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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

     Earlier in the year (in New Zealand) Department of Corrections staff were caught snooping through offenders records and on 30th May Christchurch Police station imploded (due to the earthquake).
     In the United Kingdom, a ‘hate mob’ defaced the Women of World War II monument (Boyle, Darren & Newton, Jennifer. 2015).  They had sprayed “Fuck Tory Scum” in red paint on the statue.  The media described it as a “sickening display of contempt on the 70th anniversary weekend of VE Day.”  Meanwhile in Russia, seal pups were showing off their shooting skills for Russia’s ‘bizarre’ VE day parade.
     There was also a memorial for the victims of the Norway Massacre; they had made a sculpture out of the landscape where a slice of island had been removed on the island of Utoya.
     The world was mortified when ISIS had beheaded 21 Coptic Egyptians.  Their only words were, “Jesus help me” (Bloom, Dan & Hall, John. 2015).  The Pope responded by saying that they are ‘martyrs’.
     In Ireland they had cut down the ‘Game of thrones’ statue and replaced it with a wooden cross with the words “You shall have no other Gods before me” (Murray, McLaughlin, 2015).
     Meanwhile, in Hemel Hempstead - it was apparently Mike Penning’s (MP) old secretary that had said that I was violent towards her and I’d been banned by the security at the Epson building where she worked as a result.  That meant I couldn’t deliver the parcels that Yodel sent me.  By this time I had a new car, a Peugeot.  The boot was bigger, it had a great stereo system, it was a hard-top convertible.  I had to get a new car as the MG blew up.  It blew up.  Not once but twice.  It just literally – blew up.
      Not being allowed to deliver parcels to the Epson building created problems with work.  I asked the security team for evidence of this non-existent ‘violent’ incident as she’d said that she had it on CCTV.  Given that I’d been accused of acting violently and threatening when I clearly wasn’t - she wouldn’t hand over the evidence or make a police complaint in regards to this non-existent event.
     Not long after I was walking to Sainsbury’s she (Mike Penning’s MP ex-secretary) “Tsssd” me.  She just walked straight past me, gave me a dirty look and then made a ‘tssss’ noise at me.
     I told Yodel about the non-existent ‘violent’ incident and told them that I’d been banned by security at the Epson building.  I’d still get the parcels to deliver to the Epson building but they all had to be returned back to Yodel which could be seen as ‘no longer doing the job’.  So deliveries from Yodel stopped and so did my income and the internet – well everything that I put on the internet just disappears into the abyss.  I also got a ‘random’ text telling me that I ‘don’t exist’ amongst other things.
     I had been going to Sainsbury’s to use the free wifi, again – everything I put on the internet just disappears into the abyss.  My ‘presence’ on the internet in nearly invisible and Invercargill City Council had said prior; they had ‘quarantined’ me – so no replies. I’d been called ‘spam’ and a ‘troll’ and the referral sites on my blog were/are mainly x-rated.  The only feedback I received on the internet was “you’re a real fucked up human being.”  Which is bizarre because I haven’t done anything to myself to be ‘fucked up’, it’s other people that are ‘fucked up’, ‘fucked in the head’ and ‘full of shit’.
     At one point during the Football violence and ‘problems’ with Russia, I got a tweet from someone who thought I was Russian.  Edward Snowden made me laugh with his ‘strategically timed leaks’.  Western governments also make a mockery of ‘security’ issues.  Their deviant nature is amplified when they attempt to ‘floss over’ and disguise ‘scandals’.  The method western governments have adopted involves creating scandals to cover scandals with an aim of making the recent ‘scandal’ bigger than the last ‘scandal’ so that the last ‘scandal’ doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.  They have also developed a collateral damage technique that includes using the victim, exploiting the victim, blaming the victim and then ‘getting rid’ of the victim.  That level of mentality allows room for illegal activity and paves the way for criminality.
     The only source of communication to the outside world was using the free wifi at Sainsbury’s but obviously I was getting nowhere really fast due to the lack of response.
     I had seen Jim Harrison (violent and racist old next-door neighbour) at Sainsbury’s who relished the fact that he had told me to “fuck off back to my own country” on numerous occasions and he hadn’t received an ‘ASBO’ like the police officer said he would.  According to the police there is no evidence that these incidents ever took place. 
     For a whole six months I had to keep notes like Dot Cotton.  Every time he mouthed the words “Fuck off back to your own country”, every time he egged his kids on to kick the ball against the house (there were ball marks all over the front door) - my complaint ‘magically disappeared’.
     I also saw Sally at Sainsbury’s.  I didn’t say anything as there was not a lot to say and not only that, the friendship as superficial as it was had run its course.  I had done so much since seeing her again years later at Sainsbury’s.  She was there with her son who had grown much taller.  The relationship between me and my own daughter had diminished.  I hadn’t spoken to Shivon much since the police came and got her because I slapped her and she went to her dad’s.  I hadn’t even touched her bedroom since she left.
     It was when I was sitting outside Sainsbury’s in Apsley lock (Hemel Hempstead) that I seen Margaret (the ex mother in law).  So I did what any ex daughter in law would do given the circumstances but politely.  I went up to her and said “Do you understand the amount of unnecessary stress you and you’re family have put me through for the past 20 years?”  She shrugged it off and said “No no I’ll have you arrested for assault” – no assault took place.
     It was about two days later that I had a card through the door from the Police asking them to ring them however my phone was broken and the only communication that I had had been severed, Sainsbury’s wifi was the only link to the ‘outside world’.
     A few days later there was a loud banging at the door at about 7-ish in the morning “Open up it’s the Police.”  As soon as I opened the door I was pounced on by four police officers who put me in cuffs straight away.  The arresting officer (giving himself a power trip) squeezed the cuffs tighter on purpose.  They put me in the back of the police car and we headed to Hatfield station.  On the way the officers started talking about the ‘Star Wars’ movie and the movie with Bradley cooper in it – it was just chit chat of which I didn’t partake in.  I had said that I hadn’t seen it as I very rarely watch movies nowadays.  When I got to the station the arresting officer began to say in a jovial manner “She’s saying some really outlandish things” while waving his arm around and then – I got sectioned.
This 41 year old divorced Caucasian lady originally from New Zealand.  She was arrested after alleged assault on her ex-mother in law in Sainsbury’s.  It is reported that she feels there is a conspiracy against her concerning abuse.  The murder of her brother, talk of Putin and Obama planes dropping out of sky.  It seems she has been isolated from family and medical care for some time.  Not known to mental health services.  At interview she was an articulate lady who despite superficial appropriate conversation soon became apparent that she is thought disorder and paranoid delusions about police politician’s doctors.  She said they don’t take her allegations seriously concerning massacres black magic.  She had her victim impact stolen by a Hollywood actor and turned into an event.  She said her identity had been stolen and she no longer exists (under occupation she put Hologram).  She said she had clairvoyant power different to paranoid schizophrenia.  She is a disturbed lady, she admits cannibas use, her psychosis may be long standing it needs assessment as an inpatient.  She has apparently assaulted in community.  She refuses voluntary admission.

