Sunday, 25 December 2016

2012 draft

The house in Millwrights Walk was a very special house, it was where Shivon grew for ten years, some kind of stability in her life in comparison to my own as when I was Shivon’s age, the longest I’d stayed at any one given place was a maximum for two years.  It was very special in the fact that our life seemed settled before interference from extended family members in New Zealand, although the friction of the ex-family in Hemel Hempstead was never-ending.  The neighbour who kept telling me ‘fuck off back to your own country’ and kicked the soccer ball against the house and against Shivon’s head for fun had moved and things seemed to be working out for the better.
I spent a lot of time in the sanctuary of the award winning Chelsea Garden from the Chelsea Garden Show that I’d won, it was indeed a very biodiverse garden full of flora and fauna including pillars.
“Times competition winner’s £20,000 garden makeover”, by Stephen Anderton, june 26, 2010
Michelle Johnstone has her favourites in her award-winning garden.  “There are alliums, and my trees and my ferns, and those little yellow things with wings.  I’m getting an education here,” says the winner of the Times competition to have the £20,000 Chelsea show garden – the Bradstone Biodiveristy Garden designed by Paul Hervey-Brookes – installed in her home.  There were hundreds of entrants in the competition; launched in March, to find the garden in the sorriest state, but the judges decided that Michelle’s was the most deserving.

