Friday, 23 December 2016

Chapter 8

A few things started the year off well, apart from one obscene incident in Monaco.  I took Shivon to the Tangled Premiere at Mayfair and mingled as well as going to Mahiki to party with the cast of Jersey Shore.  In Monaco however, I’d won the break courtesty of Men’s Health magazine and to stay on a yacht for the beginning of the Grand Prix.  It was such a nice yacht however the company was a bit overbearing, we went out and I started talking to a couple of guests that were in the bar who I think might’ve been Kris Humphries and friend.  I didn’t know who he was but another guest on the yacht said as he was dissing extras was “You only like famous people”, at first I had no idea what he was talking about but apparently he was an actor, an actor who thought he might take liberties and sit on the bed expectantly at the end of the day with only a towel wrapped around his fat body, the other men on the yacht had to get him out of the room.  The thing was nothing happened between the guys that I was speaking to at the bar and he just finished completely dissing me as I said I was an extra but he’s an actor and a very sleazy one at that.  I said to the magazine about it and the response that I got was “We don’t mind that, they do it all the time”, quite disgusting.
When they were talking about life on yachts, they were saying that they have competitions to see who can get the best looking women on board and who can have the best parties, most of the women on board were prostitutes, however not me as I’d won the trip in a competition but made to feel like the lesser human on board because I was an extra.

I was in Madrid when the earthquake in Christchurch happened, I’d won a trip to Madrid staying that the Intercontinental Hotel where a bunch of high ranking army guys and Shieks were discussing tourism opportunities for both countries.  I took Shivon and we ventured out to Alcazar Castle, the source of inspiration for Disney.
Having not long been on a Disney film (John Carter of Mars) and dressed like a martian that lived on Mars and taking a trip to the local supermarket after work with the stains of fake tan to make me look martiany, blending in with the crowd on Mars and blending in with the crowd at sainsburys are two totally different things.  It was fun, there were big huge massive green screens everywhere and when the actors walked by it took my a little while for the ‘lightbulb’ moment to arrive however just pointed at Mark Strong and said “RocknRolla” with an element of surprise as I’d just remembered where I’d seen him.  When they walked past me at first I couldn’t move as the wig I was wearing was stuck on the spaceship and my arms were waving around ever so slightly as I was thinking “Help, Help, I’m stuck on a spaceship” but couldn’t because everyone was busy acting.  When Taylor Kitsch walked by I thought “Fuck”, followed by “Oh shit”.  According to extra laws you are not allowed to converse in any way shape or form with the actors other than when the AD says action.
So to visit the castle of where Disney’s inspiration came from it was quite surreal.
When you stepped off the bus from the fast train you’re greeted into a small town with a Romulus and Remus statue and a Fort of Segovia.  As you walk towards the caste there’s what looks to be like the Ugly sisters selling their wares near the castle.  The castle itself was originally built as a fortress but has served as a Royal Palace, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College and a military academy since then, the castle was one of the inspirations for Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle and it also served as the French home of Sir Lancelot du Lac, Joyous Guard, in the 1967 musical film “Camelot”.
After a series of unfortunate events to the castle, it wasn’t until 1882 did restoring the castle back to it’s original state begin   In 1896 King Alfonso XIII ordered the Alcazar be handed over to the Ministry of War as a military college.
The interior of the castle of Segovia is in perfect accodrdance with the magnificence of its exterior. Apartments are decorated with delicate traceries and pendant ornaments, in the style of the Alhambra, and, like those of Alcazar of Seville, were executed by Arabian workmen during the Christian dominion of the fourteenth century, for in many places the crowns of the Kings of Castille may be seen, surrounded by Latin mottoes and extracts from the Koran.
Alcazar Castle remains one of the most popular historical sites in Spain.   Inside the castle there a many rooms, the King and Queen’s chair was in a smallish room and as you walk in it seems like any other room you visit, however this modest size room was where the King and Queen sat and a freize representing all of the Spanish Kings and Queens starting from Pelagius of Asturius down to Juana la Loca after moving to El Palacio Read in Madrid, Spain.
The motto “Tanto Monta” (meaning “They amount to the same”, or “Equal opposites in balance”) it was an alledged motto of a prenuputal agreement made by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs, the tapestry itself was a bird and what appeared to be the Sun behind the bird, the tapestry behind the King and Queen’s chair is the coat of arms of the Catholic Monarch.
We’d not long left the Castle when I heard the news about Christchurch earthquake, I first seen the destruction in February 2011 on the news at Madrid airport as we were leaving Spain to get back to Hemel Hempstead, UK.  It seemed like an earthquake like no other – like nothing I have ever experienced as the standard strength of earthquakes was generally around the 5 mark on the richtorscale, this one snuck up on everyone and registerd 6.3 on the Richter scale.  By way of astromical mother nature catastrophies no one was expecting a devastating earthquake in Christchurch and when they say there’s been another earthquake in New Zealand just shrug your sholders as they are quite common.  This time the damage was tremendous and the whole place looked like a complete mess like a giant came to visit with intentions of smashing the place up and did just that.
After our trip to the real life Disney Castle and the buzz of experiencing the “magic of movies” as well as the real thing the news of the devastation became quite the shocker, for years in days gone by – they were saying that ‘the big one’ would happen in Nelson like the other earthquake that flattened Napier back in the day.  Christchurch was the last place anyone was expected to get a so-called ‘big one’.  Apparently there were new fault lines only to discover that they were in fact fracking on a fault line, it’s common sense that the fault lines that were already there would expand.
New Zealand is on the “Ring of Fire”, we have earthquake drills at school as earthquakes are quite common.  Howver, since the fracking begain there have been regular, stronger earthquakes that occur on a more frequent basis.
New Zealand prides itself on being “The Lord of the Rings” territory, especially in the South Island, it still is years later and those movies are so old, it was clear when I had the converstion with Richie McCaw about life in NZ, farming, him owning property in Wanaka and also about the prior earthquake NZ had before a ‘big one’ like the Christchurch earthquake.
Buildings were destroyed, the Christchurch Cathedral had been badly damaged, the whole town was literally rubble and it was likened to a war zone.  They had such things called “Red Zones”, just another name for “Danger Zone”.  The devastating effects are long lasting for such as earthquake of that magnitude and amongst people that like to sleep alot and have island type lifestyles.
The earthquake killed 185 people making it the nation’s third deadliest natural disaster
It would be a long while before help for trauma conditions could begin to be remedied and the beginnings of PTSD after the impact – even back in the day where your brother had just been murdered or you’re the victim of extremely violent gang rape – there was no support as such available; you are just expected to ‘toughen up’ and get on with it.
I had been away from NZ long enough to almost forget the amount of nasty shit that happens in New Zealand and recall the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude towards anything and everything and even so – I’d not long been in touch with family members that I hadn’t been in touch with for over a decade, people that tend to forget that I had built a life for myself and you will never get an explanation or apology for being bullied to fuck and made to feel like I’ve committed a big crime because I was abused.
So we were back in Hemel Hempstead, Shivon would go to her dads on a regular basis and there would still be grief from the ex-family, meanwhile over the other side of the world in New Zealand; at the time of the Christchurch earthquake; I was beginning to learn about the ‘frank’ attitude that George Charles Trounson had gained over the years since murdering my brother Russell.
I was given a short time to complete and submit a victim impact statement; a statement from the victim’s next of kin sister – how my brothers murder has impacted my life and why George Charles Trounson should stay in prison.  A friend that I met in New York offered to help, his name was Josh and he does alot of running and goes by the name of ‘Speedy Sasquatch’, but by then the shock to find out that George Trounson seems to love exploiting the criminal justice system and he just seemed to be making a mockery of any government agency that apparently upholds any law was too big to ignore or just easier for them to get rid of the victim as they’d already treated me so appallingly that if anyone were to know it’d be a major embarrassment for the country.
Trounson has broken parole and been recalled to prison and God knows what else – so it was more of a shock to the system seeing such a devastating earthquake but being pissed off with the whole family situation and it seemed while the family are all over in New Zealand with a few in Australia, however the family in New Zealand – which is the same country where my brothers murderer is – same towns even – you would think that at least one family member would at least attempt or make some kind of effort to keep Trounson in prison however it may be the case where only the victims next of kin is able to write a victim impact statement – even then you only have a specific amount of time as the parole hearing has a set date and I stopped writing around the time I went on ‘Celebrity date’ with Calum Best.
I remember looking at Calum Bests ring and tattoo, his tattoo said ‘Karma’, and it was one of those wierd freaky feeling, it was when I was staring at his tattoo that he caught me out staring at it.
My tattoo I got done not long after Russell was murdered.  I was off my face, so much so everything was just a bit of a blur, I drew a picture of a heart with wings and it looks very similar to the Valkyrie Couture jewellery – with a heart and wings.
Not long after Russell was murdered, when I was off my face of hardly remembering anything I drew a picture of a heart with wings and it looks very similar to the Valkyrie couture – with a heart and wings. I was completely off my face intoxicated when I had it done, I drew  a picture and took it to the tattooist, a heart with wings with star above the heart in the centre, an arrow and date of birth to date of death with Lost Love underneath it, only however due to being intoxicated and in fairness not really having a clue what day it was as the days just all morphed into  a really big long one I got the dates back to front, its the 24 of the 6th not 26 of the 4th.  It is faded now and not many people know my intoxicated grieving sister error.  The design itself reminds me of as it’s Valkyrie Couture, a piece of jewellery with an expensive red stone in a heart with wings whilst embodying the unspoken laws of the Nazi hunter.  I’m not a Nazi hunter myself however having lived through savage times and been victim of gang rape at the hands of skinheads which is how I also came to be branded with half a swastika on my ankle.  It has been said I should get it lasered off or corrected but it’s not something that I think about everyday and how it came to be there was by violent disturbing and so evil, that evilness is not something that I think about everyday in fact it was so long ago I had nearly forgotten about it however not something I can easily forget however in saying that certain individuals from the past have/had selective amnesia as Fiona, (old friend) was in the same house as I was shoved up against a wall by 6 skinheads, and of course another lady walked in screamed “RAPISTS” and was then beaten to an inch of her life.  Fiona was in the next room, when I left for a few days and got back Fiona had said that she went back and she was gang raped and they used carrots, bottles all kinds – I wasn’t there but only two days after her alleged gang rape she could walk and very jovially said that they were just big boys.  When Fiona had said that she was gang raped the whole focus of what they’d done to me was somehow alleviated by the fact that Fiona herself went back and got gang raped but then talk it off as its no big deal,  I was there when the skinheads threw Fiona to the ground and shaved her hair off as she’d been saying that she wanted to be Skinhead, but didn’t expect to get the full treatment of her hair shaven off.  I seen her reaction and it was one of completely mortified to the point of trying to get her shaven off head hair and place it under a cap so it gave the impression she had hair.  Not at all like a cancer charity where they will shave off your head in the name of cancer, and unlike Antonio who was wondering what to do with his hair when he was diagnosed with luekemia and it was just falling out because of treatment.  The skinheads threw Fiona to the ground and shaved it all off.   If Fiona had said that she was gang raped I didn’t have any reason not to believe her although how she handled it very joviantly was a little too up beat and if she went to the doctor and not the hospital well then I presumed she had pressed charges and made that allegation of gang rape to the police, although now because of what happned to me had been put on the back burner and I’d never spoken about it since – well up to the point of speaking to Fiona via facebook inbox.  I had mentioned it to the ex family however just made the aggravation worse and the ex family tend to use bad events that have happned in my life as an excuse to be more nasty – like the whole kidnapping thing.

