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I give it a year – where i  was called fucked in the head and full of shit by uncle peter
Mr Selfridge – grain of sand
Belle – that guy off rocknrolla – oxford university
Asda ad – phone
Football mars ad – car got stolen
British airways ad
Premier of john carter

Both Russell and I were abused as kids, bullied to the extent of cowering everytime the bellow of our mothers voice would go into one.  We weren’t allowed in the house very much therefore spent most of our time outside, playing sport and away from the house, it had it’s bonus’ being away from the house rather than in it.  I remember one morning mum woke us up to tell us that the NASA spaceshuttle blew up and I remember watching it on the television with our mother expressing shock and the ‘need another seven astronauts’ jokes that followed, and the time when I when I was just three years old and Elvis Presley died; I remember the funeral they had for Elvis, they had a statue in a tree and everyone was expressing grief by crying and whaling.  I was three years old – I thought having a statue in a tree was slightly odd and also the fact that our mother was a fan of Elvis and had one of his books.  Tragedy that seemed to bring the ‘family’ closer together or rather it was just someone to tell and point at the television as in ‘oo look something big happened in the world today’.
The only trouble with being so young and easily exploitable with a mother that always wanted you out of the house and gone (out of sight and out of mind) we went to David Barr’s house (Justin’s dad) and he had brothers Timothy, Matthew and Johnathan to another woman, our mother decided for Justin to live with David at a young age – even though he was our half brother he went to live with his dad and never lived with us again and thus the separation commenced.  By separation there was even a point where our mother wouldn’t let Justin in the house although he had done nothing wrong except want to know his mother.  Cold heartless woman.  But then there are many times that our mother wouldn’t let Russell or myself in the house either and when we turned 13 that was it we were apparently old enough to fend for ourselves thus when Russell turned 13 all his stuff was shoved into a black bin liner and thrown out of the house and David Barr picked him up so there was Justin, Russell, Timothy, Matthew and Johnathan; Timothy and Matthew didn’t do much however Johnatahn was a jockey and Russell started working as a stable hand.
The nightmare situation is that when we were sent out of the house , we went to David’s and he had a pedophile friend called ‘Snow’.  I was sexually abused in an environment where it was passed off as ‘normal’ and ‘normal’ to be invited to sit on someones lap and feel an erection.  I was between 6-8 when that happened, right under our mother’s nose, I did try and tell her however that caused more resentment and it was more of a victim blaming session and the lecture “What are you doing to your mother?” in an angry tone – when I hadn’t done nothing wrong.  I remember sitting in silence watching the new Atari Tennis game, pretending to be totally engrossed in watching two bars slide up and down the tele in the hope that nobody would call me.
So now Russell was also in an environment where he had been abused both emotionally and physically while someone is waiting in the background because everyone knows she doesn’t want her kids and are this picked up like trash, if our father had been around we would’ve been shipped off a long time ago however because of the manner of finding out our father was already married – we were bastard kids and being born out of wedlock made it even worse as it was the ‘not the done thing’ to do back in those days as it was classed as a sin.

Uncle peter molested during court trial – at a time when the defence is looking for any reason to get him off a murder conviction
No one was replying just ‘debate’ and abuse
Eye blodhot
Bus with ted
It was clear to me I’m not allowed to live my life, I am not allowed to have a ‘normal’ life without people meddling and those that talk, i remember sitting on the underground stairs and Daniel Craig walked up past me, I leaned to the side thinking “great, famous people”, although being on a bond movie and it is nearly every bond fan dream to be an extra but as far as reaching for stardom it’s a tricky situation.  One of the takes Daniel Craig was leaping down the tube with his stunt double, Rocky from Pirates of the Caribean was there
Daniel craig then went on to a reindeer comedy sketch on American telly
Meanwhile McCauley culkin was being helpful and started his band Pizza underground and later went on a holiday to mexico