Police Statements AMHP Assessment: (responses are in brackets)

This is Ms Johnstone's first presentation of mental ill health.  She is not known to the Mental health services, she has not had contact with a GP for at least two years
L. Caravan/Rob Marsden, 4/1/2016, Hatfield police Station

This appears to be the first presentation of mental ill health and an assessment is required to establish the nature of the illness

Michelle believes that people are conspiring against her, this leaves her vulnerable as she could confront members of the public accusing them of trying to harm her and this could lead to retaliation against her
(bullshit - I do not believe that Joe Bloggs is conspiring against me)

Michelle was arrested for assaulting her ex mother in law in a supermarket today which led to her arrest
(no assault took place)

Any significant factors affecting the assessment eg/delays
-michelle Johnstone (service user)
-Dr Chavda (section 12 doctor)
-Dr. Tidy ( section 12 doctor)
Police officer Weatherspoon
linda Caravan (AMHP)

Michelle was assessed in a custody cell as she refused to come to an interview room
(lies, I wasn’t asked to go to an interview room)

She was casually dressed in jeans, jumper and coat.  She was sat on the bed in the cell.  I introduced myself and the doctors introduced themselves.  I explained the reason for the assessment and possible outcome.
(no, the officers said "she's saying some outlandish things")

Michelle stated that she was a 'victim' and that she needs help and no one is helping her and that she wants 'compensation' from the police and GP.
(I did not say that I needed help and being called delusional is not my idea of help)

Dr. Tidy asked Michelle about the assault against her ex mother in law.  Michelle stated that the ex mother in law lives several miles away and goes to the Sainsbury’s store where Michelle goes to deliberately challenge her.  Michelle went on to say that she 'touched' her mother in law on the elbow and nothing more.  Michelle informed the assessing team that there is a conspiracy against her concerning past abuse.  She believes that she has been neglected by the doctors and police and that she is owed compensation and once she has this money she can get on and 'live happily ever after', her though were very disordered and she would 'jump' from one subject to another but it appeared that she believes her 'victim impact statement' had been stolen by an actor in Hollywood and that this is to be used as an event she spoke of being raped but was unable to substantiate this with further information.
(I did not say anything about being raped - however regardless - that is a crime and they are busy calling the victim delusional etc)

She said people laugh at her, she spoke of kidnapping but again was unable to uniform the assessing team what the circumstances were.  She said her daughter now lives with the father and she hopes that they get on.
(I said my ex husband tried to have me arrested for kidnapping when taking our daughter back to NZ for a holiday - what is so difficult to understand about that? and I did not mention anything with regards of them 'getting on' or not)

She said she does not have her passport, but was unable to explain the reason for this
(I did not have a chance to grab anything and had to shout to have the back door locked)

There was pressure of speech and it was difficult to focus her as she kept referring back to her brother murder and past abuse
(I am slightly deaf and no I did not)

She has stated that she does not legally exist and on the police form she completed she had crossed out 'house-wife' and written 'hologram'
(I had a text message telling me I don't exist and I did write hologram and none of my emails get answered or responded to what I do get is mainly abuse)

throughout the conversation she spoke of massacres and murder but was unable to explain these statements
(No I never, however - what is so difficult to understand that my brother was murdered and then there was a massacre and there is a movie based on that massacre)

The nature of Michelle's mental ill health is a presentation of thought disorder, paranoia and delusions that the Police, Doctors and Politicians are conspiring against her.  She is pre-occupied with the murder of her brother which took place several years ago.

She has a belief that her daughter 'planted an egg' on her pc and has been provoked to behave in a certain way so that is captured on the pc.  She has also stated that she 'slapped' her daughter very hard on the face as she believed her daughter was wearing male makeup from dead Mexican people.
(My daughter left a chocolate egg on her keyboard, I ate it, she had a strop, I had a strop and it resulted in me slapping her and she went to her dads with the help of the police, she used makeup as a means to take the piss out of her mother)

She also believed president Obama and President Putin 'banter' about planes falling from the sky.
(errrrr... No.  either way - no mention of plane accidents/crashes etc)

the degree of the illness is such that a hospital admission is the most appropriate way forward to assess Michelle’s mental state as there is no previous mental health history
(I am not mentally ill and one must make something up to section the victim and call victim 'delusional').

Michelle was arrested at her home at 7.42am by PC Mann.  This followed an alleged attack on her ex mother in law at Sainsbury’s.  She was seen this morning by Nicola Hutton and assessed as needing a mental health act assessment due to her paranoid beliefs.

Michelle was born in a town called Invercargill in New Zealand.  There is no history other than what Michelle's spoken of during the mental health act assessment.  Michelle informed the assessing team that her brother was murdered when she was 16 years old and that she and her brother were abused as children.  She was married but is now divorced there is a daughter who lives with the father.

     On admission to Swift I requested a lawyer.  Staff were not helpful, gave me no numbers for any solicitors, were patronising, there was a distinct lack of empathy, everything I said was considered to be 'delusional'.  They were provocative and would say things in order to provoke a reaction.  I was placed onto anti psychotic medication and was told that if I if did not take the medication they would inject me in my bottom by force, then they’d ask "why do you think you need to take the medication?”  
     The conversation with staff was minimal; it was their job to 'observe' that is all.  I was in a traumatised state - totally beside myself how I came to be sectioned.  I was locked up in a psychiatric unit and instantly labelled as ‘delusional’.  I had blood tests and body vitals upon 'check-in'.  The doctor on duty also noted the bruising on my wrists which was inflicted by being man-handled quite brutally by the police when they pounced on me and arrested me.  
     I did not go into detail about my life to the police nor did I mention anything in relation to black magic or clairvoyants etc.  I have NEVER discussed gang rape with anyone other than Kate Hawgood about 13 years ago and only once again when I questioned an acquaintance called Fiona (online via Facebook whilst writing my victim impact statement).  Fiona lives in New Zealand and was 'around' when my brother was murdered.  After they (six skinheads) had me pinned up against a wall ripping my clothes off, I couldn’t move.  I froze.  Another girl walked in and screamed "RAPISTS" and they beat her to an inch of her life.  
     I have also been branded with half a swastika on my ankle.  I am a deep sleeper.  After that happened (Fiona was in the next room at the time of the attack and didn't do anything) I went away for a couple of days and when I got back to Dunedin (New Zealand), Fiona had said that she was gang raped herself and they used bottles and carrots etc and she laughed it off as no big deal, she said "they are just big boys."
     During the murder trial back in 1990, Uncle Peter came and stayed with me.  I woke up to being molested by him.  My flatmate walked in and woke me.  My flatmate later wrote a letter to his mother about what he walked in on and I found the letter.  This was during my brother’s murder trial and I got called 'fucked in the head and full of shit' in front of everyone for being molested - on Facebook.  I have not spoken to anyone about it since.  Let alone when getting arrested and sectioned for an assault that never happened.  So it is very bizarre that the police psychologist should write about rape and also say that there is no evidence of this but meanwhile neglecting the fact that it is a CRIME and she/they are calling the victim ‘delusional’.  It is very demeaning, belittling, dehumanising, degrading and discriminating to imply the victim is ‘disturbed’ and ‘delusional’.
     So at Swift ward in January, there was no empathy, no understanding, no accountability.  They had a set of preconceived ideas before even speaking to me.   I got a solicitor card from one of the other service users and then applied to have a tribunal.
     I was completely traumatised, not only did I get arrested for ‘suspicion of assault’, an assault that never happened but Police decided to come up with utter bullshit about what they were discussing.  I didn’t butt into their conversations that they were having in the car.  The Police officers were seemingly to be talking amongst themselves.  I’d just been arrested in the most brutal way.  I’m not chit-chatty with wankers that just pounced on me as if I’d committed a major crime.  I was in handcuffs in the back seat headed for Hatfield Police Station and when we arrived at the desk at the Police Station the officer said “She’s saying some really outlandish things” as he waved his arm around and thus I was sectioned.  Only to have a tribunal with even more shit on it:
JANUARY SECTION TRIBUNAL, (Responses are in brackets)