So the history of the Nazi’s in New Zealand is well documented, my tattoo on my breast looks similar to that of Valkyrie Couture jewellery.  Valkyrie is Norse Mythology is one of a host of female figures who apparently choose those may die in battle and those who may live, selecting half those who die in battle, the Valkyrie’s bring their chosen to the afterlife hall of the slain.  Valkyrie’s also appear as lovers of heroes and other mortals, where they are sometimes described as the daughter of royalty, sometimes accompanied by ravens and sometimes connected to swans and horses.  Valkyrie apparently ares supernatural figures associated with fate.
Archaelogical excavations throughout Scandinavia have uncovered amulets theorised as depicting Valkyries.  In modern culture, Valkyries have been the subject of works of art, musical works, video games and poetry.
Valkyrie is also a movie starring Tom Cruise where the film depicts a plot by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler in 1944.  Using ‘Operation Valkyrie’ national emergency plan to take control of the country.  Tom Cruise’s devotion to Scientology caused controversy among German politicians  and there were difficulties surrounding the locations in Germany
My other tattoo on my shoulder I got many years later, it’s taken from a Tarot deck of the High Priestess, it has a wishing well with a woman dressed in white on the outskirts of Stonehenge, she stands with a ball and swan. 

The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian “tatu” which means to “mark something”.  In many different cultures tattoo’s mean different things such as in Borneo women tattooed their symbols on their forearm indicating their particular skill and it is arguably claimed that tattooing has existed since 12,000 years B.C.  In Nazi Germany the Jews were all marked with a number; branded.  I have been marked or ‘branded’ on my ankle.
My other tattoo was put on my ankle by a bunch of sadistic skinheads while I was sleeping, it’s half a swastika.  They used to break into where Fiona and I were squatting in Dunedin, New Zealand.  Fiona didn’t seem to mind too much, her boyfriend was in prison and he would break out of it, break into the flat and jump on the bed.

So from 1990 to 2011,the appalling way they treat the victim (me), is still pretty much the same as I was back when I was sat down giving information to my nephews adoptive parents.  I wasn’t allowed to know the family or anything becase it is adoption law however I do know it was a boy so out there somewhere my brother has a son and I have a nephew.  The girl Russell was with was pregnant when Russell was murdered.
So sometimes when they say “You can’t be in two places at once” feels like sometimes you can in your mind.  In the UK there is a) grief from the ex-family, neverending b)racists that tell to me fuck off back to my own country c)people that go out of their way to sabotage your life d) Jimmy Saville government where they are a law unto their own.  And in New Zealand, there is a) earthquakes, b)murderer and many many failures of the criminal justice system, government and its agencies, c)Family that I haven’t spoken to in years and really don’t want anything to do with them d) So much extremely violent events that most think are just ‘normal’ and ‘run of the mill’ and just get laughed off as ‘just banter’ and you’re the one with a problem should you wish to complain about any wrong-doing or violent criminal acts.  The ongoing laid back lifestyle and attitude of “She’ll be right”, and, “Oh it’s a fucked up world we live in but what canya do?” remains.
So while I was at home in Hemel Hempstead, UK, writing my victim impact statement, being victim of skinhead gang crime is not quite the same as Mongrel Mob gang crime, in which case the Mongrel Mob has adopted Nazi symbols such as the “ZZ” and Hitler sign in an effort to exploit and display their apparent bad ass reputations.  However Skinheads/Nazi’s are a different breed in comparison to a gang like Mongrel Mob or Black Power who really have no intention of getting into politics, however the Nazi’s do and were very scheming; like Hitler, I doubt very much whether Hitler would hang around and think he’s really powerful by wearing a patch and beating up strangers, Hitler rather wanted his enemies to be gone and thus the holocaust happened.
Trounson might’ve been a student at the time he bashed my brother to death however the fact that he is/was associated with and involved with skinheads and gang crime which has been overlooked.
It was premeditated murder as Trounson wrote a letter to another skinhead (Nazi) stating that he was going to and had intentions of murdering Russell.  Unfortunately for white people theres an extremely low crime rate for sexual violence as a white person inside the government refuses to accept, acknowledge and declare that Maori’s aren’t they only ones capable of extreme violence.  They have a very softly softly approach and at the time 10 years was the maximum for a convicted murderer.
As well as New Zealand being such a young country and most if not all the violence in New Zealand is predominantly comes from the Maori’s, and the Maori’s pride themselves on being bad asses and the Maori’s believe that that level of violence such as the movie “Once Were Warriors” never happens to white people when in fact it does it’s just not reported or swept under the carpet.
The correspondence from government and government agencies was appalling – it seemed they were very easy to fob me off and put my victim impact statement in the bin and no support from *any* kind of Victim Support Group – it was very harsh as writing a victim impact statement you are in a situation where it makes you relive those events again.
Moreover, the communication with the journalist that wrote about my brother and the convict was totally unethical.  The journalist name is Hamish McNeilly, he wrote an article in the Otago Daily Times entitled “Embarrassing lack of response to Nazi’s in NZ”
Hamish mcneilly embarrassing lack of response to nazi’s in nz
Saturday, 2 August 2008 by Hamish McNeilly
It is believed up to 40 wanted war criminals escaped to New Zealand following World War 2 and the Government's lack of action was an "embarrassment", says a leading Nazi hunter.
"New Zealand's response on this issue should be a source of embarrassment," Simon Wiesenthal Centre director Dr Efraim Zuroff, of Israel, said yesterday.
A Holocaust historian, Dr Zuroff founded the centre in 1986 which has tracked and identified more than 2800 suspected Nazi war criminals. Many of those war criminals were discovered to have fled to Western democracies, and the centre has worked with countries to bring suspects to trial.
In 1987, Canada passed legislation to enable prosecution of suspected Nazi war criminals and was followed by Australia in 1989, and Great Britain in 1991.
New Zealand set up a two-person unit in 1991 to investigate allegations that perpetrators of war crimes settled in this country.
The unit spent $190,000 investigating the claims in New Zealand and overseas, narrowing the suspected list from 46 to 17 known to be alive and living in the country.
The Wiesenthal centre had supplied 42 of the 46 names.
Fifteen were cleared and two were further investigated, with the unit finding it was "possible" one of the suspects was involved in war crimes.
The finding of the unit was presented by the then attorney-general, Mr Paul East.
"We feel we've discharged our obligations to the international community in the steps we've taken and that we will now only respond if we are given something far more substantial than individual names," Mr East said in 1992.
Dr Zuroff said the centre tried to convince successive New Zealand governments to take legal action against suspected Nazis, but to no avail.
"New Zealand was the only Anglo-Saxon democracy which faced this problem and chose to ignore it," he said.
"There was absolutely no political will to take legal action against the Nazi war criminals who emigrated to New Zealand in the late 1940s and early 1950s, posing as refugees fleeing communism."
During the 1980s and 1990s, Dr Zuroff researched the whereabouts of 40 suspected war criminals who are believed to have emigrated to New Zealand after World War 2.
Dr Zuroff visited New Zealand in February 2006 to promote Operation Last Chance, which was a last attempt to find surviving Nazi war criminals.
"By the time that I found these people, many were no longer alive.
"But one who was alive and living in Auckland was Jonas Pukas, a Lithuanian who served in the 12th Lithuanian Auxiliary Police Battalion, which murdered tens of thousands of Jews in Lithuania and Belarus," Dr Zuroff said.
When informed that the New Zealand SIS had released information on suspected sightings of Martin Bormann, Mr Zuroff said it was not possible Adolf Hitler's private secretary had came to New Zealand.
"He died in Germany in 1945," he said.
In 1967, Simon Wiesenthal said there was strong evidence Bormann was alive and living in South America.
However, a 1998 DNA test on a skull unearthed at a Berlin construction site in 1972, was matched with the DNA of an unnamed relative of Bormann.
For more information, see
Martin Bormann
• Born June 17, 1900
• Private secretary to Adolf Hitler
• Family: 10 children, including Adolf (named after Hitler), Rudolf (named after Rudolf Hess) and Heinrich (named after Heinrich Himmler)
• Was a witness to the last will and testament of Adolf Hitler and was appointed executor of his estate
• With Dr Joseph Goebbels, Bormann was the one of the first people to discover the body of Hitler, and carried the body of Eva Braun, Hitler's wife, out of the room
• Hitler had ordered Bormann to flee the bunker and reports of his last moments have varied. One witness claimed to have seen Bormann committing suicide on May 2, 1945
• Bormann was sentenced to death (in absentia) at the Nuremberg trials in 1946
• Was formally pronounced dead by a West German court in April, 1973

