Police have appealed for any sighting of Dunedin man George Charles Trounson, 41, who is wanted on a warrant to be recalled to prison, Acting Senior Sergeant Dave Scott said yesterday.
Trounson, described as being of solid build and about 177cm tall, has eluded authorities since January.
"Don't approach him, just let us know about him," Sgt Scott said.
Anybody seeing Trounson was urged to contact police, he said.
In 1991, the then 19-year-old Trounson was jailed for life after being found guilty of murdering Russell Warren Neil, 17, in Dunedin.
Trounson, a former polytechnic student, beat Mr Neil about the head with a piece of broken stair baluster on June 24, 1990.
He was first released in 2001, and the latest prison recall was his sixth recall application since that initial release.
In June 2012, a New Zealand Parole Board decision noted alcohol abuse and Trounson's failure to take his Antabuse medication were factors in his reoffending.
Taking the medication, not being in possession of/or consuming alcohol and illegal drugs for the rest of his life, and undertaking treatment for drug and alcohol were three of his six special parole conditions, the board noted.
Anyone with information is urged to contact Dunedin Police on 471-4800, or anonymously via the Crimestoppers tip line on 0800 555 111.
     A tweet that Hamish McNeilly posted with no comment was an attachment of a tweet from someone called Shelley (@dyslexialady1) telling @Whaleoil to shut up.  Which is rather coincidental because Shelley; is short for Michelle - which is what I was called when I was younger.
     The day after the New Zealand elections the headline on stuff read “It’s the day after National’s landslide and Labour’s trouncing” and then a ‘black ops spindoctor’ by the name of Jason Ede quit National.  I wrote to the New Zealand High Commission and never got a reply. 
     An awful lot of inappropriate selfies began to appear after an atrocity had occurred.  Some even began to sing the song ‘Hitler only had one ball’ (a British song that supposedly mocks Nazi leaders).  The rise of anti-Semitism was on the up and up.
     In relation to ‘research’ on how teenagers deal with death and trauma in the world of social media - it’s very much like there are plenty who utilise the ‘Kathy Sanders’ technique from the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’.  After an incident/atrocity there’d be many carnage selfies and funeral selfies - presumably to lighten the mood.  President Obama and friends were the trend setters and set the standards at Nelson Mandela’s memorial.  There were all kinds of disaster selfies, horrific accident selfies, terrorist selfies - it turned into a competition.  Having a ‘thumbs up if you’re chilly willy’ selfie at Auschwitz was almost like having a badge of honour.
     There was even a dress up competition for a nightclub.  Two girls had won who were dressed as the World Trade Centre’s.  There was another contender where a chef made a World Trade Centre’s cake with the planes crashing into the skyscrapers.
     The use of twitter to sway public opinion especially in political elections is something else.  The twitter users who’d get on the moral high ground are generally the first to mock and block me – me – being a victim of seriously extreme crime.   Twitter is also the place for little statements and hash tag competitions.  It’s so addictive that there are in fact people that are addicted to twitter that don’t work at Twitter.
     The addiction to social media and the entertaining world of social networking is like my addiction to coffee, it’s completely legal but hazardous to your health - just like any other addiction.  It’s a not so ‘secret’ marketing game being played with the use of social media.  Like other ‘charades’ ‘games’ such as ‘messages’ on T-shirts and baseball caps etc. 
     I was an extra on ‘Life’s Too Short’ (I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky Gervais, Val Kilmer and the short guy).  I sat in a chair being a part of an audience as part of the ‘extra package’.  The lady who was sat next to me was so excited she fell asleep and got some shut eye while filming.  The AD complimented me on my car and I complimented him (can’t remember what I complimented him on exactly – however I did).  I was nice, a pleasant to work with - mingled with absolute strangers and famous people for money.  I got dressed up in incredibly tight period corsets – all for money.  Got paid to dress up and mingle – just to be ‘part of the crowd’.  I enjoyed it but not so much the games that they play.  My life seemed to become cause for debate.  Seth Macfarlane and Ricky Gervais are apparently hard-line atheist’s and anti-religious so the ‘debate’ on the subject of ‘life after death’ for an extra who is a victim of extremely violent events – is very traumatising. 