At home – Shivon fell out, slapped her she went to her dads

Red 2 – steve, bird flew over, Anthony Hopkins – bruce willis watching kung fu
Glasttonbiry with kanye west

Geroge Trounson
october 19, 2012; Brendan Manning; ‘Vile’ desecration of Jewish headstones
The “vile desecration” of Jewish headstones in a historic Auckland cemetery has drawn outrage from the Israeli embassy and community groups.
More than 20 graves, all more than 125 years old, were vandalised with black spraypaint between Thursday night and Friday morning.
Fourteen had large black swastikas sprayed on them. Another two had "f*** Israel" and "don't f*** with us" scrawled on them.
The Israeli Embassy in Wellington condemned "the vile desecration".
"Sixty seven years after the liberation of the Jewish people from the death camps and ghettoes of Europe, expressions of blind hatred for Jews and for the sole Jewish state resurface," it said in a statement.
"This is clearly the action of a handful of vandals, motivated by hatred and ignorance, who certainly do not represent the opinion of New Zealanders.
"We trust in New Zealand's law enforcement agencies to find the vandals and bring them to justice."
The attack came as officials planned tighter security at the cemetery on the corner of Symonds St and Karangahape Rd.
Edward Bennett from the K Rd Business Association said headstones were pushed over regularly.
New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman said there were moves to install a $250,000 security fence around the cemetery, which has long been popular with vagrants.
Mr Goodman said it was incredibly disappointing such an attack could occur in New Zealand.
"Normally these sort of attacks come after some international incident that provokes it, but I can think of nothing."
Samuel Altschul, senior rabbi from the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, said the incident was "very alarming".
"It's cowardly to attack the dead. It's a very un-Kiwi thing to do and it's most saddening. Unfortunately it happens quite frequently."
Rabbi Altschul said a new grave was last dug at the cemetery in 1886.
"Those are the people who helped found Auckland. Those were founding fathers."
Police are reviewing footage from a nearby security camera.
Mr Goodman said he had "more hope than expectation" it would yield any clues as to who was behind the attack.
Auckland Council civic contractor John Stevenson said the graffiti could be removed relatively easily from the newer marble headstones, but a specialist stonemason was required to remove it from the older "more sensitive" headstones.
Mayor Len Brown said the attack on a special part of old Auckland was abhorrent.
"This kind of vandalism has no place in our city. My thanks to council staff for their response. The council and the local board are taking steps to improve the environment in this cemetery and prevent further such attacks."
The last time a similar anti-semitic attack occurred in New Zealand was in August 2004, when a Jewish prayer house was burnt down and 92 headstones were smashed in the Jewish section of Wellington's Makara Cemetery.

“New Zealand Jews invite grave vandal to Shabbat dinner”
Judge praises ‘extraordinary’ willingness of community to help pay for education of teenager who painted swastikas in cemetary
DNEY (JTA) – A New Zealand man who admitted to desecrating Jewish graves at a historic cemetery in Auckland avoided prison.
Robert Moulden, 19, was sentenced in Auckland District Court Wednesday to 320 hours of community service. He also was ordered to pay about $2,500 in reparations.
Moulden pleaded guilty to a charge of willful damage in November for scrawling anti-Semitic graffiti on the graves. Another man, also accused of desecrating the cemetery, is fighting the charges.
During the sentencing, Judge Russell Collins said the community service should include work with Auckland Council’s graffiti team.
More than a dozen headstones in the Jewish quarter of the Symonds St. Cemetery were vandalized on Oct. 19 with swastikas, the numbers 88 – code for “Heil Hitler” — and anti-Israeli slogans.
The Jewish community offered restorative justice with Moulden. One family invited him for Shabbat dinner, and others offered financial assistance for his education.
“To your credit, you were willing to engage with the Jewish community and a more extraordinary outcome is the forgiving nature of the members of the Jewish community,” Collins said. “Their forgiveness of you needs to be admired considering how wounding and distressing your actions were.”
The Auckland Council has spent about $10,000 on trying to repair the vandalism, but some is irreparable, according to local media, with the damage estimated to cost some $23,000.
The times of Israel