I had communications via email:
Email from Sonja de Friez department of corrections and Christine Smith the victim information manager 11/7/2011, after I’d said that the last time I went home the ex husband attempted to have me arrested for kidnapping, the reply in return was “Thanks for sharing that, no problems.  Cheers”

The human rights advisor Paul Warhurst sent an email stating “Although the Human Rights Commission is not able to provide you with assistance in this matter we do appreciate your bringing your concerns to us, and we retain your correspondence on our files, which we refer to for informing the work of the Commission.
I wish to acknowledge the deep pain you and your family will have undoubedtly suffered as a result of the sudden death of your brother, Russell, and the additional stress, pain, and frustration caused to you by the manner of his death.
I wish you all the best in your endeavours”

4/9/2011 Senior Sergeant Bruce Ross email regarding George Trounson
I received your e-mail today.  After reading it, I’m not entirely sure what your gripe is.
What I would like you to appreciate is that police investigated your brother’s murder and successfully prosecuted Trounson.  He’s now in the Justice system.  Any parole he may get, and breaches of that parole are dealth with by the Justice Department.  This is their jurisdiction.  The only involvement police have is when he commits any offence police will arrest him.  As you rightly mentioned he has breached his parole on five occasions and ach time police have arrested him.  What happens after police place him before the Court is in the hands of the Justice Department..  The police have nothing to do with decisions to release on parole or the revocation of parole.
I’m not familia with VNR so I’m not in a position to comment.
You asked if police have hacked someone’s e-mail.  I can assure you police do not hack into other peoples e-mails and or phone calls.
If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask them.  I’ll do my best to answer them.
Bruce Ross, Senior Sergeant, Dunedin

Email from Hamish mcNeilly:
“The Parole Board are very keen on letting the public know when those convicted of the worst crimes are released, same goes for pedophiles, rapists
If you want to comment about his release, feel free”
Hamish McNeilly, Reporter, Otago Daily Times

          Offender Information for victims
Offender Name:       George Charles Trounson
Security Classification          High, since 9 August 2011
Mr Trounson has been identified and waitlisted to attend the Drug Treatment Unit Short Intensive Programme.  The Drug Treatment Unit (DTU) provides a group-based programme in a therapeautic enviornemnt for prisoners with alcohol and drug-related issues.  It is a 3-month based programme (delivered the same treatment houses as the 6-month DUT but over a shorter timeframe).  The DTU teaches prisoners about addiction, change, relapse and the effects of their actions upon others.  The aim of the programme is to reduce re-offending by assisting programme participants to address their dependence on alcohol and other drugs.  Mr Trounson is required to reduce his security classification in order to participate in this rehabilitative programme.
Convictions Recieved During Sentence:
Mr Trounson has not received any further convictions since commencing his sentence.

Conviction Date and Description

However that’s where the page goes blank and as far any person would think – is that he hasn’t/hadn’t committed any offences at all since being released from prison after murdering my brother but no, asking where are the other charges I got told there was an admin error and a separate list of offences arrived by email from the Corrections Department of the 8th September 2011, it reads:
Hi Michelle
Here is the list of Criminal and Traffic Conviction History for TROUNSON, George Charles since the start of his sentence in 26/02/1991
YEAR            OFFENCE
27/01/2003    Wilful damage
29/01/2003    Male assaults female
28/05/2003    Assault Police
18/03/2003    Shoplifts
13/11/2003    Shoplifts
17/06/2005    False statement that offence committed
23/09/2005    Owner/hirer fail give info
02/12/2005    Breath alcohol level over 400 mcgs per litre of breath
24/02/2006    Wilful damage
02/03/2007    Breach board release condition
17/06/2008    Shoplifts
                   Breach standard rel/special conditions
23/12/2011    Breach standard rel/special conditions
28/07/2011    Breach standard rel/special conditions

In July 2011 he was found getting visibly drunk by undercover officers:
30 July 2011; Murderer recalled to prison; Hamish McNeilly
A convicted killer has been recalled to prison after he was caught drinking at a wedding by an off-duty corrections officer.
George Charles Trounson was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1991 for murdering his 17-year-old flatmate, Russell Warren Neil, after beating him about the head with a piece of broken stair baluster on June 24, 1990.
He has been recalled to prison four times.
As part of parole conditions, he was prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol for life, with substance abuse linked to his reoffending.
On May 28, Trounson was at a wedding, where an off-duty corrections officer, who was working as a barman, observed him "drinking to the point where he was visibly intoxicated", a New Zealand Parole Board decision noted.
Trounson originally denied consuming alcohol at the wedding, but later accepted he had lied to his probation officer about the incident.
That incident triggered his recall application on the grounds he had breached his release conditions and posed "an undue risk to the safety of the community".
In addition, Trounson had stopped taking his Antabuse medication - another special parole condition - and had failed to disclose that to his parole officer.
In his defence, it was argued a recall was not justified as he did not pose an undue risk to the community, and the incident occurred during a time of stress.
Trounson, his lawyer submitted, was employed and housed and had complied with his other conditions of parole for many years and the recent incident should be seen as a lapse, rather than as justification for a recall.
The Parole Board decided a recall was necessary as Trounson had failed to learn from his last recall earlier this year, had stopped taking his medication and attended a wedding where he knew alcohol would be present.
"It reflects a failure to recognise situations that place him at risk."
In its decision, the board said, until Trounson stopped consuming alcohol, he remained an undue risk to the community.
"And, although it was a long time ago, Mr Trounson acknowledged that alcohol had played a significant part in the murder."
Trounson will be seen by the board again in November.