     There are many aspects of ‘life after death’ and there is also the debate about the death penalty.  So they are thrusting their beliefs in your face and you are insane if you don’t agree with their way of thinking.
     I sat in the chair being part of the audience on ‘Life’s too short’ reading a make shift book and it happened to have a ‘Star Wars’ theme (the short guy played the part of an ewok).  Ricky Gervais inadvertently said in passing “I don’t know what to say.”  After that Ricky Gervais was photographed with Michael J Fox at a basketball match in America looking highly enthusiastic.  Very much ‘Back to the Future’ as Michael J Fox was the lead role in a movie where the vehicle must get to the speed of ‘88’ miles per hour to disappear into the future.
     It is/was a situation where famous people pass off real as fake and fake as real.  Ricky Gervais later went on to do Comic Relief.  That particular year Ricky Gervais put his single out all about equality, Simon Cowell married himself and Rowan Atkinson played the part of a very angry looking Bishop of Canterbury.  I thought it was a bit of a piss take as I am the victim and I’m getting laughed at - not supported. 
     Meanwhile there is the copyright case in New Zealand where it’s apparently a battle between Kim Dotcom and Hollywood.  Whenever someone illegally downloads a song or an episode of their favourite TV programme - the famous people and executives shout from the heavens that they are not getting paid and thus all out war on piracy has unfolded.  Even if you take a photograph on set – you will be frogmarched off and not allowed to work in the industry ever again.  It’s a reversal - they have stolen something from me but that was classed as ‘just a joke’ and ‘a bit of banter’.
     Attempting to write a victim impact statement includes writing about my life after the death of my brother, also how the massacre and other extremely violent events have impacted on my life is certainly no piece of cake.  To describe how all of those traumatic events have impacted my life and how that has shaped me into the person that I am today is no easy task within a short amount of time.  I avoid big crowds, my conversations don’t veer off to far from the superficial niceties as if I say that my brother was murdered and then there was a massacre followed by a whole bunch of extremely violent events - chances are they won’t talk to me again as they don’t understand trauma.  They also tend to think ‘if all this bad stuff happened to you – there must be something wrong with you’, rather than, ‘WTF is wrong with people?’  The name ‘George’ seemed to morph into a thousand ‘George’s’ and ‘life after death’ morphed into different meanings.
     2013 was also the year that NASA confirmed that the Voyager1 probe had left the solar system (Associated Press, 2013).  The Voyager 1 probe was the first man-made object to leave the solar system.  It had left the heliosphere and left behind our solar bubble.  NASA revealed pictures of the magnetic ‘bubble’ that protects the Earth from solar particles known as the Magnetosphere.  Earth can be seen as a tiny speck surrounded by an enormous magnetic ‘bubble’ as it speeds through space.  So the world spins within a ‘bubble’.  The bubble theory has been confirmed by NASA scientists who spotted a mystery giant ‘space bubble’ on either side of the Milky Way.  Deep space probes have found out the solar system is protected by a ‘magnetic bubble wrap’.
     There is also an article stating that NASA scientists (Zolfagharifard, 2015) are to take the first steps to building a faster-than-light warp engine that could make ‘Star Trek’ a reality.  All they need to go is bend the rules of time and space famously laid out by Albert Einstein over 50 years ago.
