Sunday, 25 December 2016

2011 draft

The first Christmas entirely on my own when Shivon moved out to go to her dad’s after we fell out and  I slapped her – was probably the most relaxing Christmas I’ve ever had – I didn’t have to do anything. 
A couple of things run in the Hawgood genes and that is – not talking about anything , everything is “do this – or else” and apparently when Andy’s mum, Margaret, divorced Andy’s dad, Berkeley, all Andy said was “Good”.  Nothing else.  They’ve not spoken about it since so when Andy came and got her with the Police I wasn’t allowed to talk to him or Shivon and all he said was “You hit her, shut up”.
After they left I looked for Dutch the dog (the dog I bought from a car boot sale, half Chihuahua and half Jack Russell, taught him how to pray, bought for the both of us but the idea of having a pet that you have to interact with is like a new family member), I text them to ask if they’ve got him and two days later I had a text back simply stating “We’ve got Dutch” and nothing else.

Then Shivon phoned and asked if she could spend four days at mine and three days at her dads, I asked her “Don’t you think now is a good time to go to your dads as I can no longer have any more aggravation around me”, she was 16.  If it wasn’t for all the shit over in New Zealand, if it wasn’t for so many people sabotaging my life and just blatantly taking the piss and if it wasn’t for a spiteful, manipulative, revengeful ex-family everything would be tickety-boo.

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