However in December 2011,

Convicted murderer freed for fifth time

9:46 pm on 15 December 2011 
A convicted murderer who has been recalled to prison for breaching his parole conditions five times will again be released from jail.
George Trounson was jailed in 1991 for fatally bashing Russell Neil - his teenage flatmate in Dunedin - with a broken balustrade.
The Parole Board says Trounson is an alcoholic and one of his parole conditions is that he cannot drink alcohol for life.
He was sent back to prison in July 2011 after an off-duty prison guard acting as a barman at a wedding saw him becoming visibly drunk.
Trounson also failed to tell the Probation Service in March that he had stopped taking medication to combat his alcohol abuse.
The board says Trounson accepts it is a small price to pay for living a law-abiding life in the community, and the only solution is for him to take the medication religiously.
It say it is satisfied that he can be released in December and that he will be given support by his family.

And the rport by Hamish McNeilly in Otago Daily Times:
16 December 2011; Teen’s killer released from prison again:
A convicted murderer who has been recalled to prison five times for breaching his parole has been re-released.
At a hearing at an undisclosed prison last month, the New Zealand Parole Board granted George Charles Trounson parole.
In 1991, the then 19-year-old Trounson was jailed for life after he was found guilty of murdering 17-year-old Russell Warren Neil in Dunedin.
Trounson beat Mr Neil about the head with a piece of broken stair baluster on June 24, 1990.
The former polytechnic student was first released in 2001. He was the subject of five recall applications - four of which resulted in a final recall order to prison. Alcohol was a factor in his reoffending.
In the November 30 decision, the board considered whether he posed a risk to the community, and "we are satisfied that Mr Trounson can now safely be released".
He has been released with six special conditions, two of which will continue for the rest of his life: namely that he continue to take the drug Antabuse, and not be in the possession of or consume alcohol or illicit drugs.
The board noted Trounson was an alcoholic, and said the best way to ensure he did not drink was for him to take Antabuse.
"Understandably he does not like it but he accepts that this is a small price for living a law-abiding and productive life in the community."
His last two recall applications followed his decision to stop taking Antabuse.
"Some time later, but inevitably, he drank alcohol again. Fortunately he did not reoffend."
The board was satisfied Trounson had support available, and he "can now be safely released".
He is expected to attend a Parole Board hearing to monitor the compliance of his release conditions.

Email from governemtn house 8/12/2011
Dear Ms Johnstone
Thank you for your email, which has been received by Government House, the Office of the Governor General.  On reading your email, I have formally referred your email to the Parole Board, as an independent authority, to reply.
Thank you again for taking the time to write and for raising your concerns.
Antony Paltridge, Public Affairs Manager, Government House

I’d like to talk about my serious caffeine addiction, I am very addicted to coffee, so much so that if I woke up in the night I would have a coffee and go back to bed, however finding out about Trounson, family trouble, earthquakes and not getting a response on social media is bordering on psychological torture and is most of the responses either; to block; to mute; or abuse.  So, even if I abused back it meant i wouldn’t get a response and social media manipulation means where some tweets are viewable and other’s aren’t – so I ditched the caffeine intake and switched it with vodka and I began drinking heavily.  I prefer Jack Daniels however I have been told that if you drink alot it’s better to stick to vodka and I needed every drop at that particular point in time.
It was such a long time ago that I’d past forgot of the excruciating emotional torment and immense suffering at that time took pace and then it hits you like a freightrain, it’s almost like having a double life where an obscene miscarriage of justice is covered up like a huge scandal and instead of supporting the deceaseds sister they take advantage of her instead and bully her and then gloat because they are on the other side of the world, meanwhile in Hemel Hempstead – if you say, “Yeah I was an extra and I worked on a few movies – as an extra”, they don’t believe who you meet and think you’re bullshitting anyway.  After a days work at John Carter of Mars I had half a face of martian makeup and walking into sainsburies with fake tan all over my hands and feet to make me look martiany, I have no idea what they must of thought – just having a bad makeup day possibly.  It certainly was an alien feeling having two different lives but on the same token intertwined with utter bullshit on both sides of the globe.
Hamish McNeilly emailed to say that they like to let people know when they release the worst offenders including rapists and peadophiles and the information is available on the New Zealand Parole website.
So somehow the Nazi’s ended up in New Zealand and indeed there were/are Skinheads in New Zealand who like to think and adopt neo-nazi’s way of thinking, also during the trial one of the skinheads said of Trounson “I taught him everything he knows”.
During the trial, Aramoana happened.  Aramoana is where the gunman shot multiple victims and a massacre ensued.  They made a movie about it called “Out of the Blue” which I haven’t seen and that was released in 2006.  The Aramoana massachist allegedly had Nazi memorabilia in his shed and at the time of the murder trial Dunedin seemed to be full of skinheads.  After all these years and they still think only one person was involved, at the trial Trounson’s mother winked at Trounson’s girlfriend as she left the stand and it turned out only one person was honest and that was a girl called Kathy from Green Island.  Trounson apparently wrote a letter saying to another skinhead stating “Yes, I will kill him”, it was premeditated murder.  Not only that, Ravensbourne is up the road from the massacre where my Uncle Peter stayed for a night with me while the trial was on as hotel accommodation was expensive and the trial was in full swing.
The following morning I woke up to find I was being molested by my Uncle Peter.  I only woke up because my flatmate walked in and after the shock I didn’t know what to say to him and he didn’t know what to say to me, Uncle Peter just left. 
Afterwards I found a letter that my flatmate wrote to his mother saying “I’ve never found an uncle in a niece’s bed” or something along those lines and of course I left Dunedin after the trial ended selling a cleaner on a door-to-door basis and travelling after that – so I didn’t stick around in Dunedin or Invercargill after that so selling the Wizard cleaner which is how I ended up in England.  I went up to the Johnstone castle, researched a bit of the Johnstone history, it was a research project like that “Who do you think you are?” television programme.
My Twitter turned into a venting pad – I was having the total piss taken out of me, completely being taken advantage of, victim of cyberbullying and a complete loner because of it, it’s incredibly isolating in that you can’t talk about major carnage without people looking at you sideways.
It doesn’t take an awful lot to know who Hitler is/was, there are war criminals in New Zealand and the way that the New Zealand government and it’s agencies have responded to me is bloody atrocious.
Hitler was of course the leader of the Nazi party and a central figure of the Holocaust and also the subject of a propaganda campaign where a movie called “Education for Death: The Making of a Nazi” was produced by Walt Disney Productions.  It was released in 1943 and tells the story of a boy called Hans who is raised in Nazi Germany and bred to become a merciless soldier.
Intended as anti-Nazi propaganda during World War II
Walter Elias “Walt” Disney (1901 – 1966) was born in Chicago and developed an early interest in drawing, he set up the Disney Brother’s Studio in the 1920’s and in the 1950’s expanded into the amusement park industry and in 1955 he opened Disneyland.
There were accusations that Disney was racist or anti-semitic howver been contradicted by many who knew him.  Disney is a cultural icon in the United States and the world.
I went to Disneyland in Los Angeles and there are only so many times you can listen to “It’s a small world afterall” without it getting incredibly tedious, it was the nightmare of rides and once you on there is no getting off until it eventually gets to the end.
There was also another propaganda campaign regarding Admiral Byrd and Operation Highjump.
Admiral Byrd specialised in feats of exploration.  Admiral Byrd (1888 – 1957) was an American naval officer.  He partook in aircrafts flights which he served as a navigator and expedition leader, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, a segment of the Arctic Ocean and a segment of the Antarctic Plateau.
In 1946-1947 there was a mission called “Operation Highjump”, Byrd was appointed officer in charge of Antarctic Developments Project, it was the largest Antarctic expedition to date.
He observed that the United States should adopt measures of protection against the possibility of an invasion of the country by hostile planes coming from the polar regions.
Byrd was an active Freemason and he founded Antarctic Lodge 777 in 1935 under dispensation from the Grand Lodge of New Zealand.
The documentary about the expedition “The Secret Land” was filmed entirely by military photographers, it’s re-enacted scenes of critical events, such as shipboard damage control and Admiral Byrd throwing items out of an airplane to lighten the load to avoid crashing into a mountain.
In the fictional “Area 51” books the operation was cover for retrieving buried alien ships at the North Pole.
Also in a Russian documentary claims that the units of Operation Highjump were attacked by flying saucers, operated by a secret Nazi base on Antarctica, constructed before and during WWII through various Nazi expeditions.
It was known that the Nazi’s had/have a fascination with alien spaceships and technology, also intergalactic travel. 