     The bubble philosophy is very intriguing.  Every person is living in their own bubble.  This bubble protects you from things you’d rather not deal with, have no interest in or totally doesn’t apply to you.  Therefore you get up every day and live within your security blanket type monotony bubble where you wouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary: you get up every day - go to work - go home - sleep and repeat.  There are different kinds of bubbles for everyone and everyone has their own bubble.  But if anything interferes with the bubble or the bubble becomes disrupted the consequences can be devastating.  The bubble theory also applies globally.  If the global bubble were to be disrupted, the disruption to both to the environment as well as accompanied technological issues can be deemed not only troublesome but a security risk.  There are impressive displays of Aurora Australis (or ‘Southern lights’ which is visible in Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia), and Aurora Borealis (‘Northern lights’, visible in Norway, Iceland and northern part of the globe) but it knocks out electricity when it disrupts the Earth’s bubble.
     I’d like to talk about rainbows.  Rainbows being representative of a few groups such as Greenpeace and Gay Pride.  It might not be a well known fact but when someone says they like rainbows they are not automatically referring to a gay Greenpeace member.  Rainbows are not solely owned by the gay community.  Apparently Seth MacFarlane and Ricky Gervais are avid gay fans who believe gays should be allowed to marry.   However to be used and exploited by the media and having gone through what I’ve been through only for Greenpeace and the gay community to block/exploit me is extreme discrimination in the workplace.  If what has happened to me happened to a gay, black, or Jewish person – it would be called ‘persecution’. 
     That year was also the year of Nelson’s Mandela’s memorial where the President of America at the time (Obama) thought it would be a great idea to invent the ‘funeral selfie’.  There was a photograph where a man in the crowd at the memorial held up the front page of The Sun newspaper with a picture of Nelson Mandela on it.  I’d just finished googling Phar Lap.  Phar Lap has a better front page I reckon.  In 1931, the front page of The Sun in Australia had the headline ‘Will Phar Lap make Turf History’ with a magnificent full page picture of Phar Lap.  It’s gold as far as front pages go. 
     The shenanigans of the schizophrenic deaf interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial made the event a little comical.  President Vladimir Putin didn’t attend what appeared to be a circus.  He signed the condolence book and said that Nelson Mandela was a good friend to Russia.
     John Key was described as an ‘unidentified guest’ (as no one seemed to know who he is/was) while sharing a laugh with David Cameron.  You’d be almost tricked into believing it was a circus rather than a memorial.  A schizophrenic deaf interpreter who talked of fish, prawns, horses and lightning bolts and saying afterwards that he totally didn’t recall the event at all however as it progressed he got a job making ads for money and rode off on a white horse.
     It was more of a celebration of Mandela’s life mixed with political comedy and the rooster effect.  Putin allegedly said of Obama (Giambruno, 2017) “Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon.  The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”  There was also a photoshopped meme with speech bubbles of the schizophrenic deaf interpreter saying “This is about mawage, mawage is the reason we are here today.”
     In Nelson Mandela’s book he mentioned a bird and while he was incarcerated on Robben Island - had much time to think.  In relation to the criminal justice system and the current reform of it: Mandela was in prison for being a terrorist or as some people say a freedom fighter.  He’d spent 27 years of his life in prison only to come out and become President and leave a lasting legacy like ‘Invictus’.  The movie is probably what most people will remember him by. 
     In numerology ‘88’ is more commonly known as a Nazi number and ‘77’ is the number that most atrocities stem from – be it a ‘holy war’ as they call it.  So 87 is a special number namely bringing the two sides together for peace.  87 was also the score between France and New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup.  That same year an unknown copy of a letter from Robert the Bruce to the King of England asking for peace prior to the build up of Bannockburn was found, the page number was 87.  Russell’s school leaving certificate is 3rd July, 1987, and Simon Cowell had an 87th birthday – as a joke.  That wasn’t ‘coincidence’.
     My MX5 got stolen two days after the fall out with Shivon.  I’d not long been an extra on the Mars Football ad which included Van Persie and a couple of other soccer players.  There was a photograph with Van Persie and Robbie Savage in a cafe discussing cars looking pretty smug with themselves.