-Michelle Johnstone
-NHS Number 630 069 8408
-Date of Admission: 4/1/16
-Responsible Clinician - Dr. Frances Burnett. Consultant psychiatrist
-Date Report update completed: 11/1/16

the purpose of the report is for the tribunal hearing for Ms Johnstone's appeal against her detention under section 2 of the mental health act.  The sources of information for the report are listed below:

i. Mental Act Assessment recommendation
ii. Recorded medical notes from prior to impatient assessment at Swift Ward in Kingfisher Court

Michelle reports she has no friends or family.  Michelle is from new Zealand has been in the UK since 1990.  Has been divorced 'for a while' and has 20 year old daughter who lives with her ex0husband in Hemel Hempstead
(wrong, my brother was murdered in 1990, after the trial ended I travelled extensively, got married and was in the UK in 1995 when Shivon was 3 months old, the divorce began when Princess Diana died)

Michelle has been engaging well with both staff and peers and has attended group activities with occupational therapy.  Superficially conversation with staff is appropriate, however if conversation sustained for a longer period of time Michelle starts to present with delusional thoughts round her life story.  Michelle lacks insight into her illness and had needed encouragement to take prescribed medication.
(my brother was murdered in 1990, then a whole bunch of other nasty stuff happened, and then a massacre and there is movie made about it - and my victim impact statement got hijacked and plagiarised, it is my life story - is it possible for psychiatrists etc to know my life story better than myself?  What is so difficult to understand about that? As far as medication is concerned, I am not delusional or psychotic - if I did not take the medication I would be injected into my bottom by force - then they very patronisingly ask you "Why do you think you need to take the medication?" - thus forcing you to agree with them).

G) Michelle has not been granted section 17 leave

H) Refused risperidone on the 5th, 6th, 7th of January, has been compliant with prescribed medication since the 8th.  Michelle reports that the medication has helped her sleep.  However said when she is discharged she will not need to continue with the medication as she will be in her own home environment and will be sleeping better. Michelle also went on to state that if the doctors thing she needs the medication she will take it.  Michelle has stated that being in hospital she is not receiving the right help, when asked of the help she will benefit from, Michelle said she suffered a 'grief reaction' die to trauma in 1990 and needed counselling then,  But could not state what help she requires at present.
(At no point did I say that medication helps me with sleep, I said it knocks me out, I feel groggy, unable to converse - it interrupts my sleeping pattern which is/was fine without prescribed medication.  I have stated that I asked for counselling from the GP when I said I was writing a victim impact statement and the doctor implied I was a 'crackhead' - which was 5 years ago - not 1990.  I have PTSD, amplified by the 'treatment' I have received by both being manhandled by the police and called 'delusional' by both the police and the NHS.  I have stated what help I required when asked - what is so difficult to understand about that?)

I) there have been no recorded incidents of harm or threats to cause self harm, others or property since admission.  Arrested for assault of her ex mother in law prior to admission
(I was arrested for 'suspicion of assault' - no assault took place)

J) Michelle had not required restraining or seclusion during admission

i.  Ms. Johnstone was admitted following being arrested by the police for assaulting her ex mother in law.  During the arrest the police became concerned regarding her mental health and a mental health act assessment was requested.
(no assault took place & police were talking about movies)

ii.  Ms Johnstone stated that she verbally confronted her ex mother in law and then left,  on admission Ms Johnstone reported that she encountered her ex mother in law in Sainsbury’s and stated that she had been malicious, unpleasant and asked Ms Johnstone why she taking free food.  Ms Johnstone stated that she snapped in response to this and was then arrested.
(I said to the ex mother in law "Do you understand the unnecessary stress you and your family have put me through for the past 20 years", she said "no, no, I'll have you arrested for assault".  That was it - no assault - no talk of 'free food' and I was arrested at my house approx 2/3 days later.

iii. On admission when asked about her problems she voiced a number of apparently bizarre beliefs including her conviction that her brother had been killed by Nazi’s in the 1990's (though later stated that he had been killed by Skinheads).  She stated that there had been a 'cascade of murders' following this by the same people and that they had gang raped her and then massacred people in New Zealand which was why she stated she left the country.
(My brother was murdered by George Charles Trounson - Google it.  I do not call massacres 'cascades of murders’ - again - Google it.  I haven’t spoken of gang rape to police/NHS or why I left NZ.  My brother was murdered then a whole bunch of other nasty stuff happened then the massacre and the murder trial finished February 1991, I got a job that took me all over NZ and left the country shortly after.  No empathy, no understanding, so far: NHS - cold heartless SOB's)

iv.  she then spoke about her belief that she had been going to act in a movie about her and her brother but presidents Putin and Obama flew over to the Star Wars set stole the idea and tried to change it so it was about 'gay people'
(errrr. No.  I was an extra and while working on an Ad at the George Lucas Building I was asked which is worse saying 'we're going to kill it', or, 'that's so gay'.  never said such a thing)

v.  she spoke about celebrities being cruel to her and her belief that was a clairvoyant
(never have I said such a thing regarding clairvoyants, however, since I have written about it and my own experiences - this seemed to be a great excuse to take the piss and having it hijacked and plagiarised (victim impact statement).  Celebrities are celebrities, they will 'shaft whoever for banter' and they are famous - you are not which gives them a sense of power whereby they will take advantage of anything and the vast majority of people that are famous have generally 'shafted' quite a few people to get famous in the first place).

vi.  On her first assessment on the ward she requested we look at the blog about the problems she had been dealing with:
(my book/victim impact statement has a table of contents - got hijacked and plagiarised and those in a position of power thought it was totally hilarious victim shafting for bets, games and 'banter', then call the victim delusional etc)

3) This is Ms Johnstone's first presentation to mental health services

4)i.  Ms Johnstone did not present any management problems but refused to take oral medication and was prescribed PRN IM Olanzapine 5mg to be given if she continued to refuse oral medication

ii.  She continued to present as thought disordered and expressing delusional ideas on assessment
(eerrrrrr... No.  It is a FACT)

iii. She had been observed to be laughing inappropriately at times on the ward

5. Current mental state is based on assessment in ward round on 9/1/16

ii.  Ms Johnstone continues to state she does not have any mental health problems, does not need to remain on the ward and does not need to take oral medication.  She stated that she did not think that she should have been arrested for assaulting her ex mother in law and felt that she was justified tin telling her ex mother in law that she hates her
(I have PTSD, not 'delusional psychosis' and at no point did an assault happen or I tell the ex mother in law that I hate her.)

iii. Ms Johnstone spoke about feeling that her life story had been plagiarised and used to make the plot of the film 'Out of the Blue'.  She also spoke about Simon Cowell using her blog to make large amounts of money
(My book/victim impact statement was hijacked and plagiarised - was not used to make the plot for a movie.  The massacre that happened - in real life - was made into a film, not 'a cascade of murders'.  When Simon Cowell was mentioned they wanted to up the dose of the drugs.)

iv. Ms Johnstone continued to state that she is owed compensation by the police, the government and social services for negligence and laughing at her when she tried to talk to them about her problems.  She described the root of her problems being the murder of her brother 20 years ago by Nazi-Skinheads and states that this murder was used in a political agenda regarding black and gay people.
(I am owed victim compensation levy for approx 24 years from NZ and what has happened to me is a CRIME however according to the police/NHS it’s not a crime when they call the victim delusional and write bollocks as to 'discredit' the victim.  Far right agendas, political elections and all one needs to do is look at the state of British/global politics.)

v.   She has spoken about writing a victim impact statement about her brother’s death but stated that this was thrown in the bin and then used by others who made money from it.
(See previous responses, very repetitive - eyeball roll.)

vi. She continued to present as thought disordered and it was difficult to follow her speech
(I am slightly deaf, as well as caffeine/nicotine withdrawals and being drugged with medication that I do not need.)