I had kept a few things with me of Russell’s that I took everywhere with me, one is a book that my aunt gave me called “Adventure Stories for Girls”, Russell had scribbled in it and I’ve kept it since I was about 9/10 years old, the other was a picture that he drew, he was a budding artist.
He had a drawn a few however the picture of the Royal Albatross was really good, it was of an Albatross on its own, which is quite unusual as since they have one partner and mate for life, they are majestic looking birds and the wing span is average of 9.8ft and above.  In full flight they are impressive, they have an albatross colony near Dunedin and a wingspan sculpture so you can visualise how big the winspan actually is.
Both items disappeared and the only people in the house was myself and Shivon who was going through the rebellious years, years where there were no boundaries however if there were boundaries it would be like WWIII in the house, if I asked her to do the dishes it would turn into a major argument, she was very busy being a make up artist in the making.  

At the time there was nothing around for such traumatic events and even though different people deal with disaster differently, you were expected to get on with it and stop bitching.  It’s the ‘Kiwi’ way, a way that would pass everything off as no big deal as saying ‘Nevermind’, it was however very difficult to say ‘Nevermind’ about such a ferocious earthquake and I donated £50 to the Red Cross.
The Red Cross as a symbol that had adopted many such as the British Red Cross as well as the symbol for Knights Templar and in 1870 the society (International Red Cross and Red Cresent Movement became a registered charity. The Red Corss is apparently committed to helping people without discrimination, regardless of their ethnic origin, nationality, political beliefs or religion..
The British Red Cross was formed in 1870, just seven years after the formation of the international movement in Switzerland which also has a symbol of a cross. The Red Cross is also a symbol of the Knights Templar and St George when he is slaying the dragon, the Patron Saint of England and the English Flag. There are varying legacies around however the earliest known surviving narrative text is an 11th –century Georgian text.  Alledgely St George appears, faces the dragon, protects himself with the sign of the cross, slays the dragon and rescues the princess in distress.  The citizens abandon their ancestral paganism and convert to Christianity.

So the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, bearing in mind last time I went home the family owned or leased the Civic Centre in Christchurch, pretty sure that came down as well as not saying anything about Trounson, moreover; not doing anything was not only shocking but being told that I was “fucked in the head and full of shit” via relay on Facebook by my Uncle Peter for him molesting me when he stayed with me in Dunedin *during* my brothers murder trial – in front of everyone – was not only mortified, embarrassing and they wonder why Brendon Takitimu hung himself.  I last seen Brendon at a hotel where him and Margo had come to buy some Wizard cleaner – his head didn’t really leave the floor and he came to Russell’s wake with me.  You are not allowed to talk about traumatic events in such a way because you might offend someone and more often than not the victim gets blamed.

So a part of me made me feel thankful that I was in Hemel Hempstead and not in New Zealand, but also people that share my experience are few and far between.
In Christchurch, the Citizens War Memorial was left standing, it’s where the Anzac ceremonys are performed and people gather every year in rememberance.
The Citizens War Memorial was left standing however, the monument is derived from a sketch designed  by William Trethewey (Stonemason), and George Hart (architect), it was unveiled in June 1937 in Cathedral Square, Christchurch. The alternate: Soldier’ War Memorial and is one of the two major memorials in the city to World War I.  The annual Anzac Day Service is held there, where every year memorials take place.  When the earthquake happned in 2011 it was cordoned off and the Anzac Day Service was held at Hagley Park instead. 

Anzac Day is a national day of rememberance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations” and “the contribution and suffering of all those who have served”  It’s on 25th April each year honours the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallapoli against the Ottoman Empire during World War I.
The battle of Gallapoli is where all the Anzac’s would like to go as there were many vets saying they couldn’t get tickets etc. 
The campaign is often considered as marking the birth of national consciousness in Australia and New Zealand and the date of the landing, 25 April, is known as "Anzac Day" which is the most significant commemoration of military casualties and veterans in those two countries, surpassing Remembrance Day (Armistice Day
The significance of the Gallipoli Campaign is felt strongly in both New Zealand and Australia, despite their being a small minority of the Allied forces; the campaign is regarded in both nations as a "baptism of fire" and had been linked to their emergence as independent states.[264] Approximately 50,000 Australians served at Gallipoli and from 14,000 to 17,000 New Zealanders.[265][266][267] It has been argued that the campaign proved significant in the emergence of a unique Australian identity following the war, which has been closely linked to popular conceptualisations of the qualities of the soldiers that fought during the campaign, which became embodied in the notion of an "Anzac spirit".[268]
The landing on 25 April is commemorated every year in both countries as "Anzac Day". The first iteration was celebrated unofficially in 1916, at churches in Melbourne, Brisbane and London, before being officially recognised as a public holiday in all Australian states in 1923.[241] The day also became a national holiday in New Zealand in the 1920s.[269] Organised marches by veterans began in 1925, in the same year a service was held on the beach at Gallipoli; two years later the first official dawn service took place at the Sydney Cenotaph. During the 1980s it became popular for Australian and New Zealand tourists to visit Gallipoli to attend the dawn service there and since then thousands have attended.[241] Over 10,000 people attended the 75th anniversary along with political leaders from Turkey, New Zealand, Britain and Australia.[270] Dawn services are also held in Australia; in New Zealand, dawn services are the most popular form of observance of this day.[271] Anzac Day remains the most significant commemoration of military casualties and veterans in Australia and New Zealand, surpassing Remembrance Day (Armistice Day

Anzac Day is a national day – so for the Citizens War Memorial to be left standing is a little miracle in itself, a bit like how the Trinity Church survived the 9/11 attacks.
In times of great sorrow people look for signs of great hope, around the time of the Great Depression there was a horse called Phar Lap.
There was a horse called Phar lap who bought great hope to the nation during the great depression, his name was Phar Lap, he had nicknames such as “Red Terror”, “Bobby”, “Big Red” and the “Wonder Horse”.  Phar Lap’s other names included “Phuck it”, or otherwise “Fuckit” because due to the way it’s pronounced, it’s pronounced “Far Lap”, like the maori “wh” at the beginning of words so you have really funny town and place names like “Whakapura” (“fuckapoorer”), I don’t think that’s an actual place name however it’s just example to the way “Phar Lap” is pronounced. He was foaled in New Zealand and later fled the country to Australia where they pretty much adopted him after he was abused in New Zealand, he then went on to be one of the greatest thoroughbred racehorses to ever live, Phar Lap is the name of the movie and it captured the bond between horse and man very well.  Phar Lap used to think he was human, a showpony but also loved to race. The name Phar Lap also derives from the common Zhuang and Thai worl for lightening or ‘sky flash’.
He won the Agua Caliente Handicap in Tijuana, Mexico,and shortly after a sudden and mysterious illness.  An autopsy revealed that the horse’s stomach and intestines were inflamed leading many to believe the horse had been deliberately poisoned.  Phar Lap died in 1932 at and the time, he was thi rd highes stakes-winner in the world.
Phar Lap had an abnormal heart, it was bigger than most – and after he died the heart ended up in Australia  and his skeleton ended up in New Zealand.  New Zealand they unveiled a monument that cost $500,000 life size bronze memorial to Phar Lap was unveiled on 25 November 2009 near his birthplace of Timaru where the monument they say is lifelike with Phar Lap in full flight.  He was the ultimate war horse and the underdog, whenever he raced the horse knew when it was time to go frull throttle and never needed a whip.
On the front page of The Sun Newspaper Melbourne November 1931 is a picture of Phar Lap with a shoe horse and a flag behind him with the headline of “Will Phar Lap Make Turf History?”