     Being car-less is never a good thing and being car-less is never a good option.  Being car-less means I cannot get to work.  Being car-less means I cannot work as I cannot get to work as there are hardly any buses at stupid o’clock in the morning.  The times that I had to be on set and on location were classed as ‘anti-social’ hours which made it incredibly difficult for those who used public transport and for those who lived outside of London.
     My home seemed like an empty shell.  Shivon was no longer there and I hadn’t touched her room since she left.  No attempt was made to bring Dutch back or anything.  On one particular day I was walking towards the house and a small group of kids noticed that someone had made a sign with twigs saying ‘HELP’ outside my back gate.
     It was towards the end of the year that I got a job at Shendish Manor, it’s a golf place in Hemel Hempstead.  The bar manager thought it was funny to pull me to the side and ask me if I’d murdered anyone - I quit after that.
     While I was working at Shendish Manor there was a terrorist incident in Boston who is now known as the ‘Boston Bomber’.  One of the guys at Shendish Manor said in reference to Boston “not my country – not my problem.”  Josh (my running friend in New York) was in total shock about the attack during the marathon.  They later put the perpetrator on the front page the ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine looking like a rock star.
     I sent a complaint to the bosses of Shendish Manor in relation to the reason why I quit - didn’t get a reply.  I went to the job centre and the lady behind the desk who when I told her about what had been said at Shendish Manor said “I find that difficult to believe, Shendish Manor are one of our best employers – you should get into acting.”  She also said that she didn’t like Putin; I have no idea why she slipped that in as I didn’t mention the President of Russia.
     A guy called Sean (he’d been on the show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and said that he liked Simon Cowell) also worked at Shendish Manor.  He also apparently knows people who work within the criminal justice system and seemed to know everything about it.
     I removed all the extra work from my CV so it was just a basic CV with nothing interesting on it.  I then got a packing job in Borehamwood.  There was no contract as such and the employees were all foreign.  It was at the packing job that I got a text from a casting agency to partake in the Madeleine McCann reconstruction – I didn’t do it.  The suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance, the global manhunt and the media ‘whodunit’ circus is and was at ridiculous pantomime levels.   While the teenagers were going through their ‘funeral selfie’ phase in the media, they’d also done a sign with ‘we found Maddy’.  The image of Madeleine had tinsel around it and they were parading it at a student party with the twitter hashtag ‘#casesolved’.  The McCann’s have had a tremendous amount of support and while they have shed loads of suspects have in a nutshell destroyed any public support for other victims that get abducted.
     If I took Shivon abroad and left her in a hotel at such a young age so that I could go miles away for a meal – it would be me that would’ve got castrated not the destinations police and government.  There wouldn’t be such a huge manhunt involving the world.  I would be labelled as a bad parent, probably face a prison sentence for child neglect and be subject to abuse for the rest of my life.
     The Leveson inquiry was to investigate the role of the media and police in the phone-hacking scandal.  The McCann’s had said that the media invaded their privacy however it would seem the McCann’s have used the media to their own advantage.  If there is anything they read that they don’t like – they sue.  They have had ample support to sue governments for having a ‘suspicion’ and penning a book, could just imagine the furore if there was to be a movie made without their permission.
     Generally victims of murders/massacres etc don’t have a say whether a movie is made about a specific event and/or events and the victims are generally the least of the focus, the focus is more often than not on/about the perpetrator/s.
     It was around the same time as Donald Trump got a retweet request from a guy claiming to be the son of Fred and Rosemary West.  A man had attached a picture of the serial killers and asked Donald Trump if he could get a retweet.  He’d said that his parent’s (Fred & Rosemary West) found Donald Trump inspiring.  Donald Trump then retweeted it of course.  Also the daughter of Fred West slammed Domonic West (‘John Carter of Mars’) for saying that he had suffered from nightmares when he played a role in a programme about the serial killers - however never gave the victims a second thought.
