Sunday, 11 December 2016


I feel traumatised by the whole experience and feeling somewhat institutionalised.   Its wierd coming from a place where particular people think they’re jesus Christ and married to simon cowell – to be called ‘delusional’ amongst other mentally ‘disturbed’ or ‘just unwell’ people they like to call it.  From that environment to in another place where despite their problems all have one thing in common, they are homeless.  I started to look through my stuff that was in the hospital storage – stuff that I hadn’t looked through for over six months.  Amongst it it a lterr headed by the department of corrections (victim ID: 131100) addressed to myself at the old house with my Chelsea garden stating that it was my right to know that on 14 July 2011, the New Zealand Parole Board made a final recall order for George Charles Trounson.  This means George Charles Trounson will continue to serve his sentence in prison.  However that was in July 2011, they obviously don’t mean what they say as he’s been on the run and all kinds since then.  They said ‘final’ the fourth or fifth time ago.

And someone has just clinked on a link on sensible sentencing website on George Charles Trounson conviction page, a link to my victim impact statement – well, it’s more like a book.  Now I have the enormous job of attempting to put it all together and so much has happened and since the whole undercover officers at a wedding that George Charles Trounson was attending back when I was working as an extra on Pirates of the Carribean and the guys were all like – yeah I wanna be Alice Coopers groupie but way better cos – you get to be paid to *BE* Alice Coopers groupie, then somewhere in there is having lunch with Richie McCaw, the then captain of the All Blacks and, just so much happened in 2011 such as going to Madrid, Monaco and New York, seeing the signs in New York, the Norway Massacre, the Christchurch earthquake, the Rugby World Cup and John Key’s three-way-handshake, going to Mahiki Jersey Shore party, Tangled Premiere, the Twickenham rugby match because of the Christchurch earthquake, being an extra on Dark Shadows (Johnny Depp, Tim Burton) and War Horse directed by Steven Spielberg.  2011 was also the year I contacted the Governor Generals office and while Anthony Patridge apparently works somewhere else now and Sir Jerry Matepare was the Governor General, they refuse any accountability for the heinous way victims of serious crime are treated.
2012 was more of the same, relatively full on I didn’t really get a chance to catch my breath, however things seemed to go as slowly, things were also moving really fast, 2012 was a relatively busy year, if I list down all the things that have happned in that year the it just keeps on expanding, like being an extra on different movies; Trance (Danny Boyle, James Macavoy) Bond Skyfall (Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig), Mr Selfridge (Jeremy Piven), Birtish Airways Ad, Asda Ad, Premiere of John Carter of Mars, Mars Football Ad, Glastonbury with the little camera on a hat guy and Kanye West, Red 2 (Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins), I give it a year (Minnie Driver), Belle (that guy off Rock n Rolla movie).  2012 was also the year that a kid called ‘Christian Landmark’ and his friend sprayed ‘88’ onto Jewish Headstones in Auckland, NZ and also the year of the New Zealand elections and more shenanigans and mistreatment from the Department of Corrections and the Justice Department and their media helpers and was also the year I fell out with my daughter.  2012 was also the year of the London Olympics with Danny Boyle directing and soon after the ring from the Sochi Olympics didn’t light at the Russian Olympic opening ceremony.
Then in 2013 being in between a rift of Tanya and Sharon on Eastenders, having a legionaires emergency on Holby City and being an extra on Lifes too Short (Ricky Gervais, Val Kilmer), all the while being treated abhorrently by government and their agencies and being subjected to some kind of debate on aethesim and the subject of life after death when in fact it’s about my life after the death of my brother, trying or attempting to have a life after death and of course what I believe in spiritually.  Dealing with loss of all kinds and having being the subject of abuse both emotional and physical and also being subject to maltreatment in a universal type way.  2013 was the year my car got stolen – as a joke – and a ‘Help’ sign made with twigs was outside the back gate, the next car I got blew up – not once but twice, that was the year any kind of ‘friendship’ got cut off with Fiona, afterall they say George Trounson was a ‘student’ however – there’s no way it should ever be written that George Trounson was ever Russell Warren Neil (Johnstone’s) ‘Friend’.  He had/has an affiliation with Skinheads and although the ‘support network’ that George Charles Trounson has and they might shy away from the fact that that was then, at that time he murdered my brother he was mixing with a bunch of people that we associated with Nazism. 
2013 was also the year of Nelson Mandela’s memorial as he passed away seeing his last ever Rugby World Cup and at the memorial there was the schizophrenic deaf interpretor who was last seen making televisions ads on a white horse and then shortly after in 2014 I got a whole bunch of abuse from assorted people on social media and I was an extra on Frankenstein (Daniel Radcliffe, James Macavoy), it was also the year of the World Cup where Germany won and also the year that had numerous disasters such as MH370 and MH17.

In 2014 my ebay business got destroyed and 2015 soughtt a new job, had one at Shendish Manor where they found it funny to ask whether I’d murdered someone and also the same time of the Boston Bomber, got another job as a packer, invited to be an extra on the Madelaine McCann reconstruction and of course brings me up to 2016.  2016 where John Key resigns, David Cameron resigns, Donald Trump is now the president of the United States of America.  There is still a problem with the Olympics, the Olympics in Brazil the water went green which is a good PR opportunity for Greenpeace and of course they now say that Russia corrupted the London Olympics in 2012 – London was already corrupt so it’d be pretty difficult to ‘corrupt’ Lodnon when London is already insanely corrupt.  How would you possibly corrupt a country that is already corrupt.

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