6. Respiridone 2mg OD

7. Possible IBS
(confirmed by GP IBS.)

8. None known this is Ms Johnstone's first presentation to mental health services and a collateral history that may or may not have indicated other risk factors has nor yet been obtained.
(Because there aren't any.)

9. due to Ms Johnstone's ongoing lack of insight into her mental health problems there is a significant risk that Ms Johnstone will continue to refuse medication and that her mental health will decline further
(I have PTSD, not delusional psychosis.)

ii.   Given her history of assault prior to her admission there is an ongoing risk to others as a result of her ongoing delusional ideas of persecution
(No assault took place... and FACT.)

iii.  Ms Johnstone believes that by the time she is released from hospital she will be homeless thought it is not clear why this would be the case
(I was self employed and the Dacorum Borough Council, Police & NHS are calling me 'delusional'.)

iv.   Ms Johnstone has reported that she has been getting free food from Sainsbury’s.  It is not clear how she is obtaining free food and whether this would be a potential risk
(At no point EVER did I mention ANYTHING about 'free food' - and I certainly wasn’t getting free food from anywhere.)

10.  Ms Johnstone is a very determined, confident and articulate woman

11)  Ms Johnstone is suffering from mental illness.  Ms Johnstone is expressing paranoid delusional ideas.  Assessment of her mental illness is ongoing and a formal diagnosis has not yet been confirmed but, a functional psychotic illness is likely based on her symptoms and current presentation.
(I have PTSD, it is not delusional or psychotic therefore they feel that they must make something up.)

ii.   Ms Johnstone's illness is of a degree which makes it appropriate for her ongoing detention in hospital.  Ms Johnstone lacks insight into her mental illness and refuses to take oral medication.  As a result she cannot be treated in a community setting.
(I have PTSD, I was taking oral medication as a result of being threatened with injection, and therefore one must make something up.)

iii. We believe that detention is necessary fro Ms Johnstone's health.  Due to Ms Johnstone's lack of insight it is highly likely that she would refuse to engage with mental health services or take medication if she were released from her section. As a result we would predict a further decline in her mental health if she is not adequately treated
(I have PTSD, not delusional psychosis therefore one must make something up in order to be sectioned and detained.)

iv.  We believe that detention is necessary in the interests of the safety of others, Ms Johnstone was admitted following being arrested for assaulting her ex mother in law and continues to express thoughts of being persecuted by her ex mother in law and others
(The NHS' lack of comprehension is deeply disturbing, no assault took place, what has happened to me is a CRIME, however not a crime when the police/NHS call the victim delusional etc and want to force anti-psychotic drugs which are not required and detrimental to my health/wellbeing on me.)

12.  Ms Johnstone will have treatment in the form of medication, nursing and medical care in hospital until she develops insight into her mental health problems and her symptoms settled to a degree that it is safe and appropriate to transfer her care and treatment to the community setting
(I have PTSD, due to the NHS lack of insight and what appears to be 'admitting to a mental illness by force', the NHS appears to be oblivious as to what PTSD actually is.)

ii.   Ms Johnstone would likely be transferred from Acute Assessment Unit to a Treatment Ward

13.  Ms Johnstone would be encouraged to continue to take medication as an informal patient.  She would be allocated a community care co-ordinator for support and follow up and would be encouraged to attend appointments with her local community mental health psychiatrist
(I have PTSD, not delusional psychosis.)

Dr. Hannah Sheftel MBChb, MRC Psych, MSc
ST5 psychiatric Registrar
Swift Ward
kingfisher Court

     Upon arrival at Albany Lodge, I was pretty much empty handed as I had no one to bring me anything and I had to wash my knickers and dry them on the radiator at Swift. I was pretty much picked up and dumped in the NHS by police - no cash, no ID, no passport etc as I did not have an opportunity to grab anything as I did not expect to be sectioned for an assault that never happened.  I have no idea where they got their information from nor be so traumatised by the NHS and Police implying that my life is a fabrication and forcibly get me to take drugs for an illness I don't have.
     My 28 days of incarceration was up and I was interviewed and let out.  I told them repeatedly that I have PTSD and all they said was ‘you’re delusional’ which – defeats the purpose of the NHS.  The NHS and police had in fact become the enemy by way of making ludicrous accusations without doing any research.
     When I got out of Albany Lodge at the end of the 28 days incarceration, I was completely traumatised.  I could not bring myself to talk to anyone.  I did ask them if they helped with Housing Benefit and they said “we don’t do that here.”  I complained to Albany Lodge, they refused to ‘investigate’ because I swore at them.  I had literally been arrested for an assault that never happened, called ‘delusional’ (without question) and was incarcerated for 28 days.
     I was truly traumatised, for six months I could not bring myself to talk to anyone. Whenever there was a knock at the door my whole body trembled uncontrollably.
     I had no money, no friends and no family.  The guy that murdered my brother is on the other side of the world getting all the help imaginable however I (the victim’s sister) am in the UK getting called ‘delusional’ and stuck in front of psychiatrists who insist that I never had a brother and he was never murdered. 
     The local MP, Mike Penning just so happens to be Minister of Police, Minister of Online Child Protection, Criminal Justice Reform, Victim support etc had seemingly disappeared.
     There was one time during the six months that I scrounged the fare and went into London.  I didn’t meet up with anyone or have anything to do so I ended up taking a selfie in front of Big Ben and Westminster.  The time that I took the selfie with Big Ben in the background was bang on 3 o’clock.  Purely coincidental - I didn’t go there and wait for it to be bang on three.  It’s also rather funny because if ‘3’ is the ‘magic’ number, Mikhail Gorbachev announced that President Vladimir Putin thinks of himself as ‘second only to God’ (Whale, 2014).  There is a picture where President Putin met the Pope and got a picture taken beside a picture of what presumably is Jesus Christ and a flag.  It’s the standard meet and greet photo however President Putin almost seemed nervous on that particular occasion.
     During the time that I was living like a discarded refugee, I got evicted from the house in Millwrights Walk.  I had two hours to get everything that I could out of the house before it was boarded all up and closed.  I had nowhere to go so I slept in the car.  Most – if not all, of my household items from the garden and house either got stolen or taken to the skip.  I had literally been robbed by the government and its agencies.  I went to the council and the lady that I was dealing with said “you’re homeless now – do you know what that means?”  I thought maybe I should get a dictionary out just to entertain her patronising demeanour.
     I had no option to walk everywhere because my car had a flat battery and I couldn’t get anyone to help me get it back on the road due to the funding issue.  For the whole 28 days of incarceration I complained about my hips and knees.  They were really sore but everything I said to them was fobbed off as being ‘delusional’.  I could hardly walk and the bruises on both hips and both knees were horrendous, it got to the stage where it was too painful to walk.
     I even ended up sleeping at Watford Hospital on a visitor couch in A&E and the next day had to go back to the council.  From there I was sent to ‘Slippers Hill’ – where I was sectioned - again.
     I didn’t hang around Slippers Hill; I headed back to the car.  As I was headed back to the car the Police stopped me by the ‘magic roundabout’.  One of the officers (who was also the officer whom arrested me for an assault that never happened and was also the officer who started talking about movies on the way to the Police Station) was about to make sure I got into an ambulance.  My whole body started shaking at that point - that is my PTSD.  The slightest bit of aggravation and my whole body trembles.  My central nervous system is pretty buggered.
     So there I was, surrounded by police officers by the ‘magic roundabout’.  I had to wait at the side of the road for an ambulance.  From there I was taken to Kingfisher Court again.  I was on a Section 2 and it was the same as before where anything you say is considered to be ‘delusional’.
     I was going to have another Tribunal at Kingfisher Court however the psychiatrist said “there’s no need for that, I’ll just take you off section.”  So she took me off section therefore there were no legal grounds to have a tribunal.  It also turned me into an ‘informal patient’ but - still have the problem of being homeless.  So I was sent to Aston Ward, Lister Hospital in Stevenage. 
     It was at Aston Ward where they put me on a Section 3 as I was ‘vulnerable’ and homeless.  I had four nurses come at me as a group to say that they are going to give me an injection (by force if you refuse) for being ‘delusional’ almost straight after putting me onto a section 3.
     So I had a tribunal.  Tribunals are great in the fact that you can see what they are saying (they are known for making up total bullshit).  The solicitor asked me a few questions, asked to see a picture of me dressed up when I was an extra on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.  I then had an Indian tribunal doctor who appeared to not understand English.  During the tribunal, another tribunal doctor asked me questions about my brother and our upbringing which again being incarcerated in a place where I have been put into a situation where I have to prove who I am defies belief.