     So after Shendish Manor I got the packing job for a company called ‘Superfood’ - packing tablets, vitamin supplements, honey; all things that are classed as ‘Superfood’.  It was in the back room of a very small garage type warehouse.  The boss was an Indian slave driver and we were allowed two half hour breaks all day.  There was nowhere to sit and I my legs ached to buggery.  My knee was giving me jib, I have arthritis in my knee and I also took a chunk out of my finger.
     It was around the same time that I saw Steve for the last time on the set of ‘Red 2’ with Bruce Willis and Sir Anthony Hopkins.  I gave Steve a hug and a white bird flew across the set.  I looked up just in time to catch a glimpse of the bird.  It was also around the same time when Max Clifford got arrested for sexual offenses.  They all know and knew yet didn’t do anything to prevent it.  Bruce Willis was pictured in the media holding a green health food product while Arnold Schwarzenegger was wearing a green tie and talking about Greenpeace in France.  The ‘green’ theme... the Aurora is abundant with luminous green and of course the ‘green’ thing is all to do with Greenpeace, climate change etc.  The colour green also denotes jealousy and there are also huge green screens that are used for CGI in movies.
     I was driving home one evening in the MG when I got a text message telling me that I no longer have a job and don’t come back so – I was unemployed... again.  The next day was one of my last jobs as an extra.  It was at a pub and we were just sat mingling in the restaurant that was attached to the pub.  The programme had Stephanie Beacham in it.  I told them that my car had been stolen and that it was only yesterday I’d got the sack without any warnings at all – it didn’t seem that much of a big deal.  I sat down and spoke to one of the crew and she told me that I should listen to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking ball’ song.  Main stream music isn’t ‘my cup of tea’.  It was while we were sat down having a random conversation that I discovered what ‘twerking’ was.  Princess Eugenie was pictured wearing a conservative badge and ‘twerking’ a bear, a metaphor for Russia.  To be sat down and getting paid to rest my legs while pretending to be engrossed in idle chit chat was a softener to the blow of being unemployed. 
     The only trouble with extra work is that it’s not constant, it’s very intermittent and no-one can depend on it.  You can very easily rub someone up the wrong way or look at someone funny and never get hired again.  Of course they won’t tell you, you just won’t get any work
     There was a rumour surrounding Tom Cruise.  Apparently he’d allegedly said to an extra that if he so much as looks at him he’ll be removed from set.
     I liked the extra work however learning about the recent adventures of my brothers murderer and not getting a response other than being used/abused/exploited was just something else on a whole new other level of evil.  I knew there was a movie about the massacre in Aramoana however I’ve not seen it and have no need to see it and don’t really want to watch it – I like animation.
     Of course the other weirdness is the fact that when horrendous violent things happen – it’s like something out of a movie - but not.  It’s very real.  I was an extra within the TV/film industry at the time of writing my victim impact statement. 
     The ex-husband once said that I should stack shelves for a living which would’ve thrilled him no end as it is a seemingly dead end job with not very many career advancement opportunities.  The best you can hope for is bigger shelves.  If it wasn’t my career choice he had a problem with it would be my relationships.  There’d be constant meddling and interfering and I’d even get the third degree if I had any friends as my attention would not be focused on Shivon 100%.
     The people around me knew very little and I’d never gone into great detail.  The MX5 being stolen felt like someone had severed a limb from my body.
     I defaced John Key’s picture using photoshop and posted it on twitter.  I turned John Key into an alien termite eater after Glenn Greenwald tweeted that John Key deceived the public over spying claims.  I also defaced a tweet sent out by John Key that said “Where there is a balancing of rights to be done between criminals and victims and where there is a doubt about what action should be taken I will take a side, and that side will be the side of the victim”, along with, “We’re putting victims at the heart of the criminal justice system and protect them from further offending.”  John Key’s tweet was sent out to cyberspace on the 24th June.  I wrote ‘BULLSHIT’ across it using red highlighter, saved it and tweeted it.