His friend Christian landmark
stuff; “Cemetary vandal ordered out of NZ”
A man who desecrated Jewish graves in Auckland with swastikas and racist slogans has been ordered to leave the country.
Christian Landmark, 20, an Englishman on a holiday visa, supplied the spray can and accompanied his friend Robert Moulden when they defaced graves in the Jewish Quarter of the Symonds St Cemetery on October 19, 2012.
Landmark later implicated his co-accused to police then tried to sell pictures of his friend to TV news.
Moulden pleaded guilty in November but Landmark tried unsuccessfully to defend the charge.
He was found guilty by Judge Russell Collins who said he found the fact that Landmark had tried to profit from the crime as a "serious aggravating factor".
At sentencing yesterday, Landmark was not jailed but was told he had to turn back up at court in August with a plane ticket and $3000 for reparations.
He was also ordered to undertake some voluntary community work.
In his judgement, the judge pointed out a telling text exchange between Landmark and a friend.
The friend texted "Saw your handy work on the filthy jew cemetry g it made the news" to which Landmark replied "lmfao which news lol". His reply amounted to him adopting the statement the friend had made, the judge said.
Landmark's lawyer Tudor Clee had argued that the prosecution's case rested entirely on the evidence of Moulden whose story changed a number of times.
Moulden said he did not paint all the gravestones so he assumed Landmark had done some of them.
Crown prosecutor Catherine Gisler said whether Landmark sprayed any paint was beside the point as he and Moulden had formed a "common purpose" which was enough to convict him of being a party to the offence.
The judge said Moulden's evidence was not entirely reliable but he struck him as someone who was trying to minimise the involvement of others. However, "he was not prepared to accept it was he and he alone".
Landmark's police interview was played during the trial in which he said he had "no beliefs" and that he "wasn't anti-semitic".
However, in text messages presented in court he said to a friend: "I agree but f... niggers and Maoris though. They should die."
A defence witness, Nick Rosewarne, said he was present when Moulden bragged about defacing the graves the night before the night in question.
He also said Moulden texted him on Thursday and warned him not to come to court.
The judge said he found it "utterly impossible" that the graffiti could have been there for a day - in plain view in central Auckland - without being reported.
Accordingly he found it was committed on the night of the 18th to 19th of October when Landmark was there with
The judge said Landmark's police interview showed him for half an hour delivering a "complete lie" in a "calm, articulate and measured way".
When confronted with a contrary witness account, without changing tone, Landmark asked to restart the interview then implicated his friend entirely.
In the interview Landmark admitted making up the email address and trying to sell the photos of Moulden to TV3.
Judge Collins said the offending was at the very top end of the range.
His case was not like Moulden's who pleaded guilty early on, attended restorative justice and did not seek to profit from his crime.
- Fairfax Media

Meanwhile I get tweeted by Hamish McNeilly (who has been the main journalist throughout and written about George Trounson as well as embarrassing lack of response to the nazi’s in new Zealand, he was intereupted with another twitter user, the replies were:
@mexenaj @southernscoop wow Hamish this is one disturbed person that you are tweeting with!!!
@mexenaj you are talking about too many things.  I don’t follow
@mexenaj it’s a conspiracy! Sssssssshhhhhhh
@mexenaj what’s that got to do with the last thing you tweeted?
@mexenaj so I wrote a parole report which is somehow connected with swastikas on Jewish graves in Auckland?