There was also a tree where the top looked like the shape of the character from Mad Hatter equipped with the hat and the feather poking out from the hat.  I didn’t so much talk to the plants however I did nurture them the best I could and took pride in nurturing them and when it was all in bloom and green, the calming effects you get from a garden are like no other drug, my photo collection included pictures of ferns (representing New Zealand) and the thistles (representing Scotland).  It was a very private garden, a sanctuary and birds were a permanent fixture.  Robins would get very friendly and come into the house.
At the time of the Olympics a couple of Chinooks flew over the house along with a few dozen private jets – it was very much a metaphor for Star Wars.  The real deal vs the land of make believe, where money isn’t an issue, they can battle between what’s real and what’s fake and what is fake is real to their hearts desire.
Having studied a bit of background with Gilbert Johnstone and the connection with the Battle of Bannockburn and my Dads side – who; all I know worked in the RAAF – battles are very real however working as an extra it was a bit patronising as you would have actors that portray real life victims but take the piss out of the victim in real life.  They are surrounded by ‘yes’ people.  When I was working as an extra on Mr Selfridge the makeup lady said of the actors “some of them are like Gods”
Both Russell and I were abused as kids, bullied to the extent of cowering every time the bellow of our mothers voice would go into one.  We weren’t allowed in the house very much therefore spent most of our time outside, playing sport and away from the house, it had its bonus’ being away from the house rather than in it.  I remember one morning mum woke us up to tell us that the NASA space shuttle blew up (in 1986, I was 12), I remember watching it on the television with our mother expressing shock and hearing the ‘need another seven astronauts’ jokes that followed. 
I was just three years old when Elvis Presley died; I remember the funeral they had for Elvis, they had a statue in a tree and everyone was expressing grief by crying and whaling.  I was three years old – I thought having a statue in a tree was slightly odd and also the fact that our mother was a fan of Elvis and had one of his books.  Tragedy that seemed to bring the ‘family’ closer together or rather it was just someone to tell and point at the television as in ‘oo look something big happened in the world today’.
The only trouble with being so young and easily exploitable with a mother that always wanted no kids in the house (out of sight and out of mind) is that we went to David Barr’s house (Justin’s Dad) and he had brothers Timothy, Matthew and Johnathan to another woman, our mother decided for Justin to live with David at a young age – even though he was our half brother he went to live with his dad and never lived with us again and thus the separation commenced.  By separation there was even a point where our mother wouldn’t let Justin in the house - he had done nothing wrong except want to know his mother.  Cold heartless woman.  On the same token there are many times that our mother wouldn’t let Russell or myself in the house either and when we turned 13 that was it - we were apparently old enough to fend for ourselves thus when Russell turned 13 all his stuff was shoved into a black bin liner and thrown out of the house and David Barr picked him up so there was Justin, Russell, Timothy, Matthew and Johnathan; Timothy and Matthew didn’t do much however Johnathan was a jockey and Russell started working as a stable hand.
The nightmare situation is that when we were sent out of the house, we went to David’s and he had a pedophile friend called ‘Snow’.  I was sexually abused in an environment where it was passed off as ‘normal’ and ‘normal’ to be invited to sit on someone’s lap and feel an erection.  I was between 6-8 when that happened, right under our mother’s nose, I did try and tell her however that caused more resentment and it was more of a victim blaming session along with a lecture “What are you doing to your mother?” in an angry tone – when I hadn’t done nothing wrong.  I remember sitting in silence watching the new Atari Tennis game, pretending to be totally engrossed in watching two bars slide up and down the tele in the hope that nobody would call me.
So now Russell was also in an environment where he had been abused both emotionally and physically and he had been turfed out of the house deemed old enough to look after himself.  Unwanted.  If our father had been around we would’ve been likely shipped off a long time ago however because of the manner of finding out our father was already married and had a family living in Australia it turned very sour and paved the way for a childhood full of resentment.  We were bastard kids and being born out of wedlock made things even worse as it was the ‘not the done thing’ to do back in those days as it was classed as a sin and frowned upon.
I said on twitter that I’d paid 17k for someone to go and kill George Trounson, my bank details were checked and Seth Macfarlane wrote it in a speech saying: “you can find someone anywhere in the world and send someone to kill them” at Harvard - whether it was just a coincidence that that happened roundabout the same time I was talking about it and not getting any feedback at all is another matter.  At the same time with the frustration of not getting any feedback there were also pictures where some people from New Zealand had made an picture effigy of decapitated heads that included John Key (PM), Judith Collins’ (Justice Minister) and another politician by guillotine.
There is also a guy in NZ called Kim Dotcom who is wanted by the US on piracy charges, he started up his own political party, so also at that time not only was there effigys of politicians decapitated heads, there were also effigies of John Key getting burnt at the stake as well as National billboards getting defaced with Nazi symbols.
Hamish McNeilly sent out a tweet attaching a picture of John Key that had been defaced with Nazi slogans and he stated “Another day in Dunedin, another John Key Nazi picture” or something along those lines.
There was an awful lot of Nazi marketing ranging from swastikas and ‘88’ being sprayed onto Jewish headstones in New Zealand to Manchester United’s Nazi themed marketing campaign which was merely considered as an ‘oversight’ and had no intentions of being ‘offensive’, apparently the Manchester United was all to do with the ‘New World’ along with a Nazi symbol that they’d used in the marketing campaign.
There is a certain percentage of English that feel that the St George’s cross is a racist symbol, given the rise of anti-semitism and also that Breivik had used that particular symbol in his massacre and also mentioned the Knights Templar which is the symbol of the cross. 
At the height of the war between “The Crusade vs The Jihad” where they believe ‘Allah’ is the only God, it was a case bad timing that the World Trade Centre memorial resembled Peter Jacksons “Lord of the Rings” ring, like a ring of fire which paved the way for Jihaddy’s to produce their own recruitment video using a ring of fire as a prop.
As I’m remembering the squalid conditions and fragments of my childhood and where I was before and where I am now and how the murder of my brother, the massacre and the other extremely violent events that have impacted my life – only for it to be discarded, and me only to be mocked and abused – it left me envisioning Russell’s plaque and the reason why he changed his name from ‘Johnstone’ to ‘Neil’.
The ‘family’ stabbed him in the back and discarded him.  It was a long bike trip to Ohai to see Russell, I decided one day that I wanted to see my brother so biked all the way to Ohai from Invercargill, it took me all day.  Years later, when I was staying with foster parents in Nightcaps (who were very religious) they had guests from Canada who spoke in ‘tongues’ (who were also very religious).  The religious lady from Canada asked me to sit down while she talked to God, and she did, I sat there and listened to her talk gibberish, afterwards she declared that I am a lighthouse and drew a picture of a lighthouse and gave me a white bible.
Upon doing a small amount of research regarding science and religion, there is one picture of a little girl standing on what looks to be a tree stump with a woman and a man beside her, she is looking up and above her is a big man with a beard, the impression of the picture is that she is about to take a quantum leap.  Also the artwork in Churches more often than not includes animals as well as St George. Animals such as snakes, birds, owls, letter writing and of course at the Vatican there is artwork of a Dove flying out from what can only be described as the centre of the sun.
Christchurch cathedral came down in the earthquake however the monument that was inspired by a drawing depicting the woman of war with a cross and sword still remains.