     Earlier that year Gemma Dowler followed me on twitter.  The Dowler family were victims of phone hacking.  The Leveson scandal is where the media hacked whoever whenever and still do - then plead ignorance, suffer amnesia and pretend they didn’t/don’t know.  Politicians had attempted to use Milly Dowler’s death as political leverage and debate.  For some strange reason my life and my brother’s death had turned into a debate.  I received a tweet from a New Zealander that said:
Mike Beckett (@SentinelNZ): “there you go again making assumptions.  What’s the matter?  Can you not debate me without swearing” and “The only person I am laughing about is you.”

Email from Ministry of Justice Reception:
Dear Michelle Johnstone
Thank you for your email of 4 April to the Ministry of Justice Reception
I am sorry to hear about this situation.  I appreciate that this must be a difficult time for you.
The issues that you have raised appear to relate primarily to the parole of George Trounson.  The Ministry of Justice does not administer the parole system.  This is done by the Parole Board.  I note that Anthony Paltridge from Government House has already forwarded your correspondence to the Parole Board on your behalf.
I recommend you seek legal advice about your wish to sue the New Zealand Government.  If you do not have a lawyer you can get free legal information from your nearest community law centre.  More information on the services and locations of community law centres is available at the following website:
I note also that there are a range of victim support resources on the following site, which you may find useful:
Once again, thank you for your email
Kind Regards, Paul McGregor

     John Key dismissed Edward Snowden’s allegations that New Zealand has/had US National Security Agencies using the facilities on New Zealand soil.  The media had also taken a liking to using the word ‘trounce’ in headlines such as:
“In his six years as prime minister of New Zealand, John Key has maintained satisfaction ratings of about 50 per cent, trouncing even Angela Merkel in Germany.”

     Apparently Invercargill City Council in New Zealand had put me into ‘quarantine’ because apparently I’m a ‘security risk’ and I swore too much at them.  Someone called it ‘shadow banned’ where some tweets are viewable and others aren’t.  ‘Quarantined’ means – you won’t get a response as they’ve blocked you.  The media had decided to take the word ‘trounce’ and use it figuratively in politics and sport, i.e.; ‘Trounced Merkle’, and ‘Chiefs trounce Crusaders’ etc.
     I changed my twitter name to ‘Mishka’, ‘@mishkajacksonz1’.  I googled to see what ‘Mishka’ meant.  Mishka (Urban Dictionary, 2017): the ruler of ‘mishkan’, or perfect woman in ancient Croatian.  A very attractive, sexually appealing woman.  However it also means little bear or little mouse.  I got called ‘Mishka’ at the packing job and I quite like it – as a name.
     ‘Quarantine’ means that you can send emails but you won’t get a reply, in other words it’s like being ‘secretly blocked’, but then all the abusive tweets didn’t get blocked such as:
Xboodx (@shy_k): I seriously think you need help for your issues and conspiracy theories, reading your blog makes me think you may be mentally ill...
@mexenaj @jedi_lexi your tragic life, according to your blog, would think the experience might have given you a heart but obviously not...
@mexenaj enough of your conspiracy shit bitch, get your head checked.  You are a truly fucked up human being.

     As well as a tweet from ‘Chopper’ Read’s wife saying that I should stop picking on her dead husband, quite weird given that I wasn’t so I replied:
@CassarRead you what?

Then someone called LeStonesy (@SeanStones) replied:
@mexenaj Michelle you have 16 followers and a egg for a profile pic.  You’re talking to yourself love (with a thumbs up sign).

     Upon writing to the Governor Generals office again, I got a reply by email and in the subject line was ‘Hemel Hempstead’, it reads:
“Dear Ms Johnstone 
Thank you for your email of 4 April which has been received by Government House, the Office of the Governor-General.  As you were advised by my predecessor, Antony Paltridge, the matters you have raised should be considered by the Parole Board.  Regards, Nerina Bennett.  Public Affairs Manager, Government House.”