Patient’s name: Michelle Johnstone
Date of Birth: 30/05/1974
Ward Unit: Aston Ward
Date of Admission: Admitted to Swift Ward on the 13th July 2016 under MHA Sec 2.  Transferred to Aston Ward on 30/07/2016
legal Status: Section 3 of the Mental health Act from 4th August 2016
Responsible Clinician: Dr. Mon (Monserrat Prat)
Date of Report: 25/08/16


Ms Johnstone's first presentation to mental health services was in January 2016 when she was admitted to Swift ward under MHA Sec 2 on 4th January 2016.  She presented with thought disorder and was expressing paranoid and persecutory delusional beliefs.  She has history of using cannibas as was given diagnosis of Acute and transient psychotic episode and Cannabis harmful use and discharged to Acute day treatment unit with risperidone 3mg od and she disengaged with ADTU and stopped her medication on her own.  She did not engage with community team following discharge from hospital.

Ms Johnstone was admitted to Swift Ward under MHA Sec 2 on 13th July 2016 and transferred to Aston Ward following deterioration of her mental health in the community
(Re first presentation in January 2016.  I do not have a 'history' of using cannibas and was not given a diagnosis of 'Acute and transient psychotic episode and cannibas harmful use' - see notes on first presentation. I do not have thought disorder, nor expressing paranoid, persecutory beliefs, I really am homeless etc - IT IS A FACT.  I do not have a history of cannibas use, I have smoked it for about 6 months, and I disengaged because I am not delusional psychotic - I have PTSD however everything you say is classed as 'delusional'.  I have been evicted and I am homeless - IT IS A FACT

Ms Johnstone first presentation was in January 2016 and she was not known to mental health services before
(I was not known to mental health services as I do not and have not got a mental illness other than PTSD and being called delusional by police etc)

Ms Johnstone was arrested by the police for allegedly assaulting her ex mother in law.  During the arrest the police became concerned regarding her mental health and a mental health act assessment was arranged and she was admitted to in patient unit under sec 2 in January 2016.  Ms Johnstone claims that she verbally confronted her ex mother in law and then left.  On admission Ms Johnstone reported that she encountered her ex mother in law in Sainsbury's and stated that she had been malicious, unpleasant and asked Ms Johnstone why she was taking free food.  Ms Johnstone stated that she snapped in response to this and was then arrested and denies any physical aggression
(No assault took place - see prior notes, police started talking about movies, I was called delusional by police etc, no such argument about free food took place - see prior notes

Michelle was referred to crisis team following deterioration of her mental health.  She was seen at Sainsbury at 3.30pm on 12/7/16 by Dr S Kaur along with Aiah T (CATT manager) as she refused to attend St Pauls as she did not want to leave her car.  The assessment was arranged following concerns that she became homeless and been living in her car after evicted from her flat.  Council staff reported some bizarre behaviour.  Michelle has been evicted from her home for rent arrears but could not explain why council didn't offer any suitable place.  She informed that she didn't work or claim benefits since she was discharged from hospital at the end of January this year.

On mental state examination, Michelle presented dishevelled, was appropriately dressed for the weather, she became agitated couple of times but no hostility or threatening behaviour.  She was over talkative, mild pressured speech, tangential as drifted from topic to topic without any connection and there was poverty of content of speech.  She believed that police and government in UK and New Zealand were persecuting her, putting information about her on internet,  She mentioned persecutory beliefs that "Milley Dawler' hacked into my phone, police are waiting for me, Whole NHS system us discriminatory, i was sectioned and suffered from delusional pain".  She showed lots of picture on her tablet including Princess Diana and a New Zealand minister whom she blamed for Diana's murder, pics of various government ministers and copies of letters that she apparently had been writing indicating delusions of reference.  She kept mentioning her mother in law who she felt was planning to get Michelle arrested.  She presented with thought disorder with persecutory delusions and delusions of reference.

She has poor in insight into her condition and did not think that she suffered from any mental health problems but said she had PTSD but does not want to take any medication.  When asked what would be helpful; she said "the compensation".  She could not explain how she ended up being homeless and what her options were, informed that she is planning to go to London and start begging.

She admitted of cannabis abuse nut not clear how she was funding it.  She has no insight and does not want to take any medication or needing inpatient admission.  She lacked the capacity to consent to treatment due to her delusional beliefs.  To prevent risk of further deterioration of mental state, vulnerability given the social situation and risk to others given past history of assault on her mother in law earlier this year and being not suitable for CATT she was assessed under Mental health act and admitted to Swift ward under Sec 2 on 13th July 2016

(There is no deterioration in my mental health, I have PTSD, I am homeless.  The people from St Pauls said "come and talk to us about hostel accommodation" and I get sectioned.  What 'bizarre' behaviour was reported by Dacorum Borough Council?  I explained that when my daughter left to live with her dad I had bedroom tax and the council have been unhelpful and unresponsive.
I would look like anyone who has been sleeping in a vehicle.  I am slightly deaf.  I do not 'drift' from topic to topic and definitely no 'poverty of content of speech'.  No one is putting information about me the internet - quite the opposite; victims get called 'delusional'.  I did not say "Milley Dawler" (referring to Milley Dowler where the News of the World hacked into the dead girl’s phone) hacked into my phone -how ridiculous.  I did not say the police are waiting for me - quite the opposite - they called me 'delusional'.  My hips and knees have been said to be 'delusional pain' by medical professionals.  Not once have I showed anyone pictures of Princess Diana or even uttered that John key is responsible for her 'murder' even - how insanely ludicrous. I do not lack comprehension or capacity and in order to be sectioned and injected - one must make something up)

Persistent delusional disorder
ICD code F22.0

There is no known diagnosis of learning disability and no aggressive behaviour that could be explained by it either.