The conversation ends, a ‘reporter’ that is not only taking the piss out of the victims sister but he tends to forget about what he writes about. 
On 2 August 2008, Hamish McNeilly penned an article for the Otago Daily Times,
“Embarrassing’ lack of response to Nazis in NZ, by Hamish McNeilly
It is believed up to 40 wanted war criminals escaped to New Zealand following World War 2 and the Government's lack of action was an "embarrassment", says a leading Nazi hunter.
"New Zealand's response on this issue should be a source of embarrassment," Simon Wiesenthal Centre director Dr Efraim Zuroff, of Israel, said yesterday.
A Holocaust historian, Dr Zuroff founded the centre in 1986 which has tracked and identified more than 2800 suspected Nazi war criminals. Many of those war criminals were discovered to have fled to Western democracies, and the centre has worked with countries to bring suspects to trial.
In 1987, Canada passed legislation to enable prosecution of suspected Nazi war criminals and was followed by Australia in 1989, and Great Britain in 1991.
New Zealand set up a two-person unit in 1991 to investigate allegations that perpetrators of war crimes settled in this country.
The unit spent $190,000 investigating the claims in New Zealand and overseas, narrowing the suspected list from 46 to 17 known to be alive and living in the country.
The Wiesenthal centre had supplied 42 of the 46 names.
Fifteen were cleared and two were further investigated, with the unit finding it was "possible" one of the suspects was involved in war crimes.
The finding of the unit was presented by the then attorney-general, Mr Paul East.
"We feel we've discharged our obligations to the international community in the steps we've taken and that we will now only respond if we are given something far more substantial than individual names," Mr East said in 1992.
Dr Zuroff said the centre tried to convince successive New Zealand governments to take legal action against suspected Nazis, but to no avail.
"New Zealand was the only Anglo-Saxon democracy which faced this problem and chose to ignore it," he said.
"There was absolutely no political will to take legal action against the Nazi war criminals who emigrated to New Zealand in the late 1940s and early 1950s, posing as refugees fleeing communism."
During the 1980s and 1990s, Dr Zuroff researched the whereabouts of 40 suspected war criminals who are believed to have emigrated to New Zealand after World War 2.
Dr Zuroff visited New Zealand in February 2006 to promote Operation Last Chance, which was a last attempt to find surviving Nazi war criminals.
"By the time that I found these people, many were no longer alive.
"But one who was alive and living in Auckland was Jonas Pukas, a Lithuanian who served in the 12th Lithuanian Auxiliary Police Battalion, which murdered tens of thousands of Jews in Lithuania and Belarus," Dr Zuroff said.
When informed that the New Zealand SIS had released information on suspected sightings of Martin Bormann, Mr Zuroff said it was not possible Adolf Hitler's private secretary had came to New Zealand.
"He died in Germany in 1945," he said.
In 1967, Simon Wiesenthal said there was strong evidence Bormann was alive and living in South America.
However, a 1998 DNA test on a skull unearthed at a Berlin construction site in 1972, was matched with the DNA of an unnamed relative of Bormann.
For more information, see
Martin Bormann
• Born June 17, 1900
• Private secretary to Adolf Hitler
• Family: 10 children, including Adolf (named after Hitler), Rudolf (named after Rudolf Hess) and Heinrich (named after Heinrich Himmler)
• Was a witness to the last will and testament of Adolf Hitler and was appointed executor of his estate
• With Dr Joseph Goebbels, Bormann was the one of the first people to discover the body of Hitler, and carried the body of Eva Braun, Hitler's wife, out of the room
• Hitler had ordered Bormann to flee the bunker and reports of his last moments have varied. One witness claimed to have seen Bormann committing suicide on May 2, 1945
• Bormann was sentenced to death (in absentia) at the Nuremberg trials in 1946
• Was formally pronounced dead by a West German court in April, 1973

Right up to writing a parole report and they let him out (George Trounson).  Hamish McNeilly’s response was to block me on twitter and pretend that I don’t exist due to the totally abhorrent ghastly way he treated the sister of the deceased of whom that he seems to write about on a regular basis

Olympics danny boyle – mimicking skyfall movie followed by Mexican theme
20 december peter Jackson west of Memphis and Damien echols published book life after death

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