Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Police Complaint

I am writing to make a formal complaint about the treatment that I received when arrested for an assault that never happened in January 2016.
In order to help you understand the complaint, I have enclosed relevant information which highlight situations that I have had in my life and the traumatic experiences that I have encountered.
A background prior to being arrested:
It was when I was sitting outside Sainsbury’s in Apsley lock (Hemel Hempstead) that I seen Margaret, the ex mother in law.  So I did what any ex daughter in law would do given the circumstances but politely.  I went up to her and said “Do you understand the amount of unnecessary stress you and you’re family have put me through for the past 20 years?”  She shrugged it off and said “No no I’ll have you arrested for assault” – no assault took place.

A few days later there was a loud banging at the door at about 7-ish in the morning “Open up it’s the Police.”  As soon as I opened the door I was pounced on by four police officers who put me in cuffs straight away.  The arresting officer (giving himself a power trip) squeezed the cuffs tighter on purpose. They put me in the back of the police car and we headed to Hatfield station.  On the way the officers started talking about the ‘Star Wars’ movie and the movie with Bradley cooper in it – it was just chit chat of which I didn’t partake in.  I had said that I hadn’t seen it as I very rarely watch movies nowadays.  When I got to the station the arresting officer began to say in a jovial manner “She’s saying some really outlandish things” while waving his arm around and then – I got sectioned.

This 41 year old divorced Caucasian lady originally from New Zealand.  She was arrested after alleged assault on her ex-mother in law in Sainsbury’s.  It is reported that she feels there is a conspiracy against her concerning abuse.  The murder of her brother, talk of Putin and Obama planes dropping out of sky.  It seems she has been isolated from family and medical care for some time.  Not known to mental health services.  At interview she was an articulate lady who despite superficial appropriate conversation soon became apparent that she is thought disorder and paranoid delusions about police politician’s doctors.  She said they don’t take her allegations seriously concerning massacres black magic.  She had her victim impact stolen by a Hollywood actor and turned into an event.  She said her identity had been stolen and she no longer exists (under occupation she put Hologram).  She said she had clairvoyant power different to paranoid schizophrenia.  She is a disturbed lady, she admits cannibas use, her psychosis may be long standing it needs assessment as an inpatient.  She has apparently assaulted in community.  She refuses voluntary admission.

Police Statements AMHP Assessment: (responses are in brackets)

This is Ms Johnstone's first presentation of mental ill health.  She is not known to the Mental health services, she has not had contact with a GP for at least two years
L. Caravan/Rob Marsden, 4/1/2016, Hatfield police Station

This appears to be the first presentation of mental ill health and an assessment is required to establish the nature of the illness

Michelle believes that people are conspiring against her, this leaves her vulnerable as she could confront members of the public accusing them of trying to harm her and this could lead to retaliation against her
(bullshit - I do not believe that Joe Bloggs is conspiring against me)

Michelle was arrested for assaulting her ex mother in law in a supermarket today which led to her arrest
(no assault took place)

Any significant factors affecting the assessment eg/delays
-michelle Johnstone (service user)
-Dr Chavda (section 12 doctor)
-Dr. Tidy ( section 12 doctor)
Police officer Weatherspoon
linda Caravan (AMHP)

Michelle was assessed in a custody cell as she refused to come to an interview room
(lies, I wasn’t asked to go to an interview room)

She was casually dressed in jeans, jumper and coat.  She was sat on the bed in the cell.  I introduced myself and the doctors introduced themselves.  I explained the reason for the assessment and possible outcome.
(no, the officers said "she's saying some outlandish things")

Michelle stated that she was a 'victim' and that she needs help and no one is helping her and that she wants 'compensation' from the police and GP.
(I did not say that I needed help and being called delusional is not my idea of help)