     There was no reply to anything after that.  Helen Clark who’d blocked me on Twitter was vying to be the next UN Secretary General who supposedly stands for ‘women’s rights’, ‘the rights of the victim’ and all that jazz.  She wanted the ‘top job’ no matter who’d she’d trodden on to get it.  It’s very representative of the UN in general.  They claim to have devoted their whole lives to saving people and being ‘moral’ when they are more than happy to tread on a victim and run the victim into the ground and pass the victim off as delusional in order to save their career due to the fact that they have already discriminated against the victim so therefore – condemn what they endorse and endorse what they condemn, it’s total and complete hypocrisy.
     They’d sprayed ‘88’ onto Jewish headstones over in New Zealand and my brother was murdered at 88 Dundas Street, Dunedin.  Arranged to be beaten to death by skinheads and the convicted murderer is being treated softly softly meanwhile - the victims next of kin, the deceased’s sister – over the other side of the world in the UK being subject to abuse, as well as emotional/psychological torture while being laughed at, mocked and blocked.
     When the shenanigans all began Calum Best followed me on twitter for a bit.  He never said anything other than doing some marketing and then Aldo Zilli made a cake of a particular scatty model.  Lindsay Lohan had her picture taken holding a camera with her fingers pointing at her eyes while Max George made a spooky face behind her.
     At the height of increased terrorist activity and during the Football World Cup, ISIS decided to have a Hannibal Lectur type game.  They’d made a soccer ball using severed heads and Iraq Al Qaeda (ISIS) said “This is our ball, it is made of human skin.” (Tomlinson, Simon. & White, Amy.  2014).
     Germany won the Football World Cup and a foreign political figure sent out a tweet saying “Well Done Hitler! Bravo!”  It’s allegedly unlucky for anyone to touch the World Cup and Rihanna was pictured holding it while being kissed on both sides of her cheeks by two guys.
     One of my last jobs as an extra was on a movie called ‘Frankenstein’ starring Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.  Another extra said to me “No one is helping you.”  He pointed out a tardis so I took a photo of it on my phone.  Another extra and I were just chit chatting away and she mentioned how sometimes the phone sometimes gets stuck in between the seats of a private jet.  She also mentioned ‘karma’ and the ‘need to teach her friends a lesson’.  It wasn’t long after that that the incidents with MH370 and MH17 occurred.  The ticket number on my car park and entry to the studios where ‘Frankenstein’ was being filmed was 47.
      ‘Frankenstein’ was filmed in the same naval yard as ‘Mr Selfridge’ where the makeup lady said to me that some of the actors ‘are like Gods’.
     On ‘Frankenstein’ I was dressed in period costume that included a corset – again.  It was a circus scene where animals were coming and going and a trapeze artist falls to the ground with a thud.  Daniel Radcliffe liked my birds as he said in a ‘matter of fact’ kind of way.
     On the bus back to base the extras were talking about the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ movie and laughing about the sex scene.  I’d not seen it but apparently it’s no holds barred.  One of the extras asked “How much did she get paid for that?” another extra replies “Five pounds.  But totally worth it.”  I’ve not met Leo Dicaprio.  He’d not long received a promotion to ‘UN Messenger of Peace’ to promote global action on climate change by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.   Which in itself – is a giggle.
     By this stage the beginnings of a flag ‘conspiracy’ in New Zealand was unfolding.  They’d decided to have a referendum on whether to change the national flag or not.  Australia had an ISIS attack and a Norwegian teen had his McDonalds dinner receipt tattooed on his arm for a dare.  His dad locked him out and his mother had a mental breakdown.  Also a Russian woman was staging a protest and had tattooed her arm with “Obama cannot touch my body.”
     After Shendish Manor and the packing job, I got another job being self employed delivering for Yodel.  I had to use my own vehicle (MG) and the parcels were to be delivered to me and then I would deliver them in my local area.

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