While delving into the world of Quantum physics and realities within realities, Einstein had a ‘theory of light’ that suggests many things are made up of protons, it also led me to google things called ‘Auras’ which people say are different coloured lights around a person.  I saw a yellow one and a purple one, they seemed to be transparent and I wondered if there was something wrong with my eyes.
They were like little ‘orbs’ and information from google suggests that they yellow means ‘warning’ and the purple interprets as ‘information’.
If someone asked me if there is a God, I would probably just shrug my shoulders as I do believe it is a big universe, one of many, we’d be pretty naieve to think that there’s nothing else ‘out there’, I also believe in a certain scientific spiritualism, even Einstein said you can’t have one without the other “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”
Einstein called himself an agnostic (a view that certain metaphysical claims – such as the existence of God or the supernatural – are unknown and perhaps unknowable) while disassociating himself from the label aetheist (absence of belief).  Eisntein had a theory called the theory of light
In March 1905, Einstein created the quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons but as far as I know no one has progressed on this theory since.  Say for example that you see an unknown light that seems so close but almost transparent that resemble little orbs, one could argue that it’s a little problem with your eyesight or just the age old saying that everyone is living in some sort of bubble and would like to see things that aren’t there.   A light so fast it beats quantum mechanics but if you see this light it means something.  I saw a purple and yellow ‘orb’, I rubbed my eyes didn’t know if there was something wrong with my eyesights however these little balls of light of mysterious lights are known as ‘auras’, there is a vast amount of research on them.
Much like the Aurora which is an incredible light show caused by collisions electrically charged particles released from the Sun that enter Earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. 
Auras; generate a large magnetic energy field that allegedly can be sensed, felt and even seen around the physical body.  Some people use and call it ‘instinct’ when there is someone you know that find yourself warning yourself about.  Apparently you do not need to be psychic to feel or ‘read’ and aura.  Closely combine instinct with body language and you might well get the same reading about someone as if you were ‘reading’ someones aura. However it has been said that ‘aura reading’ a person, the ‘reading’ can provide insight into the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of the individual.
Every alien movie you watch the aliens never physically speak to each other and in some movies they have fantastic mind reading capabilities – is there such a thing as ‘clairvoyant’, are there really psychics?  If there are how come there are so many murders and no one knows what’s going on in the world today?  Preventative measures  like the “Minority Report” movie where they can predict the next act of violence and prevent it from occurring.  Why not?  There are after all such things as ‘Paranormal experts’, ‘Ghost Hunters’ and the Police have been known to seek help of a clairvoyant from time to time.  There is also a thing called ‘common sense’ however and not many people know what it is, it remains a mystery.
Russell was a sagitarrius, I am a Gemini.  His astrological sign is the archer, mine is the twins.  As far as astrology compatibility is concerned I have no idea whether we were destined to have a frought relationship as we did fight like cat and dog but still enjoyed a good giggle, like the time when Russell made a sound effect tape of our step father on the toilet with real explosion noises and we used to take ages doing the dishes, about an hour of mucking about in fact we got told off a few times for there being too many soap suds up in the air.

When the Curiosity Mars Rover landed all the nerdy people celebrated while other sceptics questioned the authenticity of the landing, of course it came with truckloads of conspiracy theories and what they had found on Mars. Having been an extra on “JC” (John Carter of Mars) and dressed up in martian gear while pretending to be on the distant planet for a Disney movie, the actual real life Mars exploration and landing was exciting and funny at the same time because – I had already been and am safely back on Earth. 
The landing seemed like the beginning of the “Transformers” movie where big giant aliens landed on a planet and it was televised globally.  The movie starts with an image of a transformer type figure then the aliens come to Earth to defend against the attack of the ‘Decepticons’ – it’s pretty much how Curiosity’s exploration to Mars began with the image of a transformer head.
There have been many conspiracy theories about the Mars landing and the redundant items that they have supposedly found – never really too sure whether they are attempting to make Mars interesting for the sake of publicity or wanting to create as much as interest so there is interest from a wide range of people rather than just a select few; so they found a lot of mysterious objects such as a kiwi:

(Kiwi Sighting on Mars, Stacey Kirk, 2/10/2012)
The article reads:
There aren't many places intrepid Kiwi travellers haven't set foot on in this world and now they're moving on to others.
A New Zealander following the travels of Nasa's Mars rover Curiosity has unearthed possible evidence of a Kiwi hiding on the red planet.
Ned Walker, a New Zealander living in Australia, said he was surprised at the find, but it was unmistakable.
"I have a huge interest in the Mars Curiosity Rover and I like to look at the raw images Nasa uploads onto its site each day from the rover's cameras.
‘‘I was amazed to find in today's raw images what can only be described a Kiwi."
Walker thought the "monumental find", would be of interest to all New Zealanders.
The picture shows a shadow cast by a martian rock that looks like the very distinctive native New Zealand bird.
The rover Curiosity landed on Mars in August so has only just started beaming images from the surface back to Earth.
It's older brother, Opportunity, has been on the planet since 2004.