Timaru is where our dad came from; Allan Ernest James Neil, other than the apparent abandonment of a father figure all throughout our childhood all that I knew and know of him is that he worked in the RAAF.  The Royal Australian Air Force and their motto is “ Per Ardua ad Astra”, means “Through Adversity to the Stars”
Looking back into the Johnstone history
And of course the Johnstone, the connection to Rober the Bruce and the Battle of Bannockburn on the Johnstone’s side.   There was a famous rift between the Johnstone’s and the Maxwell that resulted in an awful lot of clashing and and rmour has it that the infamous Knights Templar of Scotland were involved with the Battle of Bannockburn.  In those days there were people called “William the Lion” who in 1187 granted part of the Cutler lands on the south bank of the River Dee, Aberdeenshire to the Knights Templar.
There is a rather impressive Robert the Bruce statue with him on a horse.  The Battle of Bannockburn as depicted in the movie where William Wallace is a freedom figher for Scottish independence and at the end, well – it wasn’t a very good ending as they tortured him.  The Battle of Bannockburn was a significant Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence and a landmark in Scottish Histroy

The Clan Johnstone were once of the most powerful of the Border Reiver Scottish clans who originally settled in Annandale for over six hundred years and they held extensive possessions in the west of the Scottish Marches, where they kept watch against the English.
The first of the clan to be recorded was John Johnstone, whose son, Gilbert, is found in records are 1194.  The Johnstone clan had a long feud with the Clan Moffat as well as Clan Maxwell as unlike others who raided each other’s lands, the Johnstones only raided England.  The feud with the Maxwells occurred during a meeting in which they were intending on reconciling their differences and Lord Maxwell treacherously killed Johnstone, Maxwell was later captured and executed by hanging and the Clan Moffat was almost wiped out and seventy years later all of the Moffat’s lands were passed to the Johnstones due to the Moffats having massive debts.
The picture that I took of Russell’s plaque before I left with the carnations and the dead looking plaque he was beside, my brother is buried next to a Maxwell. The Johnstone Clan, The Gentle/Johnston/es, The Story of the Johnstone/s Family.
The de Bruce family and the Johnsotne became close allies and five hundred years after granting the title of the Lordship of Ananndale to the De Bruce family, King Charles II was to grant it o Lord James Johnstone, the Chief of the Johnstone Clan. The son Gilbert was to first use the surname Johnstun in the period 1170 – 1194 and Gilbert was the first member of the family of Johnstone who took the surname, derived from the lands called after his father John as the first people in Scotland to acquire surnames were the Norman Nobles, who came from France with William the Conqueror and were of Viking ancestry. The Johnstone family were known for their loyalty and Gilbert was later to be knighted however the Johnstone clan fought to the death  which was a legacy of the Celtic blood, something which would not be understood by an outside and the clan emblem or crest contains the motto, “Nunquam Non Paratus” (Never Unprepared).  It’s a winged spur and is based upon the ancient and loyal respects and esteem between the Bruce family and the Johnstone family.
Apparently there once was an illiterate member of the Johnstone clan who warned Robert Bruce of treachery and  the Johnstone tied a message to a spur as well as a feather to which the Johnstone somehow Bruce understood the message and avoided incident.
The Johnstone’s and the Bruce’s rallied behind William Wallace (Brave Heart) and the Battle of Bannockburn was a decisive event in Scottish history.  Bruce and the Scots defeated the English and established Bruce on the throne of Scotland. 
There is a Johnstone Castle in the town of Johnstone in Refrewshire, Scotland which I visited, it’s on the centre of a housing estate.

New York;
I booked my ticket to New York, so excited; ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to go to New York but it just seemed so far away and out of reach for me, if ever I wanted a break I had to give the ex-husband six months notice to look after our daughter or just abandon my plans altogether – I was not allowed to spend any money on myself at all as I would be slammed as a bad parent and now Shivon was at an age where staying with her extended family shouldn’t be a problem however still get slammed as a selfish parent for wanting to go to New York on my own.  Shivon was 15, she was out and about although the horror teen years were well and truly underway.
I paid with the money earnt as an extra on Pirates of the Carribean to fulfil a lifelong dream of going to New York, I stayed at a hotel just around the corner from Times Square and I was only there for three days before it felt like I needed to get a job.  I had my favourite bar ‘Aspen’ who would play some great chilled house music and the bartender serving was telling me how she’d moved to New York hopefully to get a job as a stylist and how big her bedroom is (very small) for the expensive rent she pays, however she can see through a little bit of the ball dropping in New Year celebrations.  I also met a guy who goes by the name of Speedy Sasquatch (Josh) who does alot of running.
I was only in New York for three days before it felt like I needed to get  a job,  I had my favourite bar, my favourite restaurant and had been all over from walking, trains and ferry.  I stayed in Times Square just around the corner where the ball drops on New Years celebrations.  I even went to the Natural Hisotry Museum and asked the security guard where the frozen mammoth was from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. As I said I walked all over from Martin Luther Kings Jnr Boulevard, stopped by Donald Trumps builing but wasn’t allowed in as I wasn’t a resident and they are still nervous from 9/11, had a burger in the vault and had a look at the bull and wall street, the trinity chirch,  and to ground zero.
Signs’ by George we did it, leadership pass it on, winning is no piece of cake, pirates posters

At that point in time Jenna Johnstone (cousin, Uncle Kevin’s daughter, whom I hadn’t seen or spoken to since Russell’s funeral and a brief visit to Wollongong after I visited him’) had been in touch, Kevin had movied back to New Zealand and apparently a spot of bother happened at the Civic Centre where Carole & Peter, Uncle Russell had taken over and no longer had it.  It was nice to be in touch but before too long it turned sour as no one had bothered to tell me about George Trounson was out and about, the last time I was in Christchurch; after the whole kidnapping thing; Aunty Carole & Peter had taken over the Civic Centre in Christchurch and got Uncle Russell on board to help them (Uncle Russell use to be the bassist for Graeme Brazier), the only drawback of that was Carole & Peter were farmers and moving from a farming enviornemnt to an environment where there are people and not sheep, cows or goats the adjustment didn’t happen plus arguements within the family didn’t help matters any.
While I was in New York, I was standing outside the front of the hotel and Mr Big from the television programme Sex and the City walked by, you know you’re in New York when you see Mr Big.  I’d not long done a programme where I was an extra and Kim Cattrall and Jim Broadbent (Gangs of New York) were in it, the scene I was in I was secretary mucking about with files walking past Jim Broadbent and his bird cage while he was ranting about something about publishing a book, it wasn’t long after John Carter of Mars as the set was still at the studios and the big house that we filmed it in was a stately house at the studios.  I remember jumping in the van to drive back to base, driving past the John Carter of Mars set thinking it was a great experience but so cold, poor feet, poor head at the end of the day from the incredibly heavy wig.  So to see Mr Big walking by I just giggled a bit, didn’t attempt to take a snapshot on my phone and even if I did rummage around and look for the photo application on my phone he’d be gone and I’d be too slow and he was walking with his assistant like he was on a mission.  A man walking with an impression of importance and important business to take care of.
After my ciggerette I went back into the hotel, grabbed my jacket and I was off exploring New York.  In Times Square you can sit and have a coffee, see the Naked Cowboy, get taken aback by the height of the buildings, after the first few days the compelling feeling to look up slowly subsides.  Overwhelmed by signs and all kinds of advertsiting up on the big screen, there were tourists that had their names and a message board on a big screen so they could see their name in lights.  I took photos of a couple, Pirates of the Carribean billboard was up as well as a sign saying “By George we did it, Leadership, pass it on” and “Winning is no piece of cake”
I ventured off and spoke to another barman who was impressed that I’d been an extra on Pirates of the Carribean and it was impressive to him that I had been selected to do a reaction shot with Rob Marshall saying “Well done”.  He was also impressed that I’d literally walked the whole place from Martin Luther King Jnr area all the way to catching the Staten Island ferry.  I stopped by the Natural History Museum and asked the security officer if he knew where the mammoth that froze while eating that was in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” is.  He didn’t know.  I also stopped by Donald Trump Tower however wasn’t allowed in as I wasn’t a guest and they stopped all the tourists when 9/11 happened.  They were still rather ‘edgy’ about it.
As you walk toward the financial area and down towards Wall Street, the vibe of New York changes to one of sombreness, very queit and subdued.  I visited the famous burger bar where lunch is served in a vault, in fact I literally forced myself to eat the whole burger; it was ginormous and I really did feel like i would explode afterwards as I had to drag myself up the stairs.  It’s on the other sie of the road from Wall Street where the tourists surround the bull, climb all over it and take many many selfies.
As you walk toward ground zero and where the twin tower used to stand, a random shouty person “7 buildings, this is murder, there were 7 buildings” due to the conspiracy surrounding the building that seemed to explode by itself suggesting that it was sabotage rather than it came down due to the explosion of the twin towers.  It is a trememdous feeling of grief and that year they were going to open the memorial site to the victims’ families.  They call it ‘sacred ground’, many people were taking photos of the memorial site however I couldn’t and wouldn’t as it is a site where mass murder happened and ‘sacred ground’, just like the maori’s called Aramoana sacred ground.  (Aramoana was the massacre that happened and has since been made into a film called ‘Out of the Blue’, apparently some people were offended because they said the word ‘fuck’, however I’m sure when the twin towers came down people would’ve been using far more colourful language that just ‘fuck’)
As you walk closer to the memorial site, the overwhelming sense of grief hits you and your legs buckle somewhat slightly, it is very easy to envision the mass panic and the tremendous sense of loss, confusion and anger, in New York you are not very far away from someone that has been affected or indirectly affected by 9/11.
Shortly after I walked down to Trinity Church, the Church that still stands, it seems like it’s squeezed in between high rises and in Trinity Church there are seven saints, it got me thinking about the whole ‘7’ thing so I googled to see what this whole ‘7’ thing is about especially after such events the number itself keeps occurring, ‘77’ seems to be always attached to terrorist activity.
The number ‘7’ can be seen as a lucky number and seems to be attached to all things great and wonderful, in numerology it means the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth and apparently always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths.
Einstein for example displayed intelligence like that of a dreamer, an intellectual explorer of the obscure and many intellectuals have a fascination with the metaphysical.
The age old question “Why are we here?”, “What is life about?” is essential to the ‘7’s life experience and unless the answers are found will not stop looking for them until death.
The ‘77’ apparently means that the essence is especially adept with mental processes, it has the mind of a scientific investigator, however the downside of the ‘77’ and the ‘7’ is also attached to global catastrophies and acts of extremism/terrorism.
The number ‘8’ is apparently the great karmic equaliser, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys, it’s closest relative is ‘1’ and as both numbers are powerful, have strong leadership skills, are unequetionably masculine and will not shy away from confrontation.
‘88’ has a scientific approach, but is also introspective and comfortable with spiritual matters.  
In China, ‘88’ symbolises fortune and good luck, however in extremism, the Neo-Nazi’s use the ‘88’ as an abbreviation for the Nazi salute Heil Hitler.  The letter H is 8th in the alphabet, whereby ‘88’ becomes ‘HH’.  In the movie “Back to the Future”, 88 is the speed that the DeLorean must attain in order to travel in time.
If numbers apparently mean so much – does this mean; ‘3’ really is the ‘magic’ number?  The number ‘3’ is of good fortune.  The Pythagoreans who originated in 6th Century BCE who were considerably influenced by mathematics and mysticism and also exercised a marked influence on Aristotle and Plato, and through them, all western philosophy taught that the number ‘3’ was the first true number.
In astrology and Tarot, Gemini is the third astrological sign of the zodiac, it’s the number of Jupiter, lucky for Sagittarius and is the number of the Empress who stands for creation and growth.  It’s also connected to the Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost) in Christianity.
The number ‘47’ is quite the character and has its own conspiracy just like building ‘7’ when the World Trade Centre attacks happened.
I was working as an extra on Dark Shadows (Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer etc) when the Norway attacks happened, I’d not long found out about George Trounson having undercover officers at a wedding and is up for parole while I was working on Pirates on the Carribean.  I told one of the runners that it’s all connected to the current criminal justice system and the death penalty issue.  It is an issue that will never be addressed by the UN and the UN will never agree to the death penalty although they have foresight to put ‘offender friendly’ policies on the agenda.
I discussed criminal justice reform and the rehabilitation scheme, while drawing noughts and crosses on the car, asked to say something in amercian however didn’t make the grade as I can’t do accents.

