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Met Richie mccaw before Christchurch earthquake
Christchurch earthquake 22 februaryt 2011 – was in Madrid
22 july 2011 norway massacre
2011 world cup france new Zealand
2012 –
2013 –
2014 – mh370, mh17, germany world cup
2015 – shendish manor, packing job
2016 – section, evction homeless section – homeless application

New York
Movies: john cater of mars
Priteates of the carrribean
Dark shadows
Lifes too short
Holby city
Mr selfridge
Mars football ad
Ant & dec supermarket ad
In a parallel universe that would be best described as the media, stuck on the outside looking in or stuck on the inside looking out.
Political circus:
Gordon smart – Scotland – Gerard butler – Bradley cooper, tennis, salmond, Scottish flag.  Berivik is an an attack of the symbol of the red cross, hitler stole the swastika for his own reasons and turned it into something dark.  New Zealand refereumd to change the flag, scotish referendum to make Scotland independant.
Political circus is created by those whose jonb it is to give a shit but merely talking down thoer own monmnetal cocks uops and laughjing everything off as just a bit oif banter.
Slamond – Cameron – john key – obama – obama vs putin snowden
Hamish mcneilly wrote a piece about the mabrrasing lack of response to the nazi’s in nz, given the response, abuse and added aggravation in the manner of my brothers death the reponse has been that they arre in fact nazi’s.  Hamish mcneilly also covered my brothers murderer and is searchable via google online.  Hamish mcneilly, brothers murderer George Charles Trounson and my brother Russell neil.  Johnstone had been removed de to grievance he had with the family
Swastikas on jewsih headstones by a nz’er and a british kid called Christian landmark
Breivik and Trounson have ‘support’
Chiopper read played by eric bana – as it’ like a movie but not and if you could describe it you would describe it as something out of a movie and not real life, the carnage you see befire you does not seem real, who knows whether that is some kind of priotection mechanism that part of your brain wants to shut itself down so you don’t feel like you have wirnessed it in real life but you have.
Russell crowe and hugh jackman race on red carpet – treating it like a game, however it is in fact real life – i did same race on blue carpet on fantastic four premiere.
What is coincidence? How much is coinceence  they even have a coincidence detector
Signs – new York, took photos of them, signs, birds, animals, Christchurch earthquake, global warming, greenpeace, ring of fire.
Arnold swazzengegger paris climate agreement and the terrorism in france.

Princess Diana – big wings – met her on the royal tour of nz in Invercargill, can’t remember how old i was, peoples princess
Front pages – nice to have something gpiostive rather than brevik, suicide bomber – doom and gloom plastered all over the front pages.
The story of phar lap who died before i was born however this partuclar horse used to think it was human, the tale of grief and the movie captures the bond between animal and human.  Racer and he had an abnomrla heart – it was huge.  The headline on the front poage of the sun said can phar lap make history, spiritual history
John carter of mars – pointed at mark strong and said ‘rock n rolla’.  Taylor kitsch i said fuck followed by oh shit as not allowed to converse with the ‘stars’.  Being Disney i was giggling dressed up in my amrtian costume and kept thinking about King Julien and his ‘bring me my nuts on a silver platter’ quote. 
Went to the premiere – conversation with Fiona
Bond cast drinks, little get together for extras one of the extras said ‘you should stop talking about it’ even tho, he’s an extra and this is real life and this is where the majority of movies are made about.
It was a job from Manchester, the director was making a series about someone that had died on the train platform, the AD was making a joke and one thing led to another and i had an anxiety/panic attack and left – same place where james bond was filmed.  I couldn’t even roll a ciggerette i was shaking that much

Calum best, liz cundy, aldo zilli – cara devligne, my account has a duplicate and evertying i put online ends up the states or germany bypassed as spam in the UK and twitter are for bottomfeeders according to john key

When i said on twitter that I’d paid 17k for someone to go and kill goerge trousoin my bank details were checked and seth macfarlane wrote it in a speech “you can find someone and send someone to kill them” at Harvard, whether it was just a coincidence that that happned the same time I was talking about it and not getting any feedbnakc at all is another matter, however there were alos pictures of a few indigenous nz#ers over in nz that had taken a snapspiot of heads in a gulltoine, john key, judtich Collins and another nz politician.  There is also a gy in nz called kim dotcom who is wanted by the US on piracy charges, he started up his own political party and resulted in effigys of john key getting burnt at the stake as well as the token nazi signs on his promotional posters.  There was an awful lot of nazi marketing ranging from swastikas on jewish headstones in nz to Manchester united nazi themed signs and of course a certain percentage of English feel that the st geroges cross is a rcist symbol, given that breivik had used that particular symbol in his massacre and also mentioned the knoights templar.  The world trade centre memorial resembled peter jacksons lord of the ring ring of fire there was also jihaddyes making videos of rings of fire for recruitment purposes.