Other objects have been found such as a spaceship and possibly a pyramid; all kinds of fascinating discoveries have been made, enough to make the nerds orgasm – letting their imagination run riot as they consume and indulge themselves on all things spacey and intergalactic.
There are lots of movies about Mars – all fiction, such as: ‘Mars Attacks’, ‘Total Recall’ and of course ‘John Carter of Mars’.  There is even a fatwa on Mars due to it being a suicide mission if you choose to visit and there also is a project called Mars One which says they intend of establishing the first human settlement on Mars which presumably would generate a lot of clashing.  The possibility of returning to Earth in one piece or at all is seemingly very slim.
Also during the time of the Mars landing a town called Glenelg twinned itself with Mars and become a galactic style celebration, lots of astrological/astronomy events were taking place and the fascination of intergalactic travel was pushed to the forefront of most news bulletins and newspaper publications – such as the discovery that we are in fact living in a bubble, a very big one that is protecting the Earth. 
The bubble philosophy is a very intriguing one – every person is living in their own bubble, this bubble protects you from things you’d rather not deal with, no interest in or totally doesn’t apply to you therefore you get up every day and living within your security blanket type monotony bubble where you wouldn’t do anything out of the ordinary – you get up every day, go to work- go home – sleep and repeat.  You don’t watch the news it doesn’t concern you directly and you’d rather mutter something about how the world is such a bad place rather than join the protestors.  There are different kinds of bubbles for everyone and everyone has their own bubble – however if anything interferes with the bubble or the bubble becomes disrupted the consequences can be devastating.  The bubble theory also applies globally, if the global bubble were to be disrupted, the disruption to both to the environment as well as technological dramas can be deemed not only troublesome but a security risk as you get solar winds and impressive displays of Aurora Australis (or the southern lights and is visibile in Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia),and Aurora Borealis (Norway, Iceland, Northern part of the globe) and it knocks out electricity when it disrupts the Earth’s bubble.
Russell had a tattoo of a sword and a snake which he got done in Rattray Street, Dunedin; same place where I got the heart with wings.  I also have another tattoo on my shoulder, it is the image of the High Priestess from a tarot deck.  Dressed in white, she is standing beside what appears to be a wishing well holding a white orb shining light with a swan beside her and Stonehenge is in the background.  
Stonehenge has been the subject of many theories about its origin, ranging from the academic worlds of archaeology to explanations from mythology and the paranormal and although there has been a lot of research no one really knows why it was built, the first academic to effort to survey and understand the monument was made around 1640 by John Aubrey, he declared Stonehenge was the work of druids while other early historians were influenced by supernatural folktales in their explanations.  Some legends held that Merlin had a giant build the structure for him or that he magically transported it from Mount Killaraus in Ireland, while others held the Devil responsible.
Druids and Pagans are regulars at Stonehenge, some say that Stonehenge is just a massive sun dial and the people needed to know what the time was; however, every year there are worshippers that visit Stonehenge and celebration solstices
If I was looking at the esoteric and the option of using computer games my avatar would be Dr. Liara T’Soni is an asari researcher who has spent the past fifty years of her life studying Prothean technology and culture, specialising in the Protean extinction.  She was born on Thessia in 2077, making her ‘only’ 106 – barely an adult in asari terms.
What strikes me about Liara from mass effect that she is a scientist who happens to live in outer space, she seems very mystical and if you were to create a video game using all three games; Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect and Call Of Duty: Ghosts in order to save the Earth from intergalactic wars and threats, it’d be a best seller.
In fact, the bubble theory was confirmed by Nasa scientists who spotted a mystery giant ‘space bubble’ on either side of the milky way and deep space probes found out the solar system is protected by a ‘magnetic bubble wrap’.
I was still an extra and I was attempting to explain to people that when extremely traumatic events occur you feel like it’s not real – it’s like something out of a movie and the initial shock leaves you emotionally frozen at the time and your brain somehow can’t comprehend the level of extreme violence that is before you, firsthand.  People react to carnage in different ways, I froze – froze to the point of not being able to speak or scream.
It was such a ‘best of both worlds’ feeling having participated as an extra in a Disney movie then seeing the real castle, being an extra in John Carter of Mars and there being a real Mars landing.  All this talk of space, intergalactic travel and reaching for infinity and beyond was sending the nerds into a frenzy.