Dr. Tidy asked Michelle about the assault against her ex mother in law.  Michelle stated that the ex mother in law lives several miles away and goes to the Sainsbury’s store where Michelle goes to deliberately challenge her.  Michelle went on to say that she 'touched' her mother in law on the elbow and nothing more.  Michelle informed the assessing team that there is a conspiracy against her concerning past abuse.  She believes that she has been neglected by the doctors and police and that she is owed compensation and once she has this money she can get on and 'live happily ever after', her though were very disordered and she would 'jump' from one subject to another but it appeared that she believes her 'victim impact statement' had been stolen by an actor in Hollywood and that this is to be used as an event she spoke of being raped but was unable to substantiate this with further information.
(I did not say anything about being raped - however regardless - that is a crime and they are busy calling the victim delusional etc)

She said people laugh at her, she spoke of kidnapping but again was unable to uniform the assessing team what the circumstances were.  She said her daughter now lives with the father and she hopes that they get on.
(I said my ex husband tried to have me arrested for kidnapping when taking our daughter back to NZ for a holiday - what is so difficult to understand about that? and I did not mention anything with regards of them 'getting on' or not)

She said she does not have her passport, but was unable to explain the reason for this
(I did not have a chance to grab anything and had to shout to have the back door locked)

There was pressure of speech and it was difficult to focus her as she kept referring back to her brother murder and past abuse
(I am slightly deaf and no I did not)

She has stated that she does not legally exist and on the police form she completed she had crossed out 'house-wife' and written 'hologram'
(I had a text message telling me I don't exist and I did write hologram and none of my emails get answered or responded to what I do get is mainly abuse)

throughout the conversation she spoke of massacres and murder but was unable to explain these statements
(No I never, however - what is so difficult to understand that my brother was murdered and then there was a massacre and there is a movie based on that massacre)

The nature of Michelle's mental ill health is a presentation of thought disorder, paranoia and delusions that the Police, Doctors and Politicians are conspiring against her.  She is pre-occupied with the murder of her brother which took place several years ago.

She has a belief that her daughter 'planted an egg' on her pc and has been provoked to behave in a certain way so that is captured on the pc.  She has also stated that she 'slapped' her daughter very hard on the face as she believed her daughter was wearing male makeup from dead Mexican people.
(My daughter left a chocolate egg on her keyboard, I ate it, she had a strop, I had a strop and it resulted in me slapping her and she went to her dads with the help of the police, she used makeup as a means to take the piss out of her mother)

She also believed president Obama and President Putin 'banter' about planes falling from the sky.
(errrrr... No.  either way - no mention of plane accidents/crashes etc)

the degree of the illness is such that a hospital admission is the most appropriate way forward to assess Michelle’s mental state as there is no previous mental health history
(I am not mentally ill and one must make something up to section the victim and call victim 'delusional').

Michelle was arrested at her home at 7.42am by PC Mann.  This followed an alleged attack on her ex mother in law at Sainsbury’s.  She was seen this morning by Nicola Hutton and assessed as needing a mental health act assessment due to her paranoid beliefs.

Michelle was born in a town called Invercargill in New Zealand.  There is no history other than what Michelle's spoken of during the mental health act assessment.  Michelle informed the assessing team that her brother was murdered when she was 16 years old and that she and her brother were abused as children.  She was married but is now divorced there is a daughter who lives with the father.