Michelle has an established diagnosis of Persistent delusional disorder which is of a nature and degree warranting ongoing detention under the Mental Health Act.  Her mental condition is of a nature which is chronic and relapsing with incomplete remissions and of a degree affecting her daily functioning.  Her mental disorder is characterised by formal thought disorder and paranoid and persecutory delusional beliefs with delusions of reference (internet accounts are hacked and famous people are trying to erase her existence and fixed beliefs from her past) and has no insight into her condition and cannabis use.  She has responded well to medication during previous admission but discontinued the medication on her own and disengage with her community mental health team and she doesn't have insight in to the need for treatment.



Ms Johnstone is a very determined, confident and articulate woman

On admission to Swift Ward Michelle presented as dishevelled, thought disordered, hostile, quite irritable becoming agitated when discussing her diagnosis and the reason for admission wearing sunglass inside the ward.  She expressed paranoid beliefs about a prime minister from New Zealand having hacked into her computer.  She was preoccupied about the death of her brother stating that he was murdered by skinheads or Neo-Nazi's and that was linked to a well-reported massacre that occurred in New Zealand in the 1980's although, on further questioning, she couple explain exactly how this was linked.  She also said she had written a book about it.  She also stated that some Neo-Nazi\'s attempted to gang rape her after her brother's murder but this was prevented by the intervention of a stranger.

She was adamant that he has PTSD that has begun 5 years ago when she was asked to write a victim impact statement following an application for parole in New Zealand of her brother's murderer.  She claimed her PTSD had been exacerbated by the way she had been treated in the UK.  She also believed that she was being manipulated via social media and that the book she wrote had been plagiarised by David Cameron, Ed Miliband, UKIP and John Key (Prime Minister of New Zealand).  She stated that the people ad accused her of fabricating the death of her brother by Neo-Nazis and that she had ongoing correspondence from the New Zealand government.  She also stated that the police and home office had erased all evidence of her existence.  She informed that her neighbour was previously harassing her and accused her of being a witch and she feels that she is a 'victim of extremism' and she has been ostracised.  She expressed feeling that everyone was harassing her.  She reported that she was in the police car before she was sectioned in January and the police were talking about Bradley Cooper movies and because of that she was sectioned and was blamed that she was fighting over free food.

UDS was positive for cannabis on admission

she was started on Risperidone 2mgs notice which she was initially compliant with.  Michelle was found to have capacity to consent to her admission and said she would be happy to remain informally in hospital; therefore her section was discharged on 22nd July.  As soon as she became informal she stopped taking her medication as she stated that she had changed her mind and that she didn't want to take any antipsychotic.

Michelle was transferred to Aston ward on 30th July.  She continued to present with the same delusional beliefs, very hostile and paranoid about the staff on the ward.  She stated that she was informal and she wanted to discharge herself from hospital but agreed to stay on the ward after reassured by staff.  She continued to refuse medication and remained adamant that her diagnosis was incorrect and that she was only in hospital because of her housing situation.  A mental health act assessment was requested and she was detained under section 3 of the MHA on 4th August.

She continued to isolate herself most of the time and spending her time on her tablet and appeared preoccupied with her delusional beliefs.  Treatment options were discussed and considering previous noncompliance and poor insight into her illness, risperidone depot was started and titrated up to 50mg every 2 weeks.  She was reluctant to accept the depot and needed a lot of persuasion from staff.

After appropriate use of escorted leave with no concerns she was given unescorted grounds leave.   She was encouraged to participate in ward activities but she kept her interaction to a minimal and spending most of the time on her own.


Dear Sir/Madam 
I am writing to make a formal NHS complaint about the treatment that I have received whilst on Kingfisher Ward in January and July 2016, and at Albany Lodge.
In order to help you understand the complaint, I have enclosed my history and background which will highlight situations that I have had in my life and the traumatic experiences I have encountered.
Kingfisher Court, Swift Ward – January 2016
I was admitted to Swift Ward in January 2016 under the MHA Section 2.  I attended meetings with Dr Frances Burnett, Consultant Psychiatrist.
The information written about me and the conversations that I had with the psychiatrist were exaggerated or totally inaccurate and I have listed below the statements that I am referring to:
The Police said a crime had occurred while calling me delusional so effectively they had called the victim ‘delusional’.
The Psychiatrist insisted that I did not have a brother and he was never murdered.
The Psychiatrist lied as I do not call massacres ‘cascade of murders’.
I did not mention anything about gang rape/rape or abuse/sexual abuse and the Psychiatrist was insistent and sought to provoke a reaction by inferring that I was fabricating my own life.
The psychiatrist very patronising when I was asked, “Where you there?” when speaking of my brother’s murder/massacre.  She also appeared not to do any research before making assumptions about the situation.
After reading the tribunal papers/clinical reports, it seems that the Psychiatrist lied.  There was no argument about ‘free food’ nor did an ‘assault’ take place.
I was refused a solicitor and told by the Psychiatrist “I don’t think so”, when I requested one.  I did manage to obtain a card with solicitor details from another service user.
With reference to medication, I was told “You are delusional” and the nursing staff would either not talk to me or talk to me like I was stupid.  Again, I felt like staff were provoking a reaction from me.
When I was admitted, I was told someone would help me get clothes etc; from home but this did not happen; I had nothing for the whole 28 days of section.  I was treated with disrespect and belittled.
I never mentioned Putin or Obama or talk of “planes falling out of the sky”.  I did however explain that my brother was beaten to death by George Charles Trounson at 88 Dundas Street, Dunedin in New Zealand on 24/6/1990.  This can be confirmed via Google.
A massacre happened in November 1990 in Aramoana, Dunedin and there was a film produced based on what happened in the seaside town.  The film is called “Out of the Blue” which again, can be confirmed via Google.
Albany Lodge – January 2016
Following the tribunal on Swift Ward, I was transferred to Albany Lodge.  Nurse Abi googled George Charles Trounson, looked at me and then at the computer and began to laugh and implied that I was delusional due to the fact that mine and my brother’s surnames are different.
Whilst there, I was asked to leave the female TV room by a male member of staff so that he could pray to Allah which I found unacceptable.
I complained about my hips and knees and again I was called delusional; they later turned purple and blue and I could not walk.  How can this be considered as being delusional!
I asked for 1 hour per week on the computer yet was unable to access it.  I was told it was because of the lack of staff.  When I eventually was allowed on the computer, I had a male nurse sit beside me telling me what I could and could not comment on when reading others comments on Daily Mail website.
The nursing staff were again rude to me and I was also quizzed for a second time by the Psychiatrist about planes falling out of the sky – as previously stated, I had not mentioned or talked of planes falling out of the sky, plane accidents, plane crashes, suicidal pilots or the ‘conspiracy’ surrounding MH370 or MH17.  People have been known to discuss ‘conspiracy’ theories without being sectioned for it.
Kingfisher Court, Swift Ward – July 2016
I was sectioned by Slippers Hill, Hemel Hempstead.  I felt that I was being treated exactly as before and the same treatment and accusations were the same as when I was on Kingfisher Ward before and at Albany Lodge.
In addition to the treatment above, my bank card went missing from the staff safe so I was told to cancel it.  It magically appeared back in the staff safe upon leaving to go to Aston Ward.  Whilst on Swift Ward I said that I was going to have a tribunal but the Psychiatrist took me off section 2 to avoid a tribunal saying “There is no need for that, I’ll take you off section.”
I was accused to having a history of cannabis abuse which is not true, I have PTSD, and I am not delusional psychotic.
Aston Ward – July 2016-12-29
Whilst on Aston Ward I was accused of showing pictures of Princess Diana which did not happen and at no point did I say that John Key was responsible for Princess Diana’s murder?
At no point have I ever said that Milly Dowler hacked into my phone and at no time have I said that the Police were after me.
As you will see, from the information enclosed, point 11.0 mentions my sunglasses.  Please note, I like my sunglasses which is not a sectionable offence!
This whole situation has been extremely traumatic and unnecessary and I find it totally unacceptable to write things about me or about what I supposedly said.  Surely one must make something up to be sectioned and detained?
Desired Outcome of Making this Complaint
I would like an apology for being sectioned unlawfully and having a misdiagnosis in order to get me sectioned in the first place, it has very much destroyed my life.  It has destroyed any trust in the NHS who has labelled me, a victim of seriously extreme crime, as delusional.  I would like accountability as there is none; there is no understanding, no inkling of doing any research before allegations were made against me, victim.
It is demeaning, belittling, dehumanising and totally disgusting, abhorrently evil and downright wrong.  I would like to know that lessons will be learned in respect of how the treatment I received has affected me.
I would like you to carry out an investigation into the issues above and provide a response in accordance with the NHS Complaints Procedure.
I would like to make you aware that during my complaint I am being supported by an NHS complaints advocate, Kellie Robinson, and would appreciate her being copied into any correspondence regarding my complaint.
I look forward to hearing from you
Yours faithfully
Ms Michelle Johnstone