I asked a guy called Steve (who worked as a body double & stand in) if he knew any good lawyers and he replied “No”, so I told him a little bit about my life and he said “Make a good movie though”, at the time I was rather taken aback as making a movie other than the current movie that I was being an extra in was all the movies I was making not ... my initial reaction was “it’s real, right now, my life, not a movie”.
And when the Norway attacks happened I told a runner that Breivik and the criminal justice system is all connected and relative to the death penalty, however at that particular time Johnny Depp and Peter Jackson were making a movie about a prisoner who was on death row for a murder that he apparently didn’t commit and he had released a book called “Life After Death”.
Dark Shadows was okay, we were at the studios first and then on location which is where I met Glenn and who also has connections with Abbey Road Studios and is apparently friendly with Tim Burton, he is also a fellow New Zealander and when I asked him how long he has been in the UK he replied like he was serviing a sentence.  We chatted about things such as “restorative justice, rehab and reintegration” which are the new offender friendly UN policies.
It was Dark Shadows that I got picked to attempt an American accent, the best I got was “Eckskoooz me, canna borra a cuppa shoogar”, in my best redneck accent, I can’t do accents – in the acting world you get linguistic lessons for that.
On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 people in Norway he had written a manifesto and on it there was a large Red Cross of St. George, symbol of the medieval Knights Templar and the date of 2083.  Going by the name of Andrew Berwick, an anglication of his name, he styles himself as an heir to the medieval crusades and wants to drive all muslims from Europe by 2083, the 400th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, when an Ottoman Turk army was defeated by a Christian army.  He allegedly says he spent nine years planning the terrorist attacks, including three years to write the document and spent a small fortune in the process.
At the same time the UN had an agenda of “offender friendly and transgender” which is what I don’t get and find totally confusing is that the perpertrator go out of their way to be evil but because (Parole Boards etc) they want to feel like the bigger person think they can ‘cure’ the perpetator and somehow gets magic beans if the perpetrator doesn’t reoffend hence the rights of the victim are completely removed as if you don’t agree with such things like “restorative justice” where it’s put on the victim to forgive the perpetrator and if you don’t forgive the perpetrator the victim is made to feel like they’ve committed some big crime.
Of course Breivik’s face was plastered all over the front pages, the world became fascinated with a terrorist/massachist and the reasons why he did it.  It was an attack on the symbol of the cross, just like Hitler used the swastika and committed atrocities such as the Holocaust, Breivik used the symbol of the cross to commit mass murder.
Also an attack on religion as the London Christmas tree is a gift from Norway and gets installed every year.
The victims of the Norway attacks were hysterical as one can imagine and even more so when they heard the maximum penalty for such slaughter was only 21 years.  Norway has an ‘offender friendly’ policy in line with UN recent agenda.
A massacre is no different to murder in that it is still murder and I could relate to the victims, the criminal justice system is geared to protect the worst offenders and don’t take the victim into consideration at all which is why you find the family of the victims set themselves on fire in protest.  A random shoe even went flying across the court room – which again I can relate to as the scene from Pirates of the Carribean where I told Steve a little bit about my life – involved chucking a random shoe as well as plastic vegetables across a court room. 
Although being in a situation and employment such as extra work in tv/film industry you have actors that portray real life characters, villains and victims but at the same time they exploit, mock and abuse those real life victims.
I also could relate to the Norway massacre as it is in fact racist and no matter how much they protested that he wasn’t neo-nazi he saluted in court using a neo-nazi salute and committed the worst crime in Norway since WWII so hence is a terrorist that attacked religious freedom.
The aftermath of such violent events leaves peoples brains pretty vacant, they are unsure how to react, what to say or what to do so remain silent.  I remember that moment so well when I walked back into class after being asked by my guidance councellor if I was okay then tears streaming down my face, I remember the silence well.
The main focus is very much always on the perpertraotr  never the victim – or very rarely, and the Norway attacks, the trial, media coverage and differing opinions seemed to go on and on and on and on and within a short space of time even got its own broadway show; a broadway show based on the massacre and how they deal with death in the world of performing arts, and of course the books followed.  It was very fast and in comparison when the Aramoana massacre happned the movie came out years later however people still found it offensive due to using the word “fuck”.
These days if an atrocity happens there are books and movies within the space of months not years like Aramoana and the movie “Out of the Blue”.
Breivik was to fully take advantage of the Human Rights and the criminal justice system within its full capacity as again – are geared up in order to protect the rights of the offenders.
The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is an international treaty to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe.  Any person who feels his or her rights have been violated under the Convention by a state party can take the case to cort and of course when you’ve been incarcerated the Human Rights is supposed to work for you so therefore Breivik is within his rights to complain that his human rights have been “violated” due to his isolation in jail.
On the day of the attacks, Breivik distributed his manifesto “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”.  In it he lays out a worldview encompassing opposition to Islam and blaming feminism for creating a European “cultural suicide”.  Breivik maintained that the atrocities were motivated in order to market his manifesto.
Throughout the media coverage very little what the victims said made the news it was focused on Breivik’s manifesto that he sent out before he committed the atrocities.
At the time of the court trial he was appointed a forensic psychiatrist whom declared Breivik as having paranoid schizophrenia; not that it makes much difference to the lenient sentence of just 21 years however a second opinion a week before the trial concluded he was not psychotic and was diagnosed as having narccisstic personality disorder and let’s face it most famous people have that condition.
The very lenient Norwegian criminal justice system handed breivik a 21 year sentence, in a form of preventative detention that required a minimum of 10 years incarceration and the possibility of one or extension for as long as he is deemed to be a danger to society.
Breivik requested the death penalty knowing full well he wouldn’t get it thus exploiting the criminal justice system.
There were no warnings, no preventative measures in place when the attack happened which is surprising as there was nothing stopping him from driving right up to a building that housed the Ministry of Justice and the Prime Minister’s office.
Presumably stunned by what happned when the explosion settled and the loose pieces of paper fluttered down the streets of destruction, the people that survived and everyone else were unaware that Brevik was on his way to Utoya where he woul go on a shooting spree murdering teenagers who were there for summer camp
It was an attack on religion itself by way of attacking a multi cultural event for teenagers who were apparently embracing different cultures and religions.  It was the deadliest attack in Norway since World War II.
In his manifesto he refers to his “assigned mentor” as “Lionheart” and described himself as one of the “founding fathers” of the right-wing English Defence League and had apparently attended a meeting with the “Knights Templar Europe”.  He named Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and the Prince of Wales amongst others as “traitors” and even mentioned Top Gear.  He believes that those allowing the spread of Islam in Europe merits the death penalty.
He has also compared himself with Nelson Mandela.
With regards to Top Gear he cited an article by Jeremy Clarkson about the flag of St. George stating “This is the only country in the world where the national flag is deemed offensive”
Europe itself has seen an influx of migrants and the introduction of Islamic State terrorists that will devour anything and everything that is not hardline Islam.  They believe the western culture is perverse, on both sides of the scale when terrosits blow something up they claim responsibility and are generally very honest if they did something or not whereas the west in order to hide scandals they will create another scandal to hide a scandal, laugh it off, call it banter and pretend nothing happened moreover the technique they use to this day avoided some of the worlds biggest paedophiles from being arrested and literally all those victims had they not committed suicide, be broke and homeless begging in the streets of London were called ‘delusional’ by governemtn and their agencies.
He also assumed the symbol of the red cross and wriote about the knioghts templar.  When looking back into the families history and the many battles, Knights Templar was a secretrative society that many were unsure actally existed, it has been suggested that the sect have been present in many battles.
“The Templars were closely tied to the Crusades; when the Holy Land was lost, support for the order faded.  Rumours about the Templars’ secret initiation ceremony created distrust, and King Philip IV of France – deeply in debt to the order – took advantage of the situation to gain control over them.  In 1307 he had many of the order’s members in France arrested, tortured into giving false confessions, and burned at the stake.  Pope Clement V disbanded the order in 1312 under pressure from King Philip.
The abrupt reduction in power of a significant group in European society gave rise to speculation, legend, and legacy thorugh the ages.  The re-use of their name for later organisations has kept the name “Templar” alive to the modern day.”
Since at least the 18th century,[5] Freemasonry has incorporated the symbols and rituals of several medieval military orders in a number of Masonic bodies, most notably, in the "Red Cross of Constantine," derived from the Military Constantinian Order, the "Order of Malta," derived from the Knights Hospitaller, and the "Order of the Temple", derived from the Knights Templar, the latter two featuring prominently in the York Rite. One theory on the origins of Freemasonry claims direct descent from the historical Knights Templar through its final fourteenth-century members, who took refuge in Scotland and aided Robert the Bruce in his victory at Bannockburn. This theory is usually deprecated on grounds of lack of evidence, by both Masonic authorities[88] and historians.[89]