The conspiracies and propaganda surrounding Mars was almost like the conspiracy much like the propaganda surround the Nazi base in Antarctica.
At that time, journalist called Hamish McNeilly (who covered the many parole breaches and numerous ‘second chances’ of Trounson), wrote a piece about the lack of responses to the Nazi’s in NZ was embarrassing.  Back in the days of Hitler it was rumoured that the Nazi’s headed to Antarctica, it was a Russian conspiracy/propaganda campaign that they had alien visitors in Antarctica and at one point Admiral Byrd even supposedly claimed to have encountered aliens who warned them about nuclear weapons before they dropped the atomic bomb. 
New Zealand’s first taste of terrorism was the blowing up of the Rainbow Warrior killing a camera guy – Greenpeace originally started in New Zealand and later morphed into a discriminatory machine where they seemed to have forgotten the very reason they started and ventured more into capitalism and profiteering venture. At the time of the blowing up of the Rainbow Warrior there was a thing in NZ where they were all about boycotting the French so the rift between the French and NZ was left to simmer for many years.
During the French Muroroa Atoll protests about the nuclear testing, we had just left Tahiti before they started smashing up the airport, it was on the World’s Worst Riots programme – there was no airport left.
It took place in 1995 when Shivon was three months old and we were on our way to the UK.  Tahiti is normally one of the most untroubled island paradises; it was total shock to see the footage on TV.
France had exploded a test nuclear weapon in Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia and everyone found themselves running to escape French tear gas and stun grenades.  For twelve hours they bombarded the international airport at Papeete (Tahiti’s main town) with stones and Molotov cocktails, setting fire to the terminal and torching cars.
The French also had it’s hand in the sinking of Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior codenamed “Operation Satanique” which was a bombing operation by the “action” branch of the French foreign intelligence services, it was a long time ago, back in 1985, the French agents blew up the Rainbow Warrior before it could protest about the French nuclear test in Mururoa Atoll.
The French denied responsibility at first, however the French assassins/agents were caught, pleaded guilty and got 10 years, they only served two where they spent confined to the French island of Hao before being freed by the French government.
It created a huge rift with the French as “Operation Satanique” was a public relations disaster.
France, being an ally of New Zealand, denied involvement and joined in condemning what is described as a terrorist act.  The French Embassy in Wellington denied involvement, stating that the “French Government does not deal with its opponents in such ways”.  It was one of New Zealand’s largest investigations.
Seeing the remnants of the Mururoa Atoll riots in Tahiti where they trashed the airport with bulldozers and set for to the terminal etc was very shocking knowing that when they started talking about the riots we were up in the air on our way to the UK so missed them by the space of less than a couple of hours.
The French are known to be very fiery passionate people and have often clashed with ‘she’ll be right its not that big of a deal’ laidback nz’ers.  If New Zealand were more laidback they would be dead. New Zealand as a country has been wiped off so many maps and doesn’t appear with the big picture of the world, they are ahead of time but so backward it’s a contradiction.  Tim Shadbolt (appeared in the movie “The World’s fastest Indian”, he’s only Mayor because he was in a movie once), is still Mayor of Invercargill and had recently spent an obscene amount of money on a self portrait and acquired dodgy lights from China for the Christmas street decorations.  Invercargill, a town that hasn’t really progressed in any way shape or form and was even more backward, conniving and scheming as the days when I left it behind.  It turned out Uncle Joe attempted to punch Tim Shadbolt in a meeting which I find rather comical as I haven’t spoken to Uncle Joe since I was in Christchurch last time (the whole kidnapping trip), never met Tim Shadbolt but have been on set with Anthony Hopkins and Bruce Willis on the set of the movie “Red 2”.  Sir Anthony Hopkins played the role of Burt Munro.  Uncle Joe just has a fiery temper however it’s nothing in comparison to French assassins.

Meanwhile remembering bits and pieces about my past and the current reason why I happened to be in England, the ex-husband still has Dutch the dog from when they kidnapped him
The ex-husband and I were married in Invercargill Rose Gardens, Fiona was there; who I hadn’t spoken to for many years.  The conversation began in 2009 over Facebook, with me having a completely different life in the UK while she is over in New Zealand (Dundedin) where Trounson is/was.  She was there at the murder trial and she was there when I was attacked however the focus seemed to be always on herself or playing Farmville 24/7 and she developed selective amnesia in recalling my own traumatic events that occurred in 1990, Dunedin – as she was there when it happened.
When I was much younger Princess of Wales & Prince Charles did their tour of New Zealand, that was where she went; I remember when everyone went down to the Queens Park Gardens to see Princess Diana.  Both Einstein have memorable front pages such as Einstein was the cover of Time Magazine with “Person of the Century” and Princess Diana, although she had many front pages the one that I like is on the front page of People magazine.
The day the Sun newspaper requested to know where the Queen was upon of national mourning at the news about the death of Princess Diana, the headlines read “the long goodbye” along with apparently Dodi gave Diana a £130,000 ring on the day they died.  There is a quote by Diana that says “I’d like people to think of me as someone who cares about them” and on September 15, 1997, she was front page of People Weekly magazine.  There is another picture of Diana standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace wearing and emerald green dress looking very mumsy that shows her great love of the people.
Over the other side of the globe in the UK, I got tickets to go to the premiere of “John Carter of Mars” as I’d won a competition, so off we went.  Shivon and I trotted off to the premiere of a movie that I’d been an extra in.  I thought it was hilarious, Shivon however, the ever moody stroppy teenager and I was like the embarrassing mum.
There was a scene where I did see myself dressed as a martian, quite the jaw-dropper as I wasn’t expecting to recognise myself on the big screen – I don’t think Shivon noticed and I didn’t say anything to her.  Getting a photo with Mark Strong on the red carpet was funny, of course I didn’t expect him to remember me or anything by just the thought that I was just an extra whom got to go to the premiere.  On the set on “John Carter of Mars” I had to giggle to myself as when Mark Strong and Taylor Kitsch walked by all I thought of at the time was the movie “Madagascar” and the quote “Bring me my nuts on a silver platter”.