     A male nurse named Tiggi from Sierra Leone started to call me ‘Michelle Obama’ when I arrived on Aston Ward.  I told him it was offending me, he then went on to patronising level.  A mental patient from Kingfisher called me ‘Michelle Obama’.  What that says is this particular male nurse has the same mentality as that mental patient at Kingfisher.
     The focus on violent deaths is always about the offender it is very rarely about the victim.  Movies are made about offenders as the perspective from a victim is normally boring and filled with expectant grief.  It also calls into question an issue that never gets addressed but merely brushed over and discarded – that is the death penalty and the subject of life after death.
     Life inside a mental hospital doesn’t consist of very much.  You are left to your own devices and have a ‘ward round review’ once a week with a consultant for approximately half hour.  I was tested for all kinds of narcotics (all negative) and I got busted bringing alcohol on the ward - they breathalysed me. 
     The consultant insists that I have ‘chronic delusional disorder’ as I’ve been saying the same thing as I arrived.  According to the NHS & Police – I’m not who I say I am.
     Meanwhile at Lister Hospital the media showed up - the guy from the Football peado ring was found unconscious and sent to Lister Hospital.  Robbie Savage was gloating on the front page of the paper because apparently he was the only one that Barry Bennell hadn’t ‘messed’ with. 
     The ‘service users’ tell me their shit and I’m not sure what they expect me to do about it.  Like the navy guy with the ‘space oven’ idea - he no longer uses the internet and suffers from tapping noises allegedly from his neighbours.  Also a woman who thought she married to Simon Cowell and another one who thought she was Jesus Christ.  There are other ‘service users’ such as the crackheads and junkies who had tantrums about the amount of methadone they got and other assorted mentally ill people.  
     Guys are different with abuse, they don’t fess up because it is a sign of weakness and they think that they’re gay.  They end up festering and resort to violent measures to get it ‘sorted’ in later years when they realise what has happened to them isn’t normal, it is in fact – a crime.  However at the time - more often than not, it just gets called a ‘bit of banter’ and they’re told to ‘harden up’, ‘get a grip’, ‘don’t know what the big deal is’ and it gets treated like a joke.  So the Football peado ring guy will probably be declared as mentally ill and strive to get a softer sentence.  
     There is definitely a peado ring and it is not only confined to Britain.  It is worldwide, it is organised and it is protected by the establishment.  You have to wonder how many Saville's victims passed through the NHS if they didn’t commit suicide only to be told that they too are ‘delusional’.  But then, famous people think the world revolves around themselves.  ‘Celebrities’ tend to come up with stories of abuse and then get public support etc and they will often ‘spill’ a bit of their own background to promote their latest movie or song.
     Three people did a runner from Lister and threatened to jump in front of a train or off a tall building so they could get their medication changed.  They go to extreme lengths in order to get the consultant to listen.  As far as showing pictures of Princess Diana and saying that John Key is responsible for the ‘murder’ of Diana and the police are after me is nonsense.  I’m not sure where they got their information from – other ‘service users’ presumably.  Not even if I was off my face would I say that.
     I haven’t been treated for anxiety, stress, or the enormous trauma that I have experienced.  As a result of the first section I was left so traumatised I was unable to speak or socialise.
     The funny thing is if someone says something is wrong with a certain business, rather than correcting it they will call the person who speaks up a ‘whistleblower’, ‘delusional’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’.  The executives will make every attempt to ‘sweep it under the carpet’ and pass it off as no big deal then blame the victim, ignore it and carry on as per ‘normal’.
     A refresher of the background of the past five years:  2012 was relatively full on I didn’t really get a chance to catch my breath.  Things seemed to go slowly but at the same time things were also moving really fast.  If I list down all the things that have happened in that year the list just keeps on expanding.  I’d worked as an extra on different productions such as ‘Trance’ (Danny Boyle, James McAvoy), ‘James Bond Skyfall’ (Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig), ‘Mr Selfridge’ (Jeremy Piven), the British Airways Ad and an Asda Ad.  Also the Mars Football Ad, ‘Red 2’ (Bruce Willis, Sir Anthony Hopkins), ‘I give it a year’ (Minnie Driver), ‘Belle’ (that guy off Rock n Rolla movie).  I also attended the premiere of ‘John Carter of Mars’. 
     A kid called ‘Christian Landmark’ and his friend sprayed ‘88’ onto Jewish Headstones in Auckland, New Zealand.  Also over in New Zealand it was also the year of the elections accompanied with more shenanigans.  It was also the year I fell out with my daughter.  2012 was also the year of the London Olympics with Danny Boyle directing the Opening Ceremony and soon after the ring from the Sochi Olympics malfunctioned at the Russian Olympic opening ceremony.
     Then in 2013 I was between Tanya and Sharon quarrelling on ‘Eastenders’, was a nurse dealing with an outbreak of legionnaires disease on ‘Holby City’ and also was an extra on ‘Life’s too Short’ (Ricky Gervais, Val Kilmer).  All while being treated abhorrently by the government and their agencies as well as being subjected to some kind of debate on atheism and the subject of life after death - when in fact it’s about my life after the death of my brother.  Trying or attempting to have a life after death and of course what I believe in spiritually being called into question.  I have been the subject of abuse - both emotional and physical and being subjected to maltreatment in a universal type way.  2013 was the year my car got stolen – as a joke – and a ‘Help’ sign made with twigs was outside the back gate.  The next car I got blew up – not once but twice. 
     That was the year any kind of ‘friendship’ got cut off with Fiona.  There’s no way it should ever be written that George Trounson was ever Russell Warren Neil’s (Johnstone’s) ‘friend’.  Trounson had/has an affiliation with skinheads and the ‘support network’ that George Charles Trounson has/had have no accountability for their own misjudged errors.
     2013 was also the year of Nelson Mandela’s memorial and he passed away presumably having watched his last ever Rugby World Cup.  At the memorial there was the schizophrenic deaf interpreter who was last seen making televisions ads and riding off on a white horse and David Cameron gave his ‘light out’ speech.  Shortly after that in 2014 I got a whole bunch of abuse from assorted people on social media and I was an extra on ‘Frankenstein’ (Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy).  It was also the year of the World Cup (Germany won) and also the year that had numerous disasters such as MH370 and MH17.
     In 2014 my eBay business got destroyed and in 2015 I sought a new job.  Got a job at Shendish Manor where they found it funny to ask whether I’d murdered someone and that was also the same time of the ‘Boston Bomber’.  I got another job as a packer.  Was invited to be an extra on the Madeleine McCann reconstruction and of course brings me up to 2016.  2016 - John Key resigns, David Cameron resigns, Donald Trump will be the president of the United States of America.  The Olympics Swimming pools water turned green in Brazil (good PR opportunity for Greenpeace) and of course they now say that Russia corrupted the London Olympics in 2012.  London is already corrupt so it’d be pretty difficult to ‘corrupt’ London when London is already insanely corrupt.  How could you possibly corrupt a country that is already corrupt?
     Meanwhile over the other side of the world, Hamish McNeilly (2016) wrote an article that was on ‘Stuff’ (online news website) stating: ‘Lord of the Rings actor says NZ tourists shocked by polluted ‘sewer’ Middle-earth’.  They are slowly starting to realize that New Zealand isn’t really 100% ‘pure’ – it’s basically full of shit.
     Trounson has a new journalist called Timothy Brown who wrote about Trounson’s latest parole hearing.  It was while I was in the asylum at Aston that I said to the staff to Google it.  I googled it and then come across a new entry regarding the convict that murdered my brother and I (the victim’s sister ) am on the other side of the world getting called ‘delusional’ and having the complete piss taken out of me.  When Shivon went to her dad’s it felt like a death so on top of that as well as having the complete piss taken out of me - is just totally evil.
Timothy Brown (2016) writes:
“Murderer George Charles Trounson did not seek parole when he appeared before the New Zealand Parole Board last month, acknowledging he has issues with his behaviour and attitude.
Trounson (44) beat 17-year-old Russell Warren Neil to death with part of a wooden balustrade in 1990 in Dunedin. He was a 19-year-old polytechnic student at the time he was sentenced in 1991 to life imprisonment.
He has since been released and recalled to prison six times, first in 2001 and most recently in November 2013 after spending months on the run from police.
Trounson appeared before the parole board on August 23.
He initially waived his appearance before the board in June, but on August 23, ''he changed his mind'', the board's decision said.
''Mr Trounson was realistic,'' the board said.
''He did not seek parole. He acknowledged that there had been a decline in his behaviour and attitude in recent months.  This was reflected in the number of incident reports, at least two of which resulted in misconduct charges, incurred in May. We also noted that during this time he was exited from the MIRP Maintenance Programme for non-attendance, dismissed from his employment and was no longer having individual psychological counselling work ... Nor was he on medication.''
He attributed those issues to a medical condition he had suffered from for five years or longer. The condition caused sleeping issues resulting in him becoming irritable and having ''a pessimistic outlook on life''.
After acknowledging the problems, he felt much better, the decision said.
''He says that he is focused on getting out of the prison and remaining out,'' the board said.
''He said that he would do anything to get out and asked the board for direction as to how best to do so.
''Naturally, given his poor record on release, the board is, and always will, be very cautious when considering the way forward for Mr. Trounson.
''Nor do we, as a matter of practice and policy, set markers which an offender needs to reach in order to be granted parole.''
Trounson would need a ''strong release plan'' if he was to be paroled again and some form of residential support and community reintegration programme would be the best way forward if release was considered.
''The challenge for Mr. Trounson will be to maintain good and stable behavior in custody over an extended period and to formulate a robust release and relapse prevention plan,'' the board said.
''He will be seen again during the week beginning September 4, 2017.
''A psychological report is required for that hearing, focusing particularly on his current risk and the strength of his release plan. It would also be helpful to receive a report on his medical condition.''