January 2016:
I was arrested at my house for ‘suspicion of assault’, four officers pounced on me as soon as I opened the door and cuffed me straight away.  I did not get the chance to grab anything.
The officers on the way to Hatfield Station started talking about movies – idle chit chat – I didn’t get involved in the conversation as I had just been arrested in the most brutal way
Upon arrival at Hatfield Station PC Mann announced that I was saying some ‘outlandish’ things and a mental health act assessement was requested.
I was not allowed a lawyer.
I was not invited to the interview room
At no point did I talk of ‘planes falling out of the sky’
At no point did I talk of Putin and Obama
The information written about me and the conversations that I had with the psychiatrist were exaggerated or totally inaccurate and fabricated what I’d said
At no point did I discuss gang rape to the officers or psychiatrist – the police psychiatrist went on to suggest that I could not provide evidence of this however didn’t ask just assumed what they wished and wrote what they liked.
I am a victim of gang rape and have been branded on my ankle in a very violent attack and to call the victim a liar/delusional/disturbed is just disgusting.  It is a crime.
I had said that my internet has been hacked and I am a victim of identity theft – of which evidence is available – again – that is a crime however the Police are calling me ‘delusional’
I did write ‘Hologram’ on the police form as a) I thought it was funny and B) I had a text message telling me that ‘I don’t exist’ – as a joke.  Again – intimidation, bullying, cybercrime – is a crime however the Police are still calling me ‘delusional’
There was no assault and there has never been any arguments about ‘free food’ which leads to the question of where the officers/psychiatrist invented this false information and where they got their invalid information from.  Because – it certainly didn’t come from myself.
I never mentioned Putin or Obama or talk of ‘planes falling out of the sky’.  I did however explain that my brother was beaten to death by George Charles Trounson at 88 Dundas Street, Dunedin in New Zealand on 24/6/1990.  This can be confirmed by google.
A massacre happened in November 1990 in Aramoana, Dunedin and there was a film produced based on what happened in the seaside town.  The film is called ‘Out of the Blue’ which again, can be confirmed by google.
I at no point mentioned anything regarding about acting in movies or what has been said and I categorically do not call massacres ‘cascades of murders’.
I was quizzed by psychiatrists when sectioned about ‘planes falling out of the sky’ – as previously stated – I had not mentioned or talked of ‘planes falling out of the sky’, plane accidents, plane crashes, suicidal pilots or the ‘conspiracy’ surrounding MH370 or MH17.  However the Police fail to acknowledge that it is indeed a criminal investigation.
After the section in January 2016 – I was completely traumatised and I could not bring myself to talk to anyone for six months during which time I was evicted from my house.
I was completely traumatised, not only did I get arrested for ‘suspicion of assault’, an assault that never happened but Police decided to come up with utter bullshit about what they were discussing.  I didn’t butt into their conversations that they were having in the car.  The Police officers were seemingly to be talking amongst themselves, I’d just been arrested in the most brutal way.  I’m not chit-chatty with officers  that just pounced on me as if I’d committed a major crime.  I was in handcuffs in the back seat headed for Hatfield Police Station and when we arrived at the desk at the Police Station the officer said “She’s saying some really outlandish things” as he waved his arm around and thus I was sectioned. 
During the time that I was living like a discarded refugee, I got evicted from the house in Millwrights Walk.  I had two hours to get everything that I could out of the house before it was boarded all up and closed.  I had nowhere to go so I slept in the car.  Most – if not all, of my household items from the garden and house either got stolen or taken to the skip.  I even ended up sleeping at Watford Hospital on a visitor couch in A&E and the next day had to go back to the council.  From there I was sent to ‘Slippers Hill’ – where I was sectioned - again.
I didn’t hang around Slippers Hill; I headed back to the car.  As I was headed back to the car the Police stopped me by the ‘magic roundabout’.  One of the officers (PC Mann, who was also the officer whom arrested me for an assault that never happened and was also the officer who started talking about movies on the way to the Police Station) was about to make sure I got into an ambulance.  My whole body started shaking at that point and that is my PTSD.  The slightest bit of aggravation and my whole body trembles.  My central nervous system is pretty buggered.
So there I was, surrounded by police officers by the ‘magic roundabout’.  I had to wait at the side of the road for an ambulance.  From there I was taken to Kingfisher Court again.  I was on a Section 2 and it was the same as before where anything you say is considered to be ‘delusional’.
At no point have I ever said that Milly Dowler hacked into my phone – how ludicrous - and at no point have I said that the police are after me – they called me delusional. 
This whole situation has been extremely traumatic and unnecessary and I find it totally unacceptable.  There is no understanding, no inkling on doing any research before allegations were made against me.  It is demeaning, belittling, dehumanising and totally disgusting, abhorrently evil and downright wrong and clearly an abuse of power.
I do hope that this gives you an insight of what my complaint is about as obviously it is an extremely traumatising experience getting treated like a delusional criminal when I am in fact the victim.  The ‘standards’ appear to be the total opposite of what the police/NHS ‘stand’ for.
It seems any serious crimes such as gang rape, murder, massacres, abuse, cybercrime just gets passed off ‘as a bit of banter’ by the police while calling the victim delusional without asking for any evidence at all or investigating.

I look forward to hearing from you

Michelle Johnstone

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