Of course they’ve not long landed Curiosity on Mars and Glenelg had twinned itself with Scotland;
Mars landing twinned with Scottish town Glenelg
“Glenelgs on Earth and Mars twinned”  21 October 2012
The small Scottish community of Glenelg has held a ceremony to twin itself with its namesake on Mars.
Nasa’s roving robotic laboratory, Curiosity, is headed for a geological feature on the Red Planet that has been called Glenelg.
Back on Eart, residents of Glenelg in the west Highlands held celebrations, which included the twinning ceremony and a ceilidh.
Guests included former Nasa astronaut Bonnie Dunbar.  Ms Dunbar flew on five space shuttle missions in the 1980s and 1990s on Challenger and Columbia.  In 1995, she flew the first shuttle mission to dock with the Russian Space Station Mir.  Three years later, she lew in the last mission to deliver a US astronaut to Mir.
Glenelg on Mars takes its name from a particular rock found in the Northwest Territories.
Emma MacLean, a twinning ceremony organiser, said the link with the Nasa mission and the Red Planet was a good way of keeping the community “healthy and vibrant”.  She said: “Small communities such as ours are always looking for ways to promote the wide variety of attractions that our community has.  The arrival of the Mars rover at Glenelg will be used to showcase to the international astronomy community the quality of the dark skies we have in Glenelg and Arnisdale.  With so little light pollution the skies above are truly spectacular, especially at the moment with the Northern Lights activity”

So they had twinned Mars with Scotland and also found a rock (amongst other things) that looked like the kiwi bird... on Mars, and I’m still working as an extra.
I did a few movies that year, they included “I give it a year”, starring Minnie Driver and Neil off the young ones also a movie called “Belle” starring the guy off RocknRolla, the guy who falls out of his chair when he discovers the ‘lucky painting’ is missing.  Which I thought was funny just because I’d pointed at Mark Strong and blurted out “RocknRolla” on the set of “John Carter of Mars”.
“Belle” was on location at the Oxford University and we were camped out in the Sheldonian theatre admiring the painted ceiling, it was entitled ‘Truth Decending upon the Arts and Sciences’ and comprimisng thirty-two panels, it was designed by Christopher Wren, completed in Whitehall and shipped to Oxford by barge. The building is named after Glibert Sheldon, chancellor of the University at the time and the project’s main financial backer.
The movie “Belle” was inspired from a picture and “Harry Potter” was filmed in the same area.  While we were there at the Sheldonian cranking our necks to try and work out this painting, there seemed to be little cherubs and a very nasty looking creature with a snake and at the top was a little cherub sitting on a cloud with the sun behind him.

It was clear to me I’m not allowed to live my life, I am not allowed to have a ‘normal’ life without people meddling and those that talk, i remember sitting on the underground stairs and Daniel Craig walked up past me, I leaned to the side thinking “great, famous people”, although being on a bond movie and it is nearly every bond fan dream to be an extra but as far as reaching for stardom it’s a tricky situation.  One of the takes Daniel Craig was leaping down the tube with his stunt double, Rocky from Pirates of the Caribean was there
 Bond – due to the extreme trauma of the only response on sicoal media that i was getting either being abuse, laughed at or blatantly purposely ignored, i collapsed on my bed with hardly no energy to get up, Shivon was at her dads for the weekend i had a vivid dream that i was scooped ip and i could not see the guys face.  My body was lifeless, it was like id died.
I woke up in the morning exacerbated all my energy had been zapped, my eye was bloodshot red and i was due to work as an extra on james bond skyfall... ‘looks like a bad case of conjunctivus’