     A link to my brother’s murderer over the other side of the world and here’s me, the deceased victim’s sister, getting called ‘delusional’.  They didn’t think anything of it just carried on as normal.  It defeats the purpose of the NHS when the NHS and Police call victims of extremely violent events ‘delusional’. 
     It’s the result of what appears to be the legacy of a ‘Jimmy Saville’ government that is absolutely rotten to the core.  The brick wall is rigid.  I say to them “I have PTSD”, and they say, “No, you’re delusional.”  Had it not been for the NHS & Police I would still have a house and all of its contents.  I would also have a car which was ‘destroyed’ while I was in hospital as it was considered to be an abandoned vehicle.  I was and have been in an asylum avoiding those who think they’re ‘Jesus Christ’, or married to Simon Cowell and listening to staff nurses call me ‘Michelle Obama’ - which is racist.
     I’m sure that there are staff that take the piss out of the mentally unwell.  Who like to pick on or exploit those who have a mental vulnerability - which is sad because I didn’t think that the NHS is there solely to take advantage of, or exploit ‘service users’.
     I met with Pohwer and a complaints investigator who says he’s really sorry.  While I was in hospital my car was destroyed and the complaints investigator said that they are supposed to make sure everything is fine and safe… errr.. no.  That didn’t happen.
     A lady at the Homeless Shelter says she’s never heard of a disorder called ‘Persistent Delusional Disorder’.  I showed evidence of my ‘victim’ letter that was sent to me by the Department of Corrections (2011) to both the lady here at the Homeless Shelter, Pohwer and the complaints investigator.  The complaints investigator seemed very apologetic and apparently I should expect a letter from them soon.
     I was referred to a psychologist however since been told “you might not cope with the therapy without an injection.” I inquired about what it is they do that is so traumatizing - give you electric shock treatment or something.  What could possibly be more traumatising than my current situation?  The psychologist then went on to say that I was ‘too wrapped up in the injustice’ to undergo counselling however given my experience – these ‘professionals’ are in fact delusional themselves.  The ‘trust’ has been completely eradicated and they have proven they are not to be trusted.  They even stole cash out of the staff safe that belonged to me – which is downright disgusting.
     I’m 42 years old; I’ve managed to achieve a whole bunch of things although been bullied, ridiculed, poked and prodded and am bunking up in a Homeless Shelter.  I have to rebuild my life as a result of having one huge tragedy and injustice after the next.  It defeats the purpose of the NHS & the Police who originally arrested me for an assault that never happened and sectioned me for presuming that my life is a fabrication and accuse me of lying about my life.  So there are ‘professionals’ insisting that I have not met the people that I have met and also insisting that I’m not who I say I am.  Plus - I’m on my own so it’s much easier to take advantage and put shit on psychiatric reports that I never said and never will.  The GP has signed me off sick with PTSD; she said “it must be horrible when they don’t believe you”.  I was abused – that’s not a ‘conspiracy’.  I was put into a position where I have to prove who I am which for a lone survivor that is difficult to do, then again; all they needed to do was Google.  And didn’t.

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