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Legal Rights

·        Dates of the incidents;
        I was first arrested and sectioned on the 13/1/2016 and again July 2016

·        Names of the parties (or the police station involved);
        Hatfield Police Station, NHS.  I was arrested by PC Mann and 3 other officers at my home about 7ish in the morning

·         Details as to the incidents;
       I have attached a copy of the details of the incidents.  Along with the nature of the complaint with CQC/NHS.   No assault ever took place nor did any arguement about ‘free food’. 

·         Did you suffer any injuries as a result of this incident? If so do you have any medical evidence?
        yes, I was truly traumatised – for a whole 28 days of incarceration they were still insisting that I am lying about my own life as well as fabricating what I’d said – I was unable to speak to anyone for six months.  If there was a knock at the door my whole body trembles uncontrollably, I suffer from anxiety and hyperventilating.  My GP has signed me off sick for PTSD as of 19th January and a letter from my community psychiatrist which is attached on jpeg files one, two and three.  My PTSD has been amplified by the treatment I received and it has isolated me in that – being accused of lying about my life.   The psychologist has since said that I seem to be ‘too wrapped up in the injustice’ to undergo counselling however the trust between myself and the treatment that I have received has scarred me for life and I have lost my house, contents and car as a result as well as being accused of lying as well as fabricating what I did and didn’t say etc

·         Were you arrested? If so what happened during the arrest and at the police station?
        Yes, I was arrested for ‘suspicion of assault’ at my house, they arrested me very brutally, drove me to Hatfield station where they said I was saying ‘outlandish things’ which I wasn’t, I hardly spoke to them.  the police officers requested a psych evaluation and they sectioned me.

·         Were you charged? If so with what offence?

·        Did the matter go to Court? If so were you found guilty or acquitted?

·         Whether you have put in a complaint with the police, if so what was there response and when did they last respond;
       As I said I was truly traumatised I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anyone after the 28 day incarceration in January 2016 –  I saw the same officer again when they sectioned me in July and he just laughed it off – I was trembling,  I haven’t made a complaint about the treatment I received by the officers however I sent an email via IPCC to the station directly so the email tells me

·         Have you made a complaint to the IPCC, if so what was there response and when did they last respond;
      Yes, I have sent a complaint via the IPCC website who acknowledged the complaint on 23 January, ref: 2017/079503, they have yet to respond

·        Do you have a criminal record? If so what offences and when were you convicted?

If you require advice under the legal aid scheme, I would also be grateful if you could provide the following information:

·         Your (and any partner’s) income details (including wages, benefits, tax credits etc…);
     I am currently in reciept of ESA benefit, housing & council tax benefit

·         Whether you live with any children or adult dependents;

·         Whether you pay rent or mortgage repayments (if so how much do you pay, after any housing benefit payments);
      I pay a weekly contribution of £25.90 towards the homeless hostel which is where I currently am as I wait to get rehoused

·         Whether you own any savings, investments or property (please provide the approximate value of any property you own as well as any existing mortgage).


This is where I’d appreciate some advice because out of all the discrepancies that are apparently ‘legal’, they labelled me as ‘delusional’ right from the get-go and of course I was put into a position where I had to prove who I am with no friends, no family, no photographic evidence – just with what I was arrested at 7am by the police at my home.   Not only that there is an awful lot of invalid information and false information where it seems that they have all this information of which I didn’t tell them, didn’t say and they didn’t ask.  It traumatised me so much that I was unable to talk to anyone for six months, how on earth do you have a normal conversation with anyone when you’ve just spent 28 days of incarceration and being basically called a liar (about my life) by  the Police and the NHS.  The GP has commented saying she can’t imagine what it’s like for people not to believe you.  As a result of the shock/trauma/treatment of being sectioned etc I got evicted and slept in my car. 
The place where Isabel works (Slippers Hill) said to me “come and talk to us about hostel accommodation” so – I did and they sectioned me.  I left – started to walk back to the car and was stopped by officers and escorted into an ambulance and as a result wound back to where I was originally sectioned and the nightmare began because they refuse to accept that I have PTSD and apparently I’m not who I say I am and the shit that’s on that section is – bollocks.   I am now in a homeless hostel and the council have accepted that I didn’t make myself intentionally homeless so are going to rehouse me however I still have the issue with the CQC/NHS complaint and I have made a complaint to the Police. 
When I spoke to the NHS investigator at a meeting I was able to show him evidence of my ‘victim’ status with NZ government letters/emails etc and pointed out to him the abuse that I have received via social network platforms on my tablet – which is cybercrime, it’s a crime however something that police believe is ‘delusional’ as well as the NHS.  There are no pictures of Diana.  At all.   I have never heard someone apologise so much, his eyes looked a little bit watery at one point.  So, I am expecting a letter from them.  Obviously what I’ve been through is horrendous however it appears apparently ‘legal’, it appears that they’ve ‘tweaked’ the law to suit themselves which is an abuse of power.  There is talk of putting steps in place so this does not happen to anyone else.  My nationality is New Zealand, the officers upon arrest asked me at the station if I had my passports – they knew I didn’t have an opportunity to grab them as they’d literally pounced on me as I opened the door.  So the question remains where did they get their ‘information’ from as well as total ignorance of not doing any research before insisting that I’m lying about my life also the fact that no ‘assault’ ever took place.   I have PTSD which they refuse to accept and was amplified by the ‘treatment’ I have received as well as anxiety.  As a result – it has destroyed my life and robbed me of everything that I’d worked for my whole life, I miss my garden very much ( a link to my garden: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/life/property/gardens/article2574026.ece)
As far as the complaint with the NHS/CQC the steps when making a complaint lead to the Ombudsman, while I realise that the purpose of the complaint is to ensure that this ‘treatment’ does not happen to anyone else and there is also the question of ‘where does that leave me?’  It’s also been mentioned that I shouldn’t tell them that I am seeking legal advice about – what can I do – for me.  Obviously it has destroyed my life and it cost me everything and not being believed has isolated me as it seems if I can’t talk about my life without being accused of being a liar or ‘delusional’.   I had a nurse come into the room and chirpily say “Where’s your brother?” – he’s dead.  I didn’t make him up.  The whole situation is horrendous and as the NHS investigator said – it’s across the board, there are many many improvements that the NHS need to make as well as asking about my car which was destroyed while I was in hospital.  The NHS investigator said that they are supposed to make sure your stuff is safe while they’ve sectioned you, unfortunately  that didn’t happen.
I’m not too sure what to expect or what I expect from the Police complaint, it’s abuse of power and whether they make any improvements as intentionally discrediting a victim amongst other things – well it’s an abuse of power and horrible and the total opposite of the police are supposed to be.  After what has happened to me and the way I was treated etc just the mere sight of the police make me shakey and anxious and I haven’t done anything wrong – I have in fact been treated like if not worse than a criminal – for being a victim.
What can I legally do for me?  What action am I able to take against the Police?  I understand the complaint with CQC/NHS leads to the ombudsman however this is not regarded as ‘medical negligence’ and I dare say the Police/NHS would call it an ‘oversight’ when clearly someone made some humungous errors that have impacted on my life immensely and pretty much robbed me of everything.
The NHS & Police clearly can’t stay the same as it is.
What am I legally able to do, what action can I take that will help me rebuild my life after it has been so heinously destroyed through no fault of my own but by those who abuse thier ‘power’.
Thank you
Michelle Johnstone

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