And over in New Zealand a couple of teenagers decided to spray ‘88’ onto jewish headstones in Auckland, new Zealand
october 19, 2012; Brendan Manning; ‘Vile’ desecration of Jewish headstones
The “vile desecration” of Jewish headstones in a historic Auckland cemetery has drawn outrage from the Israeli embassy and community groups.
More than 20 graves, all more than 125 years old, were vandalised with black spraypaint between Thursday night and Friday morning.
Fourteen had large black swastikas sprayed on them. Another two had "f*** Israel" and "don't f*** with us" scrawled on them.
The Israeli Embassy in Wellington condemned "the vile desecration".
"Sixty seven years after the liberation of the Jewish people from the death camps and ghettoes of Europe, expressions of blind hatred for Jews and for the sole Jewish state resurface," it said in a statement.
"This is clearly the action of a handful of vandals, motivated by hatred and ignorance, who certainly do not represent the opinion of New Zealanders.
"We trust in New Zealand's law enforcement agencies to find the vandals and bring them to justice."
The attack came as officials planned tighter security at the cemetery on the corner of Symonds St and Karangahape Rd.
Edward Bennett from the K Rd Business Association said headstones were pushed over regularly.
New Zealand Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman said there were moves to install a $250,000 security fence around the cemetery, which has long been popular with vagrants.
Mr Goodman said it was incredibly disappointing such an attack could occur in New Zealand.
"Normally these sort of attacks come after some international incident that provokes it, but I can think of nothing."
Samuel Altschul, senior rabbi from the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, said the incident was "very alarming".
"It's cowardly to attack the dead. It's a very un-Kiwi thing to do and it's most saddening. Unfortunately it happens quite frequently."
Rabbi Altschul said a new grave was last dug at the cemetery in 1886.
"Those are the people who helped found Auckland. Those were founding fathers."
Police are reviewing footage from a nearby security camera.
Mr Goodman said he had "more hope than expectation" it would yield any clues as to who was behind the attack.
Auckland Council civic contractor John Stevenson said the graffiti could be removed relatively easily from the newer marble headstones, but a specialist stonemason was required to remove it from the older "more sensitive" headstones.
Mayor Len Brown said the attack on a special part of old Auckland was abhorrent.
"This kind of vandalism has no place in our city. My thanks to council staff for their response. The council and the local board are taking steps to improve the environment in this cemetery and prevent further such attacks."
The last time a similar anti-semitic attack occurred in New Zealand was in August 2004, when a Jewish prayer house was burnt down and 92 headstones were smashed in the Jewish section of Wellington's Makara Cemetery.

“New Zealand Jews invite grave vandal to Shabbat dinner”
Judge praises ‘extraordinary’ willingness of community to help pay for education of teenager who painted swastikas in cemetary
DNEY (JTA) – A New Zealand man who admitted to desecrating Jewish graves at a historic cemetery in Auckland avoided prison.
Robert Moulden, 19, was sentenced in Auckland District Court Wednesday to 320 hours of community service. He also was ordered to pay about $2,500 in reparations.
Moulden pleaded guilty to a charge of willful damage in November for scrawling anti-Semitic graffiti on the graves. Another man, also accused of desecrating the cemetery, is fighting the charges.
During the sentencing, Judge Russell Collins said the community service should include work with Auckland Council’s graffiti team.
More than a dozen headstones in the Jewish quarter of the Symonds St. Cemetery were vandalized on Oct. 19 with swastikas, the numbers 88 – code for “Heil Hitler” — and anti-Israeli slogans.
The Jewish community offered restorative justice with Moulden. One family invited him for Shabbat dinner, and others offered financial assistance for his education.
“To your credit, you were willing to engage with the Jewish community and a more extraordinary outcome is the forgiving nature of the members of the Jewish community,” Collins said. “Their forgiveness of you needs to be admired considering how wounding and distressing your actions were.”
The Auckland Council has spent about $10,000 on trying to repair the vandalism, but some is irreparable, according to local media, with the damage estimated to cost some $23,000.
The times of Israel

His friend Christian landmark
stuff; “Cemetary vandal ordered out of NZ”
A man who desecrated Jewish graves in Auckland with swastikas and racist slogans has been ordered to leave the country.
Christian Landmark, 20, an Englishman on a holiday visa, supplied the spray can and accompanied his friend Robert Moulden when they defaced graves in the Jewish Quarter of the Symonds St Cemetery on October 19, 2012.
Landmark later implicated his co-accused to police then tried to sell pictures of his friend to TV news.
Moulden pleaded guilty in November but Landmark tried unsuccessfully to defend the charge.
He was found guilty by Judge Russell Collins who said he found the fact that Landmark had tried to profit from the crime as a "serious aggravating factor".
At sentencing yesterday, Landmark was not jailed but was told he had to turn back up at court in August with a plane ticket and $3000 for reparations.
He was also ordered to undertake some voluntary community work.
In his judgement, the judge pointed out a telling text exchange between Landmark and a friend.
The friend texted "Saw your handy work on the filthy jew cemetry g it made the news" to which Landmark replied "lmfao which news lol". His reply amounted to him adopting the statement the friend had made, the judge said.
Landmark's lawyer Tudor Clee had argued that the prosecution's case rested entirely on the evidence of Moulden whose story changed a number of times.
Moulden said he did not paint all the gravestones so he assumed Landmark had done some of them.
Crown prosecutor Catherine Gisler said whether Landmark sprayed any paint was beside the point as he and Moulden had formed a "common purpose" which was enough to convict him of being a party to the offence.
The judge said Moulden's evidence was not entirely reliable but he struck him as someone who was trying to minimise the involvement of others. However, "he was not prepared to accept it was he and he alone".
Landmark's police interview was played during the trial in which he said he had "no beliefs" and that he "wasn't anti-semitic".
However, in text messages presented in court he said to a friend: "I agree but f... niggers and Maoris though. They should die."
A defence witness, Nick Rosewarne, said he was present when Moulden bragged about defacing the graves the night before the night in question.
He also said Moulden texted him on Thursday and warned him not to come to court.
The judge said he found it "utterly impossible" that the graffiti could have been there for a day - in plain view in central Auckland - without being reported.
Accordingly he found it was committed on the night of the 18th to 19th of October when Landmark was there with
The judge said Landmark's police interview showed him for half an hour delivering a "complete lie" in a "calm, articulate and measured way".
When confronted with a contrary witness account, without changing tone, Landmark asked to restart the interview then implicated his friend entirely.
In the interview Landmark admitted making up the email address and trying to sell the photos of Moulden to TV3.
Judge Collins said the offending was at the very top end of the range.
His case was not like Moulden's who pleaded guilty early on, attended restorative justice and did not seek to profit from his crime.
- Fairfax Media