The Knights Templar have become associated with legends concerning secrets and mysteries handed down to the select from ancient times and even modern movies such as “The Da Vinci Code”, “National Treasure”, and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” add further mystery, as well as video games such as “Assassin’s Creed”.
The association of the Holy Grail with the Templars has precedents even in 12th century fiction.

So someone placed a single poppy in the hand of a statue of the war memorial in Scotland and while remembering the unknown soldier one can stretch the imagination to take it all over the world.

The Rugby World Cup on 2011 was the seventh Rugby World Cup and held in New Zealand not long after Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand won who defeated France by 1 point, the score was 8-7.
The final game was really clash of the Titans where All Blacks perform their terrifying intimidating Haka and the French team formed into an arrow, the Rugby World Cup ran from 9 September to 23 October.
The Captain of the All Blacks was a nice enough guy, grew up in New Zealand bit of a tussock jumper, the rumour with the All Blacks is they always flunk at the last hurdle so upon meeting him the question arises “What are their chances of winning” type thing.  I touched his arm and got an enormous zap of electricity, startled him a bit.  Had a photo at the end of lunch and he gave me a ball that he’d autographed – so afterwards I took the ball to a photography studios and took a photo with it.  I was dressed in a black satin sheet, black heels and was holding Richie McCaws ball in place with my finger, it is a very memorable photo and that is very unique, the static electricity felt like more than just a bolt of static electricity and it was more like a ginormous boot, the kind of boot that I felt when I was less than a year old and still remember.
I was working as an extra on Danny Boyle’s movie called “Trance”, starring James MacaVoy and were filming at 1 Whitehall Place prior to the Rugby World Cup.  There was a youngish picture of Churchill in the foyer and when were in the “green room” waiting to be called for filming I was joking that I was going to nick the cutlery; shortly after it was swiftly removed.
Whitehall Place stands on land originally given to the Royal family by Scotland by the English Crown in 800ad becoming the official residences of the Kings of Scotland when residing in England.  Though these palaces were destroyed by the great fire of London in 1968, the area continued to be known as Scotland Yard.  In time the head quaters for the Metrpolitan Police Service adopted the name and this association has made ‘Scotland Yard’ world famous.
The building become a London landmark, serving as home to foreign embassies, the Ministry of Defence and the secret services during the Second World War and there we were running out of it with fake smoke bellowing like someone had committed a robbery.  They cornered off the whole section when filming because the scene we were doing involved us extras running out of the building in panic and out on to the street where there was an altercation with a car and.... someone just nicked a painting!  CUT!
We were joking about New Zealand and the Rugby and just off the cuff whilst talking to Danny Boyle I said, “Not this time Danny, I have touched him with my luck”.
In the run up to New Zealand hosting the World Cup, New Zealand news media and social agencies cast dispersions on the nation’s readiness and appropriate use of national funds for sports infrastructure, it has been known to happen repeatedly before where they spend millions on renovating and upgrading a particular venue used for games that are viewed globally and then after the games are finished, the building becomes a deserted shell; symbolic of the extraordinary amount of money that gets wasted as they think people will get more excited about sport and beginning playing while the games are on therefore is somehow justifies the cost ploughed in.  It was the same with the London Dome.
It was the construction of Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium, known during the tournament as Otago Stadium as once completed when you kick a ball at the goal posts in the Forsyth Barr Stadium apparently there is a “magic wind” that blows the ball of course.
The damage caused by the Christchurch earthquake forced the relocation of a number of cup matches, including the quater finals.  In fact the grounds were so devastated they had a charity match at Twickenham where the Crusaders vs The Sharks and proceeds went towards the Earthquake appeal.  Twickenham isn’t the easiest of stadiums to get to, I was sat in front of a couple of guys dressed up, one of them had a black gollywog wig and branded sport shirt with “Lusty” on the back.
After the All Blacks won John Key (Prime Minister of New Zealand, at the time) became infamous for being the first to invent a three-way handshake.  He must’ve been awfully excited with the all the excitement of the excitement.
There’s been a longstanding rift between France and New Zealand ever since the day that the French blew up the Greenpeace boat The Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace and Terrorists

It was also at the time of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings premiere and a promotional plane bearing Lord of the Ring artwork was taking over the country, the hobbits flew in custom designed hobbit planes, unlike the plane that flew over the South African World Cup with a message underneath it from the movie “Invictus”, Peter Jackson apparently had alot of problems with livestock and so many animals died while making the movie and at the premiere in New Zealand they had PETA protestors with signs saying “3 horses died for this movie”.

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