So as I’,m going back and remembering shit I close my eyes, let my mind envision to where I was before – im on a swan muhfukkas, yin and yan, valkyrie and the tattoo that I have on my breast is very similar to the heart and wings with valkyie couture.  All the religion stained glass refer to st gbeorge and a big snake, birds, owls, letter writing and of course at the vatcan there is an artwork of a dove flying towards and out of from what can only be described as the centre of the sun.
There is a lso a picture of a little girl looking up at a guy with a beard and the lighthouse that the canadaian bible people drew and of course Christchurch cathedral came down in the earthquake howeve the monument depicting the woman of war with a cross & sword still remains

Einsten – shedding light on quantum physics and realties within realties, the thorey of light, some peopke call these ‘auras’.  I saw a yellow one and a purple one, the yellow one means a warning and the purople one means information, where does this light go, is it an eyesight problem – I got my eyes checked after the bond movie and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with it however was said to me by work colleague that it was a very bad case of conjectivus.

In Madrid Segovia castle there is a royal thone, a seat for both the king and queen and behind the seats there is artwork of a bird and a sun – the meaning translates to.  Like in india they have an astrology sun dial and greenpeace – my garden is biodiversity – ferns and thistle.

In Scotland rugby world cup someone placed a single poppy into the hand of a statue and of course the Gilbert – I refer to Gilbert Johnstone who had a freindsip with the Robert the bruce

Russell leaving certificate:
Takitimu area school, Russell warren johnstone (neil) 3 july 1987

The hate mob sprayed fuck tory scum on the women of world war II statue in London and that year Russia had seals on parade showing off their shooting skills at Russia’s bizarre VE day parade.

2015 christchurch police station implosion on may 30

The UN id defunt
Memorial to british colonials attacked across South Africa as protesters demand statues honouring ‘racist’ figures from its past are removed.  Memorials to south africas colonial past were deface by mainly yound black protesters as statues of Queen Victorua and King Groeg were splashd with plaint in the cities of port Elizabeth and Durban.

Scribblers.  Funny. Should see the social worker who lives a few doors down, she will say that you're a fucked in the head full of shit crackhead .. England's finest example of a social worker - not entirely sure what exactly they do,    Just as effective as the criminal justice system - not entirely sure what they do either.  Have you been the victim of abuse, gang rape, murder etc etc ... or - just or average run of the mill standard alcoholic - where there's blame there's a claim.

Coming to you LIVE from Hemel Hempstead, home of the United Kindom's justice minister.

come to think of it.. Hemel Hempstead.. let the rest of england down - if england is still considered a country.. it's not really ... it's just a little island.  can't complain about the justice system ever again Neither can New Zealand actually.  Life after death.. haha .. you're not allowed.  It's not like I can afford to sue.  Is it.

 ..... I gave steve a hug.  I hugged him on purpose.  He was a little shocked I think.  Must've been what he read maybe.  "Make a good movie" .. it so would .. wouldn't it.  Steve,

They even had a thing where actors and spirts stars ‘white up’ to get more black britsh viting they called it ‘operation black vite –encouraging minorities to take part in the election. Meanwhile in south Africa descents towards a new apartheid, immigrants create armed gangs and patrol the streets in the face of violenmce from black locals aimed at foreigners and the number of anti-semitic attacks surged across the world in 2014 – france records highest number of acts as cases surge by 38% globaklly.

Jude law gerts into character on Knights of the round table set eric bana, guy Ritchie, poppy delevingne

Anthony Paltridge, team lader (media and external relations) at Minsity of justice.

Fred west dagher slams dominic west for complaining of nightmares while playing the seral killer and says the focus of most things is on the offender it’s never about the victim who more often than not whenever there is a parole hearing, a programme or a movie etc have to relive it or learn to switch off.

The victims of the Norway massacre took part in a photo shoot , some of them were sat starting into space, others had a picture of a tattoo and another one had background images of heath ledger.

So they took the word ‘trounce’ and used it figutuverly in politics and sport ; ie: trounced merkle, chiefs trounce crusaders etc

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