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Email from Sonja de Friez department of corrections and Christine Smith the victim information manager 11/7/2011, after I’d said that the last time I went home the ex husband attempted to have me arrested for kidnapping, the reply in return was “Thanks for sharing that, no problems.  Cheers”

The human rights advisor Paul Warhurst sent an email stating “Although the Human Rights Commission is not able to provide you with assistance in this matter we do appreciate your bringing your concerns to us, and we retain your correspondence on our files, which we refer to for informing the work of the Commission.
I wish to acknowledge the deep pain you and your family will have undoubedtly suffered as a result of the sudden death of your brother, Russell, and the additional stress, pain, and frustration caused to you by the manner of his death.
I wish you all the best in your endeavours”

Email from governemtn house 8/12/2011
Dear Ms Johnstone
Thank you for your email, which has been received by Government House, the Office of the Governor General.  On reading your email, I have formally referred your email to the Parole Board, as an independent authority, to reply.
Thank you again for taking the time to write and for raising your concerns.
Antony Paltridge, Public Affairs Manager, Government House

27 july 2011 – Hamish mcneilly, murderer recalled to prison

4/9/2011 Senior Sergeant Bruce Ross email regarding George Trounson
I received your e-mail today.  After reading it, I’m not entirely sure what your gripe is.
What I would like you to appreciate is that police investigated your brother’s murder and successfully prosecuted Trounson.  He’s now in the Justice system.  Any parole he may get, and breaches of that parole are dealth with by the Justice Department.  This is their jurisdiction.  The only involvement police have is when he commits any offence police will arrest him.  As you rightly mentioned he has breached his parole on five occasions and ach time police have arrested him.  What happens after police place him before the Court is in the hands of the Justice Department..  The police have nothing to do with decisions to release on parole or the revocation of parole.
I’m not familia with VNR so I’m not in a position to comment.
You asked if police have hacked someone’s e-mail.  I can assure you police do not hack into other peoples e-mails and or phone calls.
If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask them.  I’ll do my best to answer them.
Bruce Ross, Senior Sergeant, Dunedin

Email from Hamish mcNeilly:
“The Parole Board are very keen on letting the public know when those convicted of the worst crimes are released, same goes for pedophiles, rapists
If you want to comment about his release, feel free”
Hamish McNeilly, Reporter, Otago Daily Times

                Offender Information for victims
Offender Name:              George Charles Trounson
Security Classification     High, since 9 August 2011
Mr Trounson has been identified and waitlisted to attend the Drug Treatment Unit Short Intensive Programme.  The Drug Treatment Unit (DTU) provides a group-based programme in a therapeautic enviornemnt for prisoners with alcohol and drug-related issues.  It is a 3-month based programme (delivered the same treatment houses as the 6-month DUT but over a shorter timeframe).  The DTU teaches prisoners about addiction, change, relapse and the effects of their actions upon others.  The aim of the programme is to reduce re-offending by assisting programme participants to address their dependence on alcohol and other drugs.  Mr Trounson is required to reduce his security classification in order to participate in this rehabilitative programme.
Convictions Recieved During Sentence:
Mr Trounson has not received any further convictions since commencing his sentence.

Conviction Date and Description

However that’s where the page goes blank and as far any person would think – is that he hasn’t/hadn’t committed any offences at all since being released from prison after murdering my brother but no, asking where are the other charges I got told there was an admin error and a separate list of offences arrived by email from the Corrections Department of the 8th September 2011, it reads:
Hi Michelle
Here is the list of Criminal and Traffic Conviction History for TROUNSON, George Charles since the start of his sentence in 26/02/1991
YEAR                      OFFENCE
27/01/2003         Wilful damage
29/01/2003         Male assaults female
28/05/2003         Assault Police
18/03/2003         Shoplifts
13/11/2003         Shoplifts
17/06/2005         False statement that offence committed
23/09/2005         Owner/hirer fail give info
02/12/2005         Breath alcohol level over 400 mcgs per litre of breath
24/02/2006         Wilful damage
02/03/2007         Breach board release condition
17/06/2008         Shoplifts
                                Breach standard rel/special conditions
23/12/2011         Breach standard rel/special conditions
28/07/2011         Breach standard rel/special conditions

In July 2011 he was found getting visibly drunk by undercover officers:
30 July 2011; Murderer recalled to prison; Hamish McNeilly
A convicted killer has been recalled to prison after he was caught drinking at a wedding by an off-duty corrections officer.
George Charles Trounson was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1991 for murdering his 17-year-old flatmate, Russell Warren Neil, after beating him about the head with a piece of broken stair baluster on June 24, 1990.
He has been recalled to prison four times.
As part of parole conditions, he was prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol for life, with substance abuse linked to his reoffending.
On May 28, Trounson was at a wedding, where an off-duty corrections officer, who was working as a barman, observed him "drinking to the point where he was visibly intoxicated", a New Zealand Parole Board decision noted.
Trounson originally denied consuming alcohol at the wedding, but later accepted he had lied to his probation officer about the incident.
That incident triggered his recall application on the grounds he had breached his release conditions and posed "an undue risk to the safety of the community".
In addition, Trounson had stopped taking his Antabuse medication - another special parole condition - and had failed to disclose that to his parole officer.
In his defence, it was argued a recall was not justified as he did not pose an undue risk to the community, and the incident occurred during a time of stress.
Trounson, his lawyer submitted, was employed and housed and had complied with his other conditions of parole for many years and the recent incident should be seen as a lapse, rather than as justification for a recall.
The Parole Board decided a recall was necessary as Trounson had failed to learn from his last recall earlier this year, had stopped taking his medication and attended a wedding where he knew alcohol would be present.
"It reflects a failure to recognise situations that place him at risk."
In its decision, the board said, until Trounson stopped consuming alcohol, he remained an undue risk to the community.
"And, although it was a long time ago, Mr Trounson acknowledged that alcohol had played a significant part in the murder."
Trounson will be seen by the board again in November.

However in December 2011,

Convicted murderer freed for fifth time

9:46 pm on 15 December 2011 
A convicted murderer who has been recalled to prison for breaching his parole conditions five times will again be released from jail.
George Trounson was jailed in 1991 for fatally bashing Russell Neil - his teenage flatmate in Dunedin - with a broken balustrade.
The Parole Board says Trounson is an alcoholic and one of his parole conditions is that he cannot drink alcohol for life.
He was sent back to prison in July 2011 after an off-duty prison guard acting as a barman at a wedding saw him becoming visibly drunk.
Trounson also failed to tell the Probation Service in March that he had stopped taking medication to combat his alcohol abuse.
The board says Trounson accepts it is a small price to pay for living a law-abiding life in the community, and the only solution is for him to take the medication religiously.
It say it is satisfied that he can be released in December and that he will be given support by his family.

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