Meanwhile on twitter, all I was getting back was very patronising and abuse;
Meanwhile I get tweeted by Hamish McNeilly (who has been the main journalist throughout and written about George Trounson as well as embarrassing lack of response to the nazi’s in new Zealand, he was intereupted with another twitter user, the replies were:
@mexenaj @southernscoop wow Hamish this is one disturbed person that you are tweeting with!!!
@mexenaj you are talking about too many things.  I don’t follow
@mexenaj it’s a conspiracy! Sssssssshhhhhhh
@mexenaj what’s that got to do with the last thing you tweeted?
@mexenaj so I wrote a parole report which is somehow connected with swastikas on Jewish graves in Auckland?

The conversation ends, a ‘reporter’ that is not only taking the piss out of the victims sister but he tends to forget about what he writes about. 
Right up to writing a parole report and they let him out (George Trounson).  Hamish McNeilly’s response was to block me on twitter and pretend that I don’t exist due to the totally abhorrent ghastly way he treated the sister of the deceased of whom that he seems to write about on a regular basis
On july 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside a Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora
July 2012, there was a mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  The shooter was dressed as the joker and he set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms during a midnight screening of the film “The Dark Knight Rises”.
The shooting also led into the never-ending debate about gun control and the death penalty. The shooter pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity while prosecutors sought the death penalty.
They had a visit from Christian bale.

2012 was also the year Danny Boyle directed the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and we did an ad at MacDonald’s as well as technically falling out with Danny Boyle – as an extra – when the Rugby World Cup was on and afterwards, while I was working on a progamme called ‘Mr Selfridge’ the hair and makeup department were talking and somehow death got mentioned and she says “They all just turn into grains of sand”, I thought... okay.  Then Danny Boyle was pictured pouring vast amounts of sand from a teapot into a cup as well as placing a lit lightbulb above his head while talking about the security at the Olympics.  But also while I was working on another ad at the George Lucas building I got asked “Which is worse, saying ‘we’re gunna kill it’ or saying ‘that’s so gay?”, and somehow it turned into a political debate in relation to gay marriage and the death penalty.
Also at the same time, sticking with the ‘RocknRolla’ theme, Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper displayed a very animated show at the Tennis and Gerard struck one of his ‘300’ poses behind Alex Salmond which was at the time of the Scotland referendum

The first Christmas entirely on my own when Shivon moved out to go to her dad’s after we fell out and  I slapped her – was probably the most relaxing Christmas I’ve ever had – I didn’t have to do anything. 
A couple of things run in the Hawgood genes and that is – not talking about anything , everything is “do this – or else” and apparently when Andy’s mum, Margaret, divorced Andy’s dad, Berkeley, all Andy said was “Good”.  Nothing else.  They’ve not spoken about it since so when Andy came and got her with the Police I wasn’t allowed to talk to him or Shivon and all he said was “You hit her, shut up”.
After they left I looked for Dutch the dog (the dog I bought from a car boot sale, half Chihuahua and half Jack Russell, taught him how to pray, bought for the both of us but the idea of having a pet that you have to interact with is like a new family member), I text them to ask if they’ve got him and two days later I had a text back simply stating “We’ve got Dutch” and nothing else.
Then Shivon phoned and asked if she could spend four days at mine and three days at her dads, I asked her “Don’t you think now is a good time to go to your dads as I can no longer have any more aggravation around me”, she was 16.  If it wasn’t for all the shit over in New Zealand, if it wasn’t for so many people sabotaging my life and just blatantly taking the piss and if it wasn’t for a spiteful, manipulative, revengeful ex-family everything would be tickety-boo.
It was a job in London with a director from Manchester, he was making a series about someone that had died on the train platform, the AD was making a joke and one thing led to another and i had an anxiety/panic attack and left – same place where james bond was filmed.  I couldn’t even roll a ciggerette i was shaking that much

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